The Defiant Mate Chapter 22

Stephen POV

They were perched on a sand dune some distance away, just watching their future Luna, unaware of what she actually was to them, and ordered not to tell her either, their Alpha wanted her to scent him of her own accord, thought it would be better that way, so she wouldn’t think that they were trying to trick her into coming home. Frustrating to say the least.

If he could only tell her, he knew that he could bring her in, he could use his Charm to convince her and get her to co-operate.

She was his job, to protect and serve as the Luna and her pups guards, she would have to believe him other wise why would he be here in the first place, it bugged him that she hadn’t already thought of that herslf, but then she may just think he was here for the pups alone, but if that was the case why was he always with her and not them, stubborn she-wolf.

Jackson was sitting beside him, filming the antics that were taking place, it had taken her a long time to join in with the children, probably still to stressed about last night.

His eyes moved to the Beta “You miss her!” he commented looking at the smile on the mans face, it was all happiness, he was enioying watching her, whether it was because she was finally displaying happiness herself, or because he was seeing her in new light, a mother who was good with her pups, or because she was damned near naked in that bikini, he was yet to figure out, heck it could be a combination of all three things.

“So do you.” he replied casually back, not taking his eyes off of her.

“Not like you do…” his implication left hanging in the air.

Jackson turned and looked at him with a raised eyebrow

“What are you trying to say?”

“That you’ve hada crush on Jay-la for like forever.”

“So, I’m allowed to look.” he shrugged his attention turning back to the person in question.

“Only till she comes home, then what?”

“Then nothing, everything goes back to the way it used to be doesn’t it. She’ll be with Nathan once again..just like before.

“Is that going to be a problem?”

“No, she is not my fated mate. Just cute and nice to look at.

“you sure about that?”

“Yes, Stephen. I would never betray the Alpha, punch him in the face maybe, but never betray him.”

“Good because I’d hate to get her back only to loose you over it.

Jackson chuckled “I want the group back together as well.. Like old times.”

“Let’s hope we can get back to it.” Stephen mused aloud.

Jackson looked right at him and nudged him, “Come on Stevie, look at our girl. If that isn’t our Jay-la right there, I’ll go running through our pack dead of winter butt ass naked in the freezing cold risking my favourite parts to be played with to frost bite.”

Stephen burst out laughing the use of his friendly nick name, plus the use of our girl, that was how they had all referred to her, where is our girl, when is our girl coming home from uni, what time is our girl supposed to bring dinner, lets go hunt ourn girl down etc.

“You’re such and idiot…but seriously I saw how you and Apollo alike reacted to herwhen she flirt with the two of you in her office.”

“Yeah I guess, can’t help it.” his eyes moved back to Jay-la.

“Just look at her, Nathan is going to go completely nuts seeing her in that tiny bikini…Hahaha, I can’t wait to see his reaction. Probably run off for a shower and well you know…” he wiggled his eyebrows at Stephen suggestively.

Stephen punched him and they were both laughing out loud now, at the thought of their Alpha needing to get a release with all of them sharińg a suite. Ha ha, would he? Stephen wondered.

He knew, they all knew, Havoc had not allowed a single she-wolf near him since his failed mate bond, 2 and a half years of nothing.

That was a bloody long time for wolves who were naturally horny critters, Alpha’s had needs stronger than the average wolf too.

“Is that why you’re filming the woman. Is it to torture him or embarrass him? Jackson grinned at him “A little of bothl guess.”

“Wanna have a bet on how long it takes him to hit the shower?” Stephen chuckled, his fear of Jackson’s idea’s on their future Luna appeased for now.

“Yep, I reckon less than 5 minutes after he sees it. You want to bet on how long he stays in the shower?”

Stephen practically rolled over laughing “Your on, at least 30 minutes.”

They sat and watched her, she was a great mum, Stephen thought. Goddess help their dumb-ass of an Alpha to get her back and don’t let Havoc screw it up and go all beastly scaring her to death.

They watched from their car as she took the kids out for burgers and fries, a typical Saturday of no work, relaxing and from what he’d heard this morning, she truly did need it.

Hearing about her distress his instincts had wanted him to come rushing over to her and wrap her up in his Gamma Charm to help ease her distress it was everything he was built to do and he bloody well couldn’t do it.

She needed to relax and unwind and feel free and safe even if for a’day. Keeping their distance was a good idea, he thought.

Perhaps Nathan did know what he was doing leaving her out here in the human world for now, who knew? Stephen personally want to tranquillise the she-wolf and her 3 pups and transport them back to the pack, though that hadn’t gone down well last time, but he would do it himself so he could make sure she stayed unconscious the entire trip. He would put them all in the alpha’s suite, her directly in his bed and she would wake up next to him.

The first thing she would smell would be her mate and then she would roll over and see him, smile and bingo problem solved, they would surely mate and mark right away, it wasn’t as if they had never had s*x before, they had 3 pups and had been sleeping together every weekend she’d been home from university for over a year.

His way would be much quicker, much more efficient too he thought.

Perhaps I should bring it up with the Alpha, though Stephen was pretty certain he would never agree to it.

So he figured he had only one ally in this plan, she was completely crazy and would totally approve it, but for his way to be obtained their Alpha himself would have to be completely incapacitated.

Hmm.. ‘treasonous thought that’ Rafe piped in. ‘but would solve the issue and then we could come and get Suzzy.

‘still he would punish us terribly’

‘Would be worth it.’

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