Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 57

Doug lunged at me; his snow-white fangs were exposed as his wolf moved closer. He came at me at lightning speed, but it was as if it was in slow motion for me. I stood there waiting for him with confidence. Black smokey wisps escaped from me as Sheena’s four legs held our weight evenly. On the outside, it would look like I was wide open to the attack, but this was their mistake.

A second before he should have made contact, I acted. I charged into him; Sheena’s paws slashed into him, sending black electricity at him. His body slammed onto the earth, skipping across it before coming to a stop.

I barely touched him.. I was certain of that. I didn’t want to hurt him, yet his wolf wasn’t moving. I took a hesitant step forward. My ears were back, and my tail was lowered. Oh god… I didn’t mean to. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as it looked…

That was only wishful thinking. My nose caught the scent of blood only a moment before l saw it trickle from his body.

I did this?

I wasn’t trying… it was an accident.

I hurt him.

I quickly shifted back and ran to his side. Everyone was holding still just staring. They were in shock too.

As I tried to a*ssess the damage, my knees came down near his head. Nothing. There were no wounds on the outside of him, yet the blood trickled from his mouth.

This meant his injuries were internal.

“Doug…” I felt like my lungs were robbed of oxygen as I tried to call out for him. Was he breathing? Gods.. It didn’t look like it. “DOUG!” I yelled and bodies began to swarm in. Some pack members, some my officers. I felt Kai’s hand on my back as the sounds of whispers began to litter the air.

“I didn’t mean to…” I whispered as Kai shushed me gently.

“It was a challenge. These things happen.” Kai said as I stared at Doug.

These things? What does that mean? Injuries? Yes, injuries happen, but death shouldn’t. I don’t even know what I did to him, but I was starting to understand Sion’s fear of this darkness. It was strong,. More powerful than I had anticipated. If this was me taking it easy…

“He is going to be okay, right?” I managed to say in a fragile voice. I was shaken. This was not my intention.

“Did you see that?”

“What is she?”

“Can you imagine having a leader that powerful?”

“It wasn’t even close.”

“Did she kill him?”

“He isn’t breathing.”

The whispers began to all blur together as I stared at the still wolf.

“Get him to the healers, quick!” I heard Nadine growl.

I watched as his body was lifted, and they raced away with him. I stayed there on my knees, trying to make sense of the situation. I felt like a murderer. Is there any chance of survival?

My mind was racing as I replayed the moment over and over in my mind. I know I hardly put anything into it.

What did that mean, then? How strong was I?

“Clover?! Clover?!”

I heard a familiar voice, but I just kept staring in front of me.

“Clover.. what happened?”

I saw the knees of someone kneeling in front of me. Then I felt hands on my cheeks, lifting my gaze up, allowing my eyes to focus on the face in front of me. It

Before, I was so curious about his mate… now it all seemed to fall short. Not far behind him, there was someone, but I couldn’t look at them. I tried to swallow the cotton in my mouth. It was a struggle to even breathe.

Their voices blurred together as they blinked blankly in front of me. I wanted to shut down and pretend it never happened. I wanted to ignore that I had just killed someone by accident. However, Doug had told me that there could be a spy here, and there was a chance the enemy was coming. I needed to get my head right…

Slowly, I willed myself to move. I lifted myself up, finding my legs and the strength to lead. I had just removed the Nova packs leader. This was who would have led the pack. Who was next in charge? I know the position is basically mine, but they need a voice they trust.

I looked over at those who were still around and then beyond them. I could faintly hear children laughing and playing. I looked at the houses with families and loved ones.

This is what it was to be a leader. It meant you pushed aside your pain and focused on the safety of others. I couldn’t think about what had just happened.

What if an army was almost upon us now? We needed to be ready.

“Who was Doug’s Beta?” I asked, glancing over the people.

“That was me.” I turned my head to look at Nadine.

“How are the Nova pack’s defenses?” I asked, and I watched her raise a brow at me.

“We don’t really have defenses since we are cloaked.

“So, anyone can walk through it?” I asked and watched her nod slowly.

“It isn’t a barrier. It just gives the illusion that nothing is here.”

Damn. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

“We have scouts, though. If anyone sees anything that could be concerning, they will send out an alert. I guess that was something. No one has warned us at this point. Well.. considering they were still alive.

“Alright, listen up,” I said, filling my lungs up with oxygen. “We need to assemble all of the warriors. We need those who can’t fight to be in the most center of buildings. I don’t know if there is anything to be concerned about, but we are going to prepare for war.” I heard the gasps, and I scanned over everyone. I was hoping that maybe the spy was among them. Maybe if they knew we knew, then it would get called off. If it was even coming? I would rather be prepared and look overly cautious than not prepare and be massacred.

“Luna, what is coming?” Nadine asked as her brows pinched together.

“I don’t know, but Doug was concerned a fight was heading our way.”

“You heard your Luna! You have seconds to clear out and get organized. Move!” Nadine growled and immediately, everyone dispersed. Except for my group and Nadine. She stepped closer and her eyes were fixated on me.

“What did Doug tell you?” She asked and I explained everything. She nodded her head, showing that she was already aware of the spy situation. She told me that there was still no evidence to validate his concerns. Only theories.

“He pleaded for me to run. He didn’t want to fight.. I didn’t mean to.” I trailed off quietly.

“Of course, you didn’t mean to. You have had so much happen to you and you were just freshly marked.

You have no idea what your powers are like.” Demetri said, trying to reassure me. Thanks… but that wasn’t going to make me feel better.

“What were those black sparks that flew from you?” Nadine asked and l pursed my l!ps together. I didn’t exactly know myself. It wasn’t just my power as Input. It was like everything was now combined together. I didn’t understand it to know what it was or what it did.

“I think that’s enough questions,” Joey said, making me turn to look at him. His green eyes were looking at me, full of concern. I stared at him for a second before my gaze shifted to the person behind him. A woman with raven-colored hair, sun-k!ssed skin, and violet eyes was quietly standing there observing the interaction. On her neck was a fresh red mark that was still shiny from the healing skin. Joey followed my gaze and smiled, motioning for the woman to come closer.

“Clover, I’d like to introduce you to Stacey… my mate.

I watched as Stacey lowered her head to me respectfully. “Luna.” Her voice was light and sweet. She looked back at me with a shy smile.

“Stacey is one of our hybrids. She is a wolf and a fairy. I’m sure you’ve noticed the Nova pack is a bit of everything.” Nadine said in a hurried voice. “Anyways, we need to send out another set of scouts. We need them to go farther to give us more warning time. I don’t mean to throw you in the deep end to see if you will swim, but we don’t have time for anything else.”

I guess a proper conversation with Stacey will have to come later. “Nadine, you know the pack. I trust you to appoint the correct people for the tasks.” I paused for a moment, pursing my l!ps together. “As an officer, can you?”

“It is only an officer by name. We were never the true leaders of this pack. I was just his next in charge, but he wasn’t the Alpha, nor l his Beta. Not in that sense. It was just fake titles to make it easier. So no.. I can’t feel if…” Nadine trailed off and I glanced towards the medical building. I needed to focus, but looking at the building did remind me that Conner was still there, and so was Gia. We needed to make them aware of what was going on.

“Logan, go inform Conner and Gia of what is going on.” He nodded his head and sprinted to the building. I then turned to look at Demetri and Nadine. “I think it will be best to have every rest normally until we have concrete evidence there is a problem. Doug was guessing, but his hunch couldn’t be overlooked. There are too many lives that are at risk.”

“The spy is gone. Probably going to call off the attack now. “Stilts said, suddenly appearing between all of us. His clothes were shredded, and I could smell the fresh irony blood scent coming from him.

“What do you mean? What happened to you?” I asked and watched as he glanced in the distance.

“Your spy is gone. She knows her cover is blown, so she won’t be back.”

“She? Did she do this to you?” l already knew Stilts was powerful, so to see these wounds on him. This wasn’t done by an omega.

“Who?!” Nadine growled.

Stilts laughed and looked at the tiger. “Darcia.”

“That omega couldn’t-” Nadine began to say, but stilts began to laugh loudly.

“She realy had you fooled. It was only her wolf that was weak. Do you know what she is?”

I watched as Nadine nodded her head. “Yes, she is a part witch.”

“HA” Stilts sneered. “That wasn’t no witch. You let evil in through the front door. You embraced it and kept it near. When the whole time, it had one purpose. Clover.”

He looked at me and then back to Nadine. “That was a demoness… a high-ranking demoness.”

“You should have told us-” Demetri started, but Stilts chuckled, shaking his head.

“She would have killed you all. The little lady isn’t ready for her yet.. but she will be. That is what we will work on now.”

“How do you know she won’t come back with an army?” I asked, and Stilts paused thoughtfully.

“l guess we don’t.” He smirked at me and waved his cane to the open field. “We had better get to work.” I pressed my l!ps together and couldn’t stop the feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“You have to get control over them so you know what they can do. It is the best way to prevent further accidents.” Stilts said, practically reading my mind.

“I understand that, but…” I sighed and looked back at where they had taken Doug. If the moment wasn’t quite as urgent, I needed to see him first. I wish Sion was here. He would be able to see his soul and could explain to him that it was an accident. Maybe Doug’s soul could see me? If so, it was even more important for me to go and apologize to his body. I didn’t want him to become a vengeful spirit. As Sion’s mate, I should also be able to see souls, but I think this will only happen after I die. Until then, I need Sion near me to see them.

Yes, I needed to see Doug first. It was the only way I could at least push this back for now so that | could concentrate on fighting. Though, I wouldn’t be able to simply forget. I had a feeling this was going to be another Scar I carried on my heart.

“I have to show my respects to Doug first and tell him how sorry I am. In case his soul is around.. I want him to know I didn’t mean…” I stopped not being able to finish the sentence.

“Then let’s go to him,” Demetri said in a soft, gentle tone. I turned my head to see his sad, gentle eyes looking at me.

“Doug would never hold a grudge against you for this. He couldn’t wait for the day when you would come here…” Nadine stopped talking abruptly and her face paled, her l!ps parted as her eyes glazed over. Impossible.”

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