The Defiant Mate Chapter 9

Jay-la POV

Photographed and injuries documented and tended to by a human doctor. Jay-la gave her statement to the human Feds. All that she knew, she only told exactly what happened, leaving out that she had killed one wolf, but stated she had injured him. No lies about what had happened on pack territory, she would not incite more rage from her Alpha.

Technically, he and his men in the pack had not hurt her at all. Nil wounds were in fact inflicted by the Alpha, Beta or previous Alpha, all of whom she used their human names for. She was returned to Tony and Lauren’s house where her children were. She couldn’t allow Kora to heal her because it would be suspicious to suddenly have no wounds.

Jay-la fell onto her knees and hugged her children tightly to her, k!ssing them repeatedly on their heads, they were all crying at the state of her, touching her gently and asking if it hurt. She didn’t want them to see her like this, but it was the price of living in the human world. Their distress at her being missing was evident. Even when she tried to use the bathroom, they all trailed her, she just let them. She and Kora didn’t want to let them out of sight either. So it was fine.

She and the triplets had slept in the same bed every night that week. Tim had come straight over to Tony’s house the minute Eric had informed him she was back and safe. He had stayed that first night and held her in his arms all night. While she had spent the night staring at her babies, it wasn’t often one of them would actually spend the night, usually they would have s3x multiple times and then one would go home. Sleep overs were rare.

There was no s3x, she had too many injuries and she was not interested either and neither was he. He was just worried about her current state and wanted her to know he was there for her, to Jean on. She was grateful for that, he could only stay on the weekend due to having to be in court all week. But it was nice to actually have him around. He had often hugged her and just cuddled her for no reason, he played with the kids and was generally nice to have around.

The way the Feds had found her, bruised, battered and bloodied and running screaming from the Blood Moon Pack or Browning’s Corporation to the humans, had landed Nathan in hot water, though she knew it was most likely going to be swept away by the Wolfen council as they would find away to get him off the hook and out of the human worlds trials and he would never ever see the inside of a real human prison. It would probably take some doing or time, but it would be done. Pay the right people the right amount and anything could go away.

Jaya knew that he had been charged with k***g and causing grievous bodily harm as Eric had drawn up the charges and was going to prosecute the case himself just like he had said it was going to. Eric was very unhappy and could see why she had stated she would not be able to bring them in as a client, called him all sorts of vial names when he’d collected her from the airport and took stock of her condition. He’d been the one to take her to Tony and Lauren’s.

Eric had announced no work for the following week and so she had spent it with her children at Tony and Lauren’s she felt safe there. It was a gated home with security camera’s and she didn’t think that Nathan or any of his men Would know about them or at least she didn’t think they would.

Tony had taken to calling him a ‘Prick’ or unethical bastard’ and occasionally a dumb-áss. Jay-la and Kora were never more that 5 feet from their children at any given time. It was a long night every night, Kora promised to keep their pups safe while she slept, she would monitor from within, no wolf would get near their babies again. She had allowed Kora to heal her a little each day, the distress in her children’s eyes was too much to take and after just 7 days she was fine, healed up and back to normal.

She knew it would have taken longer for a real human but she just shrugged it off and said she was healthy and a fast healer, she guessed.

Going back to work and sending her babies off to school again worried her, Alpha Blaine had gotten a good look at the three of them. She was certain that he’d pick Nate as his grandson. He might be a bit confused about the twins. They were smaller and looked a year younger, but she didn’t doubt he would see just how much Nate looked like his father. Spitting image even at that age, she had grown up with him. She reçalled what he looked like at 5. So would Alpha Blaine.

And now Nathan also knew she had children a family. What would he do with the information? She had defied him at every turn, not gone back willingly, killed one of the men designated to get her, assaulted his Beta and run away again, back to the human world. A place she’d found solace and sanctuary from her banishment. Not only had she defied him, she had also not declared her children to her pack, and certainly had not told him they were his.

Two things she should have done, especially the last one, keeping an Alpha from his offspring was a deadly game. At some point when they got older, she knew his wolf would sense it, and definitely feel it once they got their own wolves, the hunt would have been on then, but that was years away and so she had never thought about it. That was future Jay-la’s problem.

Jay la wasn’t about to go telling him either, he was already angry with her and she wasn’t about to go and make him 100 times more angry. He had already lost out on punishing her and had clearly planned to. He hadn’t even gotten to tell her what that punishment would be. That must really enrage him even more. Alpha’s did like to strike fear into their enemies, loved the power they had and could push around. Fear was how they protected their pack and members from other Alpha’s.

But because she was so well ensconced in the human world, known to many here as an expert divorce lawyer and had many wealthy and well-known clients to represent, her Alpha was going to have to deal with her here in the human world, play by human world rules or it will just appear that he would have come and abducted her again, Jay-la was pretty certain he was not going to like that at all. Wouldn’t risk it probably, being trapped in the human world risked his pack to attacks from other Aipha’s.

Every day for her now, though was going to be like a ticking time bomb however, waiting for him to sever her connection to his pack, if his father didn’t say anything and she had no idea if the man would, he hadn’t really reacted to the sight of the children, perhaps he had not made the connection at all, perhaps a vision of them was not enough for him to sense his Own bloodline.

Alpha Blaine had been kind to her, never severed her connection, continued to pay her school fees, didn’t cut off her pack card, thanked the goddess she had used it to pay for the nanny while in school, though had stopped using it the minute she started working for Eric and earning her own money, He had also never sent anyone to track her down and force her back.

He clearly hada good heart, a caring person. Unlike his son, she wondered why he had turned out so bad. He hadn’t been like that when she had been growing up in the pack.

Being back at the Blood Moon Pack brought up memories of her family, and she wondered how her mum and dad were, her brother Bradley, were they all okay, or had he punished them as much as her. She hoped not. Jay-la had not spoken to them in the 6 years she had been gone either, they had not tried to contact her, or come and see her, never attempted to track her down either. She wondered if they even missed her, or were they just as disappointed and annoyed with her for that one error she had made. Or had Nathan forbidden them from seeing her?

Jay-la felt a ripple of guilt come from Kora at the thought of the loss of their family. They had all been so close, much loved by all of them and she had loved them right back, still did and missed them all the time, just had to push the feeling aside and not think about it, that was the best way to deaf with it.

‘Don’t feel guilty Kora, you did what you did to protect our pups. So stop with the guilt.’

‘I know…but’ sadness wafted from her.

‘It is fine, it was a long time ago. I do not blame you, you know that, so please stop
feeling guilty about it.’

Kora sighed in her mind, she had always blamed herself for us being told to leave and never come back. Jay-la didn’t blame her. She had been going to leave anyway, live on campus for the last 2 years of her degree, so as not to have to see him with his Mate so happy and in love. Thankfully, she still hadn’t had to witness it, the woman had not shown her face during her brief, very brief trip to the pack.

Kora, you are amazing, I couldn’t ask for a better wolf. she told Kora, thankful for just how fast Kora was. Not many could out run her. Only 2 from her pack had ever managed it, when she was in wolf form and running at full speed, the current and former Alpha. Even growing up in Blood Moon Pack, everyone had been amazed by Kora. She was so beautiful her pale silver fur practically glowed in the moonlight like she was white, with her cute grey snout and paws. When she had run with her pack under the full moon for the first time her mother had told her she looked like the moon herself.

What was fun was that she could hide in the snow so well of a night that it was always fun to play with the boys, go out in the winter time and hide in a snow drift, then wait and see how long it took them to find her, after she had mind-linked them to tell them they’d never find her, a hunt, they had all enjoyed, Alpha Nathan’s wolf Havoc especially, he’d always love to hunt and was good at it, typical alpha gene’s she guessed. A good memory from her teen age years.

Kora had always been able to run like the wind. Once agáin, she had proved hoW amazing she was Even in human form, Kora had been able to outrun Jackson and his wolf Apollo, something she had been proud of back in the day, and now could still be. Still faster than the Beta, hahaha suck it, she thought with a chuckle, she would love to tease him about still being slow.

She and Kora had always teased them when growing up. “You’re all slow poke’s” she would tease them, throwing leaves and Sometimes mud at them or snow balls depending on the time of the year. It had always enticed them and their wolves into a game of chasey so they could try and prove her wrong.

Their wolves were going to grow to be the strongest and fastest in the pack, the Alpha’s designated unit to help him protect and secure the pack.

It had been a game pure and simple, one that she and Kora knew they actually couldn’t Win, not because she couldn’t outrun them because she could, but because of who they actually were. The future Beta, Gamma and Delta, they would use other tactics to bring her down. Splitting up and forcing her into a corner was their favourite, setting a trap and they were good at it.

She had often wondered how many planned traps they had made and discussed about her and Kora to always be able to hunt and push her where they could corner her in different places all over pack territory. If they couldn’t, they had simply called for back up, and he would come for her, Havoc ever present to give him the burst of speed he needed to drag her wolfdown to the ground.

It had always been all in good fun. She sighed heavily ‘no that’s enough of a trip down memory lane, let’s not recall anymore.’ Agreed. Kora huffed, seemed a little annoyed, but seeing as he had just kidnapped them and separated them from their pups, we shouldn’t go down memory lane. He had changed from the fun, playful man she had known to an angry, hateful man, well where she was concerned anyway.

His Beta was still loyal to him, so it was likely he was still liked and respected by his pack, it was just her he hated, and for so very long. Would he ever let it go, she doubted it. His anger was still so great even after all this time, she had hoped with years passing it would have lessened, that one marking of his Mate just once and she would have healed and been left unblemished.

Jay-la’s wounds were much more severe from her k****g than the 3 tiny claw marks she had left on Luna Sophia’s face, and she had healed up, not a blemish left on her. How could it be that he is still so angry with her? Clearly 20 years of friendship meant nothing to him. She closed her eyes. ‘Don’t go there’ Kora whined at her. The past hurt her too.

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