Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 73

I was ready to go into a killing frenzy. I needed to get to him and cut him down from the rope. Sion grabbed me firmly, bringing me to his side.

Easy. This is what he wants. He is trying to rattle you because he is afraid. Compose yourself. Look around you. You have to think of everyone.

Is he… I asked and Sion’s eyes moved to look at me. His head was still straight but I could see the slight frown form at the creases of his mouth.

He is barely alive…but… he doesn’t look like he is going to make it. Sion’s voice cracked in my mind, showing how much it was affecting him inwardly. He didn’t show it on the outside, like a true leader. I took a steadying breath and leaned against Sion’s side. I knew he wanted to race down there too, but I noticed the noses lifting as more scents hit me. There were others out there, including the Chance pack. I could see Sion and Sam scanning the area, fully aware of the incoming presence.

I understood them for not rushing to attack. However… I wasn’t them. I didn’t need to rush in there. I set my jaw as the anger boiled inside of me.

He touched our gamma! Sheena growled, agreeing with what I was about to do.

I glared at Alpha Scott and pushed myself forward. My aura struck his mind like a cobra lunging for its prey. I was there. I felt his mind. I searched for the controlling nembrant glass… the controlling injection… something…

What I felt with Stilts wasn’t there. His mind felt clear and yet it was different. I didn’t understand it. My eyes narrowed on him as he fell to his knees grasping his head.

How could you?! I growled in his mind.

“b***h!” He cried out loudly as he shook his head.

You never mistreated me. I—

I never stopped your mistreatment. His voice snickered into my mind as he lifted his gaze up with a smirk. Do you think I didn’t know? Why do you think you were mistreated at the orphanage? Did you really think it was because you came from the outside? I felt as if the air had been knocked out of my lungs. They were being squeezed as flashbacks of my childhood rippled through my mind. Everything that happened to me…

Who do you think ordered the attack on you? We needed to see what you were capable of… it was a disappointment really. You didn’t show us any powers… not like you are showing now.

I don’t—

The Chaos pack took my Luna! I was ordered by the Alpha King to care for you. I couldn’t let anything happen to you… but I wasn’t going to make it pleasant. Then I met someone who was looking for someone with sheya powers. I didn’t know if you had it or not. When you didn’t show them during the attack, I figured you were a dud. However, you ended up going to the Chance pack, so it worked out. Since a special doctor was there and would find out the truth.

You told Denny to take me as his delta!

To keep an eye on you. I wanted to see if your powers would show.

Denny… I heard Alpha Scott sigh in my mind.

Sentimental fool. Too much like his mother and lacks vision. I talked with him and about the plan… he just needs time. So, I had him locked up. Along with the others who resisted. However… He turned his head slightly to look at Kai. I had no reason to keep this one locked up. When he tried to protect Denny… I took care of the trash.

“NAGGGH!” Alpha Scott cried out as I burned with fury. He held his head as I sent an angry wave through our link. This bastard… he was the cause of my pain. The reason the pack hated me was because of him. I was naïve. I thought he didn’t know. Not only did he know, but he encouraged it!

Taylor. I said, stopping my mental assault.

I made sure to free her from the cell before we cooked another wolf as a cover. It was perfect. With Taylor presumed dead—

Hazel? He looked up at me, almost shocked and then he scowled at me.

You figured out Hazel? I stared at him confidently as if I knew what he was talking about. What part did Hazel have in all of this? We knew she was helping Taylor out but was there more? The disgusting sheya blood of yours allowed you to see what she is. His voice was dripping with disgust.

I was angry. I was confused. I felt hoodwinked. I always thought Alpha Scott was a great guy. Here he was, the bane of my existence. He was also part of so much more. He was in cahoots with Dr. Snyde. I was reeling inwardly.

“Clover…” I heard Sion’s voice as I kept a fixated glare on Alpha Scott.

“It was him… he was the one behind it all. Behind all my pain… he was the one who freed Taylor.” I whispered. The pack followed their alpha. I’m guessing those who didn’t want to follow him were injected with a controlling substance. Those were the ones with the green glow, I guessed. “There is more…”

You have gone against the Alpha King; did you not think you would be punished? His beta is here. Do you think you can stand up to— He began to laugh in my mind. He was laughing!

Hazel isn’t the only one of her kind. Our omegas were all changed and made stronger. They were all given demons. Shit… they were changelings. Demons took over their bodies as their own. So that is what he did. He threw away his omegas for demons. He forced them to be changed. How disgusting.

Maybe I could break some of them free? The ones with the green controlling glow…

I don’t know how… but I just knew what to do. I could feel myself connecting with all of their minds. I pulled a strange substance from each of them. It was different than the nembrant glass Stilts had. This felt weaker and limited. Perhaps this was what this injection was? This is why they needed more nembrant glass. The injection wasn’t as strong.

I watched as the green glow dissipated. All that was left was the other glow that I wasn’t sure about. I was still new to this, but I think it was a type of aura being emitted. I watched as the Sulfur pack members that were being controlled started to glance around. They were glancing among themselves and up to us. Slowly they started to clump together and separate.

Alpha Scott growled and curled his l!ps up in disgust. “So, you’ve learned to use your magic. This is why you are too dangerous to leave alone. No matter. We were prepared to fight against a sheya.” I didn’t like his tone. The Sulfur pack members that were not being controlled made their way towards us. Alpha Scott seemed to not mind as he focused on another direction. The sound of twigs snapping had us all on alert.

At first, I saw wolves begin to emerge from the trees. I felt Sion grow tense and Conner gasp. These were green glowing wolves from the Chance pack… Sion’s pack. And then a woman emerged behind them with a cruel smile spread over her l!ps. It was that da.mn ‘Call Me Bree’.

I wanted her to feel the despair of her death and not be able to do anything about it. Her demise should be slow, and I wanted it to be excruciatingly painful. I would watch the life drain from her eyes as I dug my claws into her, jamming them deep into her abdomen, letting her intestines ooze onto the soil. With her body unable to move, I would throw her onto an ant hill, letting her suffer through being gradually devoured alive by the infestation. Her screams would echo like sweet music in my ears as she wouldn’t find sympathy from me.

Yet, this moment would have to wait. Dr. Snyde was looking too confident as she smiled up at us. No… as she smiled up at Sion. Her gaze was fixated on him! I felt my blood boiling. On second thought, I would mentally cause her mind to combust. I hated her. I pushed my powers forward, ready for an all-out assault and that was when hell rained upon me.

Sharp, electric pains pulsated in my mind. I grabbed my head as I tried to stifle my whimper.

“Clover!” Sion’s muffled voice barely reached me. I clenched my teeth as the raw pain attacked me. I clamped my hands over my ears, desperately trying to block out the searing pain that threatened to crush my skull. Liquid magma coursed through my veins until I could barely stand, whimpering in agony, I sank to my knees.

“Witch doctors!” I heard Stilts yell and then a light glowed around me stopping the pain. Stilts’ hands were shaking as he held his staff, glancing back at me for a moment. Sion wrapped his arms around me, as dark angry wisps emerged around him. “We have to take out the witch doctors. We can’t do anything until they are gone. They will target Clover whenever they feel her magic.”

I listened as an unworldly growl emerged from Sion’s throat. I looked up to see his golden eyes as he stared down into the valley.

“Sion, I am so glad you have come back. We have missed our alpha.” That wanna be doctor b***h said in her sickening sweet voice.

“You betrayed our pack! You betrayed me.” Sion growled, still holding me against him as he knelt next to me.

“It will be okay Sion. We are going to help you. You are being controlled but we will save you today.” As she spoke, the wolves around her howled in agreement.

“Today, I save my pack and send you to hell,” Sion growled as his fangs elongated.

Alpha Scott laughed, drawing our attention to him. “You don’t understand young alpha…” His tone was condescending as he mocked the title alpha. More sounds of twigs breaking sounded and creatures began to emerge from the shadows. Creatures of darkness. I could see a group of pale blue-skinned creatures holding staffs. They had tusks coming from their mouths and they seemed fixated on me. Those must be the witch doctors. The other creatures, I do not know, but I guess they were different types of demons. In an instant, the tides shifted and what was supposed to be an easy battle was now a fight to survive.

An army of voidless emerged through the woods and I felt Sion’s hand caress my skin. I gave him a small smile and he helped me to my feet. His l!ps brushed over my forehead as he stared into my eyes, making sure I was okay. Once he was satisfied, he turned around to stare at the army confidently.

“No, I am afraid you are the one who doesn’t understand,” Sion said as a pulsating dark wave pulsated from him. I watched as the dark wave hit the voidless and they instantly vanished. I could see the shock on Alpha Scott’s face as his l!ps parted. Dr. Snyde kept her greedy gaze on my mate.

“You are not fighting against the Alpha of the Chance pack.” Sion straightened up, resting his arm around my shoulders. “You are fighting against Anubis. I have the power to extinguish your souls… and I intend to. Anyone who takes arms against me know this; that you will lose your soul. I will snuff out its light and send you to eternal darkness. However, if you choose to walk away now, I will also look the other way. The choice is yours.”

“Don’t let him rattle you. This is what is known as a war bluff.” Alpha Scott turned to the loyal wolves around him. “We are prepared for this fight. Don’t lose your nerve because of his tricks.”

I looked at Stitls and could see he was beginning to perspire from warding off the witch doctors. He wouldn’t be able to protect me much longer. Sion seemed to have noticed too as he turned his head to look at Conner and Logan.

“We concentrate on the witch doctors. We need to allow Clover to work.” I watched his eyes flash to Demetri and Odell. They were standing at my side and they both nodded over at him.

“We will watch over her,” Demetri said as he looked out over the army.

“We must clear the air for Clover. This is an all-out battle and we protect ourselves first. Subdue if you can, but this is war.” I watched as Sam turned to look at Sion. “I am sorry. I know you have pack members being controlled there, but we have to do what we have to do. Let’s hope Clover can break their control before there are many deaths.”

Oh gods. I felt my stomach churn. I had to fight through the pain of the witch doctors. I didn’t want Sion to experience more pain of losing pack members. I didn’t want there to be any more deaths. If I had to exhaust myself… I would set them free. That way, at the very least, he didn’t have to fight against his own.

I felt hands on my face as it was being turned to look at Sion. He smiled and me as his thumb brushed over my cheek. “It’s okay Clover. No matter what… I love you.” He briskly k!ssed my forehead one more time before his hands dropped away from me.

He shifted into his lupine form and, as if on cue, everyone shifted into their feral forms. Nadine’s white tiger roared as she set her gaze on the army below. The tension was thick as the armies shifted. The Sulfur wolves moved back to the side; they seemed unsure of what to do. They were hesitant to go against their previous alpha.

Growls filled the air and then Alpha Scott shifted, sprinting towards us. It was like the gun went off and the battle started. Two armies spilled into each other, clashing like two impeding trains.

“Clover, you’ve got an opening. You have to take it now.” Stilts yelled at me as I snapped away from the chaos. I wanted to be out there fighting too, but first, I had to save the Chance pack.

A fiery wolf appeared before us, and Odell leapt forward in a surge of courage. They tumbled down the hill in a furious tangle of fur, teeth and claws. Their bodies were engulfed in the fray, disappearing from my sight. Desperation rose in my chest like a rising tide, and I drew in a deep breath as I strained to unleash my powers. I had to collect the scattered green light from the frenzied minds before me. Each silenced heartbeat was another death. Time was of the essence. I had to act and fast. I had to save them.

The pressure built up inside of me as my desperation grew. The bubble in my mind reached another level, a place where I hadn’t reached before. Panic bubbled up from the depths of my soul, a desperation seeking release, as my mind raced to a place of unknown danger. My body felt drained as the green lights all collected together. They whirled around me like a raging tornado, blinding me to anything else as I took them away, freeing the wolves from control. Faster. Faster. Faster. The swirls reached a crescendo as the colors swirled in dizzying circles as I embraced them within me.

I felt my legs tremble as they gave out. I wanted to brace for impact, but my mind seemed to close as its receptors shut down.

I have the awareness that I am falling. I heard muffled sounds of desperation as I collided with the ground. I’m in darkness but I can’t stay here.

As I struggle to fight against the darkness and open my eyes, the sound of Demetri’s clashing swords and roars of fury fill the air. With a sudden burst of strength, I forced my eyelids open, revealing a horrific scene. A towering demon battled against Demetri, but my attention was stolen away by a hulking wolf stalking towards me, his fangs bared and eyes blazing with hunger. Its sharp fangs glistened in the light as its menacing gaze locked upon me.

Alpha Scott.

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