The Defiant Mate Chapter 35

Nathan POV

Trying to rein in Havoc why he was trying to Mark Jay-la was not an easy feat, it had taken all his willpower to fight his own beast, his own natural instincts for that matter, he wanted to mark her, and with Havoc in full control and his mouth on her mark spot a part of Nathan had wanted Havoc to do it, take the blame for it, but Nathan knew he couldn’t allow it to happen this way, their wolves were already mated, it wasn’t like she was going to rip Kora from Havoc.

She had said as much, Kora was his. So it was just a matter of time before she herself came around to the full sway of their goddess-gifted Mate Bond. He was staring at her, watching her now. Havoc was practically rolling around in his mind, amused with the situation he had created.

That bastard was playing games with their mate, Nathan suddenly realised.

You can’t do that to her. he muttered to Havoc.

Why look at her, all flushed and hot and bothered.

Nathan’s eyes moved to his Mate, she was indeed flushed and he could smell her arousal in the air, faint. But there, she was standing there staring at him, her breathing was heavy, her pupils were dilated and her heart rate was accelerated, but it was the way she was touching her mark spot that got his undivided attention, her index finger was running along it in slow stokes, he was hard pressed not to smile at her, at her reaction to his wolf nearly marking her, perhaps Havoc had nearly swayed her.

He knew what it felt like when your mate touched you, feeling like your skin was all electrified, with bolts of pleasure wherever they touched you, and the more aroused you became the more intense the sensation was. She hadn’t said anything to his apology for Havoc’s behaviour and was simply staring at him.

Havoc had marked her with a love bite, nothing more but it looked good on her, goddess he wanted to just walk over there and pick up where his wolf had left off. Do it’ Havoc ur*ged him playfully.

Nathan took a step back and allowed both he and her some space. “Jay-la, please stop doing that,” he asked after a minute passed and her hand was still on her mark spot, the scent of her arousal was driving him nuts. If she continued to enjoy the feel of her mark spot he would not be able to stop himself from actually marking her fully.

She seemed to blink back into reality and her hand snapped away from her neck, she shook her head but did not apologise to him. “you need to contain your wolf.” was all she said on the subject. Her voice was soft, not a hint of anger in it at all, her arousal seemed to have removed her anger at the current situation.

Her head tilted slightly and he could tell she was listening to something. He tuned into the surroundings and could hear the children were awake upstairs.

“Jay-la, what do you want to do?” he asked, referring to the fact that his children were about to come face to face with him for the first time.

“Out” she suddenly snapped to attention, then hurried over to him and grabbed him by the arm, dragging him to the back door, and shoving him outside, he just let her, completely surprised by the fact that she was willingly touching him.

“I haven’t told them about you yet. I need to do that before they see you.”

“Well actually…”

Jackson interrupted him “Lets go boss, We can get you showered and cleaned up and Jay-la can talk to them over breakfast.”

“I didn’t agree with that,” she snapped at him.

“Jay-la, I would like a proper introduction, today please.”

Nathan told her as Jackson was pushing him away from her, away from his mate and his pups. He didn’t much like it but she had said she wanted to tell them about him first, so okay, let’s give her the chance.

Their happy chirpy voices were so loud they must be in the kitchen with Jody by now, it was no wonder Jackson was pushing him away.

“Jayla, if you don’t want to stay here, after this morning’s event unfolded, you and the children can use the Luna Suite.”

He said before turning and leaving.

He walked in silence for a bit, Havoc was settled in his mind, calm and happy in the knowledge that Jay-la was going to be easily marked at some point, it was just a matter of seduction. You remember how to do that right? Havoc shot at him.

Yes Havoc, he shot back. what is with your sudden attitude change where Kora and Jay-la are concerned?

Havoc snorted at him she’s my mate, I want to play with her like we used to, but more fun now.

‘You were never like this last time you were mated,’ Nathan Commented.

Kora’s different, more fun, mischievous even.

Nathan shook his head and left Havoc to his own thoughts.

He could not figure him out. It was like all of a sudden he was a completely different wolf. How many personalities does his wolf have?

Just one.’ Havoc snarled at him, clearly following Nathan’s thoughts ‘just happy now. he stated.

“So that was interesting, Havoc nearly marking what is yours?” Jackson interrupted his thoughts.

“He apparently wasn’t going to, just playing with her.”

“Didn’t look like it, from where I was standing. Jody looked nonplussed about it either.”

“I didn’t think so either. And I don’t particularly care what Jody thought after what he did to her, sent her distress levels way off the charts, bl00dy stup!d all of them,” he scratched the back of his neck, then rubbed his eyes. He was actually tired, but the sun was up and he had been awake all night, so what could he expect? “Do you think she will tell them?”

“Who knows, but she can’t run away now.” he laughed” Kora is smitten by Havoc. That much was clear. She’ll never allow Jay-la to leave. Il can presume from the way he strolled her into the pack house and Kora’s response this morning in the kitchen, she and Havoc Mated yes.”

Nathan laughed “Yes, many times, she didn’t even so much as argue about it, not one fight, nothing.”

“Then I guess Havoc’s faith in Kora wasn’t blind, he was totally sure that she would accept him right away, and she did.” Jackson half laughed.

Nathan nodded he’d had doubts about it, but Havoc had never doubted Kora’s ability to want him as her mate. He was never letting her go now, that was for sure. He was curious to see how she would react to him half shifted or in a rage. But that was a future problem.

“By the way, I got a link from Ethan” he chuckled, completely amused by something, cleared his throat and continued “Abbey is in your office with Johnny waiting for her punishment.”

Nathan had actually forgotten about that for the moment with all that was going on. Should he wait to punish her with Jay-la there? so she could see he meant it, when he said he would punish her.

“You and Margaret, hey?” Nathan smiled at him and jabbed an elbow into his side.

Jackson grinned at him, “So it seems,”

“Ethan know yet?”

“Probably she went running up the stairs yelling for her mum, all excited, when I headed off after you and Jay-la.”

“He’s going to pound on you, drill you about being faithful and not womanising around.”

“Please, like I would hurt my mate like that, she’s freaking hot, with that red curly hair to her wa!st and that curvy figure, Va-va-voom. She is perfect in all the right ways.”

Nathan laughed out loud, “yeah talk like that about his little sister and see what happens.”

Jackson grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at Nathan “Oh lord you’re going to, aren’t you?”

You know it boss, got to cause mischief, he was laughing to now, “it’s why Jay-la andl get along better than any of you and her. We’re both mischief makers.

Nathan couldn’t argue on that one, but he would be able to argue about her and Jackson having a better rel ationship than he and Jay-la once he had Marked and Mated her, they would be closer than anyone.

He mind-linked Jay-la for the first time in 6 long years, Jay-la, I have Abbey in my office, did you want to be there for her punishment?

He knew she heard him, could sense down the link that the connection was intact and quite strong, probably due to them being Mates.

Probably not a good idea to put me or Kora in a room with her. she simply answered back You are the Alpha, punish how you see fit.

He frowned at her words You are the Luna, do you want a say, in it? he asked, trying to keep cheekiness out of his voice. And just reminding her she was to be his Luna.

No. she answered and severed the link.

He frowned, was that a no to him calling her the Luna, or a no to her having a say in it. He thought it had to be the later, or he would be feeling like crap right now, and he was pretty darn certain Havoc would bu*rst out of him and run right back there and Mark her against her will, whether their pups were in the room or not.

He strolled into his office, Ethan’s eyes locked right on to Jackson, who smiled right back at him, “Morning Ethan, have a nice family breakfast did we? Get some good news?” his tone was all smooth as silk, and there was an amused twinkle in his grey eyes.

Ethan said nothing, just narrowed his eyes at him for a minute, then turned to Nathan, “Abbey, as expected boss.”

Nathan locked eyes right on her, saw her swallow hard, she was healed, he noted from her wounds that Jay-la and Kora had inflicted upon her yesterday. Why Johnny was here he had no idea. He had not requested him to come to this meeting.

He walked over and sat behind his desk, just stared at Abbey fora solid minute, he watched her start to get fidgety and restless, she was uncomfortable in his presence, that was for certain. He watched Johnny reach out and put a hand on her to comfort her.

“Abbey, what you did was reckless and unacceptable, I have every right to banish you from this pack for attacking another pack member..without due cause.”

“wh, what…you can’t do that.” she stuttered.

“As the Alpha, I can do what I please, I can punish as I see fit.” he used Jay-la’s words.

“Mum and dad would never let you.” she snapped at him, her Alpha aura shooting out of her and directly at him.

“Where are they? They know you were brought here to be punished. I don’t see them here to defend your actions, do you?” he stated flatly, ignoring her aura. She might be pushing it at him, but she was also scared right this minute, she could not overpower him in anyway and he knew it. He was also a little surprised that neither of his parents were there this morning.

He watched as Johnny turned pale, Jackson looked more than shocked by Nathan’s comments. As did Ethan.

“You, Abbey, blatantly with no regard for your own safety, your unborn child’s safety or the safety of other pack members,” he indicated to her mate. Who he knew had, had to come to her defence and ended up wounded because of her actions, “need to learn a lesson about respect.”

“I was just trying to get her here for you,” she yelled at him, getting angry now.

“Hmm were you. Or were you just so power-crazed that you thought you could get away with anything?”

“They will never let you banish me, I’m pregnant,” she stated flatly.

“So, even now you believe you are above your Alpha, and are UN-punishable? Interesting Abbey,” he nodded. “but you are right on one thing. I will not banish my pregnant sister… I will, however, DE-rank you.”

There were several gasps heard throughout the room.

Abbey shot to her feet and glared at him. “I dare you to try it,” she screamed at him.

Nathan stood from his chair and stared down at his sister, his full Alpha aura on display, he felt Havoc push forward to aid in asserting his power over his sister, and blasted her with all his Alpha Aura, “I Alpha Nathan Browning of the Bl00d Moon Pack. Officially str!p you Abbey Browning of Bl00d Moon Pack of your Alpha title and reduce you to that of Rank Warrior. No longer will you be above anyone in this pack. To do as you so please. You will answer to me for every insubordinate action”.

He watched as she staggered backwards and fell to her knees. She clearly had not believed he could do it, let alone would do it. Tears were pouring from her eyes, he knew it hurt to be de-ranked, but she must learn she can not do as she pleased, that there are repercussions to her actions.

“How could you?” she cried up at him.

“How many times Abbey did mum and dad blip over your blatant insubordination and reckless actions, I will not be like that. You brought this on yourself.”

Johnny was trying to pick her up off the floor but she wasn’t getting up. He watched her eyes glaze over, knew she was calling for back up, looking for help from her parents.

Would they he had no idea, but they knew he had been displeased and was going to punish her, they just didn’t know how.

“It’s no wonder she runs away from you.” Abbey shot at him angrily. “you’re so cruel.”

“Do you really want to push your luck Abbey? I can make you an omega if you like,” he grated out.

She gasped at him, he saw the horrified look she was giving him.

“Get her out of my sight Johnny,” he told her Mate.

Johnny helped her up, she reached for him to carry her, but his injury, still not healed, wouldn’t allow him to. Nathan glanced at Jackson. ” Help your brother out, would you?”

He simply nodded and walked over and picked Abbey up and walked out of the room with her still crying. It would have hurt but not so much that she would still be crying about it. The tears were because she couldn’t believe he had actually punished her, his wayward sister had never been truly punished ever, a slap on the wrist here or there, but not actually punished formally. This was a great shock to her. She had suddenly realised she did have to answer for her actions and she simply didn’t like it.

One down, he thought and sat and waited. It didn’t take long for his father to come into his office, no mother, that was curious. She was always Abbey’s biggest defender. “really son to a warrior.”

Yes, she will learn she does have to answer to people, now she has to answer to Delta, Gamma and Beta bl00ds as well as Alpha’s. So much for answering to no one.

His father shook his head, but that was it. Sat in the chair in front of Nathan’s desk “How’d it go with Kora and Jay-la?”

Nathan raised an eyebrow at his phrasing of the question.

“Oh come on Son, Havoc was on the hunt, we all heard his call and Kora’s back, he was off to get his mate, did he?”

“Yes,” Nathan nodded. “Jay-la needs more time.”

“Then give it to her.”

“l intend, too.”

“Now, just for some clarification, “Havoc did Mate Kora yes.

“Yes, father, why?”

“Just making sure she’s not gonna go running off on you again, her wolf, your wolf mating means neither of them would let it happen.”

Nathan agreed with that.

How he was going to deal with Jody and Vera he did not yet know. He was extremely unhappy with what they had done to get their daughter back here. They did not know of her current emotional state and probably didn’t think it would affect her so much, but it had affected her, so much distress had poured out of her. She had actually not been able to cope. He would have hated to see what would have happened if Stephen had not been there to calm her down.

Nathan also knew that he could not do anything to her family without discussing it with her first. So, for now, those two had to wait. He was tempted to further punish Micheal, but the boy it seemed, was scared enough.

His raging even without Havoc Mad scared the life out of his little brother, showed Nathan that he would not fall out of line anytime soon. He would be demanding that Micheal apologise to Jay-la today at some point. Whether he did it in front of Rae-Rae or not was another matter, he still didn’t know what Jay-la had told the girl to get her to change her mind. only Rae-Rae knew that.

Certainly didn’t go telling her about Micheal’s storming down her apartment with her children inside.
That would not have gone down well with Rae-Rae. He did know although Rae-Rae was here and happy to be so, it actually was Micheal who had upset her, not Jay-la as Micheal believed, so his attitude towards her that day was uncalled for and Nathan would demand he apologise.

He stood from his desk. “ Why is mother not here trying to beat me up for de-ranking her daughter?” he asked his father, walking around his desk and heading for the door.

“l imagine she agrees with you,” his father shrugged.

“You could have punished her worse, being de-ranked is nothing when your parents are still the former Alpha and Luna, and she is mated to a Beta, so its not like she lost anything. I or your mother never had the heart to punish her, but we always knew t some point she would tick you off to no end and you, would punish her. Just glad you didn’t toss her in the cells to be honest.”

“Trust me, the thought crossed my mind. If she wasn’t pregnant I would have.” He was tired and needed a nap. Headed to his suite and mind-linked Jackson, on the way ‘going for a nap, wake me if Jay-la wants to talk, or brings the children to meet me otherwise, see you at lunch time.

‘Right boss.

‘I had her phone on me last night, find it and give it to her, in case Lauren calls.’

‘will do.’

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