The Defiant Mate Chapter 41

Nathan POV

He lay on his side propped up on an elbow, watching her sleep, a smile on his l!ps, Jay-la right where she should be, her hair was all messy from him grabbing at it all night and all morning, for that matter, she’d never be allowed to cut it off.

Her mark spot was right there for him to see, a pretty silver filigree now adorned the soft skin just below the crook of her neck. He loved just looking at it, refrained from touching it, though he wanted to, he knew it would wake her from her sleep and set off her arousal as well, he’d tormented her with it plenty already. He internally chuckled to himself.

He’d been watching her for an hour now, unable to move away, he didn’t want her to wake up alone, he wanted to see those big green eyes of hers open and he to be the first thing she see’s even if it took all day. He wasn’t moving out of this bed for anything.

He had already informed his parents and his Alpha Unit, to darned happy to be able to keep it to himself, his mother had practically screamed down the link in joy and started yelling about getting Vera so they could start working on the Luna ceremony which would be on the next full moon just 10 days away, then the link had been severed and he could well imagine she was already linking Vera, they’d always gotten along as had both of their fathers, it seemed things were going to go back to the way they had before he had screwed everything up.

His alpha unit had not been all that surprised. Jackson simply told him to take the day boss, a knowingly playful tone in his voice.

Nathan understood his meaning, and he was doing just that, taking the day to be with her.

His eyes moved over her body, it was uncovered from the waist up, she was lying flat on her stomach, her face turned towards him, one hand up under the pillow, the other stretched out down the bed.

She’d fallen asleep with him on top of her, begged him to stay there, said she loved the feel of his weight on her body. And how could he deny her anything when she used the word loves and him in the same sentence, he’d slipped off of her when she’d nodded off to sleep.

There were many tiny bite marks down her back, he knew there were even more across her chest and abdomen, a grin formed on his face, inside of her thighs too. Every little love bite he’d left had elicited moans of pleasure from her, and he’d wanted to hear more with the release of his mouth and her moan dying off. He’d found another place to tease and please her.

He watched her green eyes slowly open, he was still grinning and he knew it, couldn’t help it. “Afternoon sweetheart,” his voice dropped to that deep se*xy tone he knew would turn her on.

Watched as she bit her l!p and stared at him, then turned her face and buried it into the pillow, with a little shake of her head, almost as if she was shy and embarrassed. “Awe you went all shy have you?” he teased her gently.

“Go away,” she muttered into her pillow. Her tone was too light.

He laughed, he knew she didn’t mean it. She was just grumpy first thing in the morning or when waking up, he recalled that much. “nope. and he reached out and poked her right between her last two ribs, knowing she was ticklish there.

She swatted at him, her face still buried in the pillow. He dodged her easily. ” Come now sweetheart, swatting at me like that might get your Mate all frisky again.”

He got the desired response. Her eyes moved back to him, at the word Mate. He winked right at her and then pointed to his mark spot. Her eyes moved to it and she actually blushed, goddess well look at that he thought, he could still make her blush. “Come here,” he growled.

She shook her head. “No, no, no. you’ve had enough.

“Never,” he growled again and yanked her across the bed to hug her to his chest.

She squealed and struggled against him, but she was no match for him. She’d learned that last night, so had Kora when Havoc had decided it was his turn to mate his mate in human form.

Poor wolf had, had no chance, even though she had fought for dominance Havoc was much stronger and their rough s*x play had been something to sit back and watch. Even Jay-la was a little shocked by their behaviour, even more so, when Kora had receded to the back of her mind but Havoc had not, was staring right down at her, growling ‘Mine’ at her.

She’d had to persuade him to relinquish control back to Nathan. His wolf wanted to mate her too, it seemed.

Nathan had pulled him away with not a no, but a later buddy. To his surprise, so had Jay-la. They could talk about that another time. It wasn’t all that usual for wolves in human form to mate a human counterpart to their actual Mate, but clearly his was interested.

Nathan wondered if it was Havoc wanting to dominate her or if he too felt the need to claim not just Kora but Jay-la as well. Currently, Havoc was settled and sleeping. They could discuss it later.

Her squirming to get away was only increasing his interest in her, and he held on that little bit tighter to elicit more fight from her. She abruptly, stilled when she realised what was going on and found his fully erect c0ck against her abdomen. “You bastard,” she halfheartedly yelled at him and struck him quite hard on his back.

He started to laugh and couldn’t stop, rolled them over.

She was on top of him and grinned right up at her “What, you started it. Moving and grinding yourself all over me, what did think was gonna happen?”

She pushed up and climbed off of him. He let her go. Yes, he was still interested and having his way with her, but he was pretty sure she actually did need rest and recovery time. She flicked the sheet over him and muttered “Down boy.” Which only made him laugh again “Where are the children?” she asked.

“With my parents playing with Halley,” he answered and rolled back onto his side. To watch her, she was sitting completely naked in front of him. He liked it. She’d never been one to be shy about her body, or not around him anyway.

“You want to go shower and get some food? You must be hungry after all your seduction of me last night.”

Her eyes widened as he knew they would, she technically was responsible for him mating the hell out of her, she’d come in here all hot and bothered, smelling so strongly of arousal, and then climbed underneath him and he was never going to let her forget it. Her willpower is tiny. His obviously much stronger, or at least that was how he was going to tease her from now on.

There was suddenly a pillow banged into his face, and the hits kept coming, til he gave up defending himself and threw himself at her, pinned her down “What sweetheart, did you forget you came in here to me…already?’ he feigned utter shock with the last word.

“Your and a*ss,” she grumbled, but still smiled.

“Mm I know, you used to say that to me all the time. Guess not much has changed then.” he climbed up off of her and yanked her from the bed. “Come on shower, we got stuff that still needs fixing, you know.”


He turned the shower on and stepped in when it was to his liking, pulled her in and took great pleasure in washing her from head to toe, touching her everywhere. It was not a quick shower in the end, and she was whacking him, telling him to stop touching her, trying to get away from him why she was trying to dry off. Ah, she was so much fun to play with. Their bond was so strong. He could feel it.

They were going to be just fine. Once all the human world stuff was cleaned up, he knew she had things to sort out back in the city, a job to quit, a boyfriend to dump. She could do those both over the phone though, and an apartment to clean out and pack up, though he could have people do that last part.

Probably would.

He wondered how she’d feel about him tagging along for all of that. If she insisted on doing it in person, he was not likely to allow her to go all the way across the country without him ever again. He could well imagine both the looks on those men’s faces when he was suddenly by her side and completely unexpectedly announced as her fiance in the human world.

Firstly, though she had to drop the charges against him, so he could go with her to close out her human world life and he would be going with her, he was not leaving her alone for a single second with either Eric Stanton or Timothy Bolton, for that matter, not that he thought she would do anything to hurt him, he just didn’t want any un-mated male wolves near her, nor unmarried human males for that matter.

They might come to blows today over it, but hehehe she was his now and she had to deal with him and his temper and dominant possessive tendencies. He thought it was going to be fun, he doubted she was going to think that, but let’s see her be defiant now.

The conversation about closing out her human life was going as he expected. She was currently standing in his office with her hands on her h!ps glaring at him. He’d simply informed her that she could end everything and close it all out with a few phone calls or that he would be tagging along with her wherever she went, and this had put her into fight mode.

“You don’t trust me” she accused him.

“Yes, I do. I just am not willing to let you out of my sight this very minute, I just got you,” he told her without lying.

His whole unit was sitting in his office watching the two of them go head to head and he didn’t actually care, it was kind of like old times, the 5 of them hanging out together.

“That is ridiculous. What! You think l am going to run off, do you? Like l could, Kora would drag my a*ss back here.”

He was staring at her now, he didn’t like the way she had said that. Implying she was only here because of Kora. He put down the pen he had been using and leaned back in his chair to look at her. She was wearing an outfit he’d bought for her, black jeans that buttoned to the h!p and a green long-sleeve sweater that stopped at her waist.

Her lower abdomen was on display, very distracting, she had a whole wardrobe full of clothes in their suite which had surprised her, including the gown he had picked out and wanted her to wear to her Luna ceremony. She’d even liked it. A nice deep blue mermaid-style dress with crystals embedded in it to make it look like the night sky.

It was actually the same color as his eyes. He didn’t think she would run off at all, but her choice of words irked him anyway. “Say that again!” he stated softly, there was a slight edge to his voice, his annoyance for all to hear.

He watched her think about what she had said, a hand came up. Her fingers were moving as she was running the words through her mind. He watched it dawn on her, acknowledged what she had implied right here in front of him and his unit, and shook her head slowly “poor choice of words,” she agreed.

“Agreed. You have two choices Jay-la. Personally I like choice l. You sit in your office here in the pack.” he pointed to a door off to his right on the other side of the room “and call Eric and resign from your job.

You call Timothy and end your relationship with him. I don’t care what you tell him to be honest, just make it clear to him it’s over. And you call the FEDs and speak with them and drop the charges against me. If you choose option 2, I will be going with you for every aspect of your departure from the human world, including that very uncomfortable conversation you will have to have with Timothy about me while I am standing right next to you, “I can assure you Havoc will be all dominant and his hands will be on you to make the point loud and clear as to who you belong to. It will not be something I will be able to control.”

“You’re impossible,” she snapped at him.

“l could be yes, but for once you will do as I tell you, yes?” He threw the question at her to see if she was going to continue to defy him at every turn.

She was standing there staring at him, hadn’t answered the question, but her green eyes were all defiant. He heard all three of his friends burst out laughing, and frowned at them. “Still got a defiant mate,” Jackson laughed at him. “Life surely is about to get interesting around here boss.”

“Jay-la, choice l or 2.”

Her jaw was ticking away and her fists were balled at her sides. He was not the least bit surprised to sense anger from her, for the past 6 years she had been answerable only to herself, and her wolf. But now she was Mated to her Alpha and accountable for all her actions to him, he would never truly punish her in anyway, and that wasn’t fun for either of them.

He did like her defiance in a small way, her stubbornness and was happy to play with her even if she didn’t know that was what he was doing. Pushing her buttons was going to be fun, which is what he was doing right that minute, she just hadn’t figured it out yet.

“I’ll take option 1 then, shall I?” she snapped at him and stomped off to her Luna’s office.

He smiled to himself when she banged the door shut.

Life was indeed about to get interesting and he couldn’t wait.

The End

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  1. I love this novel. I will definitely come back and read it again to feel it again.Thanks for the author and site Dev team

  2. The ending was too ubrupt. For her strong willed personality you’d think she would at least say option 3… and make her own option.

  3. This was good the only issue I have is the ending it was too quick and also her Luna gift wasn’t explained ie how was she able to effect people with her emotions. There seems to be so much more still left to explore. The two new mate bonds made by the gamma and beta. How Michael tells Rae Rae he’s a wolf. Ok maybe more than one issue I have lol. Other than that it was a good story.

  4. Leaving the rest to our imagination .That was a really good read.@RL thank you for asking the real questions.

  5. Is that the ending? Will there be a sequel to this story?
    Errrhhhhh I can’t accept this kind of ending. Need more…

  6. I liked the story but agree with everyone else on the abrubt change in her strong personality. Honestly, I don’t like him and would have prefered her to choose a new alpha one who mated with her on the spot like that other alpha Austin. Because no matter what he doesn’t come across as genuine with that cold letter, wolfsbane, and claiming he loves her after she was hurt by him and he forgot about her for 6 years! The way he had her brought to him… what kind of mate/man is that? What so she only deserves to be deigned with care from you once you know she’s your mate not even a great love but a second choice? that! It would have been better if she had another love interest, one that actually put her first immediately!

  7. Wow.. this started off so wonderful..
    The abrupt end leaves the reader completely unsatisfied.
    So many things left to bring any type of closure to this book.

  8. The one pro about this story was that it was interesting and it had me automatically hooked. The downside about it was that it was so bad. About 70% of this story was about s3x or the want to have s3x. It really was no different to some bad fanfic a h0rny furry teenager who just lost her cheating boyfriend wrote on wattpad. There are also so many things left behind that was never solved and it just confused me. Was the ending obvious? Of course it was but I didn’t expect the ending to not be obvious. It was disappointing to say the least, but would I read it again? Absolutely! It’s so short that you could finish this within a day with will power and self control. Something that Jayla had until the end when she decided that things won’t be too bad even though her to-be-husband is a scumbag; who would definitely not hurt the children that she gave birth to without him there. Not to mention he kicked her out “on a whim” because his anger issues have no limits and is able to get away with anything in the human world because he’s hot and rich. This dude has hundreds of red flags but it cancels out because he’s hot and rich. However, this is just a story about werewolves with lots of drama so at the end of the day it doesn’t really affect anyone unless you’re an 11 year old who is looking to roleplay some furry drama with your friends. Fun to read though.

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