Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 54

I stared in front of me, but I didn’t see anything. I glanced up at Sion, seeing his brows pinched together.

“Cloaked? How? Why?” I heard Gia ask from behind me.

“We don’t have a lot of trust for others,” Nadine said with a small shrug. “And like l said… the Nova pack isn’t your normal pack.’ She nodded her head at Sion in the direction in front of her. “Well?”

I wish I weren’t in so much pain. I wanted to relish this moment of meeting others who were originally from the Chaos pack. We walked forward, and the world began to change. I was looking at nothing but dense woods one second and the next a modern looking community. There were stores, maintained roads, and houses in the distance.

I heard a bellow in the distance and could see various shape shifters fighting against a monstrous looking creature.

If l recall, they were called a Wyrm, it was a dragon without wings and legs. I felt Sion pause and glare in that direction.

“Oh, that… it is just a sparring session… he is harmless.

It is a big scaly pet.” Nadine said, motioning for us to follow her. Demetri moved back so that he was now walking beside Sion and me. Sion’s eyes moved to him and then back forward as someone hastily approached.

“I’m here. Let me see the wound” An older woman said as she hiked her sleeves up over her arms. She was short and stout, looking very no-nonsense.

“This is one of our healers, Suzetta. She is a witch who has dryad in her lineage. She is the most experienced healer here and I trust her completely.” Nadine added as the woman approached me.

“Oh yes, you are definitely going to need patching up.”

Suzetta’s eyes moved over to Conner and Gia as she clicked her tongue. “You two are lucky to be alive. Okay bring 5 them.”

Sion stayed with me the whole time during the healing process. He growled and protested greatly when they asked him to set me down. He was like a child that had his candy taken from him. He insisted they could tend to me while in his arms. Finally, he relented, but he wasn’t leaving my side.

He held my hand and watched me with a predatory intensity.

I was surprised that the healing process was quite painless. I didn’t feel anything. Suzetta and another healer sprinkled something over my back. They said some sort of spell and then repeated the process. It was only an hour later when they finally told me the healing was complete. They brought me new clothes and left me to change.

Sion was still treating me like my back was gashed open. He insisted on dressing me and his eyes flickered to mine with every movement.

“Are you sure you are alright?” Sion asked as he helped me to my feet.

“Sion, it is like nothing happened. I feel fine.” I interlaced my fingers with his as we stepped out of the room.

We were in a small medical facility. They put me in one room and Gia was taken to another room.

“Your friend is still being healed, but you are free to go.

Your companions are waiting for you just outside.” A young woman said from behind a desk. “It is great to finally meet you, Luna.” The woman said and I gave her a small smile. I didn’t know any of them. It was hard to feel like their leader.

As we approached the door, I could hear loud voices. Sion’s arm came around me protectively as we slowly opened it.

“1 don’t like it. What are we supposed to do now? The idea was that she would lead us here.”

“She is part of another pack.”

“She is our Luna!”

“She is their Luna!”

Okay, it seemed like some were not okay with the situation. As the door opened completely, I could see a crowd of people had gathered. Our group stood protectively in front of the door blocking the steps from anyone who wished to approach. The crowd drew quiet, and all their eyes were now on me.

A man with amber colored eyes stepped forward. He came as close as Dermetri would allow him before he stopped, he looked up at me with a kind smile on his face. He looked to be the same age as me. His hair was the color of the sun, with skin that was so white it almost glowed.

“My name is Doug; l am the acting leader of the Nova pack. It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Luna Clover.”

I heard some quiet murmuring in the pack. Their whispers were meant for me to hear. One of them said that l was intended to be Doug’s mate. I know Sion heard this too, because his fingers tightened around me as a low growl came from his throat.

“Please, just call me Clover:” l glanced around in front of me. I looked at Logan, Conner, Kai, Odell and realized Joey was missing. I started to scan through the crowd, but he wasn’t there.

Where is Joey? I asked Demetri. His eyes moved to mine as a small smile reached his l!ps.

Joey has found his mate. The two of them went to talk …I didn’t need him to say anymore. For most, when you find your mate, they immediately claim them. Usually, the claiming is very int!mate. I felt a sense of relief in my ch3st. I am so glad that Joey found his fated mate.

“Now, what is going to happen?”

I heard someone ask from the crowd bringing my attention back.

“Relax and have some respect.” Doug snapped his head in the direction of the voice and the crowd grew quiet. It was obvious the pack respected him.

The pack is conflicted since they don’t want to absorb into another pack. They thought you would be moving here.

Demetri’s voice rang into my mind.

1 think each member can be free to choose. Obviously, my place is with Sion. I think if Doug is doing a good job here, there is no reason the Nova pack can’t be handed over to him.

I don’t know Clover:. The pack wants their Alpha’s daughter to be their leader.

I think the best we can do is make the offer. If anyone wishes to join the Chance pack, they can. Otherwise, they will stay under Doug as their new leader. How is he, by the way?

Is he Alpha material? I glanced at Demetri, who nodded his head.

Doug is a good leader. He is calm and levelheaded. He is strong to0.

That was all I needed to hear. I looked over the pack and then at Doug. “We can have a discussion later about the Nova pack. Right now, I need to get to work on learning to control my powers.”

“Right, that is long overdue!” Stilts said, sitting on the porch railing next to me. This time it didn’t shock me. It seemed like this was his thing.

“You can work with” Doug began to say but Stilts cut him off.

“Me,” Stilts said. “l am here to help her and no offense, but I am guided by a goddess, so anyone else can stuff it.” He stood up on the railing and looked over at Demetri. “Bring the beasts to the training ground. We will start with them.”

“Are you sure you should be getting right into this?”

Sion frowned as his fingers traced over my side.

“I’m fine. You don’t need to worry. We have bigger issues that need our attention.” l glanced behind me. “Odell, can you wait here for Gia?”

“Il wait for her.’ Conner volunteered and I smiled. It was obvious he had an interest in her. I glanced up at Sion, who nodded his head giving Conner permission.

“Everyone steer clear of the training grounds. We all know that a sheyas’ power can be touchy while they are learning control.” Doug spoke clearly as he eyed the pack.

Don’t worry about the other stuff. Clover and I will discuss the Nova pack later.”

“Alright, follow me,” Demetri said as the crowd parted for us. Sion’s tight grip never left me as we moved through everyone. He didn’t loosen his grip on my side until we were walking up a steep hill. The grass was just below my knees as we marched upwards. At the top of the hill was a clear level field.

“Perfect, now get the beasts.” Stilts said, popping up in the middle of the field. At times his eyes flickered blue. I was certain this meant Shiva was watching during these moments.

“Well, it’s time, my boy.”

I snapped my head up to the familiar voice.

Standing only a couple of feet away was Reapus. He had the same round billed hat on that covered his eyes. He had a long weed stem hanging out of his mouth that moved side to side.

“Go away.”‘ Sion growled.

“Your mate is busy now and is in a safe area. This is the perfect time for you to work on your own skills. In short, you have work to do. Also… you don’t have a choice” Reapus grinned, letting the weed drop from his mouth. I looked up to see Sion’s eyes flickering angrily.

Honestly, I hated this. I felt like I needed to be with Sion. I am sure he felt the same way about me. We were always being separated and that wasn’t how it was supposed to be for mates. Unfortunately, we weren’t like most normal mates. We both had new powers that we needed to learn about. And for some reason, we have attracted the attention of the gods.

“You plan to take him to the spirit realm?” I asked and watched as Reapus nodded his head. “How long are you going to keep him there? What if he has trouble coming back on his own?” I glared at him as he titled his hat up to reveal his eyes.

“How long are you going to stay here at the Nova pack?”

He asked with a glint in his eyes. “Until you master your powers, right? Well now… it seems like you have your answers with me then.”

“But you told Shiva”I heard Stilts say from the field as Reapus snapped his gaze in his direction.

“Shiva’s not here though… is she?” Reapus smirked with a shrug. Yet, there was a strange look in his eyes. Almost as if he wanted to provoke her.

“I need to be with Clover” Sion said as he looked down at me. He wasn’t saying it like he needed me, though. it was more like in the tone that I needed him. Was he worried about me being here in the Nova pack? I wonder if he was concerned hearing that I was intended to be Doug’s mate.

“Well then, don’t take a long time figuring out how to use your powers.” Reapus stared at him unwavering. “You need this, Sion. You need to learn to walk in the in-between realm. You’ll be cloaked from sight. This will be invaluable in recovering your pack.”

My l!ps parted slightly as I stared at Reapus. He was doing this for Sion. He basically spelled it out right there. He was going to train Sion so he could walk around undetected between the two realms.

“You could lose her without this. If-if a certain demon gets a hold of her..” Reapus shook his head. “I can’t claim her until she dies, and she can be kept where not even you can get to her:”

“What demon?” Sion growled.

The demon of demons. The Demon King Marcus.”

Reapus stopped and pursed his l!ps together. “Knowledge is power, but it is also dangerous. Just know that greater things are at work here. Powers that you can’t even imagine.” He sighed loudly and shook his head. “We have work to do. Do you understand? This needs to happen now while there is still time. While you still have someone you can protect.

Okay I didn’t like that last part and neither did Sion. His fingers pulled me tight against his side as he narrowed his eyes at Reapus. “What do they want with her?”

“To drain her. They want her essence, but they can keep her alive and continue to drain her over and over again. It is a cruel fate. But he won’t risk exposing himself… so as long as they don’t get a hold of her, he won’t come for her. She is just an insurance policy anyways. There are greater beings he is after.” Reapus trailed off quietly.

“Clover..” Sion’s voice was a pained whisper. I looked up at him and could see the hesitation in his eyes. I was dying inside, knowing I would have to be parted from him. Even an hour was too long, and I didn’t know when I would see him again. I had to put on a brave face… for him.

“Sion..”I reached my hand up to rest on his cheek. I gave him a faint smile as I took in a deep calming breath. I watched as his iris’ flashed in color as he battled with his emotions. I understood it… since felt the same way too.

Luckily, I was able to hide it better. This had nothing to do with being strong or brave. This was survival instincts. You were not supposed to be away from your mate all the time. It wasn’t natural. I needed Sion and he needed me. How would he be without me there? Who would help him control his emotions?

“Why do l have to keep getting ripped apart from my heart” Sion whispered into my hand as he k!ssed it lightly.

“You can do this, Sion. Master your power quickly and come back to me.” I felt a pressure in my ch3st that l smiled through. “We both have tasks that we need to complete. I’ll learn how to control my powers and you will learn yours.

Then, together, we will reclaim your pack.”

“Then no more being apart,” Sion said, and I nodded my head.

“You’ll be around me so much you will suffocate, I promise.”

He smiled and shook his head. “Impossible. You can’t suffocate on oxygen.” He leaned his head down to mine.

“| love you, Sion.”

“Only and always you, my love” Sion said as his l!ps melted against mine.

“Don’t worry, we will keep her safe” Kai said as I breathed in Sion’s breath. Keep me safe? Sion was the one who would be all alone. Who would keep him safe? | know he was strong, but he still needed someone. No one wanted to be alonė. And I can’t exactly say having Reapus around is company.

“Looks like your first lesson has arrived, Reapus said as a loud bellowing sound echoed from the field. “Time for yours, Anubis.”

One moment, Sion was there. His head was leaning against mine and I was breathing in his sweet breath. Then the next… he was gone. Again. I took in a sharp breath, wanting nothing more than to follow after him. I know this was necessary… but why was there this heavy pain in my ch3st? Why did I feel like something terrible was going to happen? Habit?

I couldn’t do this to myself. I needed to push on and do what I came here to do.

“Clover..” Kai said from behind me. “I just want you to know that I am here.” I nodded my head staring at the empty space in front of me. Sion… was alone.

The loud bellow echoed out again making me turn my head. My eyes fell on a large bull-like beast. Dark brown shaggy fur with large protruding muscles. It had two large horns from its monstrous bullhead. Loóks like my first lesson will be on a minotaur.

Okay, I needed to focus. Sion was learning to control his powers and now I would learn to control mine.

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