My Surprise Mate Part 2: Chapter 9

We were awakened by the bedroom door flying open.

Blaze instinctively let out a growl as he jumped from the bed, ready for a fight.

As my eyes adjusted, I saw my dad making his way to the bed, “Princess!”

I jumped from the bed running to him and flinging myself into him, almost knocking him over.

“Dad! I’m so happy to see you!”

Dad squeezed me tight, “I’m so sorry I didn’t make it to you in time.”

Dad slowly set me back on my feet, brushing tears from my face. He pulled me back to him, giving me a bone-crushing hug again.

“It’s not your fault, dad…my mate did everything he could for me.” I turned to look for Blaze only to find him standing right behind me.

He slipped his arm around my waist before leaning over and kissing me on top of my head.

“I’ll always do everything I can for you.”

He whispered near my ear, but I know dad heard him when a small smile graced his face.

Blaze reached his hand out to my dad.

“Come here,” dad said, chuckling as he pulled Blaze in for a hug too.

I heard the rushing of feet coming toward the room and immediately started to panic. It sounded just like when we tried to escape.

Blaze realized what was happening, giving my dad a look.

They both stood protectively on each side of me, “It’s no one to be afraid of, princess, I promise.”

Dad told me gently.

“Oh my god! My baby!!” my mom shouted as she rounded the corner into the She pulled me to her, patting my back.

As I pulled away, I saw Ash and Genesis hugging Blaze.

“Let’s get y’all home,” Dad said as he led the way out of the room.

Dad walked in front, with Blaze and mom on either side of me behind him and Ash and Genesis following close behind us.

Dominick was waiting at the front door for us, “Are you sure you wouldn’t want to stay the night? It is really no problem at all.”

Dad shook his hand, “Thank you, but we would like to get home as soon as possible. We have much to discuss.”

Dominick smiled politely, “I understand. I’m sure I will be seeing you soon.”

He stepped to the side as he opened the front door. I recognized the SUV parked right in front as one of ours.

Ash slid into the driver seat as dad opened the back door for the rest of us.

Blaze and I climbed into the back seat, leaving mom and Genesis to sit in the middle.

As we pulled off, I sighed, feeling safe again, before something that was said popped into my head, causing my heart to start racing again.

“What about Devin?! He’s in the cells at Dominick’s!” I sat up straight.

The last thing I wanted was for him to escape somehow and have to worry again.

Blaze pulled me closer to him as dad spoke, “Dominick will ensure he gets brought to our pack. You have nothing to worry about anymore, princess.”

Dad’s calm voice and words helped ease my own worry.

I leaned over, laying my head on Blaze’s shoulder while he rubbed my arm, lulling me to sleep. I woke up on a soft bed and immediately sat up straight.

My heart pounded in my chest as I looked around.

My room…I was over my wa!st.

He looked so peaceful…and so incredibly sexy as he lay there. I shook my head; get it together, Kyra; now isn’t the time to be having thoughts like that. I carefully lifted his arm as I slid from the bed and tiptoed to the bathroom. I walked out to find him still sleeping.

That’s good; I know he must be exhausted.

He is the one that had the hardest time with Devin, and I know even when I would try to sleep, Blaze would stay awake.

I don’t know how he did it the whole time.

My heart swelled as I thought about how he protected me. I glanced at the bedside clock, 4:30 a.m.I should probably lay back down and try to sleep some more, but I knew that would be impossible. I had too much on my mind. I quietly left the bedroom, closed the door, and walked to the kitchen.

I turned every light on along the way, feeling a little jumpy from everything that had happened, but when I got to the kitchen, everyone was already there.

Ash and Genesis sat beside each other, with Dad and mom across from them, and mawmaw and pop sat together at the end of the table.

“Is everything okay, princess?” pop asked as he stood, making his way around the table to me.

I didn’t realize I was crying until he pulled me into a big hug.

“We missed you so much,” pop told me, “You are safe now, princess.”

I stayed like that for a few minutes before pulling away, “Where is grandpa pollo?”

I questioned, looking around the room.

Everyone seemed to look down at my question, and I noticed mom had been crying, “Where is grandpa pollo?!”

“ my voice raised see you,” mom finally answered quietly.

My head spun as I turned to go, “No.No.Why is he there? It’s my fault, isn’t it? I killed his mate. He can’t die. He’s my best friend…I still need him.”

I rambled, trying to get my bearings, but everything seemed to spin faster the more I moved. I felt someone’s hands on me, “Don’t.Touch.Me!”

I turned around to see dad beside me, “Kyra, calm down. It’s not your fault, princess.”

I couldn’t stop my anger from growing, “Not my fault?!”

I yelled at him.


I felt the tears rolling down my face, “I killed someone…oh my goddess. I killed someone and ultimately killed my grandpa!”

I could feel my whole body shaking as I broke down.

“I need to see him. I have to go apologize.”

I ran out the front door, hearing dad holler for me. I kept running until I reached the hospital; it didn’t take me long to get there.

As I ran through the doors, a young nurse greeted me with a bow, “Princess Kyra.”

I grabbed her arms with more force than I meant to, “Where is my grandpa??”

Her eyes widened in surprise, but she turned, leading me down the hall to his room. I pushed the door open and saw him lying in bed.

He looked awful, his skin was so pale, and he just looked so fragile.

How could this be happening so fast?

“Hi princess,” he said hoarsely, and at that, I couldn’t control the tears.

“I’m so sorry, grandpa pollo! Please forgive me!” I cried as I fell to my knees next to his bed. His hand gently grabbed mine, ” you have nothing to be sorry about, dear.

You did what needed to My head snapped up, “But you…I killed your mate, and now you’re going to die. You can’t die; I still need you!”

A small smile graced his face, “I love you too, princess, but my time is up, and it isn’t your fault. Scarlette made the choice herself. I am so happy that I had the chance to get to know your mom and you.

You have grown into such an amazing woman. I know it will be hard, but you must stay strong and fulfill your destiny.

Know that I will always be with you, even if it isn’t physically. I love you so much, princess, and I am so proud of you. Now…dry those tears and give your grandpa pollo a hug.”

I stood up, trying to wipe the tears from my face, but more just kept replacing them.I leaned over and hugged him, wishing I could stop time.

“Grandpa pollo, I feel so guilty, though,” I sobbed into the hug.

He didn’t respond, though, and then I felt the loss.

The bond we shared disappeared with him.

The last thing I remember was screaming for the nurse, ordering her to save him, before Blaze ran through the door.

I felt his arms wrap around me as he picked me up bridal style and carried me out, screaming and crying.

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