The Defiant Mate Chapter 31

Nathan POV

Nathan sat in his mother’s private plane staring at nothing in particular. He was calm, Havoc was calm, just speaking with his children cheered them up completely, and knowing that Jay-la, although distressed and in need of her Mate’s comfort, had not bolted from the pack with her children the minute she had woken up also kept them calm.

They were just a few hours away now, they would not be waiting til morning to meet her, they would be headed to wherever Jackson reported she was, they would not wait another minute for her to know what they were to her.

He would wake her from sleep, he honestly didn’t care if she would be grumpy with him, he was going to stand and watch her, watch as even in her sleep some part of her would register his scent and Kora would likely wake her itching for her Mate, the minute she scented him out.

He had no idea how it was actually going to go. They certainly had issues to work through, but she had known him for 20 years that would surely come into play. Surely, somewhere inside her fear-riddled body, there would be a part of her that would be happy it was him. Trying to convince Havoc not to launch himself at her might be a bigger issue. He heard Havoc chortle at him. He was also happy, inside Nathan’s mind, knowing he would be with his Mate had put him in a good mood. Not often that happened.

Nathan stared down at the text message he’d just gotten from his Beta, Jackson, a deep frown marring his handsome face “Jay-la is locked in the Luna Suite. Sorry boss had too.’ and his calm and happiness, gone just like that, replaced by exasperation and worry for his Mate.

The last call he had received from his Beta, everything had been fine. Jay-la was having a late dinner with her father and the triplets.

Everything seemed okay. She had not tried to take them and run off, even though she knew he would be back at some point. Jay-la had even asked when he was going to be back. Jackson had bluffed her off with an unknown eta, although he knew that Nathan was on his way and only a few hours out, and she had not questioned it. Just seemed a bit relieved by the answer.

He hit the call button only to have it rejected, which was something you just don’t do. No one dismissed an alpha’s phone cal.

Well, with the exception of Jay-la, he thought, she definitely would, but she had other reasons, fear-filled reasons which he had to talk to her about, make sure she knew that there was nothing to fear, that he meant her no harm, but he knew he could not address her fears until he came face to face with her.

A text came through in short order “sorry boss, don’t need her knowing how close you are. Already angry and losing it.”

For the love of the goddess, he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. What the hell had happened in the last hour or so? He was still in the air a couple of hours away “what happened?” he texted back.

How much can possibly happen in an hour and this late at night, with snow falling on the pack, most of the pack members would be in their homes by now. Staying out of the cold.

“Kora let loose on Abbey. And Kora..well, boss a lot bigger than she used to be. Almost as large as Apollo is.”

Kora was larger, and almost as big as Apollo. That was an utter shock, she had been such a cute tiny wolf, barely reached Havocs chest when they had stood side by side. She almost always looked like a pup of a wolf, it was so cute, it had always amused him to no end, something they had all teased her about, how such a tiny wolf could have such a fierce human counterpart. Now it appeared Kora was not only just as feirce, but also had the build to go with it.

He could feel HavOC wagging his tail in his mind. He was happy with the news.

‘Mate strong.’

Nathan already knew that, perhaps it was why his mother and father hadn’t wanted a fight between them. Perhaps his father was right in the thought that even Storm didn’t want to fight her, she was different than before.

“Why at Abbey?” he asked, though his gut was telling him he already knew the answer to it.

“Smelled Abbey on Vera’s wounds, I believe.”

“Abbey still alive? Her pup?”

“Injured, as is Johnny, both in the pack hospital, Ethan is with them.”

He sighed, I guess Jay-la taught Abbey a lesson, one she really did need to learn, he supposed. He hoped that her unborn pup was alright. But his power-crazed sister had better have realised that she can’t just go around unchecked and do as she pleased. Better have learned her lesson, she had put her unborn pup at risk and hadn’t even known it at the time. Perhaps this would make her learn a desperately needed lesson.

“Will the pup survive?”

“Should do, she screamed she was pregnant, that’s what made Kora stop, mostly took hits to her arms and chest area, so it should be fine”

“So Jay-la is locked in the Luna Suite because?”

“Anger rolling off of her, might rival Havoc’s boss, in that department. It took Stephen to bring her down and fully submit using all his Gamma Charm ability, then Ethan and I, to get her up here, but the minute he stopped using it, angry again.”

Goddess help us both, he thought absently, if the two of them went toe to toe when they meet up.

‘Never’ Havoc huffed at him I’m telling you Kora will want me.

‘So much faith you have Havoc’

‘She was made for me, supposed to be strong’.

‘Our Mate is supposed to even us out buddy, not match your anger issues.’

“Is she still angry?” he texted Jackson.

“Yes, currently throwing furniture around the Luna Suite, it’ll be destroyed likely by the time you get here”

“Stay there with her, what is the weather doing now?”

“Snowing hard, you might not get to land local.”

Just bloody great, but he’d already heard as much from the pilot. He was just hoping the storm would blow over and they could land.

The storm, it seemed, was moving faster than expected and it might calm down or move away before they got to the landing trip.

“Keep me up to date and let me know when she calms down.”

“Will do, boss, just get here asap.”

Nathan leanded back in his seat. Nothing it appeared, was ever easy for the two of them, one set back after another. He truly hoped that Havoc was right, that Kora would want him right away. It will go along way to Jay-la wanting him as well.

His eyes fell on his mother and father. They were watching him trouble son?” his father asked through the mind-link. They couldn’t risk a wolfen conversation with Rae-Rae on the plane even if she was currently sleeping, against her Mate.

“Yes, Jay-la and Kora found out Abbey was the one to hurt her mother. You can imagine the fall out after your encounter with an angry Kora.”

“Abbey?” his mother asked right away, worried about her baby girl.

“Injured, and her mate. Both are going to be fine. You might want to call your wayward daughter,” his mother nodded.

He got to listen to the call with his wolf hearing. Abbey was crying and sobbing the whole time. She stated she couldnt believe what Jay-la had done to her. He watched as both his parents’ eyes had fallen on him and he shot through the mind-link ‘what the hell did she think was going to happen? Nothing at all?

He heard his father verbally rep-remand her for her actions, which was what landed her in her current situation. That she had to learn she couldn’t just go about doing whatever she felt like and expect to get away with it.

She’d stopped crying and retorted with anger that she was an Alpha, that she answered to no one. Nathan sighed more with annoyance than anything. So that was what she actually believed.

Well, she did answer to someone, to him in fact, and she had, without his permission, laid hands on her future Luna’s mother.

Hearing her words pissed him right off and he finally understood there was only one punishment that was going to put his power-crazed, power-hungry driven sister in her place, and he intended to act on it whether his parents liked it or not.

He held out his hand for the phone, “Abbey, you will report to me first thing in the morning…because you answer to ME” he grated out “I will relay to you your punishment directly. What you did was utterly without conscious thought to yourself, your unborn pup, your mate and to how Jay-la, your future Luna might feel or react to it.

Not to mention, you actually convinced a pack member to allow you to nearly kill her. That alone is punishable by years in the cells. Your injuries, as far as I am concerned, are your own fault.”

Abbey, for once, did not say anything at all. He handed the phone back. He could feel another set of eyes on him and turned to find Micheal staring at him, a concerned look on his face at what he had just said to his sister. He knew he had stated things aloud which Rae-Rae might have heard but the girl would find out soon enough anyway.

His parents were staring at him too, he simply turned to them and raised an eyebrow. He had not spoken out of place, he was the Alpha, not them, he had no intention of imprisoning his sister.

Let them all wait for the consequences of her actions. Be damned, he didn’t need to ask permission. She was his sister, but she was also a pack member and the girl was about to fall inline whether she liked it or not.

A text came from Jackson around half an hour later “she has calmed down, tantrum over.”

“Good” he sent back, “I want Abbey in my office first thing in the morning”

“Yes, boss.”

“And Hayden and his snow-plow waiting at the strip, to assist my arrival.”

“Already there, boss, I sent him the minute l thought you’d get caught in the storm.”

“That is why you’re my Beta. Thank you Jackson.”

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