The Luna Trials Chapter 24

“No promises!” Savvy snorted, and her new self-proclaimed friend giggled as well.

“Seriously,” the blonde sighed, “I tried talking to everyone here and other than you, Petra is the least blood-thirsty one. Can we agree to be on the same side at least until the final trial?”

“Are you sure we are going to stay here that long?” a chuckle escaped the princess. “Do you even remember that we are the least desirable contenders here?”

“We are the most underestimated ones!” Astrid corrected her with a smirk. “Something tells me, you are getting far in this contest. And I am not a quitter either!”

“Feisty little southerner!” Savvy giggled. “Fine! I like the idea. Now, spill. What is the next challenge?”

“Interviews,” Astrid replied, looking around cautiously. “Emma just arrived and saw that the twin’s filming crew came right before her.”

“Maybe they are just going to film everything as usual,” Savannah suggested.

“Unlikely.” Astrid shook her head as the three of them climbed up the stairs. “She saw folders with our names, and they discussed questions as they waited for the security check. We don’t know any specifics.”

“Too bad!” Savvy chuckled.

“And what information do you have to thank Astrid’s kindness?” Emma grunted behind them.

“Em, please!” her friend begged and looked at Savvy apologetically. “I know who will be the twin’s main target,” the princess winked at her two companions. “Something we don’t know!” The brunette did not seem impressed by her humour.

“Doesn’t matter,” Astrid intervened. “If Savvy happened to know something, she would tell me too.”

“You are too kind!” Emma mumbled, but both of them heard that. “Don’t worry,” Savannah smiled, “if I have a chance, I will repay …. everything.”

They said their goodbyes, and Savvy got into her bedroom. She considered getting a shower, but Kai’s jacket was still on her, and she liked its scent. Besides, she was so exhausted she simply didn’t have the strength for anything anymore. So, she quickly slid out of the clothes, casually throwing the jacket right next to the bed and then wrapped herself in sheets.

The forest scent gently surrounded her, making Athena purr in her mind as the two of them drifted off to sleep almost immediately.

Savvy woke up and stretched in her bed with a smile on her face. She decided to take a bath and soak in it a bit since she didn’t get to it after the events of the previous day. What happened yesterday left her perplexed and puzzled. It was difficult figuring everything out in this strange place. She was used to political games; however, back in her kingdom, at least she knew who she could trust.

She had her brother Gideon, who always had her best interest in mind. She had Reid, his Beta, who was also like an older brother to her and was always spoiling her more than anyone else. She also had her warrior friends. She knew that each of them was ready to die for their princess.

She didn’t have any of that here, and sometimes it felt like she was walking in a minefield.

Kyle had been her best friend ever since she could remember, and she was happy that he volunteered to come here with her. But he couldn’t help her much in the North. They already figured this much out.

Closing her eyes and slowly slipping underwater, Savannah had to admit to herself that she enjoyed her date with Kai. She liked talking to him, kissing him, okay, probably more than just liked it. The way they parted yesterday was so promising. She was excited for the first time in a long while.

That Bjorn bear was intimidating. It bothered her that he was physically stronger. Not many

Lycan males could boast that. She was a royal, after all. A simple bear wasn’t supposed to be able to tackle her this easily. Which could only mean one thing… Bjorn wasn’t that simple.

It was kind of obvious considering Kai’s reaction after each of their encounters. Savvy saw a dark figure hanging over her and got out to the surface immediately.

“Morning, Sunshine!” Kyle flashed his pearly whites at her, and she threw a sponge at him.

“Eww, Kyle! Boundaries!” she shouted as he escaped to the bedroom.

“It’s your fault!” her friend replied from behind the door this time. “You were gone last night, and we couldn’t find you in the morning! Do you know that it’s the middle of the day already?!”

“Really?” A wave of guilt washed over Savannah. But it wasn’t too big of a wave.

“Yeah,” Zara confirmed. “We had to wake you up. They just announced what you are going to be doing tonight.”

“The interviews?” Savvy asked, quickly finishing washing off. “Yeah,” her assistant sounded startled. “How did you know?”

“I had a friend share that valuable info with me yesterday,” the princess giggled, wrapping a towel around herself and walking back to her two partners in crime.

“Is that why we couldn’t find you yesterday?” Kyle looked at her suspiciously, and she averted his gaze.

“So, what else do we have here? Any peculiar news?” Savvy tried to change the subject while Zara was busy arranging her breakfast on the table.

“Not much,” she shrugged her shoulders. “I bribed a few people and now get regular reports about the other contenders. No fairy princesses among them. They are here to win. Even Petra.”

“Shocking!” Savannah giggled, taking her seat at the table and winking at her assistant. “Thanks, Zee. I don’t know what I would do without you!”

“She is a star!” Kyle confirmed, looking at his laptop. “Thanks to her little spies, the Truthteller now has more info to share. And thanks to that, he doesn’t look biased toward a certain princess. Kai’s date with Salome today was just golden!”

A piece of toast stuck in Savvy’s throat, and she tried to desperately cough it out. “Are you okay?” Zara rushed to her side, but she motioned for her to stop. “Yeah, I am great,” she muttered. “What are you talking about, Kyle? What date?”

“An improvised one,” the guy sneered. “He found her early in the morning and invited her to have breakfast with him. The drones are all over them. That breakfast is still not done! And it’s been hours!”

“I have to say,” Zara chimed in, “I didn’t think much of the witch in this kind of a competition, but judging from the photos I am getting, the King is smitten with her.”

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