The Defiant Mate Chapter 13

She sat in her leather chair in her office and waited. The game of hard ball had officially started. He had stupidly outed his children to the wolfen society, so she had declared herself a free agent that would entertain offers from other packs, and let the other packs know that he had tried to harm her and that was why she needed a new place to go.

Not exactly the smartest thing to do, but she was sure to find a pack that either had no connection to him or was affiliated and had an alliance of some sort so she could have herself and the children protected. She would not have to tell him where she was either, just pledge her allegiance to the new Alpha and his pack and then she would be gone from him and his Luna, who just wanted to hurt and punish her.

Jay-la knew there was a call coming. She Was also pretty sure it wouldn’t be him, probably ‘Jackson, He was a smooth talker who could wheel and deal with the best of them. It had taken all of 15 minutes. She had already told Jordan her secretary to put him through but give her a quick heads up first. She took the call but hung up the instant she heard her Alpha yell at her, full of rage and anger.

He would learn, she would not take his abuse anymore, would not be yelled at like that
day either.

Jay-la waited again, nowing full well that it was not over, Jackson would call back after talking his Alpha down and his friend into shutting up for the next phone call.

It was a good 7 minutes before Jordan, her receptionist put the call through again. He apologised stating that it must have been disconnected, somehow, Jay-la laughed at his comment “don’t apologise Jordan, I hung up on him and will likely do so again. But I will not receive any more calls from him today. This will be the last one no matter how many times he całls back”

“Okay Jay-la.” he apparently understood and seemed slightly amused.

Jay-la allowed Jackson to wait on hold a good 4 minutes before picking up again, “Now that you know I will hang up at will, keep him under control and in check. I presume he is still listening.” she was playing a deadly game, throwing out orders for an Alpha, but he would learn she had rights, after all he had tossed her away.

“He is.” Jackson confirmed, sounding angered with her now. He was losing his composure and clearly didn’t like her attitude towards their Alpha. Unlike him, usually he was cool, calm and collected, not the hot head. His Alpha was “If you hang up on me again Jay-la l will get on the next flight out there, and be at your door before you know it. Do you understand me?”

Jay-la frowned. She got the threat loud and clearly, but he’d be in her world, not his normal comfort zone, the rules were different here. “Is that so? Are you prepared to play human Jackson. I’ve been playing human for a very long time now, I don’t think you can do it, Apollo will hate it.” she smirked. He was a Beta and his wolf, Apollo was dominant and would demand respect just as much as his Alpha’s did.

She heard the growl and knew it was his wolf, Apollo. He was pissed right off, she had challenged his wolfs control with her statement.

Jay-la had grown up with him, If he thought she didn’t recall how to push all of their buttons, he was sadly mistaken.

‘Oh and if you think I haven’t smelled a wolf here or there with pack scent on them since l got back from..” she left it unsaid, allow them to wonder where she had been and who with, she didn’t care.

“KORA” she heard Havoc roar her wolf’s name so loúdly she nearly jumped out of her skip Kora nearly called his name back. Jay-la barely had time to disconnect the call before Kora growled his name out of her, lucky she had her finger on the disconnect button the whole time.

‘He called to us’ she whined ‘our Alpha’ Yes, he wants to order you to bring your pups to him, Kora.

‘Maybe’ she huffed.

‘No, he has a Luna, Kora. Don’t mistake his intent, and his Luna hates us, one that will never tolerate our pups’ existence. It’s why we never told him in the first place, remember.

‘Yes’ she huffed again, she did recall, and she remembered the pain of his tossing them aside like a piece of garbage, he did not want them. Not her and Kora, just his pups, nothing more. She was not willing, they were not willing to just hand them over and walk away from being their mother, which is probably what he wanted.

It had been a long and stressful day, ‘time to go home and see our babies! She knew that would make Kora happier. She loved her pups so much, being away from them annoyed her some days more than others, and today she was itching to get back to them and cuddle up with them on the couch and eat popcorn and watch a movie.

Yes, let’s go: Kora agreed.

Home they went to do just that.

Jay-la stepped out of the elevator on the 12th floor of Stanton & Co Law Firm where she worked, to find the scent of wolves on the floor, to find Jordan waiting for her right there at the elevator. That was a bit of a surprise. He didn’t normally wait for her here. He also seemed anxious. “What’s wrong, Jordan?” she asked.

“There are so many messages this morning directed afyourégarding your press conference statement, and people calling still trying to get appointments with you. It’s kind of freaking me out to be honest.”

Jay-la laughed softly and so it begins “I was expecting this, just take one call at a time and go with it okay Jordan, just breathe, Oh and don’t tell Eric. I think he’ll get very angry.”

“Um Jay-la…” he said, walking behind her slightly as they finally moved from the elevator and down the hall towards her office and his desk. Goddess had he already informed Eric, if so, the man was likely in her office.

As she got to her office, there sitting on 2 of her waiting room chairs was none other than Beta Jackson and Gamma Stephen. Ah no wonder Jordan was so nervous it was not an angry Eric. It was 2 wolves.

They were both sitting there giving off aura’s of power, Jackson glared right up at her. She simply waited for Jordan to take a seat behind his desk. “How long havethey been here?” she asked him.

“They came up with me at 8, I did tell them you don’t get in till 9 today. They just sat and didn’t move. Haven’t said a word the whole time.”

“Hmm” not to you, she thought to herself, probably been sitting here talking through the mind link with each other the whole time they have been here. She took the stack of messages he was holding out. She steadfastly refused to acknowledge either of them, she stood flicking through the messages in a slow manner appearing unfazed by either of them, there were many Pack Corporations requesting that she call them.

She turned to her office door, “Do you have an appointment?” she asked, glancing at Jackson, knowing full well that he did not. Jordan would have informed her already if they did.

He was wearing a suite and tie, looked every bit the professional business man as did Stephen for that matter. She took in their appearances, they had gotten bigger in the past 6 years, must be working out way more, she had not really taken much in on her last visit to the pack too scared and terrified of the punishment that had been awaiting her, to really get a good look at her old friends.

“No, but you will see me Jay-la.” he stated in a flat, no-non-sense tone, that implied he was going to get his way due to being the Beta.

“I have court most of today, I suggest you make an appointment and come back for it.” she turned to Jordan once more “is there available space in my schedule tomorrow?” she didn’t want a very pissed of Beta loosing it here so she would show some respect and get him that appointment she had mentioned.

“1130 for 15 minutes.” He nodded at her after checking.

“Does that work for you?” she asked with a soft laugh and walked into her office and closed the dõor she didn’t really care if it didn’t, this was her world and not theirs. She had shown respect then dropped it away.

She headed to the court house and found they followed her, neither said a single word to her, just sat in the back of the court room and watched her do her job and go head to head with other lawyers on her client’s behalf. At the end of the day, she returned home to see them follow her there as well. Annoying indeed.

Even Kora was feeling smothered, they were so used to being able to do as they pleased when they pleased, without any pack interference or supervision that this was bothersome and annoying. She wondered for a moment if this was what it felt like to be under police surveillance. She had not returned to her office after the last court session, had simply gone home, getting there just on 5pm, surprising her babies and the nanny, who got to go home early.

It was7pm when her intercom buzzed.

Jay-la fröwhed. She wasn’t expecting anyone this evening. Tim hadn’t called for a visit. She shrugged and answered “Yes Jimmy.”

“Evening Jay-la, There are 2 people here that would like to come up?”

She sighed, probably Jackson and Stephen she thought, “Names please Jimmy?” She did like this building. Jimmy was a diligent doorman and she could well imagine at this hour the night security guard Carlton, would be standing by the front desk too.

“Jay-la it’s Blaine and Darla, may we come up?” Alpha Blaine’s deep rumbling voice was heard through the intercom.

Jay-la was shocked, to say the least, she had not expected them to turn up here, at her apartment. It could only mean that Nathan had told them about the triplets.

She was not prepared to deal with them at all. Biting her lip she was quiet for about 10 seconds, then drew in a long breath and steeled herself to do the one thing she had never done before, deny them their request. “No, I’m s orry” she said simply and as politely as she could, hoping not to incur their wrath at this time.

“Jay-la honey please.” Luna Darla’s voice came through the intercom softly, no hint of anger or order in it. “we’d just like to see our grandchildren is al.”

Jay-la closed her eyes, it truly wasn’t all that bad a request, but how could she know their true intentions, once up here in her apartment, alone with her and the pups, either one of them could order her to hand them over, order her to do anything for that matter. They could order her to hand them over and stay behind, effectively removing her precious babies from her.

“I’m sorry” she said again and actually meant it, truly did mean it, she was sorry for denying them to see their grand pups. She shut the Intercom off, before guilt ate away at her.

She reallydidn’t know who to trust any more. FirstJackson and Stephen showed up and now the former Alpha and Luna, he was really sending everyone.

He couldn’t come himself due to human court orders currently restricting him from leaving the state his pack was in. She also knew that his human world passport had to be handed over, so no travelling outside the US either.

Eric had put conditions on him due to his wealth, stating the man was a flight risk due to his money. He could go anywhere to get away from the charges against him. The courts agreed. Eric was good at his job. Apparently, Nathan had handed them over and was currently complying with human world restrictions.

Jay-la was about to order pizza for dinner when her phone rang. She glanced at it, Tim. He was one of the few people who had her new unlisted number, she picked it up.

“Hey there.”

“Hi sweets, thought l’d drop by with pizza for dinner”

“You’re a life saver, I was actually just going to order pizza myself”.

“Great minds.” he laughed. Jay-la laughed too.

“How far away are you?”

“Just about to pull up outside your building.”

“Cheeky aren’t you,” “You know it, sweets. See you in a bit.”

He arrived 10 minutes later, and as he was on her approved list of visitors he didn’t have to be buzzed up. He brought 4 pizza’s with him, knowing her and the kids ate like horses. It always amazed him how much they all ate, but he’d gotten used to it. She put the kids to bed around 9 and that just left her and Tim on the couch.

It was so nice to just snuggle on the couch within him, his arm was draped around her, Kora seemed a little off by his presence tonight, but Jay-la put that down to a lot that had been going on of late and today, especially what with Apollo and Rafe trailing them everywhere they’d gone, ever present with Jackson and Stephen.

It would only be natural for her to feel a little off with the wolves she used to hang out with nearly every day of her life, probably making her feel nostalgic and out of sorts.

“Are you staying the night?” Jay-la asked casually, curious if he was here to have s’x. They hadn’t in a while, actually not since her ordeal.

She was a little on the ansie side, and was okay with him staying for s’x. Kora huffed and retreated to the back of her mind.

“l’d like to, but I have court in the morning and need to get up for an early start, not free til Sunday in all honesty.”

“Okay” Jayia understood, she too had days where work exhausted her or she needed to rest completely before she knew a huge day in court was ahead of her. Though he was a prosecutor, his job was more demanding of his time and much more stressful than hers, and although s`x was a good stress relief, she knew she could be very demanding in bed and though Tim liked that about her, told her s*x was amazing, she knew he was always utterly worn out by her needs to be satisfied and he could be tired all day the next day, which left him feeling unable to do his job to the best of his ability.

She smiled up at him “Sunday then?”

He laughed at her, tapped her nose “Definitely Sunday”. He nodded “Wanna walk me out?” he grinned at her.

Jay-la knew her children would be safe for 5 minutes while, she walked Tim out to the front door and saw him off.

He slid his arms around her waist once they stepped out the front door to the building. This was Tim’s way of safely guarding himself from her s*xual needs. His mouth found hers for a deep kiss. Kora rolled her eyes and turned away in her mind. Jay-la ignored her, she had needs too, wanted to feel wanted and Tim did want her.

She felt his hands slide down her, over her body and grab her bottom, squeezing it, and she pressed herself against him and ground her hips into his.

He groaned and she smiled against his lips “You know you want to.”

“Mm, I do…” he puled her harder against him and she sighed softly into his mouth, she knew what he liked and her ansieness just increased with the feel of him getting hard against her. He was turned on and she wanted that, to know she could make him want her, that he did want her was a turn on for her.

“My sweet, please..I really do want to, but have a blgdayin court tomorrow.” he groaned as she rocked herself against him harder, trying to convince him to stay. He pulled himself away from her a little reluctantly, his eyes slid over her body, totally checking her out.

Jay-la smiled and whacked his shoulder “you’re going to convince yourself to stay at this rate” she said with a devious smile on her face, it was what she wanted right now.

Tim grinned at her. He knew she was right, he shook his head as if to clear it, then turned and walked away, any more banter and he wasn’t going and she knew it. She stood and watched him all the way to his car. He turned and looked at her, then yelled out “When are you going to marry me?”

Jay-la yelled back “When you actually propose!” and dropped a neat curtsy to which he bowed back, then they both burst out laughing and he got in his car and drove away.

Jay-la returned to her apartment. At least once amonth he wodldýell out at her. It had started 6 Months ago and her reply was always the same.

Neither of them were actually serious. Well, at least she didn’t think so. She had been dating Tim for the past 2 years now. Neither of them had the inclination to move in with the other. She had 3 very rambunctious children.

They did seem to like him and he them, but she had always avoided the topic of who their father was when he had brought it up, he didn’t like that she wouldn’t tell him, he no longer asked anymore. She never really asked him about his family, just him. He had pursued her and after doggedly chasing her for 6 months Jay-la had given him a chance.

She knew she was never going back to the wolfen society, so she thought she might just try dating and see how she felt about it. Tim had turned out to be not only funny but charming and intelligent, and as his interests had aligned with hers, she’d found herself liking him quite a bit, it had been nice to have someone to talk to, to eat dinner with and go out of their way to make her laugh.

S*x had come quite unexpectedly. Jay-la had not planned to sleep with him, but one night three months into their dating he had pressed her up against the door roughly to his apartment as she had been about to leave, and kissed her hungrily and her interest had somehow turned into want on need, she had now put it down to the roughness of it, and she had just latched onto him, grinding herself against him all of a sudden, she had wanted to be touched.

It had been so long since anyone had touched her, desired her and when she’d felt his hard erection against her abdomen as he had ground himself against her hard and firm, that had been enough for her needs to outweigh everything else, Kora hadn’t fought her about it, surprising her.

Wolves were all primal wants and needs, their s*x dive was high and they had not had anything in years. Jay-la had moaned ‘I want to haye sex’ right into his hungry kiss, he’d replied thank god, so do I sweets and then he’d pulled her to his bedroom and to his surprise she had practically ripped his clothing off shoving him down onto his bed and climbing on top of him, Tim had barely en ough time to put protection on before she had lined herselfup with him and slammed down on to him, taking him I herself hard and fast, she had ridden him damned hard that night, his hands had been her naked body, roaming every where, touching her all over.

She had, had s*x with him 3 times that night, let him touch her, taste her and rode the hell out of him. It was good and sated some of her needs, but not all of them. Only a wolf could actually sate her fully, only a wolf could match her desires and needs. Tim was big for a human, but her last lover was bigger, hungrier and more her desires and needs. Tim was big for a human, but her last lover was bigger, hungrier and more insatiable and would never stop til she’d been screaming herself hoarse and was utterly exhausted and unable to move afterwards.

That bastard had ruined her for all others.

Jay-la strolled into her bedroom after checking on her babies, still safe and sound, and turned on the shower. She would have to settle for saiting her own needs today, and then wait for Sunday to come she already knew Tim was going to be ridden, she was going to be on top and in control, it was normal for them and Tim didn’t seem to mind at all.

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