Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 23


The moment she kissed me, it was over for me. It was like I couldn’t see clearly anymore and all I wanted was her.

When I heard they found her and a dead rogue, I felt as if the oxygen was sucked out of my lungs. I didn’t say a word. I ran. I ran towards the pull in my chest. I ran to the only thing that mattered, her.

I could smell her blood even before I saw her. I was so angry that something had hurt her. I was ready to destroy the world for her sake. And then she walked up to me and began to apologize. She has no idea how I feel about her. I could almost laugh. I feel like my heart is only beating because of her. I clung to her body, needing to calm down. She would be my undoing. If something happened to her, my life might as well be over.

I could barely handle the guilt when my parents and pack members were killed. I had survived while they died. I wanted to be dead too. Being alive felt like a punishment. All I had as a lifeline was a small light inside of me. I gripped onto that light and used it to stay sane.

That light was Clover. I couldn’t look for her as well as I wanted to. I was now the Alpha of the Chance pack and the full burden was on my shoulders. I never stopped thinking about her. I had a feeling she was mine. I credit my sanity to her.

I need her so much. She doesn’t get it though.

The idea that I might not want her here was absurd. Just because she had some power? I don’t care what power she has or what she is. She is mine. I had to tell her needed her. I don’t care if it makes me sound weak. She needs to know that she has become my existence. I breathe for her. My heart is beating only for her. I can’t be away from her. I don’t know if it is like this for all mates, but fore. I am irrevocably and completely in love with her.

My thoughts were always on her. While we were apart today all l could think about was her. Was she okay?

Was she happy? Would she leave me? But then when just a moment ago she told me that she only had me. I was happy. Because maybe this meant she needed me too.

I knew how I felt about her. I could feel this mate pull. So I moved my face in and waited. I could feel her sweet breath against my skin It was almost painful, but I waited for her to decide. For her to choose. When her l!ps pressed against mine, she ignited fires to life inside of my body. The flickering flame was raging and burning just for her. I grasped onto her and kissed her hard and deep. I didn’t want to scare her off.. but I couldn’t stop either.

Her taste was intoxicating, and the sensual dance of her tongue was driving me wild. l don’t know when, but my hands had moved on their own up her shirt. I cupped her gently and she moaned into my mouth. She dug her fingers into me which was only encouraging me.

I pressed against her, easing her to the bed as I gently massaged her chest. I held her face captive as our tongues danced together. My whole body was tingling with electric sparks. My mate was awakening a primal need that only she could satisfy. She wasn’t ready for me to mark her yet so I couldn’t lose complete control.

“Sion.” She breathed against my l!ps. I lifted away from her face so that I could see her clearly. I needed to know right now where the line was for her. I didn’t have a line. I would go as far as she would let me.

This was about her though. She has also been through a lot. I want her to be comfortable. I could wait as long as she needed me to. Gods, I needed her to be ready for me. The bulge throbbing against my pants was going to revolt soon. I watched as she smiled up at me.

“I didn’t tell you to stop.” Oh gods she shouldn’t have said that. A possessive growl ripped from my throat as I came down to claim her l!ps. My whole body was tingling with electrifying excitement.

Alpha. I heard Conner’s voice in my mind.

Oh for fuvcks sake you’ve got to be kidding me. I wanted to ignore it until the link came through again. I let out a loud sigh and rested on my elbows.

This had better be important. I know my voice was laced with irritation, but what the heck?

It’s Kai. He has shifted again, and he is still in the house.

Sh!t this couldn’t wait. I looked down at Clover and she gave me a nod of understanding. “T want you to wait in here. It isn’t safe.”| moved off of her and watched her look of confusion.

“It isn’t safe?”

“Kai shifted. It isn’t safe Clover. I need to handle it.” I watched as she swung her legs over the bed and stood up.

“His wolf isn’t dangerous. You know that right?”

I walked up to her and kissed her forehead. “I don’t think he means to be dangerous.”

“Have you seen him dangerous?”

“I have heard how he acts, and he cut himself off from me. I can’t mind link him anymore. I’m not going to hurt him. We just need to get him calmed down and dart him. Then he will go into a holding cell until he shifts back.” I could see she suddenly looked appalled. Her l!ps parted and her eyebrows furrowed. She stepped away from me and shook her head.

“And what happens in the holding cell?”

“Dr. Snyde works with him. She helps with connecting the wolves back with their owners.” I listened to Clover Scoff. I wasn’t a fan of Dr. Snyde either. In fact, if my father hadn’t hired her, she wouldn’t be here. But my father bad tasked her with the special project of helping wolves who lost their wolves. This was something very dear to his heart since my uncle had lost his wolf and went crazy.

“Seriously? I feel like I need to count my fingers if she shakes my hand.” I watched as Clover folded her arms across her chest. “I don’t like that woman. Something feels off about her.” I smiled. She was being honest with me about something She instantly pursed her l!ps together and I could see she didn’t mean to say it.

She was so adorable. I stepped back into her and tilted her chin up to me.

“I love you,” I instantly pressed my l!ps against her and then turned to leave. “Stay here Clover.” I said before shutting the door I know l probably startled her by saying that, but I couldn’t hold it in. It is how I felt.

I looked over the railing and could see a red wolf growling at Conner and Logan. I hopped over the railing and landed beside them.

“Don’t shift.”

“Obviously, we aren’t wanting to fight.” Conner almost snorted at me. Sounds like someone has a little bit of an attitude.

“Don’t mind him. Aces there scared the crap out of him is all.” Logan chuckled.

I turned and looked at the red wolf. His ears were laid flat back and he was baring his teeth at us.

“Aces.. come on buddy, you need to calm down.” A dangerous snarl crept from his throat, and I narrowed my eyes at him. My beast stirred angrily at his disrespect, and I had to take a calming breath. It looked like he was looking through me and not at me. Aces had never growled at me before, so I felt his reaction was weird. “We aren’t going to hurt you. Why don’t you let me in?” I tried to push my mind link forward but nothing t was like he disowned me as his alpha. Did he blame me for what happened to his mate?

I have always wondered this. If maybe even Kai deep down blamed me too. Maybe I did blame myself.

“I’m sorry about… what happened. Do you… blame me, Aces?” I watched as his ears perked up as he stared behind me. The door suddenly opened, and the medical staff burst inside with their dart guns. I realized that he knew they were coming. He wasn’t growling at me but them.

“Wait” I started to say, but the guns went off and hit Aces with tranquilizers. Aces growled and shook his body. The effects were almost immediate and soon his body collapsed to the ground. “I said wait!” I yelled making the staff freeze.

“Sorry I had ordered them to shoot at sight.” Dr. Snyde’s voice rang out and I turned to see her stepping through the door.

“My orders override yours!” I couldn’t hide the contempt in my voice.

“Of course Alpha. They just reacted too quickly for your order. Though I am not certain what the big deal is. You did want him sedated, didn’t you? We don’t want him hurting anyone.” This woman’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard. Every word made me irritated. It was weird that a lot of the pack adored her. But it was different for me. I always felt agitated in her presence.

“I was trying to talk with him.” I sighed angrily and looked over at the sleeping wolf. I wish Aces would let me talk to him. Maybe we could work it out.

“So you want us just to let him loose?” Dr. Snyde asked and I glared at her. “At least if he is in the holding cell you can still talk with him, and he can’t hurt anyone.”

Man, I didn’t like this woman. Kai was my friend and Aces always had my back before. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt though. If it was just me, I could handle myself against him. Aces was a strong wolf and could easily injure the others.

“We Could lock him up in Conner’s room.” Logan teased as walked over to Aces, I leaned down and placed my hand on his forehead. I was hoping I could feel something… anything. Not that I haven’t tried. I have tried to reach Aces so many times before. He never tried to hurt me but wouldn’t speak to me. He ignored me. It didn’t make any sense. Aces’ reactions made no sense to me at all. He never tried to run away when he shifted, but he didn’t want anyone near him either.

So, what was he doing? If he hated me and the pack, he would have left… right? It was so frustrating because I didn’t know what to do. And the only one who ever had success with wolves was Dr. Snyde. She could bring out wolves that were dormant even for a short time. Though it never stuck.

Unfortunately, she was the only one here who had a chance to reach him.

I reluctantly stepped away and nodded my head. I hated to pen him, but it was the best thing to do for now. I couldn’t let him hurt anyone. I would try to talk to him again once he woke up. Sometimes he would stay in wolf form for a long time. And whenever Kai came back he didn’t remember anything while he was shifted.

Dr. Snyde nodded to the medical team, and they immediately went to work getting Aces on a stretcher. I heard a gasp from above and I looked up to see Clover looking down. Her hand was covering her mouth and her eyes were wide with shock.

“What are you doing to him?” Her voice cut into me as she made her way down the stairs. She looked up at me with pain in her eyes. My chest hurt seeing the way her eyes looked at mine. She was upset with me. I was upset with myself. I hated doing this to him.

“It’s so he can’t hurt anyone, Clover. There are a lot of other members in the pack I have to think about”
“He will be in good hands. I’ve been working with Aces and Kai for a Jong time. Trust me, this is for the
Best.” Dr. Snyde said as she stepped closer to Clover. I didn’t like her getting close to my mate. I don’t like the way this woman looks at her. I watched as Clover stared back at defiantly. She raised her chin at Dr. Snyde and kept her eyes locked onto her. Look at her.. if that isn’t the act of a Luna, I don’t know what is.

Is it wrong that at a moment like this I am having impure thoughts of Clover? She could put me to my knees, and I’ll call her alpha.

“Sion, are you okay?” Clover was looking at me and she reached her hand up to my face. “You look a bit flushed.” Da.mn I made myself blush over that mental image.

“Are you injured?” I heard Dr. Snyde ask, and my eyes moved to Clover’s shirt. There was a bloodstain showing on her t-shirt.

“Oh this? Yes, I am fine. t was just a scratch, but all healed now, see.” Clover lifted up the sleeve and revealed a completely healed arm. There was no scratch there at all.

I felt my heart begin to pound against my chest as I looked at Clover. Was her wolf back? Could she feel it?

I found myself holding my breath wishing I knew the answer. Then I had to ask myself why? What did it matter?

That’s when I realized that I was afraid. I felt like without the mate pull she wouldn’t stay with me.

“Maybe you should stop to be checked out. Was it from one of the rogues? We need to be careful with a cut from them.” Dr. Snyde said as I shot her a dark glance. She wasn’t touching my mate. I watched Clover’s eyes following the medical team carrying Aces out of the house.

I could see the anger in her eyes as they flashed to Dr. Snyde. Instinctively, I took a step closer to Clover. I wanted her to know she had my support no matter what she was about to say.

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