Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 59


The sandworms were like a hive. They kept coming out of nowhere. These repulsive creatures were relentless as they continued their onslaught against me. And where exactly was I? It wasn’t the in-between realm, since I should be able to see both sides, right? Instead, I was seeing sand and Worms.

What was it that Reapus said? I would need to use my power to make them submit to me. Well, at this point, I was in eradication mode, and they were still coming after me. He did mention that I would be in the in-between after the worms learned I was their master. So, what was the connection?

I sent out another dark wave, slicing a worm in half. The bellows across the sandy field echoed and I felt the moving ground. More were on their way.

How was I supposed to get them to see me as their master? I have already proven that I am stronger.

This was my test. Of course, this wasn’t something simple. It was more than just strength. I stared out as the sand swam around me, pelleting against my skin. I was beginning to hate sand. I used to think I would love living near the beach, but screw sand. I was wearing a layer of it right now and I would take dirt any day.

The ground erupted from behind me, and more sand engulfed me. This was endless. I needed to strategize a new plan since just killing them wasn’t working. If the worms were like a hive, then maybe killing them was only fueling them into attack mode. What was I supposed to do then?

One of the worms began to eat the pieces of the mutilated parts and then another joined in. I watched as their bodies began to get bigger as they ingested parts of another worm.

What if they were not a clew of worms? What if it was a bunch of segments that combined equaled one worm? If that’s the case… killing each segment wasn’t going to win it over. It would be looking at me as if I was the enemy.

I dodged out of the way as one of the bodies dove towards me. It smashed into the sand, disappearing beneath it. Beneath my feet I could feel movement, but it moved farther down or away until I couldn’t feel it anymore.

I felt the pink ribbons inside of me fluctuating and could sense Clover’s presence.

Wherever I was, I was in an area that was close enough that I could feel her. It was like another plane. Another world that existed much like the other realms, only the barrier between the worlds was thinner. I even caught the faint smell of her scent. She was so close and yet very far away.

I needed to get back to her. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I needed to be by her side. I had to trust my instincts that told me there was something off in the Nova pack. I might have my trusted officers there, but no one would protect her like I would.

Suddenly, a worm erupted from the ground. It had been quiet. I felt nothing. Yet its body hurled towards me with its disgusting mouth open.

I lifted my hand in its direction. It’s face met with my hand as a black wave held it in place. Sparks of black lightning rippled from my hand as wisps of smoke sprang up around it. I pushed out a wave of pulsing energy which sent the worm hurling back to the ground.

Screeching wails echoed around me as the ground shook angrily. Loud swishing sounds sent sand flying in the air as worms popped up all around me. At this rate, I was going to end up killing every segment. I had a feeling if l did that though I wouldn’t be able to move forward from this plane. I was here for a reason. There was something I was supposed to discover about myself.. or I’d like to think there was a purpose here. I didn’t end up here before when I traveled from the spirit realm, which meant Reapus planned for me to end up here.

Unless…this didn’t have anything at all to do with a show of power. What if it was something else? I stared at the worms. It didn’t look like they had eyes, but maybe they saw a different way.

Maybe they could make out shapes through vibrations and could sense the waves of energy.

Could it really be so simple?

I took in a slow breath and focused. I felt my body begin to change as I pushed for the form of Anubis. Gods were often petty. I chose not to shift into the Anubis form. What if the worm would only acknowledge me in that form? It sounded stupid, which was making me think this was exactly right. Gods were petty beings with too much on their hands.

This time the shift was much easier. Just like when you first learn to shift the next time, it is easier. I stared at my clawed fingers and the short black layer of fur that layered my body. I straightened up, now noticeably taller as I looked out at the segmented worms and waited.

Slowly the worms began to move together. Each worm began to meld with the next as It grew in size. It grew in stature, until it was as tall as a large building. The shadow from the worm overlapped me as it raised its body. It arched over me as if it was trying to discern who l was. I waited, ready to defend myself against the monstrous beast in front of me.

It lowered its head to me, and I thought that it was going to try to eat me. I felt it exhale a breath that smelled like musty we*t dirt. I waited for it to strike but it didn’t. Instead, its head began to lower, until it was bowing to me.

I was right. I shook my head in agitation.

This was all about me shifting into Anubis. I looked around, half expecting the plane to dissolve but it didn’t. Okay, the worm submitted to me… now what?

In the breeze, a scent hit my nose, one that had me gripping my fists together angrily.

Clover’s blood. She was bleeding… she was hurt.

The feral growl ripped out of my throat as I threw my head back angrily. I felt pure rage building up inside of me. I was ready to kill anyone and everyone just to be by her side.

The ground began to move under my feet and the worm dove into the sand. As it did, an opening was made in the sand. Deeper in the hole was a blurry darkness this was the exit. This is why I wouldn’t be able to leave without the worm because the exit was under the sand.

I walked up to the edge and didn’t hesitate. l jumped into the abyss, entering a gray area. This was it, the area where l could see but the living and spirit realm. And there I could see Clover.

She looked like she was looking for something. As if she could sense me. She probably could.

I let out a sigh of relief, she looked fine. I shifted back from Anubis and looked at this in-between area. l could use this to get information against my enemies. I could also use this to pull Clover to safety.

It was weird. Before, I felt like I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t understand the different realms and planes. I didn’t feel that way anymore. I could see Clover and I knew that l could be next to her in a second. It felt easy, as if all | had to do was will it.

The colors began to seep into the gray as I kept my focus on Clover. I watched as the world became clear and the air light again. Her eyes focused on mine and no one else existed. I cleared the distance between us in mere seconds, pulling her into my arms.

I felt her delicate hands quip around me as I lowered my nose into her neck. I inhaled her scent, not being able to satisfy myself with it. I couldn’t stand being away from her. A moment away from her felt like an eternity.

“Clover.” I murmured into her neck. My nose traced over her sweet skin, and I lifted up to inspect her. “Are you alright?” Her l!ps curled up as she smiled at me.

“I’m fine Sion.”

I sniffed the air, smelling her blood. I narrowed my eyes at her, ready to kill whoever injured her. “Who hurt you?” I watched as she shook her head.

“No one did. I guess technically I hurt myself.” She gave me an adorable smile. I raised my hand up to stroke her soft cheek.

“She was able to break the nembrant glass, Sion.”

I turned my head to look at Demetri. Momentarily, I forgot there were other people around. My focus was all on Clover.

“She is an incredible asset to us and a dangerous one for the demons,” Stilts added, and I understood his meaning. She would be in demand from everyone. Even more reason for me to always be by her side. She was my special mate, and I wasn’t feeling very generous about sharing her with anyone. Let alone the demons. A low growl reverberated from my chest as I pulled her in flush against my body.

I lowered my head to hers, letting my l!ps brush over her forehead. I welcomed the tingles that erupted from having contact with her. It was as if she recharged me. Only I needed her constantly.

She looked like she was doing just fine without me.

My sole motivation for fighting was to get back to her.

“I missed you.”

“Sion..” She whispered into my chest. “I I can’t explain exactly what her words did to me. It felt like my heart was going to explode.

Did she really feel the same way I did? 1 felt like my feelings were extreme and in a second she erased all my doubts. That she missed me just like I missed her.

I pulled back from her and tilted her chin I gazed into her eyes and couldn’t help the smile that reached my l!ps. My beautiful mate… love her so much. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I needed to taste her l!ps.

I leaned down and gently brushed her soft plump skin with my own before fully capturing them. I flicked my tongue over her bottom l!p and then moved it between her l!ps. She eagerly opened her mouth to me, and I plunged my tongue in with the invitation.

I couldn’t stop myself from the neediness of my k!sses. I kept stealing her breath as she came up for air. She was clinging to me as if she couldn’t bear to be parted from me even an inch, which fueled me more. I wanted to bury myself into her. I wanted to feel her body go wild beneath me. I wanted the rush of delirium only she could bring me.

Gods, did she have any idea the fires she ignited within me? I had very little self-restraint.

Even though I knew we were in public, I couldn’t help the intensity of the k!ss. I wanted more.. I want a lot more. I didn’t think I would be able to stop the raging fire that was starting to burn out of control. I didn’t want to stop it either. I wanted to take her somewhere private and reward myself with her body. Nothing was going to stop me from tasting her again…

“They spotted an army.”

Yet, those words snapped me out of it instantly. I lifted away from her l!ps to see her wide eyes. There was a possessive, protective rage taking over the lustful flame. If they were coming for her… I’d destroy them all.

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