The Defiant Mate Chapter 25

Nathan POV

Just like that, she was gone. What else could he expect? After Micheal beat up both her doorman and a security guard and then went storming up to her apartment and likely kick in her door to get to her.

Nathan was completely furious, his mate was under enough stress, she did not need another pissed-off alpha blooded wolf beating down or kicking in her door and threatening her, not to mention his pups were in that apartment. The stupid bastard had most likely scared them too.

The phone call he had received from his warriors watching her building to let him know that Micheal had gone over there and let his anger loose on her doorman and security guard had completely shocked him. He had thought Micheal would have more sense than that. But it seems not.

They had all piled into the rental car Jackson and Stephen were using, Stephen driving and they were headed to her apartment. He had called Micheal from his own phone, knowing his brother wouldn’t dare to ignore the call, making certain that Micheal knew, Nathan knew exactly where he was and what he was doing.

Micheal knew that Nathan was there. Had he lost his mind completely, going off all angry on the future Luna of their pack, if he hurt her physically, dared to lay a bloody finger on her, Nathan would banish him without a second thought, regardless of his parents’ obvious objection that would come. Banishment would be better than death.

He had roared an alpha order down the damned phone at him, but without Havoc present, he had no idea if the order would actually work on another alpha male. He guessed that depended on just how much his little brother feared and or respected him.

Jackson was trying to call her, to get her to pick up, but she had not done so. No surprise there. Going to her apartment was risky because of the human court orders placed on him. He was in full breach of them but tough, his mate came first. Besides, today might be the day. In less than 40 minutes he could be in her apartment with her, she would know what he was to her. That part excited him.

He wanted to be in her apartment, smell her, hold her, k!ss her, meet his children and hug them too. He wanted to be a family and this could be it.

Micheal had better not have screwed it up.

His men had reported to him that Micheal had left the building and was in a hurry. Nathan was hoping it was due to his order and not because he had done something stupid like hurt her. She had not been with him, so he had not taken her.

Nathan had to make sure she was alright, unharmed. They were about halfway to her place when it was reported to him that she had left with the children in her car in a hurry. None of his warriors had a car with them. They were working in shifts and the team leaving took the car back to the hotel they were staying in.

Only a general direction could be given. As to where she was going, it was anyone’s guess.

He had ordered surveillance of Timothy Bolton’s place and Eric

Stanton’s place in case she went to one of them for help. He was betting on Eric Stanton. After last night she wouldn’t risk Timothy, to Havoc’s rage, which she would have heard loud and clear over the phone.

What she made of it he didn’t know. He wondered if she would tell Eric he was there in the city and have him tracked down and arrested for breaching his court order.

His men had called for paramedics for the two injured men in the lobby. From what they could tell, they were both unconscious but still breathing.

The minute she had left with the children, to goddess only knew where. He had ordered a change of location, heading instead for his parents’ current residence. He knew that was where Micheal was also staying, and Nathan was betting he had run back to their parents for protection from him. Little did he know that was not going to help him right now, nothing was. Micheal was about to get the beating of his life, wolf or no wolf, Nathan was going to beat him senseless for his stupid actions.

Nathan had no idea where his Mate or offspring were. Jackson was still trying to contact her, leaving voice messages for her to call back, but to no avail, she had probably turned off her phone at some point to stop the incessant ringing.

After last night’s phone call from Jackson, Jay-la, he thought was probably expecting him to turn up at some point for his pups.

She believed that was all he wanted, she believed he hated her, and was now more furious because she had kept his pups from him, which was not the case. He didn’t blame her, couldn’t actually, he had been the one to send her away and she had not known of their existence at that time. He wondered if she had thought it was him this morning banging down on her door.

Now with what Micheal had done this morning, Rae-Rae would be lucky if she had a Mate when he was finished with his little brother, Be damned if their Mate Bond was fixed right away, their bond could wait.

They had barely known each other 2 bloody weeks, and she was only 18. They had plenty of time to sort it out after he had sorted out his. The future Luna must always come first.

Rae-Rae was not in any kind of danger, unlike his Mate and pups who were in danger every bloody minute of everyday, that they were out there with other packs trying to steal them from him.

Micheal should have bloody well known this, should have known better. He had been at the restaurant when the sh!t had hit the fan and Kora had gone to fight their father and break their mother. Her distress was obvious.

Yet the stupid i***t went and attacked his Mate. Nathan would not stand for it.

The car pulled up outside and he was out of the car and stalking toward the serviced apartments his parents were living in and had rented for a month, expecting it to be difficult to get Rae-Rae’s family to agree to her moving in with them and half way across the country away from her family, pull her from her university degree and let her get married to a total stranger.

He was pounding on the door furiously, he could just kick it in, but he wanted to in-still fear into his little brother. He was probably doing the exact same thing Micheal had done to Jay-la’s door, he realised. The door opened and his father stood right there. “Calm down son.”

“Where is that son of a b!tch?” he roared, his anger boiling over now that he was here. He let it all out, he didn’t need Havoc to kick his little brother’s ass from here to the moon goddess and back. He spotted him across the room and was off and running at full speed, shoving past his father, not caring if the man was knocked to the ground or not.

His hands were around Micheal’s neck the minute he was close enough to grab onto him, and he was squeezing the life out of him. “I’ll fu*cking kill you, do you know what you did? She’s gone you bastard.” he was screaming in Micheal’s face. He saw Paxton push forward in order to defend his human counterpart.

Nathan didn’t wait for him to start fighting back, slammed his knee up into his brother’s rib cage as hard as he could, knocking the wind out of him and his wolf. He was a good foot taller than Micheal and had an advantage, Micheal had not had to receive all the training Nathan had had too, he was a much better fighter and knew how to bring Micheal and Paxton down.

He repeatedly kneed the bastard in the abdomen without letting up, while his hands were still wrapped tightly around his throat, the boy would suffer.

He could feel several sets of hands on him, trying to pull him away and pry his hands from Micheal’s throat. He could hear both his mother and father yelling at him, trying to order him to stop it using all their Luna and Alpha powers against him, to make him let go.

But he was not going to do so willingly, and if he had learnt anything from Havoc over the years, it was that, blinded by rage, nothing filtered through, not even an alpha’s order.

He was filthy with blinding rage, he was being forcibly removed from his brother by his own men and his father. All of them had a hold of him trying to pry his fingers from Micheal’s throat. The boy was on the verge of passing out for lack of oxygen.

The minute his hands were pried loose, Micheal took a deep breath. Nathan was being dragged backwards but could still reach him, snapped his foot out and kicked him as hard as he could as he was being shoved backwards. Micheal went stumbling backwards hitting the wall behind him.

Nathan registered the fear in him, but he could only imagine Jay-la’s fear of him beating down her door, and his pups?

How had they reacted? He lurched forward using all his strength and got another kick into his brother. The third kick was halted by his mother’s body stepping in front of him. “Son, you need to calm down right now.”

“Fu*cking kill him if she runs and gets away” he roared at her.

“I understand. Please, honey, calm down.”

His blue eyes met her blue ones, “Don’t use that sh*t on me, I’m the alpha now,” he yelled at her, turning his anger towards her.

She blinked in surprise, he had never really yelled at his mother before, always showed her respect, but right now his Mate was gone and no-one knew where too, and she was protecting the one responsible.

His body was finally pinned down on the floor. He could feel it was his father and Storm who were doing most of the assisting now, forcing him down and using all of Storm’s strength to keep him down.

Yes, Jackson, Stephen and Ethan were all helping, but not with wolves out, they knew Havoc was not with him and were simply trying to contain him, for the second time in less than 24 hours.

His eyes were burning into Micheal, his brother was looking completely guilty and so he should be, after what he had done.

He heard Jackson’s phone ring “get it’ he yelled at him, in-case it was her, only she mattered now.

He heard her voice. It was soft and gentle, apologetic “Tell Micheall am trying to help him, I never meant to hurt him or Rae-Rae” Then the line was gone.

His eyes moved back to Micheal. “Are you happy now?” he grated out to his brother, “get the f**k off of me” he snapped at his father, Storm, Ethan and Stephen, all of whom were still holding him down on the ground. His father’s knee with Storms’s strength was pushing into the middle of his back between his shoulder blades.

“Are you going to stay off your brother?” his father asked him.

“Just get off me” he snapped, and was pushing up off the ground with all the force and strength he had, if Havoc was present, they’d all be injured right now.

They did all get off him. His father was the last to leave, his mother was standing directly in front of Micheal blocking his way to get to him again. You had better not have screwed this up. Or I will make you suffer the same fate” he snarled at him.

He heard several horrified gasps in the room, for he had just implied if he lost his mate he would make sure so did Micheal.

Micheal’s eyes were wide with fear, he knew it was not a threat to be taken lightly. Havoc would kill him when he came back and found out what had happened and right for that minute Nathan wouldn’t do anything to stop him.

Havoc would have his blood lust sated by his own kin’s blood.

“I’m sorry, l just wanted to get Rae-Rae back” he apologised. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“No, you didn’t. How would you like it if I marched over there and threatened your Mate?” he snarled at his brother.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, I didn’t know what else to do. There was no one else who could get to Rae-Rae” he pleaded his case.

“I don’t care you ass-hole. If you make her worse, you will suffer an eternity of pain and I’ll give you to Havoc” He was completely out of control and he knew it, but he just couldn’t calm down, his rage was unchecked and uncontrollable. His alpha blood was boiling in his veins. He wondered if this was how Havoc felt when in a rage.

Well, if it was, he now understood his beast a bit better.

The urge to destroy and kill everything was burning inside of him. He kicked the coffee table next to him and it went flying across the room and smashed into the wall near his mother and brother, shattered wood and glass exploding all around them. His anger was not subsiding, it was still building to an unknown proportion.

The sudden sting in his arm turned his head and he stared at it. A syringe was in-bedded all the way in, he saw liquid being pushed into him and barely had time to register what it was as the liquid burned into him. His eyes moved to his father’s and he saw they had this apologetic look in them before everything was going dark and fuzzy around the edges and he felt himself start to fall down that bastard had shot him up with a wolfs-bane: Unconsciousness claimed him.

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