Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 52

I watched as Seekers began to step into view. I bared my teeth at them while laying my ears flat against my head. I tried to command them, but I felt rushed as they began to close in.

This was why I needed to practice this skill. I needed to be comfortable no matter the pressure l was under.

Jamie’s gray wolf took a forward stance slightly in front of Gia and me. We were being closed in on an arch formation.

Seekers and voidless all seemed to be focused on me. They all stopped as the anticipation of the attack began to build. I felt my heart pounding. My eyes darted over all of them waiting for the next move. The wind swirled around us, tossing leaves in the air to dance. Then they attacked.

They charged forward and Jamie collided with them first.

The voidless were over him as the Seekers charged towards Gia and me. Teeth gnashed and fur flew. Loud growls filled the air.

I could smell the blood in the air as Seekers made contact with me. When I felt a claw swipe over my back the loud yelp escaped naturally. The pain didn’t hinder me though… it fueled me. I felt my anger rise as I dove into the wolves. I made contact and sank my fangs into a shoulder. The blood poured out of him, reaching up and burning my nose.

When one would back off, another would fill its gap. Gia was fighting against two Seekers. I could hear her growls and whimpers. l understood how much pain it was to fight with our current wounds. Yet, just like me, she pressed on relentlessly.

The thundering sound of more wolves joined in the fight, and I was covered. I could feel a darkness bursting inside of me, begging to be released. Blue sparks erupted over the wolves and the voidless. The Seekers yelped and writhed on the ground for a few moments before recovering.

I glanced over at Jamie, who seemed to be channeling the lightning. Okay, so he wasn’t a normal wolf. He was casting lightning.. and in wolf form: No wonder he was the future gamma of the Diamond pack The cascading sparks soon subsided, and Jamie moved closer to Gia and me. His wolf looked back at us as if he was pleading for us to run.

I straightened up, the blood dripped from the dozen wounds I have received but I wasn’t done. Gia regrouped herself as well.

I had more in me. I could feel it. I know I had more to offer but I couldn’t figure out how to tap into it. I glanced up where I had last seen Stilts, only he wasn’t there. I doubt he just left us.

Maybe he went for help?

I looked ahead, my eyes wandering over our enemy. We were more than outnumbered. This looked like a suicide stand.

The voidless were vicious monsters with claws and fangs. They were like a deadlier and faster zombie. The voidless alone would have been a hard enough fight, but there were also seekers.

I had to try again. I had to see if I could hold them off. I just needed some time.

Jamie. I noticed his shocked eyes as he whipped his head to look at me. I am sure having my mental link push into his mind was something he wasn’t expecting. Still, he didn’t overly react. Can you use that lightning stuff again?

I can but the spell isn’t as powerful hitting all targets.

That’s okay. I just need to delay them.

You have a plan?

Maybe.. l don’t know. I’m still getting used to my powers.

If you have something, then try it. We need help here.

I nodded my head. This wasn’t the time to hold back. I would give it everything I could. I could see the blue light glowing from around Jamie and I focused on the power inside of me. It was as if the still waters inside of me were slowly creating waves. It crashed against me but then retreated. I felt rushed. I needed something now. The moment I felt the energy ripple through me l latched onto it.

The lightning that sparked through the wolves and voidless started to fade. This was it. Channeling everything into the energy I mentally ordered them, FREEZE!

For a moment, it worked. None of them moved at first. But then I felt the burning in my back. It was like battery acid was being poured over my spine and it momentarily hindered my concentration. Sheena heaved and then coughed. Blood splattered from Sheena’s mouth and onto the ground. Slowly the enemy began to animate again.

“Let it go, Clover. Help is on the way.” I heard Stilts’ voice as my paws trembled. No… I wasn’t letting go. I didn’t want to be saved. I wanted to save myself. I wasn’t a damsel in distress.

“You aren’t ready! You have a dangerous wound. Don’t be stupid!” Stilts appeared in front of me waving his cane in front of me. The next second, he struck me with it between my eyes. It sent tingles through my body and the enemy was on the move.

A ferocious ear-piercing roar was heard. Then a white blur crashed into the mob. I had to blink several times to adjust to the sight. This was the first time I had ever seen a cat shifter.

They tended to keep to themselves like were bears did. An enormous white tiger was slashing through the enemy. It was almost mesmerizing watching the tiger fight. The lethal agility of a tiger was captivating. I didn’t know who this person was but was thankful for the help. A moment later, Jamie and Gia joined in the fight.

I wasn’t about to be outdone. Even with the tiger, we were outnumbered. I jumped at a wolf about to attack Gia. Standing on my back paws we battled against each other, snarling and swiping our paws.

A black streak dove into the Seeker I was fighting against.

Odell gutted him instantly and then lifted her head to look at me.

There wasn’t time for a greeting. The voidless charged into us as a familiar guttural roar r!pped into the air. I would recognize Sion no matter what form he was in. I knew him by sight, scent and his sounds. He hadn’t arrived yet, but he was coming. This was his battle roar letting us know he was on his way.

Clover! I could hear Sion’s desperate voice in my head.

Sion, I- Sharp teeth sank into my back and then was kicked off by hooves.

“Clover!” Demetri raised his sword in front of me protectively.

Joey was next to me, fighting a voidless. The loud snarls filled the air as bodies began to pile on the ground. A voidless and a wolf were fighting against Gia. Jamie was surrounded and couldn’t get to her.

 I reacted, jumping at the voidless. My teeth sank into the creature’s neck. I didn’t stop applying pressure until I heard the snap, and the body went lifeless. I didn’t have a moment to catch my breath and there was another. And another. And another. All the while my blood was dripping onto the ground.

Voidless hands were all over me as I struggled to break free.

I was being lifted and moved away. The long talon fingers sank into me, the arms squeezing me, as they began to carry me off.

As if I would just melt in their arms and allow them to do this. I fought and snapped at the voidless. As I resisted, I felt my body being sliced and cut from their dagger fingertips, but I didn’t care. I was in so much pain that I felt numb to it. I would rather be dead than captive. I managed to kick my back end free but was still hanging there, twisting to get loose.

 I could hear Odell’s roar, Demetri’s yell, and then I was knocked loose. My feet landed on the ground and a red wolf stood in front of me protectively. A smokey blur destroyed the voidless almost instantly and then turned his raging fury on the seekers. I watched as Sion mercilessly shredded the wolves and the voidless. His golden eyes flickered at me for a moment before ruthlessly eviscerating a voidless.

Logan and Conner were attacking the voidless around Gia.

If her pain was like mine, she was barely managing. Sheena was healing the wounds from the voidless but the nauseating pain on my back was still there. I slowly moved over towards Gia; Kai was attached to my side.

Now that the others were here, the fight wasn’t ours anymore. Sion and the white tiger were eradicating the enemy.

This battle was over. Jamie came back towards us, looking over at Gia. I decided it would be best to shift seeing the deadly glares from Kai, Logan, and Conner.

It felt like my skín was being pulled off my back as I shifted into a human. A whimper escaped my throat as I rested on my knees.

“Dear gods… ” I heard and glanced back to see Kai had shifted as well as Logan and Conner. Their eyes were glued to my back, “Clover…”

Yeah, that was a fun time.” I smiled through my pain and looked over at Gia. “Brace yourself.. it’s going to hurt like hell.”

Jamie quickly shifted and looked at Gia with concerned eyes. “I’m right here, Gia.”

A cry came from Gia’s l!ps as she shifted back. She was panting and clenched her teeth together as she bore the pain.

She handled it like a champ though. This woman only continued to impress me more and more.

Jamie gently eased her into his side for support. His face was taunt, and his l!ps were pursed. “Gia…”

“Don’t say some stupid S**t like it should have been me, or I  swear I will deck you.” Gia growled out.

“Your girlfriend is sweet.” Conner chuckled and Gia snorted.

“Is that your way of asking if I am available?” She c0cked her head to look at him.

“We are cousins.” Jamie said shaking his head. “It is my job to-“

“Jamie don’t say it! It isn’t your job to protect me. Don’t piss me off.” Gia growled and Jamie chuckled lightly.

“As an officer, it IS my job.” Jamie corrected her.

“Well, she is simply precious.” Conner grinned, making his way to my side. He went to pull his shirt off and I shook my head.

“Don’t. I can’t bear anything covering my back right now. I don’t care how indecent l look.”

“Right! If men can walk around with no shirts on, we should be able to too.” Gia snorted out as Jamie shook his head. “They are just b00bs.”

“I  wouldn’t mind that.” Conner shrugged. “You won’t see me protesting that.”

“Prime example of why you can’t,” Logan snickered out.

There are too many out there that will get a cheap thrill from it. not to mention possessive mates that will be ready to kill.”

“Stand aside.” I heard Sion’s voice as his knees landed on the ground beside me. I smiled as I looked at him.


“What happened?” I felt his trembling fingers on my shoulder as his eyes scanned over my back. “Who did this to you?” His eyes glowed golden as his fangs began to protrude.

“It was a salad or, a demon creature that was after Clover.

She will mend. It will just take time.” Stilts said from up in the tree.

“Stilts, thanks for getting us,” Odell said as she stood staring at Jamie and Gia. “Who are they?”

“The Diamond pack wolves that were watching the Sulfur pack.” Sion said, not even sparing them a glance. “They have the exact same scent”

“You have been spying on my pack?!” Joey growled, coming over to their side.

“Easy Joey. They are friends of mine. They helped me.” I said, and watched as he nodded his head.

“If they helped my queen, then they are friends of mine too.”

Sion said, brushing my hair from my eyes. “Does it hurt?”

“I’m okay”

“How bad is it?” Sion asked, his eyes flickering between colors.

“Imagine having your skin peeled off your back and then dumping acid over the wound.. It is worse than that.” Gia grunted out as she tried to straighten up.

A loud growl made all of us turn our heads. Demetri was facing off against the white tiger. The tiger was in an aggressive stance, hissing and baring its teeth. Demetri held one of his hands up as the tiger swatted at him, making him dance backwards.

“Is the tiger a friend or foe?” Kai asked as the tiger began to pace side to side while glaring at Demetri.

“Well-” stilts began as the tiger let out another loud roar.

The white tiger pounced forward, snarling as it landed on Demetri, taking him to the ground.

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