Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 80


My friends scattered, barely avoiding the demon’s claws as they slashed with fury. Odell leapt into the air, spinning, and somersaulting before she landed gracefully on the beast’s back. Without warning, she chomped down hard on its neck, and I felt a surge of pride for her courage. Demetri roared with ferocity as he lunged forward with his sword, while Conner and Logan swiped their powerful claws at the demonic creature. The air filled with the sound of ripping flesh and angry screams. The battle had begun, and it was unrelenting.

It bellowed loudly in the air as it fought to get Odell off its back. Hazel made contact with her claws and tossed Odell across the field. Her body skidded off of the ground, but instantly she was back on her feet, charging back towards the beast.

The demon reached its claws out to scatter my friends, but I could see what it was doing from my aerial view.

“Look out!” I cried as I watched the demon’s spiked tail flail around, piercing into Logan. His loud yelps filled the air as his blood spilled onto the ground. With a violent whip-like action, the demon sent his body flying through the air. He landed with a loud thud, and I watched as his body shook as he laid there.

“One down.” Call Me Bree said with smug satisfaction.

I scoffed and snapped my face in her direction. “It will take more than that to end him!” I growled, but watched her lips curl upwards with a cruel smile.

“If it was an ordinary wound, he would be fine. Hazel is a miasma demon. Her spiked tail is something like what a scorpion’s would be.” My eyes widened as she shrugged and sighed. She gave me a fake look of pity. “I’m afraid Logan isn’t going to make it. So sad…” She then threw her head back with laughter. The sound of her cackling voice was ringing off of the walls like nails on a chalkboard. “This is so much fun.”

“Logan!” I heard Demetri’s panicked voice, and I looked below me. Demetri was at Logan’s side, and I could see the defeated look in his eyes. No… please, I can’t lose anyone else. I began digging my fingers into the barrier below me. It was like I was scratching an impenetrable barrier.

Frantically, I clawed at the ground, getting nowhere. My fingers began to bleed from the intensity of my digging.

“Dam.nit!” I heard Demetri bellow as he clenched his fists tight, the veins in his hands bulging under his skin. His jaw locked shut and he shook his head fiercely, a wild fury sparking in his eyes. “Don’t let the tail hit you!” He yelled out as he left Logan’s side. I heard my pulse pounding in my ears as I stared at Logan’s wolf. His wolf was shaking and twitching. His breathing looked to be strained and irregular. At this rate…

Water began to pour from my eyes. I felt my heart break into a million pieces as I stared down at him helplessly. He began to gasp for air, making a gurgling noise, the sound of blood filling up his lungs. His paws began to shake and thrash about.

“Logan!” I cried out, and I heard my voice c***k. “Please… you can’t… you can’t leave us.” I begged the wolf below me.

“Watch out!” I heard Demetri’s enraged shout rip through the air. My gaze shot from Logan to the fight, my heart beating so painfully it felt like it would burst from my chest. The demon’s tail thrashed wildly as it pummeled Odell across the room. With inhuman speed, Demetri managed to grab her before she could crash into the ground, holding her tightly in his arms as he raced away and gently deposited her near Logan. “Dam.nit…” His face twisted with agony as he was forced to turn away from her. He sprinted back to Conner, but all hope had already been extinguished in his eyes.

My rage reached its boiling point as I watched them. It felt like a white-hot fire had engulfed me and I could no longer contain my fury. With a guttural roar, I charged towards Call Me Bree, but like a brick wall a mysterious force barred my way. The power that contained me only fueled my hatred further, and I was driven wild with anger.

“Do you really think it will be that simple?” She sneered, her lips curling in a malicious grin as she stared at me, gloating. Her eyes sparkled with venomous disdain, and her voice dripped with a mocking undertone.

I was unable to move through the realms like Sion. This wouldn’t be a problem for him, but I could only do it with him. This was another plane. It was like another viewpoint of the world that existed alongside it. I pressed my fingers into the invisible barrier. It felt different than the one separating me from my friends. Of course, it must be different. After all, she can see me, and we can communicate.

I pressed my fingers on the invisible barrier, this time searching for the energy that created it. There had to be a connection somewhere. I was going to find it and I was going to kill this bit.ch.


The air sizzled around me as I faced the demon, my skin already blistering from the intense heat. Any mortal would be reduced to ash in seconds, but as Anubis, I can withstand this inferno. Still, even for me, the fire feels like a thousand suns burning through my veins.

I approached with caution, ready for any tricks or traps lurking within the flames. The demon looked like it only had fire attacks, but I couldn’t let my guard down. Every step closer sent waves of heat crashing against me like ocean waves in a storm. The demon seemed confident, cocky even, as it lashed out at me with waves of searing heat. But I was too quick for it, slipping and dodging around its attacks with ease.

As I struck back, however, I realized my mistake. My hand connected with the creature’s skin and the pain was unbelievable – like plunging into molten lava. My flesh charred and blackened before my eyes, leaving only bones behind. Thank goodness I had fast regeneration.

I stumbled back, gasping for breath, as I realized that physical combat was useless against this beast. It’s not just fire; its pure destruction in corporeal form. I needed another plan if I wanted to survive this encounter.

The demon let out an ear-splitting roar, its breath bursting forth with a river of scalding flames that seemed to consume the world in its heat. I swiftly raised my hands, sending out streams of inky darkness towards the inferno. The spirals whirled and twisted around each other, cutting through the fire like a hot knife through butter, shielding me from the hungry tongues of flame. One of the black spirals made it to the demon. As it hit the demon, it carved itself into its body. A putrid dark liquid oozed from the wound as the creature howled in agony.

Suddenly, the demon charged towards me again with full force. As it got closer and closer, its body began to morph and twist until its fiery form became a cluster of razor-sharp needles aimed straight at me.

I knew I had to react quickly. I extended my hands forward and sent two black clouds of pure energy straight at the demon. The waves hit it head on and the demon’s body exploded with a force that almost knocked me off my feet. I glanced over to see the demon’s mangled remains lying on the ground. It was clearly dead, or so I thought.

A black cloud of destruction began to rise around the remains of the demon’s body, coalescing into a monstrous form behind a veil of flames. The cloud grew larger and larger until it was about twenty feet tall. With a piercing shriek, the cloud of destruction released a powerful blast of fire straight at me. I was instantly blown backwards at high speed. It was like a giant lava cannonball had collided with me.

I could smell the burnt hair from my boiling skin. A heat wave radiated around me, making everything momentarily blur. The creature before me was like nothing I had ever seen before. It seemed infinitely more powerful than I had anticipated, radiating an aura of pure darkness that engulfed my senses. It had the power to summon its essence from its physical corpse and imbue it with its power.

Of course, the demon had died… this was an instantaneously powerful, vengeful spirit. I guess there was no asking it if it was ready to move on. It was well aware of who it was staring at. Did they already know I was Anubis? Was this why they felt confident about me facing the demon? It was a ke mission. The fools.

I stared defiantly into the eyes of the fire demon, its piercing gaze searing through my soul and igniting a flame of determination within me. I saw its wicked clouds of smoke advance towards me, ready to pierce through my flesh and suck out my life in a single blow. But no matter how daunting the spirit’s strength may have been, I refused to accept defeat. As Anubis, a Death God, I held power over all spirits. No force could take me away from my mate and unborn child. With determination burning within me, I faced the demon head-on.

The winds howled around me as the pillars of black smoke approached. It was ready to strike. Yet, I held my stance and narrowed my eyes to the demon spirit. I saw a split second of hesitation within its crimson orbs, a momentary faltering of its confidence. Its arrogance had blinded it. It had underestimated me.

As the smoke neared me, wisps of black energy swirled around my body. I raised my hand, and a powerful gravitational force pulled the demon’s smoke back. With a loud hiss, the spirit’s cloud twisted in mid-air, destroying itself in the process. The demon spirit cried out in agony, but the sound was cut off abruptly as I unleashed my fury upon him.

My hand shot towards the demon like a whip, and with it came a thunderous rumble of dark lightning that engulfed the creature in a seething rage of pure energy. Its eerie wails tore through the air as relentless chains of black lightning crashed into its body, ripping it apart with each successive wave. The force of my attack threatened to tear the demon to shreds. My assault continued without mercy until its tortured howls finally came to a stop. The air began to clear, and the spirit of the demon was eradicated from this world and the next.

I shifted back to my human form and took a steadying breath. This fight was over. I had avenged my parents and fallen pack members. It felt surreal that something I had wanted for so long had finally happened. However, there wasn’t time to dwell on this moment.

I turned my head in the direction where my friends and mate were fighting. I could feel Clover, but her presence was altered. I knew Clover was there, but I couldn’t pinpoint her location. I tried to reach out to her mentally, but it felt like my communication was jammed. I didn’t like this… something was wrong.

Conner, I mind linking with my cousin. It went through to him, and I knew it wasn’t the location that was the issue.

Sion, we are in trouble here. Logan is… and Odell… I’m sorry… Clover was taken.

His voice was jumbled and panicked. I felt the darkness swirling inside of me as my anger swelled to the surface. I’m on my way. I’ll be there in seconds. I said and shifted into my lupine form. With a ferocious roar, I dug my feet into the ground, charging in the direction of the fight.

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