Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 17

“Finally, we are back in our own territory,” I heard Logan say with a happy yawn.

Instantly, I began to feel anxious. I was a stranger coming into their pack. They didn’t know anything about me… how would they react? They wouldn’t act well if they thought I was stringing their alpha along… oh gods. I turned and looked at Sion, who was already staring at me. His hand moved around my back as he scooted closer to me.

“Relax.” His voice was low and his hot breath hit the back of my neck. It was pulling my thoughts away and I almost felt myself being swept away again. Focus, Clover!

“What are you going to tell them… about me?” I could see he looked a bit confused. “If you tell them l am your mate… but that I haven’t accepted you yet…” I frowned and looked down at my hands.

“She is right Sion. That will leave a bad impression of her on the pack.” Conner slowed the vehicle down some as he looked in the rearview mirror. I heard a low growl come from Sion as he stared back at his beta.

“l am supposed to bring this beautiful woman in our pack and not declare she is my mate? They won’t know she is off limits… they will be looking at what is mine.” Sion’s voice sounded agitated as his eyes flickered over me possessively. A crooked smile reached my l!ps as I leaned into his side.

“Potentially yours. You know this also works the other way around, right?” No… he didn’t see this at all. I was going to have to spell it out for him. “Sion, I am sure you have plenty of women in the pack that have their eyes on you. An unmated alpha male… you probably have a lot of ladies in there dreaming of being the next luna. They won’t know you have a mate. They will be looking at you.”

“She is right, Sion. A studly virile alpha like yourself has a lot of admirers. From both sides of the spectrum.” Logan turned his head around and flashed a cheesy grin at his alpha.

“I only have eyes for Clover,” Sion admitted as his eyes met with mine.

I couldn’t escape the giggle that left my throat. “Are you saying my eyes will be the ones that wander?”

“That’s not what I..” I laughed harder and smiled up at him. “Relax. I know that isn’t what you were saying. You don’t have to worry about me if that is what you are worried about.”

“I’m not..”

“Well then there isn’t a problem, right? Unless you don’t trust your pack members?” I watched as his l!ps curled down as his fingers tightened around my waist.

“I don’t want them thinking about you like that. You are beautiful and…”

“And it is no different than how the women look at you.” I smiled at him triumphantly. “If you say l am your mate they will wonder why l don’t have your mark. It’s complicated. Just say I am a special guest.”

He pulled me into him and buried his head into my neck. “It still won’t be that simple Clover. My scent is all over you.”

“So she’s a special guest.” Conner chuckled and my l!ps parted slightly. The pack will make up their own mind and with his scent, on me, they will assume we are sleeping together. They will assume l am his chosen mate or on the road to becoming it.

“What if l am a masseuse? That would make sense for your scent to be on me then.”

“My private personal masseuse…” Sion’s nose brushed over my skin as his hot breath sent shivers through me.

“I think that would work,” Logan said thoughtfully. “Of course that only works for as long as the alpha can keep his hands off of you in public”.

“You know.. this is better this way. I mean think about it. No one would be open in front of someone who might be their future luna. I think I would be able to figure things out more this way.” I could hear the slight groan from Sion as he lifted his head to look at me.

“I don’t want to pretend you aren’t mine…” He smirked as he watched me arch my brow up at him. “Potentially mine..”

He leaned forward resting his head on mine. “Although my beast doesn’t agree with this.”

“I’m sorry.. I know this will probably be tough on you. I promise I will make a decision soon even without my wolf.” I felt his l!ps feather over my nose and then brush against my cheek.

“I think you already know but are afraid to say. You feel something between us, I am certain of it… don’t you?” He pulled back and gazed into my eyes. I did feel something, but I didn’t know what it was. Was it pure attraction? Hardly.

It was more than that. I was becoming more and more receptive to him and his touches. It was already feeling normal. I could feel myself fastening to him even though I was fighting it. I didn’t want to get sucked into something only to have my heart shattered.

I didn’t think I made any facial expression, but his eyes suddenly softened looking at mine. His warm hand cupped my cheek as a soft smile spread over his face. “No pressure Clover. I can’t help how I feel about you… I don’t want to help it either. I want this feeling and I want you. That isn’t changing… no matter how long you need. I will wait for you. You don’t have to overthink things.. this isn’t complicated. Just follow your heart.”

Follow my heart? Yeah l, am not following that advice. If I follow my heart I will be in his bed tonight marked and mated. I have always wanted a family and that is what he is offering me. I need to think first. I have to make sure this is a place l can stay. I gave him a small smile as his face moved closer towards mine.

“We are here,” I heard Conner’s voice and wh!pped my head forward away from Sion. I think I heard him sigh for a moment in disappointment before his arm came around my shoulders.

“So… my personal masseuse… this is really what you want to be?” Sion said with a hint of amusement. I wasn’t sure l liked what he was thinking. I watched as the people began to come out to greet their alpha as the car pulled up to a large house.

“Yes..” I whispered out as l reached down to grab my shoes. I slipped the one on easily enough but could feel the stinging throb as I shoved in my other foot. Being a human sucked… I’ve never had a sprained ankle that wasn’t instantly healed.

“You aren’t walking like that,” Sion said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Yes I am,” l answered back to him firmly. The last thing I wanted was to be a rabbit among the wolves. If they sensed weakness I was as good as gutted. “It’s not a far walk. I’ll be fine.


“l don’t want to broadcast my wolf is missing,” Sion’s hand cupped my chin making me focus on him.

“I… I can’t… knowing you are in pain. That’s a limit l can’t break away from. My body will not physically allow me to walk away from you.” I could see we were at an impasse. I wasn’t letting him carrying me and he wasn’t going to allow me to walk.

Suddenly my door opened, and Logan popped in taking my shoe off of my foot. What in the world was he doing?! I watched as he took off running towards the pack house and then Conner poked his head in. When did they get out of the car?

“Such a child, Logan!” Conner yelled as he reached in and scooped me into his arms. “Here I’ll carry you. You shouldn’t have to walk to the house on your bare feet. Not a special guest like yourself” looked at him and he winked at me. Conner and Logan must have worked out while Sion and I were talking.

“Conner! Conner! Is she yours?” I heard someone saying. I glanced back to see Sion surrounded by people. His gaze was following me even as he was talking to others.

Conner chuckled. “She is here as the personal masseuse to the alpha. She isn’t mine but is still off limits.” His tone changed towards the end. It was laced with a slight threat and whoever he was speaking with backed off instantly.

“Alpha Sion I am glad you are back. We have a lot to discuss,” I looked over my shoulder to see a woman wearing a long white jacket. Her auburn-colored hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she held a clipboard against her chest. It looked like she was a doctor.

I watched as Sion motioned for her to join him in the house. Her serious green eyes flickered my way as Conner opened the door to the house. I don’t know why but there was something in her eyes I didn’t like. It was silly since I didn’t know her but something inside of me didn’t like her.

I shook the uncomfortable feeling and turned my attention to my new home. My mouth parted as I looked at the wide-open room. To the right were wooden stairs that led to an open walkway exposing the second floor.

The ceilings, walls, and floor were all different shades of knotty pine. To my left was a den that had large bay windows surrounding the couches. In front of me, l could see a wooden bar that was the only thing dividing the kitchen from the rest of the house. l could see some closed doors to my right under the stairs and a few more in the back.

But mainly it was one big open concept. I loved it. It was beautiful. This place was at least two times larger than the Sulfur packhouse.

“See, that worked like a charm, eh?” I heard Logan chuckle as Conner continued to hold me.

“Conner… you can put me down…” I glanced up at him and he gave me a sheepish grin.

“I wasn’t sure where to put you because of your ankle.

“Seriously? My bone isn’t broken and even if it was I’d rather crawl than be carried.”

“You mean carried by me… because you never seem to be in a hurry when you are in,” Conner started but then Sion walked in with the doctor-looking, woman. The woman’s green eyes were on me, and I met her gaze confidently. I wasn’t a timid female and wouldn’t break eye contact first.

Conner slowly lowered me to the ground as the woman glanced away from me to Sion.

“A new guest?” This is what she said but I am pretty sure she was saying who the f*ck is that? I could see she didn’t like y presence, even a blind person would feel the daggers she was shooting at me.

“Yes, a very important one. she is my…” Sion’s eyes flipped up to mine and | could see the hesitation in his eye before he continued, “She is my personal masseuse.”

“I see. And why is she staying in the packhouse?” I watched as her eyes darted over to Logan and my luggage he had brought in.

Sion smiled as he looked at me. “What if l need her in the middle of the night? I can’t have her far away.”

“Indeed… well if there is an accident and she ends up pregnant. I will take care of it.” My mouth parted as I stared at this she-devil. I felt my bl00d boiling but it was Sion that made the room feel colder suddenly. His eyes were dark and there was a murderous aura around him.

“You take your jokes too far today doctor… careful.”

“Me and you are in a mood today. It was just a joke, relax.” She fake laughed it off. But I was onto her. I lived with Taylor all my life. I knew this woman all too well. I understood her mannerisms… the fake laugh… always being aggressive as a joke. Oh yes…I knew her. Da*mn it Sheena you better get you’re a*ss back here soon.

“Clover, this is the pack doctor Breanna Snyde,” Sion said still seemingly agitated.

“Call me Bree. I tell everyone to call me that, but Sion here insists on calling me doctor,” she smiled up at Sion who didn’t even spare her a glance. “I have some numbers I’d like to go over with you, do you have time?”

“Not today. I’ll be busy impregnating my masseuse. I’ll look at the numbers tomorrow.” l inwardly winced as Sion said this. I looked at just call me Bree and could see the fire in her eyes.

She was angry but at the last second, I saw her swallow it down. Just as Taylor always did.

“Well, you’ve had a long day of travel. I’ll leave you to get settled. See you tomorrow Sion.” Bree said as she turned and walked out of the door. Well, this is off to a great start. The first woman, I meet, and we already have a Taylor. Perfect. I wonder how many Taylors there are in this pack…

“It’s late.. let’s get you to your room.” Sion’s eyes were locked onto mine and | slowly nodded my head.

“Hey Alpha! Do you want me to put this stuff in the room next to yours or should l just cut out the middle man and put them in your room?” I heard Logan chuckle as a crooked smile curled up over Sion’s l!ps. I watched as he raised his eyebrows up at me and an airy laugh escaped my l!ps. Is he serious? Does he think just because l got carried away a couple of times k!ssing him that I was ready to hop in his bed?

“I’ll take an empty room, Logan. It doesn’t need to be next to Sion’s.” A wide grin spread over Sion’s l!ps as I spoke. He began to chuckle and nodded his head over at Logan.

“Put them in the room next to mine,” Sion said as he walked towards me. “Would you like to see your room?”

It didn’t take a genius to know what he was thinking. “I can walk on my own. Seriously, I can barely notice it.” I lied. But I was over being carried. It was so degrading. I was a delta.. wait a minute. I looked around the house and furrowed my brows.

“Is there a problem?” Sion asked noticing my expression.

“Where is your delta?” | asked and the room grew silent. I looked up to see a sad look in Sion’s eyes. Conner and Logan had a pained expressions. I had thought it was odd before they didn’t bring him but I thought he was left back to take care of the pack.

However, shouldn’t he be here to greet us? Their wounded faces told me there was something wrong.. something happened to him. “ls he…” I couldn’t finish the sentence but I luckily didn’t need to.

“He is alive… he is going through some personal things right now. He doesn’t live in the packhouse now,” Sion sighed and rubbed the back of his head. “He stays on the outskirts of the pack territory. He is… he can be dangerous.”

Dangerous? Hmm… I was missing a lot of this story. I wouldn’t pry right now but I needed more information. It is all mysterious. I decided to change the topic. “Anyways my room…” l began to take a step and was annoyingly scooped up in Sion’s arms… again. He laughed as he looked at my agitated face.

Deep breaths Clover.. deep breaths. These men have no idea what a fierce warrior lam. As soon as I get Sheena back, I’ll have to introduce them. I wouldn’t win against Sion in a sparring session, but I can give him something to think about.

Sion carried me up the stairs holding me close to his chest. He leaned his head down to mine and k!ssed the side of my head tenderly. “I’m so happy you are here.” He stepped into a room and my eyes widened as I looked around. I felt his hot breath fan my cheek as he whispered, “Welcome home sweetheart.”

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