Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 15


A didn’t know how I felt as l stared at the pack house. I had a mixture of emotions. It wasn’t about this place though. It was about Denny, Joey, and Jude. I am leaving them now.. for good.

I wasn’t coming back here. Everything in my life has been changing so drastically. I looked over the house one more time before I turned my head away. I looked up to see Sion was watching me intently. I gave him a small smile and shrugged my shoulders slightly.

“Okay, let’s go,” I tried to say in a cheerful voice. I stepped in front of Sion and started for the vehicle. I still wasn’t used to my human eyes. I have always had a supernatural vision which I didn’t know without my wolf. Who would have known there was a k!ller root in my path? As I stepped forward, I hooked my foot in, and down I went. I scrunched up my face and braced for the impact.

A strong arm grabbed hold of me and kept me from k!ssing the earth. Do you know how embarrassing it is for a delta to trip over an object on the ground? It was humiliating. I felt Sion lift my body upright, steadying me against him.

“Are you alright?” His voice was laced with concern as he kept a protective arm around me. Of course, to make matters worse… I wasn’t alright. My ankle was throbbing with burning pain. Da*mn, it sucked not having my wolf. I felt weak and pathetic.

Like one of those women on television needing a man to take care of them. Ugh.. I was anything but that. Yet, here I was biting my inner l!p as I tested out my ankle. I must have winced slightly because a second later, I was lifted up in Sion’s arms. I looked up at him startled and he cleared his throat, walking me to the car.

“I uhm… felt a bit uncomfortable, so I needed you close for comfort. I hope that’s okay.” He said as he stopped at the car, easing me onto the seat.

He was being considerate of me. He must have known I would be embarrassed over the situation, so he acted on his own. Then he pinned the blame on himself. His hazel eyes were locked onto mine as his body was half leaning into the vehicle.

He reached his hand up, his fingers brushing against my cheek, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“You don’t ever have to hide anything from me. I know I haven’t earned your trust yet, but l am someone you can depend on.” He leaned down and ran his hand over my ankle.

He leaned his face towards my ankle and his l!ps lightly pressed against my skin. My whole body was tense, and I held my breath, afraid to move. He slowly and gently slipped my shoes off, the tips of his fingers teasing my skin. The act was so delicate that it felt intimate even though it was just my feet. He raised his head and looked up at me with a breathtaking smile.

“It’s a long ride… might as well be comfortable.”

He stood up and backed out of the car, shutting the door. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest as I began to breathe again. Da*mn get ahold of yourself Clover, it was just your feet! I was reacting as if he slipped his hand under my shirt.

I was in trouble.

It would be so much easier to just give in to him. I wanted to believe in him and trust in his actions. It’s just… I don’t know.

It was all a bit weird, right? The one man l ended up sleeping with years ago ends up being my second chance mate? How strange is that? I guess you could argue that is why I felt connected to him before. I mean I was never a girl to sleep around.

Not that I had the opportunity for that anyways. But l ended up in bed with him, and it never felt.. wrong. It felt like I was supposed to be with him. I never regretted giving my v!rg!nity to him because it was perfect. I never thought more about it until now.

How did I end up in his bed? Was it because we just hit it off? Or was there more to the attraction back then? The reason it felt so normal… was it because there was a connection between us? If we are mates, that means our souls are compatible. I had so many questions and I just didn’t understand. I wondered if Sion thought it was strange at all.

He slipped into the seat beside me, sitting closer than he needed to. “Alright, Conner, let’s move out.” I heard him say as the vehicle began to hum along. Within minutes, I could no longer see the pack house and soon we were out of my pack’s territory. I looked out the window as I mentally said goodbye.

Then I decided to distract my mind from wandering.

“So why Conner? I mean your name is Conrad and Conner is hardly short for that.” I looked over and could see a smile on Sion’s face.

“Well…” Sion started to explain. “Conrad was a very interesting kid growing up. He had a way of getting into mischief and he often tricked others. He was always conning someone into doing his chores or covering for him. We had an older teacher who was a very sharp woman. Each day Conrad would try to think of a new way to con her.

Soon it caught on, and our other classmates would chant for him to con her before she came into the class. The next year we ended up with a new teacher. And the classmates began to chant con her as the teacher came in. She was a new teacher in the area and didn’t know any of us. And she thought they were chanting his name, Conner. It was a hit and has stuck with him ever since.

“He smiled at me and shrugged,” Just one of those fun nicknames.

“It’s a good nickname.” I smiled and glanced out of the window. I watched the brown trees and green leaves blur together like one big muddy painting. “I never had a nickname. Not an endearing one at least…” I stopped myself before I went down that path. No one wanted to board the sadness express train.

“I’ll think of a good nickname for you.” I heard Conner say from the front in an overly enthused voice.

I laughed and looked up at him as he concentrated on driving. “That’s okay. I’m not sure I want one of your nicknames.

“I listened as Logan snickered in the front seat.

“We will see. Something just might end up sticking… or do you want us just to call you Luna-” Conner began to say as I started to choke on my spit.

“It’s Clover. I haven’t.” I glanced over at Sion to look at his face. “I haven’t decided on anything yet,” I could see Conner glance up in the mirror to look at Sion but Sion’s face didn’t give anything away. Even though he didn’t show it, I am afraid inwardly it hurt him. Maybe I was being too harsh with the way I was phrasing things. “I mean… I’m not saying I am not staying. I want to make sure everything is okay before I decide on anything permanently.”

“What wouldn’t be, okay?” I heard Logan ask. I know he was probably worried about his alpha being hurt. And l couldn’t blame him.

“Logan,” I heard Sion’s low warning tone, and turned to look at him. There was a slight glaze over his eyes, and I could tell by the way Logan was hunkering he was being reprimanded through a mind link. I understand Sion was being protective, but this was unnecessary. I reached over and grabbed onto his hand firmly. His hazel eyes met with mine, and I shook my head.

“Sion, they are allowed to ask me questions. I appreciate what you are doing, and you should appreciate what he is doing. He is just looking after you. Easy K!ller,” I watched as his ears turned red and he nodded his head.

“Wow. Thanks, Clover.” Logan turned his head around to give me an appreciative smile.

“I know what it is like to be an officer. I can appreciate what you are doing. You are worried about your alpha.” I watched him nod his head and I nodded mine as well. I don’t know anything about your pack. I’m not looking to have the same type of relationship I did with the Sulfur pack. I don’t want to stay if l am not wanted. Also, I don’t feel the mate pull. l don’t know if Sion is my Mate”

“You are,” Sion answered, his eyes locked on me. I nodded my head and shrugged.

“Well, even so without my wolf I guess I’ll never know. That’s another issue, Without my wolf… I mean you need a Luna with her wolf”, Started to say, but Sion cut me off instantly.

“Phat doesn’t matter to me. All of those issues you mentioned… they aren’t issues.”

“They are to me.” | looked at him and a soft smile formed on his l!ps.

“They aren’t. If the pack doesn’t want you, then we will leave together. I won’t stay where my mate isn’t welcome,” He replied casually like he was ordering eggs for breakfast.

“That’s easy to say now,” but Once again he interrupted me with serious burning eyes on me.

“It is easy for me to say because my priority is you. If your wolf never resurfaces, you are still my mate… my luna. It doesn’t matter whether you can shift or not. If you feel unwelcome at the Chance pack and want to leave, then I will go with you. As long as you want me.. my place is by your side.”

I could see he was serious. His eyes were focused on me, and I wasn’t sure how to respond. An alpha that would abandon his pack for his mate? Isn’t this too strong of a mate bond? Sure, most alpha’s adored their mate, but they always took care of their pack.

He must have sensed what l was thinking because he squeezed my hand gently. The hand I didn’t realize I was still holding from earlier. “f they don’t accept you, then they don’t respect me. The mate bond is sacred. It is the pack’s job to recognize their alpha as supreme and his decisions. Including his mate.”

I felt his thumb playing over my hand as he held it gently. What he said had me thinking, though. Was it really that simple? Did this mean that there was a deeper issue with the Sulfur pack? They disobeyed Alpha Scott when they attacked me. And they never would have accepted me as Denny’s mate. Or because it was me… was this different? Because they were afraid of me being part sheya? Sion made it all seem so simple.

He would choose me as long as I chose him back. Were his feelings greater for me than Denny’s? Denny would never have chosen me over the pack. Maybe he would have chosen me over Andrea, but not the pack.

“So, how about it? Will you choose Sion?” Conner chimed in with a playful tone.

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. “Who knows…. he will have to prove to me he is worth choosing,” I replied with a coquettish tone. I listened to the low rumbling baritone chuckle from Sion’s throat.

“l gladly accept that challenge,” Sion’s eyes were shining at me full of promise. I turned my gaze to look out the window with a small smile on my face.

I didn’t say anything, but I kept my hand interlaced with his. An action that said so much more than words ever could. listened to the hum of the vehicle as my thoughts began to travel down a dangerous road. A path that began to want a future with Sion.

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