The Defiant Mate Chapter 33

Nathan POV

Stepping out of the car, Stephen and Ethan were waiting on the front steps to the pack house for him. Apparently, there was nothing from the Luna Suite since she had calmed down.

So, hopefully, when he opened the door everything would just fall into place, and they could sit down and talk.

Nathan was under no illusions, he knew that she was not just going to throw herself at him in a desperate need to have him, never going to happen. Though he had seen it many times before, felt it once himself a very long time ago. The instant connection, the driven need to latch onto your Mate and kiss the hell out of them, mark them and mate them, it was intense to say the least.

Jay-la though, had been through a lot and he knew, no matter what, there was a lot of stuff that needed to be sorted out and not just with him, but with his brother and his sister with her as well. Waylaying her fears probably wasn’t going to be just as easy as her recognising him. Havoc had other plans, plans he knew Havoc was never letting him get in the way of.

Havoc surged to the surface the minute the car door closed, taking in a deep breath, ‘Kora, popped into Nathan’s mind.

I know buddy, they are in the Luna Suite. We’ll go directly there.

‘No. I smell Kora here.

Jay-la has been here, wandered all over the pack, you can just smell her scent everywhere’ Nathan reassured him.

She had not been let out of the suite that much he did know.

Havoc turned his eyes towards the forest, searching along the tree line. Nathan saw nothing, just snow, ‘Come on.

Let’s go inside and get you your Mate. he tried to placate his wolf’s increasing thoughts that Kora was out in the woods.

He’d always been able to track her, but Nathan knew where she was locked in the Luna Suite, Jackson would be steadfastly doing guard duty as instructed not to leave her alone. If she had gotten out, they would have told him right away.

He felt his father’s hand on his shoulder and they moved off into the pack house. “Micheal take Rae-Rae directly to her room. I have to sort out HavOc and Kora,” he told his brother using their wolf’s names so he would understand the meaning and its importance.

“Yes Nathan,” he nodded and took his human Mate to the first floor where she would be staying until he had explained to her what he was and what she had to go through to be with him. Then he simply turned and headed for the elevator and headed to the Alpha floor. He was actually nervous, he realised.

“It’ll be fine son,” his father told him calmly, “just take it slow, no pouncing on her, like you probably used to, huh”.

“Yeah!” though Havoc was steadfast in his faith that Kora would want him, he was not so certain Jay-la wouldn’t try to reject him on the spot, she was afraid of him, and that fear was so ingrained into her it might out weigh her bond to him, he did not want nor would accept a rejection from her but it would hurt just to even hear the words or even see it in her eyes.

He stepped out of the elevator and his parents headed for their suite, which just left him with his Alpha Unit.

He could feel them all staring at him. ‘go’ havoc practically snarled at him ‘need Kora now.

Jackson unlocked the door as he approached and went to push it open, frowned and Nathan sighed internally, what now?

He got there and found it was weighted from the other side, she had barred the door from her side. Goddess help me out a little. He rubbed his temples and shook his head, leaned his weight on the door as did Jackson, it budged but not much. “Jay-la please unbar the door:” he called through the slight gap, her wolf hearing would pick up his voice no matter where in the suit she was.

His tone was light, held no anger or animosity, just his normal tone, no alpha in it either.

Havoc surged forward and shoved with all his strength Mate naughty’ he chortled. He really liked this side of her, he guessed. He seemed quite excited, too Nathan.

Apollo appeared next to him and the two of them used all their strength to shove against the door and it finally slid open, the furniture pushing across the room, enough to allow them to step through the door sideways. He stepped in through the gap, and looked at the mess. Every single piece of furniture in this room was up against the door. He shook his head and looked at Jackson.

Who simply shrugged, “I told you she was throwing a tantrum, I wasn’t going to open the door to see what sort.” He left Stephen and Ethan to move the furniture out of the way to properly open the door for when he was ready to leave.

He turned and headed for the closed door to the bedroom, it was most likely where she was, walked across to it and pushed it open. Nothing barred it, a bracing cold hit him right in the face, she was not in the bed, where he was expecting her to be, there was snow lying on the floor and the french doors to the balcony were open.

She wasn’t that crazy insane, was she? They were 5 storeys up. He could still smell her inside the room. Perhaps it was a trick. He turned and looked at the closed bathroom door, and headed for it. He could smell her again, and opened the door. But they were not there, the room was still warm and there was water droplets on the shower Screen.

‘Kora, I smelled her outside’ Havoc snarled at him.

“Here boss,” he turned to find Jackson standing by the end of the balcony, there was a chair right in front of him. that sneaky brat, escaped down the drain pipe like old times.

Havoc was on the verge of ripping out of him, his anger boiling but directed at Nathan himself for not listening to him when they had gotten home, he had smelled her, looked directly into the woods and told him he could smell Kora.

Only Nathan hadn’t listened because he was convinced she was in the Luna Suite.

He looked down the drain piping, and could see there were scratch marks on them, he could see where it had peeled away from the wall and she would have fallen the last two and a half stories to the ground. His annoyance at her stubbornness was rapidly turning into anger. She was here locked in the Luna Suite to await him to let her out and yet she had still taken it upon herself to defy him.

Havoc snorted ‘my turn now!’

‘Yes,’ Nathan finally agreed, he was overplaying cat and mouse with his mate.

He felt Havoc pull forward and shift completely to his giant black wolf form, then he howled into the night air, loud and full of his Alpha’s authority, a call directly aimed at Kora, a call she could not resist to answer.

He knew everyone in the pack would hear it, but only she would have the desperate need to respond to him. He waited. Ears up, tail still, head slightly down as he focused all his Alpha senses on being able to locate his mate when she called back to him. Nothing was going to stop him from getting to his Mate now.

It didn’t take long, less than 30 seconds, it was massive and brought his head whipping up, it was filled with loneliness and need to be accepted, pain pulled at both of them and he was gone, dashing with all the speed he had out of the, suite, down the hall and the stairs, launched himself off the second floor hit the ground running and burst out through the front door uncaring of the damage he would cause and into his pack grounds.

His only thought was ‘Mate’ Her call had come from the centre of the town, though he had scented her off to the left of the pack house when they had gotten out of the car, she had not stayed there. He was on the move, he followed his Alpha sense and tracked the howl not he scent, he knew the minute he reached the spot she had howled from, there was a deep hollow in the snow where Kora had laid down before responding to him, and her scent was so very strong to him.

‘Heading for pups.’ Nathan told him without a doubt that was where she was going, he could tell from where the pack house was to where they stood now. Jody’s house.

Havoc didn’t need to be told where to go, his nose was filled with Kora’s scent, he was off at a full run, he could get her before she got there, he was stronger and faster than she was, though that howl she had produced had been as loud as his, almost like listening to a female Alpha’s howl.

He spotted her a few minutes late, running away from him at full speed. She was indeed massive and faster than he had last seen her, Mine: he roared in a massive snarl that nearly brought her wolf to a tumbling halt. His Wolfen Mate call could not be denied.

They watched as Kora stumbled and slid to a stop to turn and look at him. Havoc however, did not stop at all, was still in full, hunt his mate, mode and nothing was going to get in his way. Kora backed away slowly, her tail between her legs and head bowed slightly, her eyes never left his wolf.

Havoc skidded to a stop right in front of her, his breathing heavy on her, then he bowed his head down and he touched his head right to hers. It was soft and gentle, surprising even Nathan. Havoc licked her snout and moved playfully to nip at her ear. He had never seen Havoc do that before, not even with their last mate, his behaviour odd, to Nathan.

He moved about her stilled body, rubbed himself against her and felt her lean into him, sliding her head along his body, seemingly accepting him just like that. Just like Havoc had said she would. He purred loudly at her acceptance and she purred right back. Nathan felt relief sweep through him as he watched from inside Havoc’s mind.

Then, to his complete shock, she bit the tip of his tail, flicked her tail right in his face and ran off towards the woods, away from where her pups were. Havoc snorted and gave chase Mate play with us.

Nathan could only hope it was playing. As his wolf chased after her, she wasn’t running full speed away from him, even Nathan got the feeling she was taunting his wolf, playing with Havoc. She had answered his call with a need to be accepted, and accepted she had been.

Gifted Havoc himself as her Mate, he would never leave her. It appeared Havoc’s faith in Kora was right on the mark. Nathan got to watch as the two of them ran around in the snowy forest. Kora allowed herself to be pounced on many times only to throw him off and run away again.

Nathan left his wolf alone, to bond with his Mate.

He had no idea what Jay-la herself thought about everything that was going on between their wolves. He could well ask her through the mind-link, but did not want to force his thoughts on her at this point. She already knew they were Mates now, so when Havoc and Kora shifted back.

She would be face to face with him, he must remind Havoc that they would be naked upon shifting back and return them to the pack house or to Jody’s before relinquishing control due to how cold it was going to be.

Jay-la had not attempted to use the mind-link to talk to him either. He knew she could, but was currently choosing not to. She was probably not ready to talk to him.

Havoc mated Kora several times as they ran about playing with each other. She had easily submitted to him, hadn’t even fought against it the slightest, it seemed Kora was happy with her goddess gifted Mate, that was his wolf Havoc. Nathan wondered if she accepted him so readily because they had pups already together or if she was just happy to have a Mate at all. Most wolves find their Mates early in life; females usually by the time they are 19, and she was 26. That is a long wait for a Mate. Even most male wolves would find their Mates by that age, only rarely did they have to wait.

Havoc was currently lying down next to Kora in the snow, his head resting on her shoulder. She appeared to be sleeping. Havoc, was not. He was lying there listening to his Mate’s heart rate, and breathing, taking in her scent and generally just enjoying being in her presence.


Told you she would accept me.’ he snorted, showing his human counterpart that he had been right all along. His tone was very superior.

lts late Havoc, we need to get them back to the pack house, I need to talk with know that ‘You’ll not ruin it. he half growled at Nathan. I certainly will try not to, if you think l am, come forward and appeal to Kora’s nature.’

Havoc huffed, stood up and nudged his Mate Kora. She turned her head and looked up at him. They couldn’t actually mind speak to each other until Nathan and Jay-la mark and mate each other. He could see why his wolf was worried. He too had no idea what was going to happen the minute Jay-la appeared and Kora was gone.

He nudged her again and she seemed to get the message, walked along beside him as they headed in the direction of the pack house. Havoc playfully nudged her on the way and let her nudge him back. They had this playful nature all the way back, he even allowed her to pounce on him at one point and sit right on him for a few seconds before she ran off and he would chase her. The pack house came into view and he could see Jackson standing there with, to his surprise, Ethan’s little sister Margaret clinging to his side all loved up and staring at him like he everything.

He guessed the girl was back from vacation with her parents, she would have turned 18 while away, finally found his mate. It was pretty obvious from her hanging off of him, Jackson had an arm around her and was holding her to his side. That was a relief-to him.

Jackson was watching the two wolves as they approached the pack house. It wasn’t normal to walk into the pack house still in wolf form, but he was not going to have Jay-la exposed out here in the cold.

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