Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 43

We walked past the gawking eyes of the Sulfur pack as Denny led us to the main house. Demetri had shifted to his human self since it was more convenient.

Funny that this was my home, but was used to being looked at as an outsider. However.. there was a part of me that had wished to see that glowing green light. Deep down I was hoping that the pack members were being controlled.

They weren’t being controlled. Which meant that when they tried to kill me it was their own choice. I felt stupid. Why was I hoping for something like that? Now I felt disappointed.

I guess… I guess a part of me wanted to believe it was all a misunderstanding. Silly, isn’t it? And now I feel this strange sadness that I can’t explain.

The pain of that night surfaces like it just happened, and I had to swallow it all down. It happened. It’s over. This isn’t my home anymore. So why does it still hurt?

I had to tell myself to just breathe. It felt like| couldn’t get enough air. I tried to hide it, but it felt like my heart was about to burst. I was almost certain my heart was going to explode any minute.

Blood was pounding in my ears as my feet started to tingle. I licked my l!ps trying to wet them, but my mouth was so dry. My chest was growing tight, and I had to swallow down the bile rising in my throat.

Damn. I didn’t realize how much of what happened still bothered me. I glanced up at Sion, surprised he didn’t already notice the changes in me. Maybe I was doing that good of a job at hiding them? Yet, Sion’s expression seemed very tense and focused. His brows were furrowed, and I noticed him testing out the scents in the air. I suppose he was on edge too being in the Sulfur pack after everything that happened. I didn’t want to bother him with my nonsense.

Then I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as my nose smelled a scent I didn’t want to smell. It was one of the wolves that attacked me by the river. I glanced around but couldn’t see him anywhere. And this made it more eerie. He was close enough that I could smell him, but I couldn’t see him. Was he purposely watching me but keeping himself hidden?

My body was tense and now looking for a fight. I wasn’t afraid of him. What happened to me was traumatic and it bothered me. However, I am not afraid of the wolves who attacked me. It is just that memory of pack members trying to kill me.. it had a hold on me. I never imagined they would try to kill me. It was something that had a deeper hold on me than I thought. I needed to calm down. I didn’t want to alert Sion that something was bothering me.

Suddenly Sion’s arm swooped around my body, pulling me against his side. His arm supporting me as we walked. I glanced up at him and could see his concerned eyes washing over me. So, he did notice.

I gave him a weak smile, but he saw past it. He suddenly hoisted me into his arms bridal style and nuzzled the side of my head.

“I just need to make sure everyone knows you are taken,” Sion said trying to mask his holding me as his own need. When really, he was doing this for me. He must have noticed I wasn’t walking as strongly anymore since my feet felt like lead weights. His l!ps brushed over my cheek and then I felt his hot breath over my ear. “Mine,” he whispered sending sweet tingles over my body. The electric sparks were attacking the crushing anxiety and filling me with thoughts of him.

The scent of the wolf drifted away as we approached the house and I tried to push it from my mind. It probably didn’t mean anything. It was his pack so of course, there would be traces of his scent around. It didn’t mean he was watching me and even if he was, it didn’t mean anything,. The doors to the pack house opened wide and Andrea was standing there to greet us.

“I’d like to officially introduce you all to my Luna, Andrea.”

“Congratulations, Denny” I said, feeling a bit embarrassed at still being in Sion’s arms.

“Awe, now aren’t you two adorable?!” Andrea leaned into Denny’s side looking at me as Denny wrapped his arm around her. I could see how proud he was to be able to publicly show his affection for her.

“Where is dad?” Denny asked and I watched as Andrea scrunched up her nose.

“He is with my mom… your dad took my mom out for the evening, but I don’t think they plan on coming back tonight. He said to call if you need anything… but do not need anything.”

“Wait.. so your parents are together? Doesn’t that make you two-” Conner asked with a smirk.

“I claimed Andrea as my mate first, but in either case, it doesn’t matter. We aren’t related and weren’t raised as siblings.” Denny shrugged. I could tell he didn’t like the idea, but he also knew there was nothing he could do about it.

“Let’s get you guys situated. I’ll set you up in the guest wing. There is plenty of room for all of you there.” Denny looked at me and I nodded my head. The guest wing was located on an isolated second floor. The whole secluded area was reserved for special quests.

Sion seemed a bit tense, and I felt him burying his nose in my hair several times to breathe in my scent. Was it hard for him to be here? Or maybe it was hard because Denny was my mate and on some level, that bothered him? Though I guess it was probably the fact that some members had tried to kill me. Now I am wondering if holding was really more for his sake than mine.

“Alpha, we have picked up the trail again close to our borders.” A young man said coming up from behind us.

“Is it from another pack, or is it one of the Seekers?” Denny asked looking more tense.

“We are trying to determine that. Some have suggested it is a member from the Chance pack.”

Sion finally slid me down to the ground and his eyes met with Denny’s. “I’d like to investigate this.”

“Of course.” Denny nodded his head as Sion turned to look at me.

“I’ll be back. I just need to determine if it is a member of the Chance pack. “I leave Conner and-“

“No take them with you. I have my own officers. But I’m coming with you.” I didn’t like the idea of being away from him.

“My love, I will be right back. As soon as I find the scent I will know. Go ahead and get situated.”

I felt someone grab my hand and turned to see Andrea holding my hand. “Come on Clover, I’ll show you to the rooms. Let’s catch up some?”

I sighed and looked back at Sion. “You have twenty minutes before I come to find you.”

I listened as Jude snickered and elbowed Joey.

“Clover still doesn’t play around.”

“I’ll be back before that.” Sion grinned and leaned down to k!ss my forehead. He inhaled my scent once more before he lifted his gaze up to Denny’s. “Let’s go.” Andrea led me into the house as I turned my head to watch Sion leave. I should have gone with him, but l didn’t want it to look like I didn’t have faith in Sion. Not in front of another pack, regardless if l am close with them or not. Andrea glanced back and noticed the three strangers following us.

“So, who are they,” Andrea asked and I smiled.

“My beta, gamma, and personal protector.”

“Oh, you have your own officers?” Andrea asked, seeming to like the idea.

“Yes, Sion and I have an equal partnership. The alpha is not higher than the luna and we both get our own officers.” I watched as Andrea nodded her head intently.

“Smart. I like it. Do you mind if I bring this up to Den?”

She was asking me for permission? I smiled and shook my head, “No, I don’t mind at all.”

“How have you been, Clover?” Andrea asked as she led me up the stairs.

“That is actually a loaded question, but as far as things with Sion, it is great.” There was so much that happened to me that was too much to get into.

“That is great, Clover. I’m happy you found your someone.” Andrea nodded her head to the side.

“You are all welcome to choose any room you like. I think you will find each of them accommodating.” This was, at one point, my home, so I was very familiar with the setup. She stopped and looked back at the three people who stood there unmoving.

“We will be staying with our Luna until the Alpha returns,” Kai said, moving a bit closer to me.

“Very well then. I’ll have Hazel bring up some refreshments while we wait?” Andrea looked at me and I nodded my head in appreciation.

“Yes, that would be great” I answered, suddenly feeling the hunger burns.

“Luna, pink or salmon for the tablecloths?”

“I’d have to see them…” Andrea looked up at me. “Its for the luna ceremony. You want to come help me pick things out” She laughed seeing my face. “I’ll have the refreshments brought up.”

I’m not going to lie this new weird comradery with Andrea felt strange. However, I had to remember we were both Luna’s now. In the future, we would need to get along and have a relationship.

Andrea was doing her part as the Alpha’s partner. I needed to make sure I did the same. I couldn’t let myself be outshined by Andrea after all.

I walked to the end of the hall opening up the door. The bedroom suites had couches set off to the side with several flat screen televisions in the room. The rooms were made to accommodate visiting alphas and their officers. So naturally they had private meeting areas set up.

“Not bad,” Odell said as she plopped on the couch.

“Meh, it’s average.” Kai shrugged his shoulders unimpressed as him and Demetri sat on another couch.

“Well, this beats the mine floors,” I smirked and they all laughed in agreement. A quiet knock on the door was heard a moment before it opened.

“I’ve brought your refreshments.”

This was Hazel, the omega that worked in the packhouse. I knew her very well. She was always very quiet. She had dark brown hair with big brown doe eyes.

“Thank you, Hazel, please bring them in.” I noticed how she instantly looked at the ground to avoid eye contact with me.

“Yes, mam.” She carried the tray over to the table, gently setting it down. She straightened up and stood there quietly. It looked like she wanted to say something.

“You can speak freely.” I said and she instantly tensed up.

“I was just thinking, that was all.”

“What about?”

“Just… how much | can’t wait to find my mate.”

Her brown eyes met with mine for a second before she looked away again. “I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever find the one meant for me. Wouldn’t it be a Cinderella story if he ended up being an officer or even an alpha?! It’s just… you seem happy. You found happiness after… everything.”

“I’m sure there is someone out there for you. I used to have the same thoughts.” I said trying to reassure her.

“It is what I dream about every night. Finding someone who will change my world. Someone who will change my life from what it is now.”

Okay, that part was weird. She might be an omega, but they were not treated bad in the Sulfur pack. Yes, they usually took on serving roles, but they were never beaten like some cruel packs do.

“There is nothing wrong with your life now. Finding a mate is to help complete your soul not to change your status.” Her brown eyes flashed at me in a way that I didn’t like. I could read that look. She didn’t want to hear those words from someone who became a luna.

“Are you going to eat?” Odell asked as she shoved a tiny sandwich in her mouth. The whole thing.. in one bite. I smiled at my friend and then watched as Stilts suddenly appeared standing in the middle of the table. So, he did disappear and reappeared randomly. He began to stuff his face and honestly watching him eat made me nauseous.

“How long has it been? Almost fifteen minutes?, “l asked. I planned on keeping my word about going out after Sion. However, I suddenly heard the steps of his rushed footsteps coming closer. A minute later, the door swung open.

Sion’s eyes met with mine instantly. The sound of a pitcher crashing on the floor brought my attention to Hazel. She was staring at Sion with her mouth slightly parted. And then what she said next made the whole world stop.

“Mate.” She whispered out looking at Sion. My Sion. I looked back at him. His eyes were now looking at Hazel. At first, I felt like everything inside of me was collapsing. Then the sound of Sheena’s growl brought back solid ground. She was back and with me. And ready to fight for what was ours.

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