The Defiant Mate Chapter 40

Jay-la POV

Showered and lying in the bed, na*ked, due to the fact she had no clothes here in the room to change into, she stared up at the ceiling. She had been awake for hours, unable to get any sleep, her mind was unable to switch off. And Kora was of no help to her, all she could think about was her Mate and wanting to be with him.

‘Go to him,’ was all she’d been harping on for nearly an hour now.

‘Not ready.’

Bullshit. Kora had snorted at her, almost angry with her, you wanted him earlier.’

Yes, I know, but that was different. Caught off guard.

Kora snorted at her in annoyance. You want him. Kora sighed almost softly. She was lying in Jay-la’s mind, head on her paws and tail around her. You remember when he used to k!ss you. You’re whole body melted into him.

‘Enough Kora.’

It was like that, but today is more intense. You want him, need him. she whispered to her.

Kora… Jay-la was practically begging her to stop it, her wolf was trying to rile her up and she knew it. She rolled over on the bed and buried her face into the pillow.

‘The way his hands would slide over you, touch you, softly at first,’ she was purring softly now ‘his mouth k!ssing your neck.

Jay-la growled at her own wolf. She didn’t need to be reminded of what it was like to be in his arms, to have him touch her everywhere, taste every inch of her. Bite her gently and then roughly. She flipped over on the bed and huffed herself.

‘Kora let it go,’ she muttered.

‘The way he’d pull you towards him and lick all the way up your spine before lacing his fingers into yours while sliding his huge bard c0ck against you teasing you when he knew what you really wanted’ Kora was all hind quarters up inside Jay-la’s mind, as though she could actually feel it.

‘Enough please’ Jay-la begged her, quietly biting her l!p.

‘It’ll never be enough, Kora whispered softly, ‘his hand between your legs, touching you, stroking you filling you with pleasure, you remember, don’t you the feeling, how hot you got, how w*et you would be. How wanton he made you.

Goddess help me. Jay-la sent up a silent prayer. She did remember and was at this very minute turned on by the memory her wolf was pushing at her. With her eyes closed, goddess she could picture it so clearly, the way he would look down at her with those desire filled deep dark blue eyes of his, they way she would drown in them, loved looking up into them knowing he wanted her, needed her, was unable to look away from him even when she was so close to org*sm he loved to watch her c*um.

He’d told her often, sometimes had even demanded her not to look away from him, as he’d pleasured her, his long rough fingers stroking her most sensitive places until she was arched up and crying out his name.

Jay-la m0aned into her room, her hand slipping down her body, touching herself the way she knew he would, imagining her hand was his hand. ‘Go to him. Kora whispered into her mind as Jay-la felt the first ripples of pleasure roll through her body as she touched herself, sliding a finger between the folds of her now w*et p**ssy and stroking her own cl!t.

‘Don’t even know if he’s in his room,’ she whispered back to Kora.

‘Mind-link him.’

‘Goddess no, he’ll know instantly I’m turned on.’ Oh goddess, she needed release, she claimed an image in her mind of him, his hand between her thighs, his fingers thrusting in and out of her and allowed herself to believe her hand was his, until she was cu**mming herself, bit down hard on the cry of pleasure that was trying to escape her, he would likely hear it if she was to loud Kerá chortled ‘good we want him to.’

No… Jay-la could taste blo0d she’d had to bite down hard to keep from calling out his name.

‘Go to him.’

‘If he’s not there?’ She feared she would not have the courage to go to his bed again if she went and he wasn’t there.

‘I sense my mate nearby, he is there. Kora whispered to her ‘go to him.

Jay-la sat up in the bed. Her body ached for him, she did want to go to him, but what if he wasn’t there? What if she went and found his bed empty? What then? She was biting her l!p nervously.

‘Never nervous before, not even your first time with him. Why now?’ Kora asked.

‘Different now. What if it!’s not the same? She worried.

Kora snorted at her and shot the image of her and him k!ssing in the private dining room into her mind. Jay-la m0aned as she recalled the hungriness, the wanton need. Goddess the way she could feel his hard erection pressed against her, how she’d not been able to stop herself from moving herself against it.

She tossed the covers back and got out of bed, slipped from her room and quietly walked down the hallway and into the living area. Before she changed her mind, and talked herself out of it.

She was completely na*ked and had no idea if he was even in his room, though his scent was here and quite strong. That could just be because it was his room. She tipped across the living area and stood by his bedroom door ‘Go to him’. Kora whispered in her mind ‘you want him, we want him. He wants you, they want us.’

She reached out and, taking a deep breath, opened his door and stepped into his bedroom quietly. Closed the door softly behind her, there he was lying in his bed, sleeping on his stomach, his face turned away from her, the duvet only covering him to his wa!st.

She could see him perfectly clearly with her wolfs sight. Kora was purring softly inside her mind. He’s yours, Jay-la, go claim him.’

Goddess he was perfect, all those muscles, even in his relaxed state of sleep, were a turn on. She took a step towards his bed, took another and then his head turned and his eyes were on her. She knew he could see her, his sight perfect even in the dark.

She bit her l!p, her heart rate quickened, she could smell her own arousal, from a few minutes ago it still lingered on her quite strongly, she could tell he could too, his nostrils were flared as he lay there breathing in deeply, smeling her.

He pushed himself up with his arms, never took his eyes off of hers, she watched as all his muscles rippled while he moved, her breath quickened, she wanted him so much, had missed him so much, felt the heat of desire pool between her thighs, felt tears welling in her eyes, this was all she had wanted her whole life, to be his, and now here it was, she was his, he was hers.

She watched from midway across the room as he flicked the duvet away from his na*ked body, could see he was already fully aroused and ready for her. The smell of her arousal would likely have been what had woken him.

Without a word held out his arms to her, she couldn’t stop herself, ran across to the bed and climbed in, reached out for him and pressed her l!ps to his, k!ssed him with everything she had, sliding her arms around his neck, pressing her whole body against his, slid herself directly underneath him, pulling at him to feel his hard body against hers.

His mouth was devouring hers, she felt him shift completely on top of her and press her down on to the mattress, a hand already pulling at her thigh, so he could have her, take what the goddess had gifted to him, his mouth moved from hers, his deep blue eyes locked on hers, “Mine.” he growled right at her, both he and Havoc together, and she growled it right back “Mine.” her and Kora united in accepting their Mates completely.

His mouth smashed down on to hers and she felt him thrust bard into her, all the way in, deep and hard, dominating, claiming her completely, she thrust up to meet him, so ready for him, wanted nothing more than to be Mated and Marked by h!p. He thrust his hard c0ck in and out of her slowly, firmly, all the way in deep as he could go and Jay-la arched up to him, wanting him to fill her completely.

It was like nothing she’d felt before with him, with every movement of his body she felt electricity shooting through her, her gasps of pleasure came quickly, as he started to move quicker, she matched him, her need to have him increasing like never before, her nails were scratching down his back, her heels pushing hard into the mattress beneath her to aid in her getting what she wanted.

His mouth moved from hers to her neck, felt hot burning k!sses make there way down her neck to her mark spot, his l!ps on her mark spot. Oh goddess, she was cu**mming for him, so quickly, never ever this quickly before. She cried out in pleasure as he sucked deeply and k!ssed her mark spot over and over again, the pleasure of his mouth there, was almost too much.

He was thrusting furiously in and out of her now, mating her with everything he had, claiming her utterly she was his. Pain ripped through her as his fangs plunged deep into the tender skin of her mark spot, it was intensely hot and felt as though she was being burned by his venom, but it faded quickly away.

Her org**sm suddenly intensified and she was desperately clutching at him, thrusting up at him as hard as she could, she was cu*mming, a scream of pleasure burst from her as he spilled his seed deep inside of her, his mouth moved over her mark spot sealing it, everyone would know she belonged to him now.

His body moved gently with hers, his h!ps rocking against hers letting her org**sm completely roll through her, goddess he knew everything about her, just what she needed, how to bring her down from her high. She grabbed a fist full of his hair and brought his mouth to hers, k!ssed him long and deep. She could feel him already growing hard again inside of her, goddess she loved this man, how easily she could turn him on. She too wanted him again.

Then she was pushing at his ch3st, to try and shove him over, “my turn” she whispered to him, he allowed her to roll him over, grabbing onto her a*ss to keep them still joined. She pushed him down and sat up, looking down at him as she started to ride him, he was smiling up at her “your turn” he agreed.

Jay-la pushed his hands away from her body when he tried to touch her, grabbed him by his wrists and used all her wolf strength to pin him down, hold him down while she k!ssed him and rode him hard and fast.

He wanted to touch her, strained at her tight grip, she smiled down at him, was much stronger than before, he didn’t want her dominating him and she liked it, her last act of defiance, holding him down and getting what she wanted from him.

A growl came from him and she was abruptly overpowered by him, havoc lending his strength. He sat them up, pushing her hands behind her back. He grabbed both her wrists in one hand and held them there. His other hand had a fist full of her hair and tugged her head back, his mouth claimed hers.

“Defiant to the end, I see,” he growled playfully.

“Always.” she teased him, pulled her arms free of his hold, wrapped them around his neck and k!ssed him again. She would never tire of k!ssing this man. His hands were on her br*easts ca*ressing them. He was thrusting up and into her and she down onto him.

“Oh goddess I’m cu**mming” she m0aned against his neck, felt a hand slip around her wa!st and on to her h!p, while the other slid up her back and curled over her shoulder, his fingers sliding right over her mark spot, she gasp as jolts of pleasure erupted from his touch, he was lifting her up and slamming her down on him hard and fast and she could feel her org**sm taking over, hear the screams peeling from her one after the other.

She was desperately clinging to him as her body strained and pulsed in waves of pleasure around his hardened c0ck inside of her, felt her fangs elongate, and as she clamped around him with all she had her org**sm reaching its peek, slammed her fangs into his neck, his blo0d filled her mouth, it was sweet and metallic to taste, she heard him groan in pain, before pleasure took over, felt him hold her h!ps down hard on him as he c*um inside of her as she sealed his mark spot, with soft k!sses and licks of her tongue.

Felt Kora howl with happiness, and heard Havoc howl right back at her, as the connection between their two wolves was solidified, tears burned in her eyes as she felt through the bond, just how much he did love her, did want her.

They spilled down her cheeks and she burst into tears and buried her face into his neck as sobs wracked her body.

“Sweetheart its okay,” he whispered to her softly. She knew he could feel what she was feeling, her turbulent emotions were unchecked, and probably a little out of control, but she was just really happy and couldn’t contain them right that minute. Her Alpha loved her and that was all she had ever wanted.

She could feel his hands moving gently up and down her back trying to soothe her. Had no idea how long she sat there with him unable to gain control of herself or her emotions. “I’m sorry,’ she murmured sometime later.

“Don’t you ever be sorry for loving me the way you do.” His voice was a little rough, he shifted them to lie down on the bed, gently withdrew himself from her, she whimpered a little, and he chuckled softly “want to go again huh?”

Jay-la buried her face into his ch3st but smiled at the same time and couldn’t help it. She whacked him playfully on the shoulder but knew he was right, she wanted to spend the rest of the night with him, touching him, teasing him, pleasing him and being pleased by him.

She knew she would only have to ask. Probably wouldn’t have to ask at all, his hand was already stroking her outer thigh, he was going to be insatiable and, to be honest, she wanted that.

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  1. Am I the only one who’s utterly disappointed with this? Where’s his proper apology towards her? Her children? Are we just going to forget that she suffered for six long years yet she forgive her abuser immediately for a dick and lust that can’t be controlled due to their connection? I couldn’t really understand Jay La for immediately jumping on him, after all I couldn’t feel what she feel towards him. But on readers view, he was a total bastard scum that deserve a beating cause as far as I can remember, that scumbag never thought of her for those years that she wasn’t around while she suffered. He only remembered her when she saw her on TV. I almost vomited when that scum started running his mouth saying he loves her then become a total bastard again.

  2. I totally agree with you. like seriously she was have been pretty f****n s****d just to forgive him and sleep with him. literally no point on running away in the first place if you were just going to end back up f*****g over him again. seriously no self respect. deeply disappointed with this clueless mfl.

  3. Yeah, you have to realize that the wolf connection is not the same as normal people’s connection. In ‘our’ world this would be totally unacceptable but if you’re a wolf, this is normal behavior.

  4. for those of you wondering there is a second book called ‘The Defiant Luna’. As fsr as the disapproving comments, Samantha says it best. yall are thinking about it from q human world vanilla point of view. wolfen society, tradition and culture is very different. For any of yall into d/s it closely resembles that type of relationship and even the br aw ttiest of brats can be tamed in the right hands. And thats exactly what had happened. i love it and cant wait to read the second book.

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