The Defiant Mate Chapter 21

Jay-ła POV

Nate woke her, her eyes opened and she was staring right at his face. It was barely an inch from hers, his big bright green eyes held a question in them, he was worried about something she could sense it. See it actually, it was written all over his beautiful face.

“What’s wrong baby?” she asked and then yanked him into. the bed for a cuddle.

“You didn’t come home,…on time.

“Long night, is all. l am fine. she hugged him reassuringly, not that she actually felt it.

“Suzzy just left.”

“Okay. How about we just get away for the day…go to the beach. Winter is almost here. It might be our last chance to get there for awhile.” She really did just want to forget everything that happened last night, even if it was just for a few hours, could they just be a normal happy family unit fora few measly hours, she knew the kids could be, but could she? She didn’t know, but would definitely try.

“Yay.” he practically screamed in excitement and started to struggle to get up and out of her arms “I’ll tell the girls.”

Jay-la let him get outof her arms, she sat herself up. Her eyes burned with not enough sleep, she really did need this.

Last night had drained both her and Kora completely. Kora was still settled in the back of her mind, she would not wake her.

Poor wolf had been through so much in just a short amount of time.

Jay-la had never felt so much fury come from her wolf as she did last night. Pure instinctual rage and aggression, the primal need to fight for her pups had completely taken over her and nothing, not even an Alpha wolf, was going to take her away from her pups.

If there had been an actual fight last night, Jay-la knew that Kora would have been fighting with everything she had, with every ounce of goddess-gifted strength and aggression she had been gifted with. Jay-la had always known Kora was a strong, tough wolf, but they had never had the need to use all of her abilities, til now that was.

It would have been a fight to the death. There would have been no stopping her once it started.

She got up out of her bed and yawned, could hear her children yelling and talking to each other all excitedly, getting everything they needed ready for the trip to the beach.

Goddess knew they all needed a good bit of stress relief.

That thought brought Tim to her mind. She wondered if he would come over tonight. She’d call him, could really use a hug herself and if anything else happened well, she’d use it to get as much stress out of her as possible. Poor bastard better hydrate well before hfetomes over.

She washed her make-up off from last night. No wonder Nate had been worried, there were notice able runs from her eyeliner and mascara down her face where she had been crying.

She didn’t even actually recall tears falling, new she had sobbed at Kora, but when had the tears streamed out of her, had she looked this bad when she had come home last night?

Was that why Jackson and Stephen had stared at her with concerned looks on their faces? If this was how she had come down from the roof, then it was possible they were genuinely concerned about her, especially if they had no idea of what happened.

She scrubbed her face clean, brushed her teeth and hunted her blue and white striped bikini and dark blue shorts, pulled on a white loose fitting over shirt and a pair of sandles. Stepped out of her bedroom to find the girls wearing matching yellow swimsuits with white polka dots and a white frilly ruffle around their hips and off their shoulders, Goddess, they were so cute, so beautiful. Nate wore a dark blue sun shirt and black board shorts, all had sandals on.

They ate breakfast and were then out of the building and on their way by 10am. It was a good day. She didn’t smell a single wolf thank the goddess.

While she watched the children play, she sent Suzzy a message apologising for the lateness of her return and informed her she had paid her for the entire night. Suzzy told her it was not necessary, Jay-la relayed it was already deneand notto worry about it. Thanked her for being such a wonderful person and helping her out so much.

It took her a good 45 minutes to get her ass up and actually start playing with her children. Kora was up and wanted to run around and chase them too. So that was what they did, splashing water on them, tossing them into the ocean where the waves were only small today, they could all swim. They kept running at her, begging to be picked up and tossed into the water. She and Kora obliged their every whim.

This was what was worth it to her, these moments of fun and laughter, their family time together. As long as nothing happened, they could be in a pack in as little as a week, possibly stay there and actually try and assimilate into a pack, one with her grandmother. Give her precious babies the life they should have always known.

Winter Moon Pack would be steeped in snoW very soon and the kids would get their first taste of a white winter, she and Kora were sure her own grandmother would help them build their first snowman and have their first snowball fight.

She was actually looking forward to it. If all went well, she would not be coming back to the human world. That might tick Eric off, but he would just have to understand. She would be safe from Nathan there and that was what was best for her children and herself. She hoped he wouldn’t be to pissed off.

She would have to give up all her clients, they would be upset or angry with her but she would recommend them to other lawyers that would suit their needs.

The actual thought of belonging to a pack was a little overwhelming she had been alone to long she guessed, might take some getting used to, or she might just be able to relax and fit right in, she had no idea at this point, not after last nights revelation about her own emotional state.

She and the triplets all flopped down on their towels after a good hour of running around laughing and having fun, actual fun somewhere along the way she did actually forget about her fears, it was nice.

She bought them ice cream from the surf club shop, and got herself a strawberry milkshake, they all argued playfully over what to have for lunch and ended up with burgers and fries.

They ate out, a nice little cafe not that far from the beach. And then returned to the apartment to let the triplets spend the afternoon watching movies, while she caught up on the house work.

She sat them down and told them about their up coming trip to her grandmothers next weekend, she saw they were all shocked, she had never mentioned any family to them before, but they seemed excited about the trip and the prospect that it might already be snowing there.

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