The Luna Trials Chapter 33

Kai, what were you thinking?” Savvy yelped helplessly. “Days? We are going to be stuck in a cave for days?!”

“You sound so scared!” he chuckled, brushing his fingers over her legs and lifting the fabric of the dress slightly higher.

“Scared isn’t the right word for what I feel,” she ran her hand over her face. “It’s a cave! There is no food, no water, no place to sleep! What are we going to do?”

“Oh, about that,” he moved her off his lap. “There are actually a lot of things to do here. Follow me.”

He walked away into the darkness, and Savvy grabbed the lantern, trying to catch up with him.

He turned in a different direction from which they originally came from, and Savvy gasped when in just under a minute, they walked out into what looked like a much bigger cave, the bottom of which was filled with beautiful teal water that seemed to glow delicately.

Vaults and arches of stone resembling marble surrounded them, high, beautiful and majestic. It would be impossible if a man wanted to create something like that. Only the force of nature was capable of such a masterpiece. Savannah had never seen anything like it.

The water shimmered softly in the light that came from the ceiling. This was another thing that amazed the princess. The top of the cave was peppered with glowing crystals. They gleamed in the darkness, creating an ethereal atmosphere around them.

“What is this place?” she turned to look at kai at last and lost the ability to speak as the King was already stripping himself, throwing his clothes to the ground.

“This is a place where no one else can get,” he said with a smirk, enjoying her reaction to his body. “The Sacred Northern Mountain Springs.”

He didn’t explain anything anymore and just jumped into the crystal clear water, creating waves around himself.

Savannah carefully placed the lantern on one of the rocks and watched him swim for a while. Werewolves usually didn’t like swimming too much, but Kai seemed confident in his skills. And also, he was showing off before her, which made her grin at him.

“Care to join me?” he asked when he swam closer to the shore after a while. “Or maybe the Western Princess doesn’t know how to swim? No worries then, I can teach you. I am an excellent teacher.”

“You just want to get me naked, do you?” She arched her brow, sliding out of one of her shoes and carefully testing the water with her bare foot. It was nicely warm.

“I wanted to get you n*ked from the moment I laid my eyes on you, Savvy.” Kai chuckled, making her cheeks flush with his honesty.

“Then I guess it’s your lucky day.” Savannah’s l!ps curled as she slowly moved her dress off one of her shoulders and then the other, playfully shrugging out of it and watching it fall to her feet.

She stood bare before him now, wearing only the North Star necklace on her neck. He took her in for a few moments as if he was speechless and then a growl of approval became his response to her.

Kai’s eyes were glowing blue now, and he didn’t even try to hide how much he wanted her when he stretched his hand, asking her to join him without saying the words.

Cautiously, Savannah stepped into the water, finding the sensations mostly pleasant. She had to admit – no one would be able to repeat that date even if they tried. There weren’t too many marble mountain caves with hot springs and magical glowing crystals in the world.

Kai was waiting for her, and she decided not to waste the opportunity to tease him more. So she dived underwater, swimming past him. Savvy was amazed to see that there were more crystals at the bottom of this warm lake, illuminating everything around them.

However, she didn’t get to enjoy the sight for long as something even more magnificent swam right in front of her.

Kai caught her in his arms and pulled her all the way up to the surface. Water trickled down their faces as they were pressed tightly against each other. He could feel her soft and delicate body against his hardness, hands sliding over each of her curves.

They didn’t need any words anymore; all the choices were already made a while ago. So, when the lycan brushed his l!ps over hers, she parted them for him. The desire was overwhelming, but they still were not throwing themselves at each other. Now it felt like they had all the time in the world.

Kai pecked her l!ps gently, enjoying the smoothness of her skin under water. Deepening the k!ss, he hooked one of her thighs and helped her wrap it around his wa!st for support. Savvy m0aned when he started peppering her neck with k!sses and then lifted her higher to bite at one of her bre*asts gently. This caused a wave of pleasant tingles all over her body, and she threw her head back

He loved seeing the North Star above her perfect peaks, but he knew he would like to see something else not far from it. Asgard wanted to mark that woman as his so badly! Not to mention that he was sharing this desire of his.

Savannah traced her delicate fingers over his chest and arms. He was so much bigger than her, so much stronger. And she craved him more than anything in this world.

“Would you take me already?” she asked him bluntly as he cupped her bottom. “Impatient little maid,” he chuckled darkly and slid his hand between her thighs. “Kai,” she groaned as he parted her folds, the warmness of her core not lost on him.

“All in due time,” he bit on her neck slightly, right where he planned to mark her later and teased the sensitive bundle of nerves in her centre. A m0an escaped her, which was like music to his ears. He wanted her to come undone in his hands and slowly inserted a finger inside of her, which caused another jolt of pleasure in her.

He added another finger, and this made Savannah arch her back. Not thinking twice, Kai spun her in the water so that she could lean her back over his chest now, and brought his fingers back to work, pumping in and out of her at a rhythm that seemed comfortable for his future queen.

He grasped one of her bre*asts, kneading it and tugging her n!pple in between his fingers, building her up slowly but inevitably.

Savvy lost herself in the sensation. Kai knew very well what he was doing, and she was enjoying it to the fullest. She wasn’t a fan of s*x in a lake, but the idea was quickly growing on her as the King hit just the right spot every time. With him, she was ready to explore new things.

He could feel her tight little s*x clenching over him and made sure to tip her over the edge, enjoying how her trembling body felt against his.

“I love you, Savvy,” he whispered into her ear as he pinched the already swollen bud softly and made her scream loudly as she came on his fingers. To heighten her rel*ase, he grazed his canines over her marking spot, and that made her forget about everything. He was still stroking her gently when she tried to steady her breath, despite her quivering thighs and heaving ch3st.

She turned around to face him, and her hand found his hard member pressed tight against his abdomen. She ran her fingers over his length, unable to wrap her fingers around it and svcking on a sharp breath. She was going to enjoy it immensely.

Just her touch made the mighty Lycan king of the North shiver with joy. She found his tip, looking straight into his eyes now and rubbed her thumb over it in a circular motion, enjoying the power she now had over him.

She was ready, and they both knew that now.

However, Kai surprised her when he suddenly swam away from her and all the way to the opposite bank from where they came from.

“Excuse me?” Savvy’s l!ps parted. This wasn’t what she expected at all.

“Don’t be greedy, Savannah!” The King smirked at her getting out of the water. She really did not see where he was going with it. “The night is young.”

He shifted into his dark wolf right in front of her eyes and waited for her.

Intrigues, Savvy chose to follow him again. He clearly had planned everything, and who was she to deny the King?

In just a few moments, she stood naked before the huge wolf, and he growled at her, greed and lust in his eyes. However, he didn’t budge and waved his large head, motioning for her to shift as well.

Savannah chose to obey him this once, especially considering Athena wanted to be unleashed badly. She and Asgard never had a chance to bond, and Savvy knew it wasn’t fair.

She shifted into her beautiful wolf, and the two of them just looked at each other for a few moments. Asgard stepped closer, rubbing his nose in the crook of her neck, digging his canines into her fur to let his female know what was to come soon.

Then, when he managed to inhale her wonderful bluebell scent, he suddenly sprinted away, howling.

Savvy and Athena were both startled, but Asgard’s howl let them know he was just leading the way. The white wolf with black ears huffed in annoyance but ran after the northern Alpha. Nothing could beat her curiosity.

They were running for a few good minutes, and Savannah realised that this mountain was full of hidden caves and passages. It was a real maze, and the King was finding his way with ease. She was memorising the turns too, just in case, and generally, it felt like they were getting higher.

Soon, they saw the light before them, and Asgard ran out of the cave to what looked like a snow-covered clearing at first. But soon Savvy realised they were on the shoulder of a mountain. This was probably on the other side as she couldn’t see the views of the northern capital of the castle. Just more mountain peaks and woods beneath them stretching for miles with the tree tops frosted with snow.

It was still snowing heavily. However, the biggest surprise was that Kai wasn’t taking her just anywhere. Right in the middle of all this, there was a small wooden house. The light was lit inside, but she couldn’t smell any scents around other than Kai’s.

He shifted before they reached the little house, still not bothered with his nakedness, and a smirk played on his handsome face. He had planned it all just perfectly

“Come on, Savannah,” he gestured for her to follow his example. “The best is yet to come.”

She turned back into her human form when they almost reached the wooden stairs, and he barely let her touch the cold ground, sweeping her off her feet.

“You have prepared!” she praised him with a giggle, and his eyes lingered on her before he stormed inside the house.

“Sometimes I feel that I have been preparing for you all my life, Savvy,” he said firmly, and she placed her head on his shoulder. This felt so good…

He took her inside, the warmth of the house greeting them and making the goosebumps on Savannah’s skin disappear. The interior was the last thing on her mind now, but her eyes still had a quick glance over, noting a huge fireplace carved out of stone identical to the one she saw in the caves, cosy furniture, a large white fur rug on the floor and a glass wall with the best view she had ever seen behind it.

As if she was the most precious thing in the world, Kai placed her carefully onto the soft fur that tickled her skin. The fire was already crackling in the fireplace, sparks twirling and flying up the chimney.

“Lights off,” Kai said loudly, and now the flames were the only thing illuminating the room and their faces.

“What a smart little house!” Savvy curled her l!ps as the lycan towered over her, his hand gliding up her thigh gently, drawing patterns on the way.

“You will remember this house as the place where the magic happens,” he leaned down and nibbled at her l!ps.

“Cheesy!” she let out a laugh, wrapping her hands around his neck.

They were so happy now, and it felt so right that she was afraid she would wake up any minute.

For the first time ever, they were finally alone. She could sense that there was no one around. No one was going to interrupt them. Nothing was going to happen.

There was him and her. They were the only two people in the entire world.

They both needed this closeness. All the odds were against them at all times, and only their desire to be together was not letting them give up. Even though they didn’t really know each other for too long, it felt like they had been waiting for this exact moment forever.

Their skin heated against each other, and Kai moved slightly to part her legs and slide in between them. His fingers feathered over her skin, eliciting a rush of goosebumps over it. Savannah arched her back for him, and he took it as an invitation to devour her delicious body. Grasping both of her bre*asts, he inhaled one of the ni*ples into his mouth, then, after realising it. flickered his tongue over the other until he managed to draw a m0an from her.

Savvy gasped from the pleasure when he slammed his l!ps into hers, madly and greedily, demanding dominance. And this time, she was ready to submit to him, which only caused another snarl of approval from him.

Kai slowly plunged his fingers back into her core, probing how ready she was for him, and caught Savannah’s m0an with his mouth.

“Mine!” The word escaped him against his will, but she did not object, and he enjoyed repeating it over and over as he covered her skin with wet k!sses.

“Kai!” His name on her l!ps sounded like a plea, and he was happy to fulfil her wish, positioning himself at her entrance. He nudged slightly, parting her glistening folds and coating his tip in her juices.

Breathing hitched, the princess closed her eyes and curved her back for him, grasping the fur around her. She felt his large palm on one of her bre*asts, playing with it, teasing her hardened bud.

“Eyes on me, Savvy,” the King ordered, and she did as she was told on instinct, surprised by her own reaction. She never considered herself the submissive type, but right now, his voice alone was almost tipping her over the edge. She had never experienced this before and found herself enjoying the new game. Kai was never stern with her and always treated her as his equal, but she liked his authoritative tone now.

They were both radiating, desire. It was impossible to hold back anymore, so when he slowly started thrusting his member into her, stretching her inner walls, she let out a loud m0an.

He was watching her patiently, afraid to hurt his Little Maid. This was the last thing he wanted, but his body was already shivering from the restraint. Holding himself back when she felt so good was an impossible task.

“Kai, please,” she begged him, furrowing her brows, and he understood her at once. Withdrawing slowly, he plunged himself back to the hilt in one rough move, and she struggled to keep looking at him because it felt so good. He thrust into her again and again, pulling her closer now and leaning lower to capture her l!ps.

“Mine,” he growled into her mouth. “Only yours,” she replied, digging her nails into his flesh … And this undid him. He lunged at her, locking his arms around her small frame to keep her in place.

Their breathing came in sharp pants as he pounded into her like the savage beast that he was, Asgard taking control from time to time. Savannah’s whimpers and m0ans filled the room as pleasure pulsed through her body. She was giving him sloppy k!sses when he was close enough, and he responded to her with everything he had.

The cl*max ripped through Savannah’s body, and Kai let her ride it before stilling. He spilt her seed into her, ensuring no drop went to waste.

His body, covered with beads of sweat, collapsed against hers and Savvy felt his hot breath

in the area of her neck..

“I love you so much,” he muttered, k!ssing her delicate skin.

Lying next to her, he pulled her onto his chest because even after everything they had just done, he wanted more. A part of him wondered if it would ever be enough. Could he ever have enough of Savvy?

“You know,” she looked at him through her lashes. “You were right after all.” “I am always right,” he huffed. “Care to elaborate?”

“Don’t be such a… gardener!” She giggled and tried to get off him, but he rolled them both and made sure to pin her against the fur with his body weight.

“I thought you loved me as a gardener,” he chuckled, leaning to k!ss her.

“I would love you as anything or anyone,” she said, suddenly serious. Their eyes locked, and he knew that she meant it.

“Then I am the luckiest man alive!” Kai admitted, his heart racing and ready to jump out of his chest. That woman belonged to him and him alone.

“You are!” She scoffed, and the sound of their joint laughter danced around them. “Magic does happen in this house!”

“We haven’t even started!” Kai’s eyes got darker, and she felt surges of desire again. But he stalled, and she didn’t know what he was waiting for.

The Lycan king of the North was clearly looking for the right words, and she gave him a moment to find them.

“Savvy,” he trailed her neck with his fingers, stopping in the most significant place and rubbing it with his thumb. “I want to mark you…. I want to mark you here and now.”

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