The Defiant Mate Chapter 14

Nathan POV

His phone rang. It was late, he’d been woken and wasn’t sleeping well these days and the few hours he did get, when he actually managed to fall asleep were desperately needed.

He glared at the stupid thing and wondered who the hell invented such an annoying thing. The phone’s display showed him it was almost l in the morning. Stephen’sname glowing on the display, he glared at it, he had been asleep less then2 hours and he just knew whatever this phone call was, he was not going to be able to go back to sleep after it.

He hit the answer button and then the speaker and buried his head back into his pillow, growling “what?”

“Um boss, we got a slight problem, nothing too serious, human and all…”

He sighed, it was 1Oish over there where he was, a human problem could only mean that he saw something he wasn’t going to like and the hesitation to spit it out annoyed him to no end.

“Just say it Stephen.” he sighed as he desperately tried to keep sleep knocking.

“Well, Jay-la just came out of her apartment with some human guy. We saw him go in around 7 but didn’t know he was going to see her. They looked and heavy boss and.”


There was a bit of a heated discussion between him and Jackson, a don’t do it man, I have to, its not a good idea kind of argument.

Havoc was already filling with rage. “What?” the word was snarled out of him. More Havoc than him, his wolf demand to know everything about his mate.

“He yelled out to her, ‘When are you going to marry me?’ She replied, when are you going to propose?”

And that was it, sleep was completely gone. He was only going to be coherent for a very short amount of time. Havoc was clawing his way out, wanting to destroy and kill everything that moved. Her not knowing he was her mate was infuriating, to say the least.

“Find out who he is and send a picture” was all he managed to get out before Havoc took full control and his wolf was ripped out of him and bolted from the pack house to hunt and kill anything that moved. His rage was completely unchecked due to the shitty circumstances of their very situation.

Neither he nor Havoc could blame the girl. She had no idea they were her mate and whose to say this wasn’t her boyfriend and if it was, it would be normal for her and Kora to spend time with him. This thought did not placate his beast, in anyway Havoc had tried to call to Kora, to let her know she was his mate and he wanted her, but Jay-la had been in clear control and disconnected the call the minute Havoc had roared Kora’s name.

Whatever was going on in Jay-la’s brain, in regards to him and Havoc, appeared to override everything else, they had to gain some ground and soon, with the girl or she was going to find herself hunted, forcibly marked and mated by his wolf whether she liked it or not.

Nathan would be hard pressed to stop him if it came to actually seeing her in another man’s arms, human or not, it wouldn’t matter to Havoc at this point. He wanted his mate. He’d had her once before, they’d had her before and knew how good it was to be in bed with her, to hear her scream his name, to have her warm body draped on top of his or his curled around hers. And although Havoc and Kora had never actually mated each other, due to not being Mates, he had gotten to sit back and watch as Nathan had enjoyed touching every inch of the little she-wolf.

She’d only been 19, he had been her first hadnot surprised him, since he’d knewn her all her life, never had a boyfriend that he’d seen, she’d come home from a semester of university and had just been hanging out with him and the boys, but they had all peeled away with their current flings. It had been late on a Friday night and they’d been stretched out next to each other on his bed watching a movie in his room, something they had done a thousand times before growing up.

His wandering thoughts down memory lane seemed to be creating a noticeable change in Havoc’s behaviour, so he allowed himself to return to that night.

He had looked down at her about to ask her if she wanted snacks or a drink and he’d caught her staring at him, lust and desire written all over her face. She’d looked away hurriedly, a fierce blush covered her cheeks and she had bitten her lower l!p. He knew that look, had seen it enplenty ofshe-wolves. He however, had never expected her to look at him with lust and desire.

She couldn’t hide it from him, he’d smiled and planned on teasing her, chiding her for having a crush on him. But when he had tilted her chin up with a single finger to make her look at him something in him didn’t want to tease her, those damned green eyes of hers had trembled up at him with fear of rejection and he’d simply leaned down and k!ssed her softly at first thinking to take it slow, see if she actually did want him or if she was simply curious as to what it was like to k!ss an Alpha wolf, he was expecting the later.

Nathan noted Havoc had come to a stand still, calming down as he followed along with Nathan’s memory.

The k!ss had been soft and tender. He’d never seen her k!ss anyone before, but she had.

She parted her l!ps for his at the merest touch of his tongue and when he’d slid his tongue into her mouth to deepen the k!ss, she had not hestated to slide hers along his. A part of him had actually felt a little disappointed he hadn’t been her first k!ss, but only barely.

He’d watched her eyes flutter closed as he’d leaned his body over hers to fully deepen the k!ss, to possess her mouth completely, and steel her breath away from her. Her hand had touched his face gently, sliding along his cheek to slip up into his hair, she had curled her fingers in it and pulled him even closer to he.

He had allowed her to pull him closer, his body was reacting to their k!ss a lot quicker than he had expected it too. He could smell her desire starting to fill the air around him. His hand had slid down her neck slowly, softly, to Cup her br-east and the m0an that had come out of her directly into his mouth had his c**k twitching to life, he’d let out a soft growl back at her unable to stop his primal response to the Scent of her ar0usal and the soft m0an she had made so full of pleasure.

Nathan felt that Havoc had now settled himself down on the ground, his rage was ebbing away from him. Staying with the memory was good for him and his wolf.

Nathan had slipped his hand down further, sliding it up under her shirt and pushing her b-ra aside to touch her bare skin, to tease her n****e with his thumb and forefinger. Her back had arched up to him. Oh goddess, he had known he was in trouble the minute the cry of pure pleasure had erupted from her mouth, breaking their k!ss.

He moved his mouth from hers listening to her cry of pleasure and had started k!ssing her neck, soft sighs and m0ans were coming from her slightly parted l!ps, ar0usal was flooding off of her in waves, she did want this. Before he knew it, he was pushing the shirt out of the way to k!ss her hardened n****e, to suck on it firmly, she’d gasped and m0aned, pressing her br-east up into his mouth, he had bit down on her n!pple and tugged it a little hard and she’d near screamed her ar0usal and desire all he could smell now.

He had shifted his whole body to lie on top of hers, a deep-seated gr0an coming from him as his c**k became rock hard for her, he wanted her to feel his desire for her in that instant, to show her that she was turning him on so damned quickly. Her legs parted for him without hesitation. She wanted to feel him, welcoming his weight, welcoming the feel of his hard c**k against her hot and we-t core.

She was only wearing a pair of tights and hed ground against her slowly, deliberately, firmly, he wanted her to kn ow how she had turned him on and how damned hard he was for her.

Even through his jeans she was enjoying the feel of him, his hands pushed at her shirt until it was up and off of her altogether and then she was b..ra-less as well, nil objections from her at all. His mouth was on hers again, her br-easts in his hands. Oh goddess, they had felt soft and silky smooth, perfectly filling the palm of his large hands.

Her whole body was hot to the touch and she was arched up to press her br-easts into his hands as his l!ps claimed hers, as his tongue thrusting into her mouth demanding hot and needy, greedy to taste her, to devour her mouth with his. Her h!ps were rocking against him, hard and getting harder, she broke their k!ss in her need to cry out with pleasure, her hands pulled at his h!ps and he started to thrust faster and harder until she was cu**mming.

He’d looked down at her at that moment, watched as her mouth had opened and her head had snapped back, her green eyes were hidden from him for now as she finally screamed, her whole body arched up against his, her feet were pushing at the mattress underneath her as she slammed her h!ps into bis grinding her now soaking we-t p*ssy agaínst his hard c***k, as hard as she could to gain the top of her c**x, her org***sm was amazing to watch.

Her green eyes had finally opened slowly to look up at him, she hadn’t seemed to be self-conscious about what had just happened, had just smiled up at him and then pulled his mouth back to hers. He recalled whispering her name, his tone full of need to take it further, she knew what he was asking and reached up to pull his shirt off.

He’d sighed as her hands had made their way down his body, sliding her hands over his ch3st, she had teased his ni**ples the same way he had hers, pulling at them and rolling them between her fingers, before sliding down to trace his 6 pack, and dip lower. She’d pulled at the button of his jeans and unzipped him, his c**k sprang out into her hand, he’d been going commando today.

She had stroked him without hesitation, sliding her fingers géntly along his hard length, back and forth, he’d pulled his mouth from hers, dragging heated k!sses down her neck, he was so ready to bury himself inside of her, but she wasn’t, not yet. He was groaning with pleasure at her touch “Jay-la if you don’t stop that, l’m going to c*m all over you.” he’d practically grated out at her, he was so freaking close to exploding all over her.

She had shoved him over and to his utter delight she slid her tongue right over his hard c**k, one long l!ck from the bottom to the top “f**ck” he’d grated as she slid him into her mouth and su**cked him deep and hard, his hands had grabbed at her hair, trying to stop her, but she’d just looked up at him with those jewel green eyes and grabbed his wrists pushing them away and keeping them at bay.

He had c*m moments later right into her pretty mouth, she’d l!cked the tip of him afterwards before climbing on top of him and leaning down to k!ss him once more. Goddess he was tasting himself on her tongue and it was tuning him on all over again.

His hands found her br-easts and cupped them, ca**ressed them until she was m0aning again, rocking her body on top of his all over again. “I want to f**k you”, he told her as he reached up a hand into her long dark hair, he’d yanked her head back roughly and she’d cried out for him.

He had flipped them over and smashed his mouth onto hers “jay-la?” he needed an answer from her, he wanted to hear her say it, to say she wanted him, even though her body was screaming for his, her ar0usal filled his senses.

He had a deep-seeded need to actually hear her say the words.

She looked up at him with those jewel green eyes of hers and whispered “Yes Alpha”.

Those words were so freaking hot to his ears, so darn seductively filled with desire were her eyes, he’d not wasted a single second on it. He gotten off of her yarked her tights and p-anties right of her in one clean hard motion. He had stood and pulled his jeans off, never taking his eyes off of hers. She slid her green eyes over his na*ked body, his c**k was massive and hard and ready for her. She bit her l!p nervously but her hands reached for him.

Goddess she knew how to turn him on. He moved back to her on the bed, allowing her hands to slide over his ch3st, over his shoulders as he nudged her thighs apart with his knee and positioned himself above her, his eyes were locked onto hers, he really just wanted to slam into her so hard, and bury himself so deep inside her, but hesitated “have you ever?”

She had shaken her head indicating no, “I want to..with you.” she’d said, up at him, her voice soft and filled with need “its okay, l am ready” she assured him.

He smiled down at her, she thought she asks, but if she’d never, she wasn’t ready for him.

He would hurt her, he would deny himself for now, his mouth found hers and he’d slid his hand down her body to slip a long finger through her we-t folds and goddess she was soaking we-t for him, he stroked her gently at first from her sweet core to her cl!t and continued to do so until he could feel her cu**mming and then he pushed his finger inside her hot pulsing c0re, feeling her c*um around his finger, goddess she was t!ght.

He moved his finger in and out of her, rolling her o****m right through to another as he thrust continuously with his finger in and out until her h!ps were thrusting up at him wanting more. He’d k!ssed his way down her body till he was tasting her, she was cu**mming again.

Her ar0usal was drowning him. He pushed a second finger inside her and started thrusting hard and fast, getting her ready for what was to come. His mouth su_cked at her cl!t and she was screaming his name, he pushed harder, faster and n!pped at her cl!t gently, Her whole body was taught as she came again her cu**m pouring out of her sweet p**ssy he slid his tongue down and drank it all up like it was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.

He’d pushed his tongue inside of her, tasting all of her and wanting more “Please” begged him “I want you, please.” Her words had been his undoing, he moved his body over hers, his mouth finding hers, letting her taste herself on his tongue as she had done to him, and finally got what he wanted, pushing his hard c**k firmly and deeply inside her, all the way nothing was going to stop him now, she was his and he was going to f**k her into the bliss of oblivion and take himself there too.

His thrusts were slow but firm, giving her time to get used to his size, to find rhythm with him, it did not take long before she was clinging to him, her h!ps meeting his thrusts with need and urgency.

Her nails dug ińto his back drawing bl0od, he loved it, it elicited a deep gr0an of pleasure from him, his pace quickened and his thrusts into her became harder and faster, her cry’s of pleasure were only generating more wanton need in him til he could not hold back anymore and he was slamming in and out of her as hard and fast as he could, she was screaming underneath him her og*sm ripping through her body in waves, he could feel her cu**mming, her we-t p**sy clenching and pulsing tightly around him, so damn tightly it was making it hard to thrust into her, f**k” he roared as he came with her, slamming deep his seed spilled inside of her, his mouth found hers as he rocked his h!ps gently against her allowing the last of her og**sm to roll through her body, f**k it felt amazing.

He’d slipped from her body and lay down next to her on his bed, his breathing ragged and heavy, his body slick with sweat, one hand flung up over his head as he tried to re-catch his breath. He’d looked over at her, his life-long friend, now his lover, and prayed this wouldn’t ruin their friendship. Her eyes were closed, there was a smile on her l!ps, she was breathing as hard as he was.

He watched her for many minutes as she had regained herself to normal, til her eyes had opened, she had turned them on him and bit her l!p nervously, he had smiled at her “you’re amazing.” he’d said with all honesty, she had blushed at his words, and he’d yanked her na**ked body against his to cuddle her.

Havoc was practically purring at this moment, the shared memory of what it was like to be with their Mate had calmed his beast right down. He gave control back to Nathan and relinquished his body and settled in the back of Nathan’s mind, calm and sleeping.

Nathan headed for the pack house it took him an hour to walk there, but he didn’t mind. To be honest, the night air was crisp and had a hint of rain in it. He łooked up. Clouds filled the sky, soon it would be snowing, winter was on its way. Most days and nights were filled with clouds now. A deep chill permeated the air all day, every day and even more ofa night.

He walked into the mud room, showered and headed for his bedroom in nothing more than a towel, it was late and there was no one about, especially with his parents and brother off to sort out his human mate and placate her family. His Beta and Gamma were watching his Mate, it was just Ethan, and his two sisters, Halley just 5 years old, was upstairs with a nanny due to his parents being away, and his other sister 2 years his junior, Abbey who was Mated to Jackson’s little brother Johnny, so lived on the Beta floor.

He pulled on pants and grabbed his phone and headed back downstairs. Sleep was not going to happen even though Havoc was now out cold his mind.

He had to look at the photo he knew was waiting for him, a human man, his Mates possible lover. It was the only time to do it, with Havoc sleeping. It would keep his raging beast at bay, and stop him from ripping out of him all over again.

Nathan open his phone. There was 1 message awaiting him. From Stephen, as expected, he opened it. There was a photo of a man, tall, probably 6ft, nothing to his 6’6”. He was wearing dark slacks and a white dress shirt, standing next to a car. Nathan was thankful that it was just the man and not the 2 of them together. This man had dark hair a standard short back and sides hair cut and was smiling.

He guessed at Jay-la, he was standing next to a silver Mercedes, not the latest model, but still on the expensive side, a luxury car.

Jay-la it seemed, had surrounded herself with wealthy, good-looking humans.

He was, hansom by human standards, it was clear that the man worked out, he had broad shoulders and a tapered waist, Nathan sighed how was it, Jay-la could surround herself by all the humans that were considered good-looking or hansom by human standards.

He knew she was beautiful, smart and funny, but why was it so darn hard for men to stay away from her.

Nathan knew wolves were attractive to humans, eye candy and a half, he’d used his good looks, himself to get his way, when around female humans, if there was trouble brewing between any un-mated males of his pack and the humans, especially in the s****l department, human fathers were just as protective of their daughter’s virtue as were wolfen parents.

There was no name attached to the photo. Nathan hit Stephens number, it was nearly 4 in the morning, his voice was groggy “yeah boss?”

“Got a name”

“Timothy James Bolton, he’s a prosecutor with Starton & Co Law Firm.”

Nathan rubbed his hands over his face, just great more freaking lawyers and this one talking about marriage. He hung up, not wanting to know more at this point, he would sit and investigate the man himself, seeing as he awake and sleep was long gone. At least his beast was out of the picture for the moment. So he could at least do a thorough job and uninterrupted.

He knew Stephen had more to impart but didn’t want to hear it to be honest. He had enough to deal with, his parents had reported that she would not see them, Jackson and Stephen had followed her around all day and she had completely ignored them, going about her human world job, she had spent the day in and out of courtrooms. Apparently very good at her job, but he would expect nothing less from his Luna.

Then a human male in her apartment for 3 hours with her and his pups. Goddess only knew what time the pups had gone to bed and how long she had actually been alone with him.

Though 3 hours was not long by wolf standards, hell he’d been na**ked with her for longer than that, he could f**k all night with minimal rest intervals, sometimes no rest at all needed, just a change of position and her scent, and he’d been completely insatiable at times the poor girl had spent many a nights, gasping and panting, screaming herself hoarse and then had to sleep half or the whole of the next day to recover, a smile played on his l!ps as he thought about it.

He could easily bring to mind at the moment, time spent with her. Once upon a time, he couldn’t even recall it when he had been mated to Sophia. He had never thought about her not once, the mate bond was like that, but now that Jay-la was his Mate he seemed to be able to recall every pleasure she had brought to him and every m0an, cry and scream he had elicited from her. Shaking his head he pulled himself back to the present, we’ve got work to do, he told himself.

Nathan googled the man, Timothy Bolton, 35 years old. Never married, had been working with Eric Stanton since he was 27 and just a lawyer, becoming a prosecutor at 31, the man it appeared to come from a well-to-do family, and when he researched further, the Bolton’s were affiliated with the Stanton’s, Eric’s younger sister Emma was married into the Bolton family at the age of 20, she was 30 now.

So it was likely Eric had hired Timothy due to family relationships, to keep everyone happy, nothing like a good wealthy alliance. No different to if Abbey his sister had been mated to a wolf in another pack. There would have been an alliance made between the 2 Pack Alpha’s to protect his sister, who was of Alpha bl0od and would have strong pups which would, in-turn, strengthen the Pack she went off to. Depending on the rank of her Mate as to the alliance that would be made as well.

Humans were no different in arranging marriage alliances between wealthy families with companies to protect, writing up strong prenups, each trying to get the better deal for their offspring in the event the marriage didn’t work out or was a disaster and ended in divorce.

Just the type of thing Jay-la specialised in and he was certain she would be good at it, having grown up in wolfen society where everything was built on or around Pack Alliance’s and deals to help out or protect other packs, she had been around and heard some of what he was learning about when growing up and allowed to be in meetings when on semester break or home for the weekends due to that she was going to work in the legal depart with contract law it was not an issue to let her see and learn first hand how it worked.

She would have been one of the ones to assist with writing up the clauses and sorting out current agreements if not for his stupid and thoughtless order that fateful day. She was going to make a great Luna. Not only was she beautiful, but she was very bright, quick-witted and intelligent. It appeared from what he had learned over the past few weeks, methodical, ethical and honest. She was determined and stubborn, not to mention defiant. She was likely going to be a handful, but he liked a challenge.

He shook his head, she was his defiant Mate, so resistant to anything that might bring harm to her pups, even her Alpha, going up against an Alpha was a death wish. If she wasn’t his Mate he’d probably have just locked her up the minute she had announced she had unregistered pups and sent someone to get her pups. They were unregistered with the pack and all pups needed to be accounted for and protected. He sighed. Not wanting to follow that train of thought.

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