Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 64

I smiled and looked up at Sion happily. His eyes were on me and I could see the love that was radiating in his eyes. I leaned in his side as he cradled me against his body. Suddenly, his arm became tense, and his body rigid. The smile on his lips quickly faded as I saw his serious face. His brows were pinched together, and a scowl rested on his lips. A strong breeze ripped through the air and with it a familiar scent.

I felt my body tense as a low group escaped through Sion’s curled up lips. Silence blanketed the pack as they all watched us. They were on alert to see their new Alpha acting aggressively. Noses were in the air as they tried to find the threat.

Joey ran up to me with wide wild eyes. “You smell it? Why is she here?”

I shook my head but there was no denying Taylor’s scent, but she wasn’t alone. I got a whiff of Hazel’s scent too. They were traveling together and were not far from us. Why were they coming this way… unless…

“Could they have been working with Darcia?” I asked as I tried to think. Darcia was a half demon living in this pack. She was here as an omega but that was just her cover. Hazel was working with Taylor, and she was an omega in the Sulfur pack. Honestly, it was the perfect cover for them.

No one would give an omega a second glance. Omega’s are weak and are not a threat. You are at times invisible as an omega which would mean you could get away with a lot. You were unnoticed. Hazel could have left the pack every night and no one would have known. This would be a great way to relay information.

The thing is that usually even omegas were loyal to their leaders. Was there more to it? Or was their ranking just a coincidence? I was digging up more questions than answers. If I wanted to know the truth, we needed to ask the source.

“Darcia is a demon, right?” Conner finally said, with his arm gently resting behind Gia’s back. He looked up at Sion and I watched his brows knit together. “Do we know what kind of demon? Where is that little paramecium that has been hanging about us?” He glanced around and I did as well. I didn’t see Stilts, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t around.

“What are you thinking, Conner?” Kai asked.

“I’m just saying… could this demon be our fire demon? Is it possible for a half demon to be that strong?”

Sion and I looked at each other with wide eyes. Could Darcia be the one behind killing the innocent girl? Not just her though… Sion’s parents and some pack members… Kai’s mate…

They were all killed by a fire demon. If there was a chance that Darcia was the same fire demon, then she was incredibly strong. However, we were getting ahead of ourselves. We didn’t even know if she was a fire demon. I looked around trying to find Stilts but he still hadn’t shown himself. Maybe he went to investigate?

“What do you want to do?” Logan asked.

Sion and I were staring at each other. He was studying my face as he mulled over his thoughts.

“We have to find out what they are doing out here.” I said as Sion pursed his lips together.

“It could be a trap. They have been preparing and maybe they are trying to lure you to them—” He started to say but I quickly cut him off. He wasn’t about to tell me to stay here where it was safe if that was his angle.

“I am not going to sit here while—” I started to say when Sion began to chuckle. He pulled me against his chest and his lips pressed on my head.

“My Luna…” He pulled away from me with a sweet smile on his face. “I was suggesting, instead of risking our pack, that you and I go. We will investigate this situation together. We will travel in the in-between.” He bent his head down so that his nose brushed over my forehead. “I mean I would love for you to stay here where I know you are safe but there is no way you’d wait quietly for me here if I asked, right?”

I smiled and tilted my head up to him. “How about you wait quietly here while I check it out.” I flashed him a bright smile as his chest rumbled with a nod.

“We are stronger together. Honestly, I would also feel anxious leaving you behind. What if that is the intention? And because of that we should order the pack to be prepared for battle.”

I nodded my head to Sion, and he tenderly k!ssed my forehead. He hugged me against his chest, and I could feel the tension in his arms. All he wanted was for me to be safe, but at the same time he wasn’t going to fight about it. Not that he could force the issue anyways, but I appreciated this attitude. He was right, we were stronger together.

“I don’t like you two going alone.” Demetri pursed his lips together and I smiled at him.

“We will be in the in-between so we shouldn’t be detected by most. It is better than risking the whole pack. We need to know what is going on. We need answers. Have the pack ready for battle just in case.” I watched as he nodded his head but could still see the anxiousness in his eyes.

“How long until we should come after you?” Conner asked, looking at Sion who shook his head.

“If we don’t return, you are not to come for us. You are to prepare the pack and stay here. Be ready for war, but do not move from here. Contact the Diamond pack for help.” Sion looked at me and I nodded my head in agreement. If we don’t return, they should go to the Diamond pack for help. They were the royal pack and the lycan princess would be their best hope.

“Luna… Alpha…” Doug said and I watched as he glanced around and I nodded my head in understanding. He was right. We should address the pack and ease their concerns. I was still a bit unfamiliar with this sort of thing. I looked up to Sion, who smiled nodding his head. It was so nice having someone who understood you like that. With just a look, he knew what I wanted. I love him so much. I don’t know what I would ever do without him.

“Nova Pack! Your Luna and I will be going to investigate a possible threat to the pack. We want everyone to remain here and on high alert. We shouldn’t be long, and we leave our officers and the former officers in charge. This is just a precaution, but the pack’s safety is our number one concern. Parents, you can take your children to bed and rest soundly knowing the pack is being protected. Everyone else you are to take your battle roles. Direct your needs and concerns to any of the officers. We shouldn’t be long.”

The pack began to move after that. Each going to their posts or positions for defense. I was happy to see that this was a routine they practiced. It was important when there was an emergency that everyone knew what to do and luckily they did.

“Ready, my love?” Sion asked. I looked at our officers and gave them an encouraging smile.

“I better not come back to find any of you slacking.” I teased to lighten up the mood. Sion pulled me into his chest and the air suddenly shifted. It became a bit colder, and the colors began to fade. I could see everyone, but they were not as bright and warm colored as before. I watched as they looked around.

“They are gone.” Joey said, with his mate at his side. I still hadn’t gotten a chance to talk to her, but as long as she made him happy, that was all I cared about.

“They should be fine. I can’t even sense them.” Odell said, trying to reassure Kai or maybe she was saying it out loud for herself.

“It is this way.” Sion said, redirecting my attention to him. I looked up at him as he lifted his nose in the air.

“You can smell them?” Oddly enough, I couldn’t anymore.

“Yes, but I have already died once, remember? I think that connects me more with this realm.” Sion laced his fingers with mine and then we began to walk. I glanced back once to see our officers were no longer standing there and had also taken on tasks of their own.

“I’m glad the pack seems to have been run well.” I said, and watched Sion nod his head.

“Yes, me too.”

We walked in silence. Sion would periodically test the air with his nose as we headed further away. The pack was well out of sight, and we were somewhere deep in the woods. Sion stopped and turned to me. He wrapped his arms around me and held me flush against his chest.

“I love you, Clover.”

“I love you too, Sion.” I inhaled his heady scent and let the tingles embrace me.

“It goes against every fiber of my being to lead you towards potential danger.” I listened to his quiet voice and smiled in his chest.

“Same goes for me.” He leaned his head down and buried his nose in my hair taking gentle whiffs of my scent.

“We will get the information we need and then get out. We don’t need to overstay. I don’t want to risk… anything.” Sion’s breath tickled my head as I nodded.

“I agree.” I lifted my head up to look at him. “Everything will be fine Sion. The two of us together are strong. In the worst-case scenario, we can fight.”

“Worst case scenario is what I am afraid of. Because even the strong can be killed and captured. The Alpha King isn’t in his own pack right now. He is strong but knows there are still dangers. The same goes for us. We might be strong, but that also puts a target on our backs. I just…” He sighed and his hazel eyes gazed into mine. “You are everything to me. Without you, there is no point in this life or any life.”

“If I die, I’ll just meet you in the spirit realm early.” I teased and smiled up at him. “Sion, I have a life worth fighting for. I have a future I want. A future family with the love of my life beside me. I—” His lips covered mine feverishly. His hot tongue plunged in my mouth as his hands held my face captive. Pure passion and love. This is what he gave me. Always. I can’t believe in the beginning I was afraid to get close to him. He was the answer to every prayer I ever had. It was hard to believe that I was given someone who became my happiness. I live for him. I breathe for him. My Sion…

He pulled away and k!ssed the tip of my nose, then leaned his nose against mine. “Life with you is the greatest reward I could have ever asked for. I cursed the world when I lost my parents… but having you…” He stared into my eyes and smiled. “You are perfect Clover.”

Suddenly, he lifted his head up abruptly. He gazed out in the darkness as I did as well. Was it a spirit? Or was it Taylor and Hazel? We were in the in-between, so it could be anything.

“I just love it when things go according to plan.” A voice hissed. I desperately turned my head trying to locate the sound. Then through the darkness I could see someone coming into view.

A woman with long gray straggly hair spilled over the dark cape she was wearing. She had dull, lifeless skin with dark orbs for eyes. Shockingly, these orbs were staring right at us. Oh gods… I know where I saw this woman before. She was the woman from my vision, and she could see us.

This woman was the Nycrops… Meryl.

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