Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 24


‘Call me Bree’ was not fooling me at all. She is claiming what she is doing to Kai and Aces is for the best.

Really? I doubt it. Now she wants to check out my non-existent wound? Because she really cares if I am hurt ha!

I honestly am not sure what happened with my cut. The wound was there before but I noticed after Sion left it was no longer stinging. My ankle wasn’t sore anymore either. Actually, it felt perfect, Yet, I still couldn’t link with Sheena. In either case, Dr. Sinister wasn’t examining my body.

“No offense, but no thank you. You say you have been working with Aces for a long time.”

“Yes, so he is in good hands.”

“Why? Just because you’ve been working with him for a long time, means he is in good hands?” I watched as her eye started to twitch. Little by little, I felt like I was peeling away her mask.

“Well, why wouldn’t he be?” She said in a sickening sweet fake a.ss tone.

“Whatever you are doing isn’t working. No wonder Aces is isolating from all of you. You keep locking him up and doing the same thing to him. Hell, I would be pissed if I was his wolf. You’ve been doing this to him for years.” I looked up at Sion, who looked really sad. His l!ps were pursed together, and he nodded his head.

“You are right. We are failing him.” Sion said, and Dr. Sinister clicked her tongue, folding her arms over her chest.

“It’s a process. You can’t expect this to work overnight. It takes time.” ‘Call me Bree’ said in a snarky tone that wasn’t missed by Sion. A terrifying snarl crept from his throat as he glared at her.

“It’s been years! If anything, he trusts me less now. Aces never used to growl and back away from me. though I’m not sure it was from me.” His gaze looked at Dr. Sinister accusingly. “Clover is right. I’m going to wait for him to wake up and try to talk to him.”

“Wait until tomorrow. He is in the holding cell and who knows how long he will be unconscious for..” Dr. Sinister started, but Sion instantly snapped at her.

“You don’t tell me what I should do. I am waiting with him. I want to be there when he wakes up.” Sion growled and I placed my hand on his forearm.

“I’ll wait with you.” I looked up at him and he nodded his head.

“Alpha, with all due respect, it is a medical facility, and it has private documents inside. We can’t just allow anyone-“

Sion let out a dark chuckle and then turned to face Dr. Sinister fully. “Last time l checked, I was the alpha, not you. What I say goes.”

Conner and Logan came forward in support of Sion and I watched as ‘Call me Bree’ lowered her head, taking a small step back. “My apologies. I can see my opinion isn’t valued here.”

“I’m glad you received the message.” Logan snorted and she looked up at him in shock. As if she couldn’t believe he would say such a thing.

Is it horrible that I loved this moment? This was completely different than at the Sulfur pack. These men were able to see the snake clearly. Though, it was curious that everyone else seemed to love her. Maybe she was able to fool most people. I was glad Sion, and his officers, weren’t some of them.

“I’m sure you have other things you need to attend to,” Sion Said dismissively of Dr. Snyde as he moved his hand around my back pulling me towards him. I don’t know if it was reactionary or if it was a planned move. But I saw the lethal daggers in her eyes as she stared at his hand.

“It seems that you two are becoming close.. Call me Bree’ said with the fakest smile ever.

“We would have been much closer if Kai wouldn’t have shifted to Aces when he did,” Sion said matter-of-factly. I could feel the warmth spreading over my cheeks. ‘Call me Bree’ was practically seething. I could see she was trying to reign in her anger.

“Easy Alpha. I don’t think your future mate will be happy if you play around too much.”

I couldn’t help the snort that escaped me. I let out a dry laugh and raised my brows at Dr. Sinister. “You seem awfully invested in your alpha’s affairs. I fail to see where it is any of your business. I doubt if he was warming your bed, you would have any objections.” Her mouth popped open, and she was speechless.

“Like hell, I’d ever warm her bed. Never have and never will.” Sion growled turning my front against his. I glanced over to see her curl her hands into a shaking fists.

Oh yeah, she was mad, practically frothing at the mouth. “Excuse us.” He suddenly said and grabbed my hand pulling me behind him leaving Dr. Snyde standing there speechless. He led me up the stairs and continued down the hall. He didn’t stop at my room but continued to his. I glanced over the banister and could see she was still watching us. I figured he was wanting to send her a message. He ushered me into his room and then shut the door.

I started to look around when his hand landed on my waist, spinning me to face him. “Clover, I know the pack talks a lot. I promise there has never been anything between me and Dr. Snyde. The pack seems to think I’m going to take her as my mate, but she was never an option for me. I don’t even want her here. I just want you to know that there hasn’t been anyone.. but you. I know this may seem unbelievable, but I’ve only been with you. After our night together, I have been waiting for you. I just. Knew you were the one.”

I stood there looking up at him quietly. I understand why he said what he said earlier and why he was so agitated. He thought I believed there was something between him and Dr. Sinister. I never did. I thought it was obvious, but it was sweet of him to want to immediately reassure me. Yet, I stayed standing here half shocked because of his later confession. He hadn’t been with anyone else but me?

“ls it true?” I whispered.

“Gosh I knew the pack was running their mouth about me and Dr.”

“No not about that. I know there isn’t anything between you two. That is obvious. I mean about you being with anyone else.” His eyes softened and a small smile reached his l!ps.

“Yes, it is true”

“I haven’t either…”I glanced down and shrugged. “I’ve only been with you.” ever seen.

“Clover, it’s okay. You don’t have to say that. I mean.. you are beautiful and

“It’s true. Honestly, you were the only guy who was ever interested in me like that.” He stepped up to me and he rubbed my face with the back of his hand. He gazed at me as if I was the most precious person he had ever seen.

“It’s all my gain… I’m glad that you lived in a pack full of morons. Though, I do think that one officer was the only one with a brain. I’m glad you are mine. Not to sound presumptuous or anything.” He trailed off and removed his hand from my cheek, reaching up to rub the back of his neck.

“Vou aren’t…” I saw him studying me as he łowered his hand back to his side.

“Did your wolf come back? Is that why you are healed? Do you feel it?”

I quickly shook my head. “No, she isn’t back with me. I don’t know why I healed.. maybe she came back enough just to heal me?”

He was staring into my eyes as he reached forward to rest his hand on my hip pulling me closer. “I don’t sound presumptuous. does this mean you are thinking about staying?”

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine leaving him and he was looking at me almost desperately. He pinned me down with his gaze as he waited for my answer. He had told me he loved me earlier and I didn’t get a chance to respond to him. He has been so open and honest with me. He didn’t care how it made him look. He was always telling me how he felt. He deserved for me to be honest with him and to stop hiding.

“I don’t have my wolf back yet, but I can’t deny how I am drawn to you. I missed you today. I couldn’t wait to see you. And when everything was happening with the rogues, | was worried about you. I want to be near you. I want you to touch me. I don’t want to ever leave you. I want to stay with you.. even if my wolf never comes back. I know I’ll be okay if l am with you.” His grip on my hip tightened as his other hand came around to hold me captive.

“You accept me? You are accepting me as your mate.

I smiled up at him and cupped his cheeks. “On a couple of conditions.” I could see his eyes twinkling at me as a grin formed on his l!ps. “One not right now. At least not until we make sure Aces is okay. I can’t imagine how traumatic it is for him to be locked up. And I have one more…. you allow your females to be warriors if they choose.

They should be able to join battle training just like the men. Because I—” He chuckled and lowered himself, so his nose was rubbing against mine.

“Then you’ll be my luna?”

“I’ll be your whatever as long as I can stay by your side.” I breathed against his l!ps as he covered mine.

He lifted me up and my legs wrapped around his torso.

“Thank the gods..” He mumbled against my l!ps as he continued to k!ss me. “I accept those terms. I love you, Clover. I’ll be good to you… so good to you.” He continued peppering me with k!sses as I held onto his head. “We are moving your things into my room. You are never going to be alone. You are going to get sick of me…”

He then paused and parted from my l!ps. “There is something I do need to talk to you about, though.”

“Tell me tonight. We need to go before Aces wakes up.” He reached forward tenderly k!ssing me before sliding me down his body.

“I can’t wait to announce you to the pack. You won’t regret this. Ever.”

“Sion…” I wanted to say I know I wouldn’t regret it. That I was happy to be his family. But the words just didn’t come out. I watched as his face grew serious. He reached up and grabbed my chin tilting it up to him.

“You have no idea how badly I want to lock the doors and pretend the world doesn’t exist. You are right… Kai and Aces must come first. Gods, I am so happy right now. You have no idea. I have been terrified you would leave me.”

There he goes making my heart flutter. I couldn’t believe how open he was with me. He didn’t mind exposing his heart to me. How could I not fall for this man?

How was it possible to have these feelings without the mate pull? “As long as you want me, I’m not going anywhere”

“It is more than wanting you, Clover. I need you. I’ve never needed anyone. It’s great to have the people I do in my life. But if something happened to them, I would manage even if it was hard. But with you… if something happens to you, there is no way I would recover.”

“Sion doesn’t say that. Of course, you would be fine.

“No, I wouldn’t, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Because you are staying with me. I won’t let anything happen to you. You are safe and you’ll never be alone again.” He leaned forward capturing my l!ps once more. My nose was burning, and I felt the dampness escape from my closed eyelids. I was going to have a family Sion was now my family. I wanted this so much and it was hard to believe it was real. I was terrified but also overwhelmed with happiness.

I had planned to take this slower. I wanted to wait longer but it just felt right. Sion has been beyond amazing and honestly, he didn’t deserve for me to be so reserved with him. I know he would keep patiently waiting for me but the only thing holding me back now was my own fear. I wasn’t going to allow the fear of being hurt to stop me from this. If it all comes to a crashing end at least I know l gave it a chance.

“Clover.” He pulled apart and brushed my tears away with his thumb. He was studying my face with concern. I didn’t want him to misunderstand my tears. I buried my head in his chest and wrapped my arms around his torso.

He held me against him with his strong protective arms and I relaxed against him. My mate.

“Thank you, Sion… I’ll do my best to be an asset to you.” His chest rumbled in a quiet laugh, and I felt his head lay on top of mine. His nose was buried in my hair as he left delicate k!sses upon my head.

“You’re already an asset. You don’t have to do anything than just be you. That’s all l need from you. Well, that and maybe some pups eventually.”

I smiled and lifted my head away from him. “I think we can manage that.”

“With lots and Jets of practice.” His l!ps brushed over my forehead, “I’ve got to get you out of this room. We need to go…” His voice sounded husky and then his eyes widened.

“Come on. We are telling Logan and Conner.” He sounded almost giddy as he grabbed my hand and brought me out of the room. He was walking fast, and I had to trot to keep up to his pace. He must have realized it because he stopped, turned, and hoisted me in his arms bridal style. Then he sprinted down the stairs.

Conner and Logan had two bags and were standing by the door. Dr. Sinister was nowhere to be seen, so it looked like she had finally left. The beta and gamma looked at their alpha with confusion.

“You seem overly happy.” Conner arched his brow and glanced between us.

“She said yes. She is going to stay with me.”

Sion was grinning ear to ear.

“Da.mn congratulations man. What are you doing down here? Shouldn’t you two be making a mess of each other?” Logan smiled widely and I turned my head into Sion’s chest. I could feel his soft chuckle as he k!ssed the top of my head.

“Later… we are going to wait for Aces to wake up first. Clover is right. Locking him up isn’t the answer. We should have acted ages ago. I just hope whatever is going on we can work it out.”

“You can. If not, his wolf would have left long ago.” I felt Sion’s arms squeeze me gently before he finally lowered me to the ground.

“Luna, I take it our alpha passed the test.” Logan beamed and I looked down at the ground.

“It never should have been a test. It was never Sion’s problem… it was mine.” | then looked up and met his eyes confidently. “Il be good to him. I’ll treasure him. I just want you to know that.” It was hard for me to say this freely, but I didn’t want them to think my feelings were shallow. Even without my wolf, I was bonded to Sion. I felt it and I would make sure to take care of him. I watched the grin on Logan’s face widen.

“You shouldn’t say such things around our emotional alpha.” Logan winked at me as Conner chuckled. I glanced up at Sion to see his hazel eyes already looking at me. This was the first time I spoke these sorts of words. The first time he ever heard me say it. I said I would be his mate; I haven’t told him how I felt. I need to. I’ll tell him tonight.

“Let’s get to Aces. we’ve got to get away from temptation,” Sion said in a low growl that had Conner busting up laughing.

“Sir, yes sir!” Conner laughed as he saluted Sion.

Conner and Logan headed out of the house first, but Sion grabbed hold of me, keeping me in place. He leaned his head down and bit onto my ear. “I’m going to exhaust your body tonight, so be prepared, my love.” He then k!ssed my marking place on my neck, sending a shudder down my spine.

I know my face was burning red as we followed behind Logan and Conner. I was feeling all of the emotions today. I needed to push that all to the back of my mind. It was time to concentrate on Aces. I wonder… I was able to mind link without my wolf. I wondered if I could reach Aces’ mind. I know Aces pulled from the pack and I am not an official member… but it was something I was curious about. I didn’t know if I really was part sheya or not. If I was, maybe this was something I could do? In any case, I was going to try.

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