Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 87

We started to walk back down the hall when we saw Demetri walking back in our direction with the Fairy Queen, Rhea, and her mate, Leviathan.

“Is everything alright?” Sion asked, keeping a watchful gaze on Leviathan.

“Yes, I just had some questions for Demetri, since the centaurs have a village near the mountains and the Shriek woods.” Rhea started to say when her mate Leviathan chimed in beside her.

“Speaking of Shriek woods, that is something you should be taking care of in the near future.” Leviathan’s cool blue eyes rested confidently on Sion.

“Lee!” Rhea hissed out and turned her head sharply to look at her mate. “Let them breathe! Sorry, he really is a sweet guy. He can just get very… businesslike sometimes. It would be a great help to us if you could take care of the shrieks though. Either my brother or nephew is going to need to travel to those woods soon.”

“I would be happy to help after I get my pack in order. Tell them they can reach out to me when the time comes, and I’ll travel with them.” Sion said, and I cleared my throat.

“We will travel with them,” I smiled sweetly up at Sion, who pursed his lips together as he looked at me.

“Clover…” Sion mumbled under his breath, but I could tell from his tone he wasn’t a fan of the idea.

“I wasn’t asking.” I said and listened as Rhea giggled in front of me. I felt slightly embarrassed, and I shifted my gaze back to her.

“Mates can be overprotective, can’t they?” Rhea grinned and I watched as she bumped into Leviathan’s side playfully.

“Especially when they are pregnant,” Sion muttered and Leviathan snorted.

“At least you know about it. My mate put herself in danger while she was pregnant. I didn’t find out about it until after—”

“You would have locked me away and I wouldn’t have been able to help anyone!”

“Locking her away…. Not a bad idea…” Sion smirked and looked down at me.

“Try it and see what happens.” I challenged back and watched his smile grow.

Sion leaned down to whisper in my ear, “You know I would never do that to you.” His hot breath sent shivers down my spine as I leaned into him.

Leviathan chuckled. “Ah, the joys of being mated. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we? I remember those days with Rhea… heck sometimes I still have those days.”

“Except you most certainly would lock me up.” I watched as Rhea folded her arms over her chest as her mate pulled her to his side.

“I would have. I won’t pretend I wouldn’t. I have promised you several times that I would lock you away and I meant it. I will protect you, even if I have to protect you from yourself, despite the guilt and heartache I would have suffered. The thought of you being disappointed in me, hating me for my choices…with just a disapproving look, you can break my heart. You are everything to me, my fairy.”

I watched as Rhea’s eyes softened and she turned her head up to Leviathan and smiled. I watched as she reached her hand up to stroke his cheek, his head leaning into her touch, he closed his eyes, clearly relishing in her touch. “I wouldn’t change anything about you. You are my everything, my Lee.” The moment was so simple and sweet but there was an intimacy there that made me feel like I was watching something erotic.

“So, what about the Shriek woods?” Sion said, interrupting the moment. I glanced up at him and could see he wanted more answers. “Why will they need to travel there? What did you need my mate’s Beta for?”

“Sorry about that,” Rhea giggled as she tapped Leviathan’s nose playfully and turned to face us. It seemed there was something promised in the little touch… and we all know what that was. “There is a pack of werewolves there that have become quiet. We haven’t had any word from them. I was curious if Demetri had heard anything from the other centaurs, but he hadn’t. My brother has been planning to visit them but now it seems he can no longer wait. The Children of the Moon needs to be addressed. We need to know whose side they are on.” I watched as her blue eyes moved to look at me. “They are purists. They are a pack that doesn’t mix with other species. They also have an extreme hatred for vampires… which is why my brother hasn’t visited them yet. He has vampire blood in him and so does my nephew. Sheyas have very unique abilities. It isn’t just mind control. You have the ability to calm crowds. You can give people the chance to think rationally and without heightened emotions—”

I felt Sion’s fingers clench around my arm as he pulled me more into his side. “So, you are saying you planned for Clover to go the whole time!” His voice was very agitated, and I could feel his angry waves surrounding me.

“Lee.” Rhea whispered, putting a calming hand on his arm. My eyes darted in his direction. His blue eyes were slightly glowing, and it was clear he was fully prepared to confront Sion. “I had hoped for this. This is why I wanted to see Clover. This isn’t a trap. I wanted to ask her if she could accompany my family. You see… we are strong enough to completely destroy this pack if they are a problem. That isn’t the issue. We don’t want to do that. We want there to be peace between the packs. Clover can help. We don’t want her to use mind manipulation. We just want her to calm the pack so cooler heads can prevail.”

I placed my hand on Sion, feeling him calm under my touch. This is also what Rhea did with her mate. I guess we use similar methods to calm our men. “I don’t really know how. To be honest… I don’t know a lot about myself.”

Rhea smiled sympathetically at me. “That’s okay. We can help you learn. And if you’re not comfortable with it, we’ll find another way. We just wanted to explore all possible options before resorting to violence.”

Sion relaxed his grip on me, but I could sense that he was still uneasy with the idea of me going to the Shriek woods. I understood his protectiveness, but I also knew that I couldn’t sit back and let others put themselves in danger. If there was a way for me to help without resorting to violence, I wanted to try it.

“I’ll do it,” I said firmly, looking at Rhea. “I’ll go with your family to the Shriek woods and try to calm the pack.”

“Thank you. I’ll send word to my brother. They will reach out to you. In the meantime, I’ll have someone come and help you learn—”

“She has Stilts.” Demetri interrupted, and I watched as a smile spread across Rhea’s face.

“He is feisty, but he would be able to help with this. Thank you for your willingness to help. I am sure you both are anxious to get back and get your pack settled. Brian and Bella will take you back when you are ready.”

I nodded my head and smiled in appreciation. I wanted to explore the fairy kingdom but this wasn’t the time. Sion and I were both ready to finally go home. “Demetri, can you find Odell? We really need to address the pack.”

“I’ll go and retrieve her.” Demetri said as he turned and left.

“Before you go…” A woman’s voice said from behind us. I turned to see the shining blonde hair of the previous fairy queen, Lilly. She held out two clear crystals and placed them in my hands. “You can see nembrant glass at work in someone, but others can’t. This will detect anyone who has nembrant glass or essence at work. There is one for your pack and one for the Sulfur pack. Place it in the pack house where it will be safe. It will automatically form a radius around the pack lands. Anyone who enters the territory that has been tainted will be able to be detected. The crystal will shine to notify you. It will also make the person with nembrant glow. Similar to how you can see them. The person affected won’t know but everyone else will be able to see it. This should help keep the packs safe. Also, as we speak, nullifying scales are being distributed to the packs. Think of it like a vaccine. It will protect each person from being controlled by nembrant glass.” She gave me a kind smile and patted my hand.

“You are always welcome in Elysium. We would like for you to visit so we can know you better. You are practically family… and soon our families will be joined.” I stared at the woman whose eyes told the story of a future I have not seen. I have heard that the fairy royals have the gift of premonitions. I wonder what futures she has seen.

Suddenly, she reached out to me and wrapped me in her embrace. My eyes widened in shock as she leaned close to my ear. A sound that was barely audible to me came out. ‘You are going to be a fantastic mother.’ I felt my eyes water as I pulled back to look at her. It was as if she knew my biggest fear. That I would fail as a parent. That my future daughter would hate me for the agreement I made. Right now, staring into the fairy queen’s eyes, I felt… relieved. It was a feeling I can’t explain but there was a warm light that seemed to embrace me. For the first time, I felt completely at peace.

“Thank you.” I breathed out as she stepped back to the side of her mate. Sion pulled me back to him, his intense gaze upon me as he held me close with protectiveness emanating from his grasp. His hands tightened around my body and there was no mistaking the concern that coursed through him.

His hazel eyes looked me over as they searched for an answer. He was ready to defend me if he felt there was a need to. It was hard to believe that I had found someone who loved me like he does. I never imagined I would have someone like him. He was protective and possessive but also allowed me to do what I needed. He wouldn’t lock me in a tower to protect me. Instead, he would become my tower and try to act as my protection.

A flood of emotion swept over me as I stepped in closer and embraced Sion tightly. His strong arms, wrapping around me filled my body with an intense warmth that permeated through every corner of my being, sending chills all over my skin. His heady scent engulfed me like a blanket, reminding me of the journey it had taken to get here. All the pain and suffering had paid off for this moment, when I could revel in the safety and the security of the arms of my love.

We stood there for a few more moments, wrapped up in each other’s embrace, completely oblivious to the world around us. I felt his lips press against my temple; his breath warm against my skin. The sweet mate tingles rushed over my body as I closed my eyes, relishing the feeling.

Finally, I pulled away from him, our eyes locked in a deep gaze that spoke volumes without words. Our journey was far from over, but we would face it together. No matter what came our way. I knew with Sion by my side, I could face anything. There would be challenges ahead, but we would overcome them… together.

“Let’s go home.” Sion’s voice rumbled through his chest as he leaned in to press a soft kiss to my forehead. I smiled up at him, feeling a sense of contentment wash over me. With his hand in mine, we nodded our goodbyes and made our way down the hall. Bella and Brian were waiting for us by the doors along with Demetri and Odell.

“So, ladies together again?” Odell asked and Sion instantly growled, clinging to me tightly.

“Not a chance.” Sion growls with conviction, his voice laced with possessiveness. He pulls me flush against his front, his arm wrapping tightly around my waist like an unbreakable chain. His eyes bore into mine with a dangerous intensity, daring anyone to try and take me away from him.

I can feel the hard planes of his chest against my front. The overwhelming scent of his musk fills my nostrils as he leans his head closer to mine. He buried his nose in my hair and inhaled gently. “I need her close.” I listened as Brian chuckled and he turned to wink at Bella.

“That sounds familiar doesn’t it,” He said as he grabbed her hand and walked away with her to shift.

Odell snorted and rolled her eyes. “Mates.” She mumbled, shaking her head. Bella and Brian shifted into their dragons. Sion led me over to Brian and helped me onto the dragon’s back. As his wings began to flap, Sion pulled me tightly against his chest. I shivered as I felt his nose rub against my skin, sending an electric jolt through my body. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he reveled in the comfort of having me near. I understood it since I felt the same way. We were finally heading back. The Chance pack was safe, and we were going home.

Sion leaned in closer to my ear, his voice husky and low. “I’m never letting you go, my love. After the pack is settled, we are locking ourselves away for a couple of weeks. We have some catching up to do.”

I smiled, feeling my heart swell with love for this man. “That sounds wonderful.” I leaned my head back and rested it against his chest. I listened to the sound of his heart beat and relaxed under its gentle rhythm. Sion’s strong arms held me in a blanket of support as he soothingly rubbed my arms.

“Clover?” Sion’s tender voice hummed out.


“What did the fairy queen say to you?”

My lips curled up in a content smile as I stared out over the vast forests and mountains we were flying over. “She said that I would be a fantastic mother.” I whispered. I felt Sion’s lips brush over my head and then he nuzzled his nose into the crook of my neck.

“Of course, you are going to be a fantastic mother. Anyone with a heart like yours wouldn’t be any less. You are compassionate, Clover. You have empathy for others. You are a beautiful soul.” I stared out at the clouds and shrugged slightly.

“It was something that I wasn’t so sure of. You know I mentioned before I didn’t have a mother figure in my life. I am afraid of failing… but it’s strange how her words help me rationalize everything. Her words were simple, but I felt them.” I reached up to my chest thinking of the warm light I felt.

“I know we won’t be perfect parents, but we will do the best we can. And… I’m going to try not to worry anymore. I am going to love my children and protect them. And in a world that is often cruel, we will be their safe haven… just like you are mine.” I turned my head to look into his hazel eyes.

My heart raced as I felt his arm pull me in closer. His hazel eyes glowed with intensity, their warmth radiating through my veins like a wildfire consuming everything in its path. His embrace tightened and I felt myself dissolving into it, melting into him like molten wax. There was no denying the power of our love as he closed the gap between us, and his words filled my heart with a joy beyond what I ever imagined possible. “I am so happy right now, Clover. We are heading back home, and we are going to have a baby. I love you so much.”

I looked up at him, I loved him so much, I was so lucky I would be sharing my everything with him. “I love you too”.

His lips met with mine in a sweet and tender kiss, filled with all the love and passion that we held for each other. The kiss was slow and gentle, but it held a powerful promise of love and commitment that we both shared. Our bond was unbreakable, and we knew that we would always be there for each other no matter what.


So I didn’t finish haha Another chapter after this one. And I think a bonus chapter or two as well.

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