The Defiant Mate Chapter 23

Nathan POV

The research was going nowhere on reverse Luna’s powers, but they had found more than a dozen cases where the Goddess herself saw fit to gift out Luna’s abilities to she-wolves for various reasons.

Most to do with them having Alpha pups without the Alpha knowing about it. Another reason was to attract multiple Alpha Mates who could protect her and her pups.

The Goddess also saw fit to gift her she-wolves the right to choose a mate for herself due to varying traumatic situations that they had been through in their lives. It appeared she watched out for her she-wolves, some more than others it seemed.

Well, his girl fit all of those descriptions.

Nathan could only pray to the Goddess himself that he didn’t have to try and win her over from other alpha males who scented her out as their mate. He was now worried about her visiting the Winter Moon Packa hundred times more.

Alpha Austin was un-mated and trustworthy. What if the goddess saw fit to bless him with Jay-la as his Mate too? If he wasn’t right there when she arrived and she was blessed with more than one mate, she would never know he was her mate and just give in to the goddess-gifted bond and he would lose her instantly.

He heard Havoc snarl in his mind loudly and viciously. It was the first he had felt him all day and it was near lunchtime.

Nathan had not even realised that his wolf was back with him, sneaky bastard, so very quiet he had been, goddess knows how long he had been there watching from within. Stalking his own human counterpart.

Jackson and Stephen had reported her leaving her apartment this morning, taking the pups with her, they had gone to the beach. No further reports had come in. He could only presume she was still there, for he knew they would report all her movements for the day without hesitation.

They returned to the hotel suite just after 2pm, both seemingly in a much better mood than when they had left, they were both smiling and chuckling about something, a private joke of some sort.

Havoc was instantly displeased at their lack of report the second they had walked in the door, he wanted to know about his mate, not a second should he have to wait to hear it and he let out a low warning growl to alert them to his annoyance at their slackness to report to him the instant the door opened and they walked in.

“Down boy.’ Jackson smiled at him “she had a nice day at the beach. I even film her for you, so you can see for yourself”

Stepheņ nudged him and started laughing,” Start the clock now, hey.”

Nathan frowned at them both, what was that about? He held his hand out, both he and Havoc wanted to see her, especially if she’d had a nice day, perhaps she would smile. He missed her smiling at him.

Jackson flicked through his phone and then handed it over to him. It was quite a long video, it looked as though Jackson had just let it run the whole time they were with her, watching her and his pups. He did note that Jackson’s phone battery was low sitting at only 10%. He’d likely not get to watch all of it before the battery died.

Nathan sent a copy to his phone before hitting the play button. He didn’t care what was on it, he wanted it on his own phone to watch whenever he saw fit, or when Havoc wanted to or needed calming down. If it was a nice day, then surely what they were about to watch would calm his beast when raging about.

His eyes, with Havoc right there on the surface, never left the screen as he watched her run around and play with their pups. She was damned near na*ked in that tiny blue and white bikini, goddess. She was beautiful, wonderful with the pups. He could watch her all day long.

He was struggling not to become fully aroused by the way he could see her br-easts bouncing as she jumped around and tossed their pups into the water, or the cleavage that was on full display for all to see, and when she bent over fully, and he got an eye full of her a*ss, goddess all he could think about was yanking her to him and slamming inside her hard and fast, bending her over anything and everything to get what he wanted.

Havoc too was practically drooling over their Mate, she looked so very happy with their pups, it only made his desire for her increase. She was a se*xy damned mother.

A nice day at the beach indeed. Havoc could see Kora at times and whined for his Mate. He missed her, wanted her, needed her, just as much as Nathan wanted Jay-la herself.

The pups all seemed so happy, running about on the beach with her and playing with each other. He hoped they would like him, he knew they could bond quickly with them. It would be completely natural, they would be drawn to him as he was to them, but could he have that kind of relationship with them one day too? He certainly hoped so.

The phone died and he nearly smashed it. At the sudden loss of seeing his mate on the screen, Jackson retrieved it from him quickly before he could slam it to the ground “Use your phone boss.”

He laughed at the sudden change of temperament from him and Havoc. They had indeed been happy and calm watching the footage of their mate and pups, and when it had suddenly gone, Havoc’s anger had been instant.

“Why don’t you go watch it in private?” Jackson added, still smiling.

Stephen punched him in the arm. ” That’s cheating.”

Nathan frowned at the two of them, but it was a good idea he wouldn’t mind watching it on his own. Some alone time would allow him and Havoc to react naturally without worrying about anyone else seeing it. He simply nodded, stood up and grabbed his phone and headed for his bedroom and closed the door.

He heard both of them burst out laughing, and frowned, was he missing something? He shook his head. He didn’t care at this very minute and dismissed it. Fools the pair of them. But they had brought him an hour-long video of his mate and pups.

He was truly thankful for that and so was Havoc for that matter. Fools, yes, but good friends indeed. Goddess, the more he watched it the more he wanted her, his body reacting to her near na*kedness was hard to ignore now that he was alone. He took the video and hit the shower to sort out his needs.

When he did finally get her back in his bed, she was not getting out of it for days, she would not be able to walk when he was finished with her, she would be all weak-kneed and jelly-legged and utterly exhausted, not to mention hoarse from all the damned screaming she was going to be doing and he knew he could do it to her, had done many times before.

He could already piçtúre in his mind what he was going to do to her, goddess, he was aroused all over again, just thinking about the different positions he was going to take her in, the sounds of her moaning, the begging she would do when she was ready for him but he was still enjoying tasting her and teasing her, the way she would call to him ‘please Alpha, in that se*xy desire filled voice of hers when should couldn’t stand it anymore and was desperate to have him inside of her, the damned scent of her arousal around him, driving him insane with need to furiously mate the hell out of her till she screamed his name, he was never getting out of this shower at this rate.

He flopped down on his bed sometime later with just a towel and nothing else on, sleep begging at him, his eyes turned to his phone and he let the video play again and drifted off to sleep watching her play with their pups.. this was his family.

He woke to rage pouring through every fibre of him, Havoc was going absolutely ballistic inside his mind, he was ripping at everything and was in full control and Nathan had no idea what the hell was going on.

“Jackson” he roared though the mind-link, calling for his Beta to help him understand the situation at hand. It was a losing battle trying to take back control because all he was getting from Havoc was ‘kill, kill, kill’ Nathan could feel that his body was already in the process of shifting, He could hear his bones snapping and cracking. He was fighting with everything he had to regh control, but whatever had happened he had slept right through it, but obviously Havoc had not.

“I know,” Jackson shot back. His voice sounded as though he was in pain, “Working on it, resist, with everything you have boss,” there was desperation and fear in his voice and he could feel that all three of them were on his half-shifted body, trying to contain Havoc and his rage, who had complete control and there was no way Nathan was getting it back it seemed unless Havoc willingly gave it up, Havoc was shoving him back to the darkest corner of his mind, he did not want to be contained, he wanted his blood lust filled at all cost.

Nathan was desperately trying to stop him from attacking his friends. He could feel Havoc lashing out and them all trying to stop him, the growling and snarling that was coming from all of them was tremendously loud and aggressive.

“Get him out of the apartment. NOW” he heard Jackson yelling at someone.

His wolf hearing picked up Jay-la’s voice. Jackson must have called her, he was trying to contain Havoc and hold down a conversation at the same time. Was he crazy? He needed all his focus here.

“Unless you want your human friend to die, GET HIM OUT NOW”

Havoc was ripping at the three of them. He could feel it, they were trying to hold him down but his beast was insanely strong when as fullfage as it appeared he was, they were not able to pin him down and hold him down, it seemed, and therefore a fight was ensuing. They were trying to stop what Nathan could only imagine was a killing spree of magnitude proportions, of everything in his path, not to mention a half-shifted Alpha wolf running from here to her place.

Only one thing could have set his beast off into this kind of murderous rage. Either Jay-la was having s*x with her human boyfriend or was about to. Pain hit him too at the thought of that. Not even wanted to know which it was.

Havoc’s reaction was pure anomalistic rage. Nathan was now fighting twice as hard, there was no guarantee that Jay-la would come out of this unscathed, even if she did not know they were her Mate, Havoc knew, and this type of thing had not gone down so well last time. Havoc had nearly killed his Mate last time.

“Jay-la damn it. I need to hear you tell him to leave.”

Jackson was trying to convey the urgency of the situation to her but she had no idea of how dangerous a situation she was in right this minute, had no idea of Havoc’s rage, that it could be so uncontrollable.

“It’s my life, why?”

“You don’t understand. He’s here in the city and is going ballistic. Havoc is in complete control. Tell him to leave or he will die Jay-la. I’m 100% serious.” he snapped, using all his Beta authority to fly and conveý just how important it was.

Give mea minute,” she muttered, seemingly unimpressed.

“Don’t hang up, need to hear it,” he yelled as he crash tackled all his weight onto Havoc using all of Apollo’s strength to help him hold onto Havoc. How could she not understand the urgency with all the growling and snarling and fighting she must be hearing on her end of the line.

This was probably the right time for Havoc to unleash his Mate Call, but the damned beast was so blinded by his rage and blood lust that he didn’t seem to have the sense to know it.

There was a conversation at the other end of the line. Nathan strained to hear it over the fighting, knowing if he heard it Havoc would too. There was a man with her. He recognised the name Tim and heard her ask him to leave, made up some excuse about a work emergency. She stayed on the line until he was gone.

“He’s gone, are you happy now?” she snapped, sounding angry and disconnected the call, but at least she had actually listened and complied, she was alone now in her apartment.

Returning his attention to the current situation unfolding in the hotel suite, Nathan could hear all three of them begging him to calm down, to relinquish control back to Nathan, reassuring Havoc that nothing had happened, that the man had only been in her apartment for 10 minutes, and that nothing had happened there hadn’t been enough time for anything to happen between them.

Havoc was not happy at all, his rage needed to be let out.

“Havoc buddy. Nathan tried cajoling him ‘we’re in the human world, you can’t go out of the room. You can’t go and kill anything. Please buddy, calm down. he was practically begging his beast.

‘Kill him, touch Mate’ back to not being able to string a full sentence together again.

‘Not today’ Nathan said, but not taking it off the table, just moving it to another time in the hope that his beast would calm down.

Nathan could smell blood. It was heavy in the air, it was a mixture of all their blood including his own, he felt Havoc actively stop fighting them and he finally got to see through Havoc’s eyes, as Havoc stopped trying to keep him in the deepest recesses of their mind, his men had backed away slowly, all their wolves on the surface ready to try and contain him again, if he should lash out again or try to rip through them to get out of the hotel suite.

He was still half-shifted, all claws out and teeth showing, they were all injured from trying to contain him, Ethan had a bite mark on his right shoulder and gashes from Havoc’s claws to his ch3st and arms.

Stephen was covered in claw marks all over his ch3st, his shirt shredded to pieces, and there was more than one bite mark on his arms. Jackson’s clothing was practically non-existent, just tattered shreds. He had claw marks on both his legs across his ch3st and one gash down his face.

He had probably been the first one to respond to Havoc’s sudden appearance and took the initial brunt of the fighting.

Who had made the phone call he had no idea, he didn’t have a damned clue as to what was going on or how this had all come about. Havoc was still in control but was standing still, snarling still coming from him, aggression still with him, though the massive growling he had been doing during the fighting was gone, he was calming down ‘relinquish buddy… I’m sorry, I don’t understand’ he apologised to Havoc.

Then Havoc was suddenly gone, his body shifted back to his human form so fast that Nathan stumbled and fell to the ground, landing on his knees. His eyes moved to Jackson, Stephen and Ethan questioningly.

Havoc was completely gone, almost like the day Sophia had rejected them. He couldn’t sense him at all, not good.

“What happened?” he asked. AIl their wolves were staring at him through his friend’s eyes, they were starting to be healed by their wolves as well. With no pack doctor, they would have to heal on their own.

“I don’t understand.” and he didn’t last thing he recalled was how happy he and Havoc alike were watching that video as they drifted off to sleep.

He was watching all of them, and all three of them stood there still weary that Havoc Would return. “He’s gone, I assure you. I can’t even feel him,” he said and got up off the floor to go and get pants. He turned towards his room and stopped and stared at the destruction that had been wrought.

There were claw marks all over the bedding, it was torn to shreds, springs from the mattress could be seen, there was broken furniture, a busted chair lying on the left of the bed, the bedside table was shattered and wooden shards were everywhere, claw marks were all over the walls behind it.

The carpet was ripped and torn in several places about the room, the fight had not stayed in one place as they had tried to contain him, the curtains were ripped and hanging off the rod. There was blood everywhere. They had managed to keep him contained in the bedroom, it appeared, but they had been tossed about all over the place in their attempt to get a hold of him and keep him down.

They had all been fighting Havoc, the destruction of the room was clear, they had been fighting with everything they’d had. Thank the goddess, they all trained together and knew him, how to handle him and his beast. He turned to look at them and noted one of the doors to his room was hanging off its hinges and there were not only claw marks on it but teeth marks as well. He had nearly gotten out, it appeared.

“fu*ck” he muttered, his eyes moved back to his friends’ guilt washing over him “I’m sorry, but what the hell happened?”

His wounds were already healing, much faster than theirs, a bonus of being an Alpha. He pulled a pair of pants on and headed for the med kit that they took everywhere with them in case of emergency’s, this counted. He took it back to them and opened it so he could start tending to their wounds. He would be fine, it seemed.

For although he could no longer feel Havoc the beast that resided within him, buried somewhere deep down inside of him, was actively healing him.

“You went to sleep after your very long shower, you were gone so long. I checked on you,” Ethan stated. His wolf Thorn receded now, and accepted the help offered to clean his wounds.

“You crashed out completely. I knew you weren’t sleeping well of late, so we didn’t bother to wake you. Its nearly 10 pm Alpha, you slept like the dead all afternoon and well into the night. Then Stephen got a call to report Tim going into Jay-la’s apartment. He was carrying an overnight bag. Havoc must have heard it.”

He sighed and winced when Nathan cleaned the bite mark from Havoc with rubbing alcohol.

“I felt everything change in an instant and turned to see your whole body rigid, the atmosphere was rapidly changing, anger was suddenly pouring off of your sleeping body and I knew Havoc had heard thé call.” Jackson sighed as he was attending to Stephens’ wounds like Nathan was to Ethan.

The two of them tried to contain you while I tried to call her. It took her a minute to pick up. I didn’t think she was going to actually. Maybe Havoc picked up on it, then he was shifting and I knew two of us were never going to be enough to contain him.

I hit the speaker phone and tossed it on the table to come to their aid. Havoc was not happy about Apollo using all his strength to try and hold him down. We took a bit of a beating, as you can see… Havoc was growling and snarling about killing everything” Nathan could well imagine.

“A full-blown fight broke out and we had to use everything we had to contain him, try to pin him down as best we could, as you can see…” he looked at the destruction of the room behind him “not very well done, your beast is unpredictable, turned on us quite quickly. When she finally picked up, I had to tell her to get him out or Havoc was going to kill him. I let her know you were here in the city, sorry boss, but I had to.”

“It had to be done.” He couldn’t blame them. It was his beast who had started it, they had used everything from their training and knowledge of him and how he and his wolf fought and managed to contain him, thank the goddess.

They all turned at the sound of banging on the hotel room door, sh!t, they were all covered in blood. Nathan shooed them away to another room. He was the least injured, shoved all the bloody gauze and wound dressings behind the couch and out of site of the door, then ran to wash his ch3st and arms using all the speed he could, grabbed a clean towel and dried himself off, calling out “just one minute”/

A female voice called right back “I am the night manager. Open the door now. There has been a complaint,” her voice was calm but authoritative, she was confident in her position and her dealings with rowdy guests.

He still had a few welts but there were no actual open wounds. He walked over and took a deep breath as she banged on the door again. “l”‘m coming in.” she yelled.

Nathan plastered on his most charming smile and opened the door before she could use her master key card to access the suite, he leaned on the door frame right in front of her, he was shirtless and his pants were hung very low on his hips, all his glorious muscles were on display for her to see, he aimed his smile right at her and dropped his voice to a low se*xy tone that he would reserve for his mate in future “how may I help you, my dear?”

He watched as her eyes widened at the sight of his half-n*ked body and rippling muscles, her eyes wandered over his na*kedness and lingered on his deep v-line, his smile turned into an outright smirk, he knew he was damn good looking, no human woman could ever resist him, she could barely contain her desire and lust, he could smell it already. Nathan cleared his throat to get her attention away from his low-hung pants and back to his Very deep blue eyes and she visually shook herself trying to regain her composure.

“There was a noise complaint, animal noises. We don’t allow pets here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, the boys and l were watching a monster movie and we like to turn the volume all the way up,” he knew as the night manager she would know how many people resided in the room.

She was staring at him, not sure whether to believe him or not.

He winked playfully at her “you want to join us?” he allowed his eyes to wander over her body slowly, seductively” we’re quite friendly and would all like some company!” he put forward his suggestive tone, implying all four of them would enjoy sharing her.

He watched her brown eyes widen, “No.” she visually shuddered. A little scared and disgusted, he thought, “Well, keep it down then.”

“We’ll keep it down.” he nodded, still smiling all seductively like at her, allowing his eyes to move over her body again to linger on her hips for almost a full minute “If you change your mind?” he let it linger unsaid.

“Keep it down or I’ll have to ask you to leave.” she frowned up at him, ignoring the implied meaning he’d left hanging unsaid.

“Of course, please do apologise to the other guests,” and he stepßed back into the room and closed the door, one last playful wink at her before it closed. She wouldn’t be coming back in a hurry, too scared she’d end up na*ked with 4 men doing her at once… which is exactly what he wanted her to think, there weren’t that many women who would come back for something like that.

Jackson stepped out of the room they had all disappeared into and stared at him and shook his head. “Really a gang bang, that was your go-to?”

“She won’t come back, and that is the point.” he shrugged, then returned his attention to their wounds. They would all be healed by morning but, until then a few patches were needed, and Stephen had to have some staples which he knew the man would just pluck out in the morning, nothing he couldn’t handle.

How they would explain the state of the room, he had no idea. A bu*tt-a*ss load of money, he imagined, along with the cost of the repair and refurbishment of the suite.

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