Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 25

We walked into the facility and at the far end were several holding rooms. The rooms were made of bullet-proof glass that had silver wiring on the inside.

For a cage, they were pretty nice. I followed Sion, Logan and Conner to the far room. There was a red light glowing on the inside and I swear I could hear screaming. No one else seemed to hear it, but my face was contorting at the sound. I could see Kai’s wolf laying there, but he seemed to be stirring.

Dr. Sinister was standing to the side with a little tablet as she looked at Aces. Everyone was just looking at him through the glass. His wolf seemed to be in pain. Couldn’t they tell? And the red light was making me agitated.

“Turn that light off!” I couldn’t take it anymore and I practically shouted making Sion jump to look at me. “What is that light? Turn it off!”

“Alpha we can’t” Dr. Sinister began as Sion walked towards her. He completely ignored her and flipped a switch behind her down. Instantly the lights were gone and Aces seemed to relax. Dr. Sinister was now staring at me with an intensity that made my skin crawl. She looked like she was analyzing me.

“There, is that better? It’s a sensory light that is supposed to help keep the wolves calm.” Conner looked at me as Sion came back to my side.

“What is calming about it? I was getting irritated just standing out here…” I could see they were all looking at me strangely. Seriously?! Did this light not bother anyone else? However, Dr. Sinister seemed to be more and more intrigued by me. Great… I don’t want that bit.ch to have any interest in me. She had the red psycho warnings screaming whenever I saw her. I had only been here a day and already I knew she rode the crazy express.

Sion placed his arm on my shoulder, and I looked through the glass at Aces. He finally stood on his feet, and he stared at us. “Can we go in?”

“That isn’t a good idea. His wolf is unpredictable.”

Could someone lock her in one of these cages? Seriously every time she spoke, I wanted to put a dirty sock in her mouth and gag her.

“I’ll go in Clover. It’s safer if it is just me.” Sion said and I looked up at him. I could see the worry in his eyes.

“I used to work with the new shifters in my pack. I was very good at it. I would like to try..” I also wanted to see if I could communicate with him. And that would be much easier if l could get closer to him. I could see Sion was hesitating, but I needed to try.

“Please? You’ll be right beside me.”

“Conner, you come in too. If anything happens your priority is Clover.” Sion finally said and I smiled up at him happily.

“Don’t worry. “I’ll keep the princess safe.”

Conner winked over at me, and I rolled my eyes. Dam.n it

Sheena. Get you’re a.ss back here so we can show these men we don’t need to be kept safe.

“Alpha Sion this really isn’t a good idea.” Dr. Sinister said, taking a step towards us. Sion glared at her, and she froze in her spot.

“Why? Why exactly isn’t it a good idea? Aces can’t win against me in a fight. What do I have to worry about? We’ve been doing it your way. Your way isn’t working. Stay back and out of my way.” Sion’s voice was low and threatening. He spoke to her as if she was the enemy.

I can’t believe the other pack members really thought they were an item. It was clear Sion despised her. Her eyes looked almost panicked as he walked past her to the door. It was an odd expression, to be honest. I was certain this was because she was up to no good.

There were dual doors to enter into the cage. The second door wouldn’t open until the first door was shut. It was an impressive safety mechanism. Sion opened the second door and walked inside first. I was right behind him and Conner placed his hand on my shoulder staying close to me. Aces ears went back instantly, and he backed away. It was a clear warning that he didn’t want us near him.

“Aces… I’m here to help.” Sion took a step towards him and I could see the hair on Aces back raise.

He wasn’t growling but he was giving Sion all the warning signs. Sion glanced back looking at me and I noticed his eyes look at Conner. Oh no. He is not kicking me out already. I stepped away from Conner and moved to the side of Sion.

Sion’s hand grabbed my shoulder, but I kept my focus on Aces. He was watching me curiously, but he didn’t look threatening. “Sion… I’m okay… Aces is okay too. Right?” I looked at him as he put his ears up. He didn’t find me threatening.

Of course, I wasn’t a pack member. He disconnected from the pack. It was the pack members he had an issue with.. but why? “I’m not part of the Chance pack…” I looked up at Sion. “I don’t think Aces will have a problem with me. Will you trust me?

I felt Sion’s hand squeeze on my shoulder as he let out a breath. “I do trust you.. it’s just that I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Nothing is going to happen. Trust Aces… he doesn’t want to hurt us, or he would have tried.” I felt Sion slowly release his hold on me as his eyes fixated on Aces.

“Don’t you dare hurt her.” Sion growled and I listened as Aces sneezed. It was as if his wolf was scoffing at him. I smiled and stepped away from Sion and towards the large red wolf.

Aces.. can you hear me? I could see his eyes widen as his ears pointed forward towards me.

How can I hear you?

Honestly? I’m not quite sure. I lost my wolf too, and l am not a pack member. But I have always been able to mind link easily and I was able to mind link after I lost my wolf.

My l!ps parted as I glanced at my sides.

Nothing was there. I looked back at him curiously.

You are the one blocking her out.

You didn’t lose your wolf. She is standing next to you.

Okay… come again? I was the one blocking her out? What nonsense was this?!

How am l blocking her out? I need her right now. I watched as his tail wagged slightly in almost a mocking fashion.

Well, then let her in. His voice came through almost arrogant. I mentally clicked my tongue and stepped closer to him.

Well, what about you? What is it that you are doing.

I’m protecting Kai. l couldn’t protect our mate.. but I can protect Kai.

Protecting him.. from what? Why did you split from the pack? What about Sion?

He sat down and looked away from me.
You won’t be able to understand. It’s too complex for you…

Oh, hell no!’ Too complex for me? And why is that? Because your brain is far superior than mine?!’ Yes, I was angry. I watched as his tail wagged. He was enjoying himself. Is there something wrong with this pack? I’d like to know if there is because l am supposed to be the future luna. His tail instantly stopped wagging as he stared at me.

Don’t do it Don’t become a member of this pack.

Will you just come out with it already?! I watched as he shook his head and scratched at his ear.

Come here, let me see.

He stopped and looked at me for a moment before he rose to his feet and slowly walked towards me. Sion walked forward and stood by my side. Aces stopped for a moment looking at him before he proceeded to me. He could understand Sion’s protectiveness… maybe it made him think about his own mate. He stopped right in front of me and I smiled at him.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? Let me see what’s bothering your ear.” I reached out to scratch his ear for him. As soon as my hand landed on him images began to fill my head. Then the visions became clear and played like a movie sequence.

The red light was on, and Aces looked completely exhausted. I watched as a shadow slithered across the floor from inside the cage. It moved to the outside where Dr. Snyde was standing looking in. Behind her was another figure standing in the shadows. The figure stepped out as the shadow snake slithered around her. A woman with dull lifeless skin, black soulless eyes and long gray straggly hair was revealed.

“Do you have the essence for me?” The woman hissed to Dr. Snyde.

“Yes, I have a new collection. I drained everything I could from this wolf without killing him. I also added some other creatures to the mixture for you.”

Dr. Snyde said as she dropped a small tube into the woman’s long bony fingers.

“Good. Keep it coming. I need more.” The woman snorted and looked at Dr. Bree. “l guess some good came from your mother being a sl.ut. At least you know who to be loyal to even if you are part mut.”

“My loyalty is to you my lady Meryl.” Dr. Snyde slightly bowed her head.

“Have you kept up with the inoculations?”

“Yes, but the officers and the alpha are still refusing them. The drink won’t work on the beta and alpha…”

“Yes, well from what you told me before that makes sense. It wouldn’t work on them. Just become the luna of the pack. That will make this easier. I don’t want my flow of essence compromised. I need it. I am mass producing,. well that doesn’t concern you. Just keep being useful. You know what happens if you don’t.”

“Yes, my lady.” Dr. Snyde bowed and a ball of black smoke enveloped the old woman leaving no trace of her.

I listened as Dr. Snyde bit her thumb glaring at Aces. I knew that the b!tch was trouble. I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. But I had a feeling something in those inoculations was doing something to the pack.

There was something else she had too. Some sort of drink? I don’t know but she was doing something to the pack. She stared at Aces and then I watched her shrug.

“You still have enough life in you for a little more, don’t you? It’s not a big loss if we lose you anyways..”

Aces yelps filled the air and watched helplessly as he twisted in pain. He knew what Dr. Sinister was doing. He was protecting Kai from being manipulated by her. The rest of the pack must be under her manipulation.

That would make sense why they all adored her so much. Whatever is going on, it doesn’t seem to be affecting Logan and it never affected Sion and Conner. I wonder why whatever it was wouldn’t work on Sion and Conner.

Aces had taken this burden on all by himself. He suffered and endured pain every time he shifted but he didn’t run away. It must be manipulating the person and not the wolf which is why Aces separated from Kai.

He didn’t trust the pack, so he separated from all of them as well. He loved his pack too much to run away so he stayed and endured pain. If he would have just told Sion was he protecting Sion? Why didn’t he tell Sion? My heart was hurting for Aces. He has been doing this all alone for so long. The vision began to grow dark as I was pulled out of the past.


Sion’s voice greeted me as I came back to the present. My face was we*t with tears I don’t remember crying. I felt Sion’s arms around me holding me tight against his warm body. I turned my head and could see Aces was looking at me curiously.

I know, Aces… I know about Dr. Snyde.

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