Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 26

I took in a deep breath as I tried to sort through everything. I leaned into Sion for support as I looked at Aces.

Who was this Meryl person? And what exactly was ‘Call me Bree’ doing?

We need to tell Sion.. I said to Aces.

“What is going on?” Sion asked. I glanced up at him and pursed my lips together. I didn’t understand everything, but I knew Dr. Sinister was working against the pack.

“Alpha, we have company.” Conner looked out the window where a group of warriors stood looking in with Dr. Sinister between them.

“Let’s see what is going on,” Sion said and I looked

Over at Aces.

“Let Aces out. He doesn’t need to be caged.” I watched as Sion nodded his head and I smiled back at Aces. At least I got him out of there. There was a lot to talk about, but it looked like Dr. Sinister was one step ahead of me. As we walked out of the chambers, I noticed her eyes flicker at me.

“What seems to be the problem?” Sion asked and just ‘Call Me Bree’ had a poisonous smile spread across her lips.

“Follow us. There is something you need to see outside.”

I felt soft fur tickle my legs and glanced down to see Aces standing protectively at my side. His gaze was narrowed on Dr. Sinister as she walked down the hall. The soldiers followed ahead of her, and we followed behind them. Something was wrong. I could feel it in my bones. I felt Sion’s hand move around me, pulling me close to his side. He glanced down at me and gave me a reassuring smile. A smile that faded instantly as we stepped outside.

It looked like the whole pack had assembled and were waiting there. And in front of all of them stood Dr. Sinister, giving Sion a fake sympathetic look. It was all a big setup. Whatever she was doing, she had all of the wolves here under her influence.

“Alpha Sion, we are all here because we are concerned about you.”

Oh puke, this woman was full of herself. Never did a person cry out so loudly they wanted me to throat punch them.

“You’ve acted differently since you came back, and I know what the problem is. It is that woman you are keeping by your side.”

Sion pulled me tighter against him and let out a low threatening growl. “Careful doctor. You don’t know what you are saying. This isn’t just some woman. She is my fated mate. My luna.”

Dr. Sinister didn’t look shocked at all. Of course, she wasn’t. The bit.ch had figured it out. She knew Sion long enough that she must have known who l was to him. Which means.. this was all a trap. I watched the evil twitch in her eyes, and I knew I was right. She wanted him to say that.

“Sion, when you arrived, you only called her your masseuse and now, she is your fated mate? Come now, you can’t expect us to believe that. If she were really your fated mate, you would have told us as soon as you arrived.”

Aces stepped in front of me and flashed his teeth at Dr. Sinister as a warning tone sounded from him.

“Look at that. Even Aces has taken to her. you see what I am saying?”

She had set her trap well. I noticed the nodding of heads and quiet murmurs in the pack.

“Now wait a minute. We knew that she was his mate. We were just keeping it quiet for a few days. Logan and I both knew-” Conner started as Dr. Sinister clicked her tongue over and over, shaking her head.

“Such a shame. You all don’t even realize it, do you?”

“Realize what?!” Sion growled.

“That she is manipulating all of you. It is what her kind does..” Her eyes landed on me, and a slight smirk pulled up over her lips. I never wanted to rip someone’s jugular out more than I did at this moment.

“Sion, she is manipulating you into thinking you are mates. Look how even Aces responds to her. He avoided his alpha, but he trusts this complete stranger? Even you have to see how weird that is. Of course, this would be impossible for a regular werewolf but she isn’t a regular werewolf at all… are you Clover? I knew it the moment she entered the chamber. The magical light lit up and then it all made sense. You are a sheya!”

I glanced up at Sion to see the unreadable expression on his face. I could see how the evidence was stacking up against me. And honestly, it was quite compelling. I did plan on leaving the Sulfur pack. If l had the power of a sheya l could have used it to manipulate him into thinking, we are mates so I could leave the pack. I had these strange visions and even Aces trusted me. He avoids the whole pack but not me? Sion didn’t know everything, but if I told him now, it would look like a desperate lie.

“Alpha, this woman is dangerous. She must be sent far away from the pack. Then you will return to normal and see your mind was just being manipulated.” Dr. Sinister had the pack eating out of the palm of her hand. Their voices of affirmation were heard, and they were ready to forcefully escort me out of the pack.

“So, you are telling me that all of you are against Clover? You won’t accept her as my luna no matter what I say?”

Sion said in a quiet voice.

“You’ll see once she is gone that it was all a big lie. This is for the best. The whole pack agrees. We are not comfortable with her presence here. It is the only way to save you from her influence. We would do anything to protect you, Alpha Sion. Even from yourself in this situation.”

Just like that, I lost another home. This was Sion’s pack… he was their alpha. I know once he said he would stay with me no matter what, but this is reality. It is one thing to say something it is another to do it. I glanced up at him and chewed on my inner lip.

I wonder if he is considering what she has told him. Even if he wasn’t he couldn’t leave his pack. My presence here was a problem for him. I wouldn’t leave him to make the choice on his own. I needed to leave for him. It’s funny how certain events make things clearer.

Knowing that I had to part from Sion made me realize how strong my feelings were for him. I love Sion. And because I love him so much, I didn’t want him to be forced to tell me to leave. I went to step away from him, but he gripped me against him tighter. I could see the pain in his eyes as he looked down at me.

“I’m so sorry Clover… I wanted this to be your home.”

His lips were pursed together as his hazel eyes looked back over the pack. I know this was what he had wanted. It was okay.

Honest. It hurt… but I understood. He wasn’t just any wolf in the pack. He was their leader…the alpha. I took in a quiet steadying breath.

“It’s okay, Sion.” I patted his arm as I tried to step away from him again. This time he looked down at me as if I was crazy as he held fast to me. His eyes met with mine and a smile reached his lips.

“Crazy woman, where do you think you are going.” He leaned down and his lips touched lightly over the top of my head. He Iifted his gaze up to look over his pack. “I won’t subject my mate to live in a pack where she isn’t wanted. And I won’t live without my mate. l’m stepping down as your alpha and I will be leaving tonight.” My lips parted as the anxious whispers filled the air.

“We can’t allow you to do that. You are being controlled Alpha Sion. We have to protect you.” Dr. Sinister stared back at Sion as the warriors moved forward next to her.

Sion, it’s hard to explain but the pack is under some sort of brain manipulation. I think it is from the inoculation shots. Your pack needs you. He didn’t look at me as he moved me slightly behind him.

We will come back and save the pack. Right now, we need to get you out of here.

Dam.n it I hated that I couldn’t shift right now. I was a liability when I should have been an asset. Sion was now thinking about protecting me right now. By the looks of the pack, they were on edge. I wasn’t going to be able to casually waltz out of here and they weren’t about to allow Sion just to leave.

Conner and Logan stepped forward taking protective stances in front of Sion. Aces leaned more into my leg and looked up at me.

Climb on Clover. I’m getting you out of here. looked down at him and closed my eyes. Da.mn da.mn da mn. I had to run. but I was going to get Sheena back and when I did, I would be done running.

Sion.. I squeezed his hand. Aces will get me out of here. He is on your side. He kept his head forward, but I notice he looked at me from the corner of his eyes.

Go, I’ll be right behind you.

Panic set in as I realized he would probably have to fight his way out of the pack. When did this feeling consume me? When did Sion capture my heart this much? My body was trembling but not for myself. It was because I didn’t want to leave him. I wanted to stay and fight next to him. I leaned my head into his side as I looked out over the pack.

Just ‘Call Me Bree’ was not about to let Sion casually leave. It was more than control for her. She had her eyes on him. Yeah, I needed to come back and kill her for this. One day… I would. I couldn’t just leave without saying one thing… something I hadn’t said before that had to be said. I mustered up my strength to tear myself away from Sion and with a deep breath I let it all rip.

Be careful. I love you, Sion. I pushed off his body and climbed on top of the red wolf next to me. Aces instantly took off and I heard the growls of the pack in the air.

Don’t look back. Hold on to me tight and don’t fall.

Aces voice rang into my mind as I leaned down into his fur. I was so worried for Sion. He wouldn’t want to hurt his pack members. He was severely outnumbered. What if he couldn’t get out and Dr. Sinister did something to him?

Clover, we are being followed.

I lifted up my head and glanced back to see the eyes reflecting in the darkness. There were wolves chasing after us that were lying in wait in the woods.

They aren’t from the Chance pack.

Aces voice sounded in my head.

Are they under Dr. Snydes’ control too?

I had my suspicions, but this proves it.

Now it made sense… Dr. Sinister never planned to let me just leave. She had an ambush waiting for me. There was no way Aces could outrun them with me on his back.

I’ll get you to a tree and you need to climb Clover. I can’t focus on fighting unless you are safe.

Aces there are too many of them to fight.

We don’t have a choice. They are gaining on me.

How am I blocking Sheena? How do I get her back?

I don’t know Clover… but l think it is some power you have. There you see that tree in the distance. Jump up when stop underneath it. You need to be fast because they will be on top of us.

Don’t hesitate and do it.

They want me, Aces. You keep running. T heard his arrogant snort which told me he didn’t plan on running at all. Oh gods he would be shredded to pieces. I could hear the thudding from behind us. There were many wolves… I couldn’t tell how many without my wolf hearing, but I knew there were a lot. Too many for just Aces to handle.

Aces thought it was some power that I have that is blocking Sheena. That didn’t make sense. I never blocked her before so why now? Or was it something else. Maybe it did have to deal with power but not in the sense Aces thinks. It seems obvious that I am part sheya and maybe it is this power that has been blocking Sheena. I don’t know what all a sheya can do but I wonder if l am doing something.

Aces stopped under the tree, and I jumped to the branch above him. I climbed up and looked down as a group of wolves assembled in an arch formation. I felt my heart thudding against my chest as I had flashbacks of the night I was attacked. Then it was six wolves and now there were ten. I knew Aces would be killed. His only chance was if I could at least help him. Even with Sheena, it would be a brutal fight, but we were both ranked officers. We could manage together.

Sheena, if you are there, you’ve gotta help me. How do I break through this block? We have to fight. I need to fight!

The low growls began to sound as the wolves’ feet shifted restlessly. Aces remained stoic next to the tree l was in as he waited for the inevitable. He knew he was facing his death, but he stayed. I can’t quite explain to you how much this act meant to me. He was risking his life for me. I was someone he barely knew. My own pack members, who I grew up with attacked me, but he was protecting me.

When I thought Sheena left me was right after the pack fight. I thought she left because she was hurt. I was wrong.

If l was blocking her, I must be shielding myself. My eyes widened as I thought about it. That would make sense. That’s why Logan was safe around me because I had a barrier of sorts up. This barrier was keeping Sheena from me. I don’t know if I am right, but it is the best I can grasp in this moment.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I was letting it all through. The pain of that night. The betrayal… the hurt. The feelings of being unwanted. everything. Everything that I was blocking out before and trying to bury. Then there was Sion.. he stayed back to give me time to escape. My Sion. I was tired of building walls to protect myself. I could kick myself for being distant with the one person who has been the most honest with me. I had to get back to him. I was ready to fight.

My insides seemed to swell and then it was as if something collided with my body. Only it wasn’t as if something did.. I was airborne. A rogue had leapt in the air and managed to knock me from the branch. The sound of fighting echoed in the sky, but l was ready now. I turned in the air and when I landed… it was on four feet.

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