Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 44

Hazel took a couple of steps towards Sion. She gripped her fingers into her shirt as her eyes traveled over him. “I have been waiting for this moment forever. I-“

“What is your name?” Sion asked and I felt my stomach turn. My ch3st was feeling tighter as I looked at the two people. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I didn’t know what to do, but I couldn’t be here. I couldn’t see her touch him… I couldn’t bear to see him touch her. The very idea of his hands on another woman had the wolf inside of me clawing to get out.

“Hazel. Hazel Rhyse.” The woman smiled up at him. I braced myself for the pain that was about to come.

“I, Sion Faust, Alpha of the Chance pack reject—“

“NOO0! STOP!” Hazel screamed, holding her hands over her ears. I finally was able to sigh with relief. Sion was going to reject her. I watched as her bottom l!p began to tremble as her eyes watered. A large wet crystal dropped down her cheek as she looked at Sion desperately.

“Please don’t do this. I’ll be whoever you want. I’ll do anything. Please don’t… l am your mate–“

“Your scent repulses me,” Sion said coldly.

His eyes were looking at her with contempt. My l!ps parted in shock. I was surprised. I never imagined Sion would have acted like this, but I was also glad. Not for her pain. but that I wasn’t going to lose him.

“How can the scent of your mate repulse you?!” She began to cry loudly, and I did feel a bit sorry for her.

“Because you are not my true mate. You are a hiccup.. a mate glitch. You aren’t mine… she is.” Sion said, looking at me. His warmth finally showing when his eyes met with mine. ” It’s only her. She is the only one in the world that will ever matter.”

“HER?!” The woman spat out. Okay, I was feeling less sorry for her now. “Well, I guess that makes sense. She is probably controlling you.. making you think you are mates. Someone like her-” The sound of the table moving abruptly cut her off. Everyone turned to look at Odell, who was now casually standing.

“What are you doing?” Demetri asked.

“Oh… I’m going to snap her neck.” Odell said casually as she turned to look at Hazel.

“Its okay Odell, stand down.” I nodded my head at her and turned to look back at the omega.

“You’ll see if you just get away from her-“

Hazel pleaded, taking a step closer to Sion. This time he snarled at her, stopping her in her tracks.

“Stay away from me.”

“YOU ARE MY MATE!” The woman screamed angrily as bitter tears streamed down her face.

I watched as Sion closed his eyes in annoyance and sighed. “This isn’t your fault. You have a real mate out there somewhere. This is why annoying deities need to leave well enough alone. Or so help me, I will destroy your spirit world!” Sion shouted, looking up at the ceiling with a threatening growl.

“No, you are being tricked!” Hazel sniffled, rubbing the snot flowing from her nose. “That woman can only bring chaos!”

“This might not be your fault. but you keep talking like that about my mate and you’ll be seeing the spirit realm soon.” The icy tone chilled the room. The darkness in his eyes was almost cruel. “I, Sion Faust, Alpha of the Chance pack, reject you, Hazel Rhyse, as my mate.” He didn’t even flinch. The girl writhed on the ground, her high-pitched sobs echoing off the walls.

“You let her deceive you!” She wailed as she brought her knees to her ch3st.

“What is going on?” Denny asked, stepping into the room.

“Just rectifying a mistake,” Sion said calmly.

He then looked at the girl on the ground with no remorse in his eyes. “Accept the rejection.”

“No-o-0-0-0.” Her voice trembled out. “There is still a chance… we can fix this. I can save you from her.”

“You’ll accept it, or I’ll force it to be over.” The deadly threat in Sion’s voice promised he was not joking.

“Hazel, accept the rejection.” Denny ordered.

His eyes met with mine for a moment as he spoke,

“This man already has a mate, and they are perfect for one another.”

“But… she is”

“She is what?!” Denny growled, his canines poking through in anger.

“She doesn’t belong in our pack! She never did. And now she has an alpha as her mate?! She is a pack’s LUNA!” Hazel spat out bitterly.

“l order you as your alpha to accept the rejection.” Denny pushed his alpha aura out, pushing her down, forcing her to obey. She struggled against him at first, but an omega had chance at fighting off an alpha order.

“I-I-I-I-I,” Her voice quivered, “Hazel Rhyse of the Sulfur pack, accept your rejection.” She began to whimper as she stood back on her feet.

“Clover was our delta, and she is a welcome guest in the Sulfur pack.”

“She stole my mate!” Hazel snapped angrily as the streams poured from her nose and eyes.

“You are part of the problem. I won’t allow this any longer. I, Dennis Hart, Alpha of the Sulfur pack, banish you, Hazel Rhyse. Collect your things and leave!”

I watched as the girl’s l!ps parted in shock. She then turned and looked at me with shock hate and resentment before she sprinted out of the room. I couldn’t feel bad for her. I would have had she not reacted the way she did. But someone like her didn’t deserve to even share the same room as my Sion, let alone be his mate.

I looked from the door where Hazel had departed to find Sion’s eyes already resting on me.

I took a small step towards him and then ran into his arms. I wrapped my arms around him and felt the small trembles ripple from my body.

I was so terrified I was going to lose him, but he didn’t even hesitate… he chose me. What if some of what Hazel said was true? I know I was Sion’s mate, but what if it was because I was a sheya that I was now stopping him from accepting a new mate bond? I didn’t have complete control of my powers. I even attached myself to Sion’s soul, so it could be a possibility.

I felt his arms come around me. His hand held my head to his ch3st and I felt the rise and fall of his breath underneath me. I gripped my fingers into him needing to feel as close to him as possible. I thought for the second time in mere days I was going to lose him again. My emotions were all over the place and l felt like I was just barely holding it together right now.

“Leave us.” His voice radiated with power and authority. He wasn’t asking. He was demanding for everyone to leave. I kept my head buried in his ch3st but could hear the sound of footsteps as they exited the room. A moment later, Sion stepped back, pulling me with him. I heard the sound of the door shutting and the familiar click of the lock. His arms engulfed me tightly as he breathed in my scent.

“Clover.” He buried his nose in my hair and I felt his l!ps gently press against my head. “It’s okay, my love. It’s okay.” He whispered as he stroked my hair.

“I thought… I thought I was going to lose you again.” He continued to stroke my hair and make quiet shushing sounds trying to comfort me. “I didn’t know what I was going to do… if l lost you again I—“

“Never, Clover. Never.” His l!ps brushed over my forehead, and he rested his cheek on my head.

“My poor love… I’m gutted at how you must have felt. I was rushing back to you Clover. I knew you would be worrying about me being gone. I had picked up the scent earlier when we were walking. I wasn’t quite sure what it was since I wasn’t drawn to it. But it was you that my eyes landed on first when I opened the door. Not her… I only even looked her way because of the sound of glass breaking.”

“Was she really your mate?” I whispered, not even sure why I asked.

“She was, but she wasn’t. It wasn’t a strong bond connection, it was a makeshift one done in haste. Reapus seems to think that all I needed was the mate pull and I would claim another.”

“Why doesn’t he want you with me?”

“It’s not that. He wants me to take many mates. He wants me to create more of my species. I told him l will only ever be with you. I will only ever have children with you. And I had some words for him if he pulled another stunt like this again…”

“Oh… that’s why you looked so mad. You were mentally communicating with Reapus.” I thought his deathly aura seemed intense. Really though, the audacity of Reapus! Sion wasn’t his stud horse to throw around to create a new power species.

Did he even have any idea of how a real relationship even worked?

“I was so angry over the whole idea. It was absurd. And I made it clear I didn’t want her.. and then for her to speak about MY mate that way…”

“Sion..” I whispered and looked up at him. What if she was right though? What if you didn’t want her as a mate because l was doing something to you? What if I was claiming you or blocking the pull from you?”

He stared at me and blinked his eyes. He looked at me as if I mentioned I would grow wings and fly. Then slowly his l!ps twitched upwards. He leaned in close, letting his hot breath sizzle my l!ps.

“Claim me more, Clover. Mark every inch of me. Stake your claim on me and consume me with your light because it is the only one I want. Declare me to be your mate in every way.” He grabbed my hand and placed it on his ch3st. “It beats only for you… only you can make me feel like this. You are my true mate. I want to be consumed by you.” My fingertips could feel his thudding heart beating against his ch3st as I gazed into his eyes. “If I ever didn’t choose you… then that isn’t me. If l ever disowned you… you are to kill that person because he would be lost.”


“Clover…”l felt his hand trembling over mine. I could see he was struggling about something, but I didn’t know what it was. “There is a chance you could have another mate out there He could be better for you. He wouldn’t have this darkness inside of him”

“Sion, there is no”

“But even if I knew he was better for you.. even if I knew he was a better man…l can’t let you go because it isn’t better for me.” I watched as his shoulders rose and fell as his eyes stayed fixated on me. “I won’t give anyone the opportunity to claim you because I am going to claim you again… now. And if we get swallowed up in the darkness… at least we will be together…” I could see he was waiting for my reaction. Even though he said all of that he was still waiting for me to say it was okay.

He was looking at me with eyes that reflected my own vulnerability. He was afraid of losing me… just like | was afraid of losing him. I felt the same way as Sion. I didn’t care where we would end up, as long as we were together. To be honest with myself, I don’t think I could exist without Sion.

Maybe that was why I connected myself to his soul… I knew I needed to be completely bound to him.

I had Sheena with me again and I could feel her hunger for her mate. My sheya mark on him never disappeared, but I wasn’t able to mark him with my wolf before. This time… I could. I was ready for him to bear my mark on his neck. I was ready to feel his fangs sink into my skin again.

I reached my hand up to his face, he k!ssed the palm of my hand as his cheek rested on my fingers.

“Claim me, Sion. Make it that I can belong to no one else but you.” He growled as his eyes flickered in different shades of color. Golden flecks shined brightly in his hazel eyes with the color of his lupine. “And I will bind you to me in every way that I can.”

“Good.” His voice was low and husky. “Let’s get started then.” He grabbed the back of my neck and slammed his mouth into mine, growling possessively, “Mine!”

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