Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 66

My hands came down to rest over my stomach as I looked down. I was pregnant with Sion’s baby. The family we had talked about and wanted was already starting. A small smile spread over my lips and I looked up at Shiva. I was determined and had an unwavering conviction. I would save Sion and I would have my family.

“If this is true, then all the more reason for me to bring Sion back. I won’t give up on my child’s father. How could I ever face my child?” I could see Shiva getting ready to interject. “This is my life, my future, my family and I am not going to give up on it. You are telling me it is impossible but I am telling you that it is.” I looked over at Reapus. “I will bring Sion back. Whoever this Erebus person is… no matter how strong he is… he can’t have my mate.”

“I won’t let you leave. We can’t risk something happening to the future you are carrying.” Shiva sighed, but I folded my arms defiantly.

“You’ll have to fight me then.” I didn’t care she was a deity. Nothing and no one would keep me from my mate.

“Child, you are no match for me. There is no way I am letting you—”

“Let her go.” An unknown voice said in the darkness. A warm yellow glow shined around us as a figure hid in the now blinding light. I don’t think he wanted me to see who he was.

“But what about what Selene said—”

“There is nothing that can be done to change the war that is coming. One of the world’s protectors will become their fiercest enemy. There is only a shred of hope…” The masculine voice said as his figure pointed to me. “The Lockes and Fausts destinies will soon be forever intertwined. The shred of hope will come down to their descendants. This is their fate… this is their burden.”

“If she dies, the future will lose their chance.” Shiva looked at me as the faceless man hummed.

“No… even if she dies… she belongs to Reapus and so does the soul of her unborn child.”

“Oh? More favors? No offense… actually to hell with it… lots of offense, but Endymion, you and Selene piss me off. You just go around commanding others as if you are our leaders—”

“Reapus!” Shiva hissed and I could see the nervous glance in her eyes back to the other figure.

“No, seriously. Don’t forget what Selene did to us. It is her fault we spent so much time apart.”

“No, that would be Shiva’s fault for jumping to conclusions… technically.” The voice, who I guess was Endymion, said. Endymion, was the fairy deity which also made him my deity. The light continued to shine so that I couldn’t see his face, but his demeanor looked relaxed.

“Which wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t meddle. Everything she does changes the course in someone else’s life for herself. For her visions. Hell, look what she did to the damn Locke family in order to get you back. What she continues to do with the war that is coming—” Reapus seemed very irritated but Endymion’s calm voice cut him off instantly.

“Would you rather she did nothing? Let the demons win and consume this world. Let their sickness spread through all worlds. Give up on this world and turn a blind eye… is this what you want? Of course not! You are right, she interferes, but for a reason. She does what she does because she can see the bigger picture. A burden you can not even fathom having. What do you do, Reapus? You collect and guide what has already ended. She sees a future that is always changing. She is trying to help guide events without disturbing the balance completely. How dare you say her name with such disrespect. Careful, God of Death. Be very careful.” Endymion’s voice was level, crisp, and clear. There was so much authority in his words that I could feel his confidence. I think he was upset with Reapus but his tone never gave him away.

“Don’t lecture me! You know nothing of my burden either. The pain and sorrow of every soul wanting to go back to their loved ones. You are right. I don’t see the future, but don’t dismiss my job. Don’t dismiss any of the other gods. We all carry our own burdens. Maybe you are the one who should be careful because some may take your attitude as elitism.” There was no mistake in Reapus’ tone. It was challenging and aggressive.

“Let’s get back to the topic… what about Clover? Is it even possible? If Erebus has claimed him…” Shiva said and I listened as Endymion made a humming sound again.

“What does that mean?!” Reapus growled and, honestly, I was with him. I wasn’t in the mood to play games. I was ready to get Sion back. “You would think being in the black hole all that time would have humbled your as.s but you are still so arrogant


The light around Endymion pulsated as I watched a slight smirk reach Reapus’ lips. This was what he was going for. He was wanting to make this deity angry. Their issues were not mine. And right now, I only had one concern, and that was getting Sion back. I cleared my throat and felt the attention shift to me.

“I am still here and I don’t have time to stick around and watch you guys work out your issues. Sion needs me. Stilts could be dying right now. I—” I stopped talking as the deity embodied with light stepped towards me. He reached out to me and his hand stopped before touching me. The glow surrounding him began to fade until I could see the deity, they called Endymion. His blue eyes were kind and his blonde hair draped over his forehead.

“May I?” He asked as he looked at my abdomen. I slightly nodded my head, unsure what he wanted, but I didn’t feel like he meant any ill will towards me. When his hand touched my abdomen, I felt a gentle warmth from his touch. A smile spread across his face that soon became broader. “A son.” He moved his hand back away from me as I looked down, placing my hands over my stomach. “You will have a very strong son…” My eyes flipped up to him as the kind smile rested on his face. “If you are to have more children—”

“Only with Sion.” I could see a smile resting on his face. “Why do I feel like you are stalling me?” His grin widened and then he looked past me. I turned my head to see a man with fire red hair with a young woman with light blonde hair and pale silver eyes. Who were these two people? In order to get to the spirit realm, they had to be more deities I guess.

“This is Lycaon, the lycan deity. The woman next to him is Diana… the lycan princess. The Faust family and the Locke family must unite for the future.” Endymion said, and I could see how Diana’s body grew tense. “However, I need to tell you both a story…” Visions began to play in my mind as his voice began to speak in it.

“There were once two identical twin lycans. One of them fell madly in love with the lycan princess and begged to have her as his mate. The other brother, fell in love with Eris, a cruel fallen deity.

Shaun overheard his brother and this woman plotting against the lycan kingdom and he took matters into his own hands. He would act like he was on their side so that he could stop their plan. However, Shane’s jealousy got the better of him and he locked his brother in a tomb of silver. He then took on the role as Shaun, stealing the royal sceptor and destroying the lycan kingdom.

After he completed his mission, Eris abandoned him. Alone, he went back to free his brother. He explained what had happened and Shaun went mad with grief. He was in so much pain that Shane injected him with an amnesia potion. He then took on the role of Shaun and started calling his brother Shane.

The fake Shaun became an omega wolf. Abused and weak. Eris never did show herself to him again. And the real Shaun was not forced to be an omega but became a powerful alpha. Only the moon goddess knew the truth to who the real Shane and Shaun were.

The real Shaun was given a fated mate by Selene and was given a blessed life. That was until Shane, overwhelmed with jealousy, confessed his sins to his brother. Once the story was heard, the real Shaun remembered Diana and what had happened.

He told his fated mate and children his very sad story. He told them to remember and to pass it down so that the truth would always be known. Shaun couldn’t forgive his brother for what he had done. So he asked his brother to meet him far away from the pack territories. In a painful fight he killed his brother and then himself. He couldn’t allow his brother to live, but he couldn’t bear killing him. Shaun loved his fated mate but Diana had captured his heart. When he remembered Diana, he felt as if he was cheating on her. He couldn’t move on. So that night, both twin brothers died.

Clover, Sion is the descendent of the real Shaun. A good man who was betrayed by his brother.”

I watched as his eyes moved to Diana’s. Her silver eyes were watered up as she stood there quietly.

“He didn’t betray you and now it is time to embrace his line. The next generation will need to unite, but this time the choice is yours. Two Queens of their own right will decide the fate of the world. This is your part to play… and this time… you two will make the decision.”

I looked up at Diana, whose silver eyes were staring straight back at me. “I am pregnant with a son now… but my mate… he needs my help. I might not have any more children…”

“A daughter.” The Lycan Princess said, and my brows knitted together. “We will only accept this treaty if you have a daughter. She will be the one to join the Diamond Pack. And this will only happen if I have a son. Only if these conditions are met… so I guess that means you better get your mate back.”

I like the way she was thinking. We would only unite if I had a daughter, which would only happen if I got Sion back.

“Do you agree to these terms? If you have a daughter and she has a son you will betroth them?” Endymion asked me with interest. I looked at him cautiously as I tried to think over the terms. I was checking to see if there was a catch there that I was missing.

“If I have a daughter with my mate, Sion, she will be engaged to the prince of the Diamond pack… if they have one.” I watched as his lips curled up and his blue eyes looked over at Diana.

“A vow. I want to hear a vow.” Endymion said, and I watched as Diana also eyed him suspiciously.

“Isn’t this something between the two of us? Why do you need the vow?” She asked in a calm but icy tone. Power emanated in her words. She held herself upright and stared down the deity as if she were his superior. Wow… now that is a future queen.

“This agreement is bigger… it means a possible future. It is a glimmer of light in a dreadful dark. Your oath tells me that sentimental mothers don’t change their minds later.” Endymion stared at her and I watched as she turned to me.

“This will only happen if I get Sion back. I know there is a war coming, but I can’t see that far ahead. However, I know that if I have a daughter… the Diamond pack would treasure her. If our children being together can help save the world…” I started to say as Diana nodded her head.

“We owe the future generations this chance.” She walked up to me with the red-headed man right behind her. She lifted out her hand and smiled. “A binding agreement.”

“For the children of tomorrow,” I said, clasping her hand with mine. Our hands glowed for a moment until we released them.

“I have heard about the Chance pack and their dilemma. I have sent warriors to the Nova pack to assist you. If you need more help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. The lycan prince should be returning soon—” I watched as she stopped and pursed her lips together. I remembered that she has been separated from her mate. He went to Elysium while she stayed with the pack. I am sure she was anxious to see him again.

“Thank you.” I said with a small smile. Right now, there really wasn’t anything for anyone to do. It was all up to me and that was including getting Sion back. “I hope you are reunited with the prince soon. I’m sure it has been difficult being apart.” She nodded her head and then looked up at the deity next to her.

“We are finished here.” She said, and he placed his hand on her shoulder. A second later, they were gone. I took in a slow breath and turned to face Endymion.

“I am going after Sion,” I said, and I watched as he shook his head.

“No… you won’t be going after him.” His icy blue gaze was locked on me as I narrowed my eyes at him. What game was he playing? Did he ever plan on letting me go? But he needed me to have a daughter… unless. My eyes widened as I took in a shaky breath.

He lied. I am pregnant… but not with a son, but with a daughter. He never planned on letting me go to Sion. It was all a trap to make a deal with the Lycan Princess. I squeezed my fingers together as the rage built up inside of me. The ground rumbled below me as my anger reached a new level. Pure fury was ready to erupt and this da.mn deity was my target.

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