The Luna Trials Chapter 34

Savannah froze, hearing his words. She had thought about this moment so many times in the past few days.

A mark would definitely seal their fates forever. There would be no turning back from that.

Unless they would end up like her sister-in-law Riannon and her first husband. Being chosen mates did not work out too well for them. Moon Goddess, that divorce was ugly.

But this wasn’t possible with Kai. They were different. Kai was different.

They were in love, and it could conquer anything. Even though they were just chosen mates, it felt so right. Riannon’s story wouldn’t happen to them. Or at least… to her.

Because she already had a true mate, it was unlikely she would ever be granted another.

Second chance mates were more of a myth now. Although she did hear of it happening a few times.

However, she couldn’t deny the possibility of Kai meeting his true mate. What would he do then? What if he would fall in love with her on the spot and forget all his promises? This… the thought alone made her shiver, and it did not escape the King’s gaze.

“Savvy, what’s wrong?” He asked, watching emotions change on her beautiful face. He was disappointed she didn’t say yes on the spot. It was a beautiful moment for them, and he felt it was perfect for the marking. He could barely hold himself from digging his canines into her neck. It was so close, and the bluebell scent was stronger there, intoxicating, to say the least.

But the woman he was so madly in love with wasn’t saying a word; it felt the same as piercing his heart with a silver knife.

“W-wasn’t there a tradition that you have to have a marking ceremony for your Luna?” she asked. His own excitement dropped as he watched her hopeful gaze.

“She is scared,” Asgard said in his mind, stepping away from trying to get the control and surprising Kai with such behaviour. Just a second ago he was fighting to mark her faster, not wishing to wait for even a second longer. And now, he took a step back for the first time in their life.

This was new. “You are giving up just like that?” Kai was truly perplexed with his wolf now.

“Give up?” Asgard scoffed, “She is ours. We chose her, and there will be no other. Ever. Even if the Moon Goddess sends us a thousand perfect true mates, we will reject each one of them for this woman. Fenrir didn’t have a mate, but he devoted his existence to the woman he chose. And so will we.”

“I am glad we are on the same page here,” kai admitted. “But what do we do now it she is not as sure as we are?”

“She is sure, or she wouldn’t be here,” Asgard assured him. “The thing is that this f*cktard of a mate of hers ruined her trust in love and f*cked with her head. He was supposed to be the one person who loved and protected her, but he hurt her instead.

She gave herself to him, and he spat into her soul. For that, he will die, of course, but that’s not what’s important now. What’s important is that if we want our mark on Savannah’s neck, we need to make her feel safe and loved with us. This is the only way.”

Kai knew that his wolf was right. He couldn’t push Savvy into something she wasn’t ready for. She deserved better and so did he. When the time would come, it would be perfect. Today was already good enough. Complaining when he lay naked on top of the woman of his dreams wasn’t in his plans. He knew that he would do anything to make her happy. This was just a little step back.

Even if his mark wasn’t there yet, the North Star was. Everyone would know who she belonged to.

“Yes, there is a ceremony,” he said after a long pause and saw the relief on her face. “But I hope that we can do this in private instead.”

The Western Princess was clearly lost for words, and he smiled, brushing his palm over her cheek to give her peace.

“That’s okay,” he leaned down and k!ssed her l!ps gently. “I know how to wait. I waited for you all my life, and I will give you as much time as you need. There is no rush with this.”

“Kai, it’s not…” She wanted to explain herself as guilt washed over her, but he stopped her.

“Savvy, I know,” he pecked her nose. “It will happen sooner or later, and that’s good enough for me.”

“It’s just … I didn’t think this would happen to me after everything,” she admitted and averted his gaze. Confessing such things wasn’t an easy matter. “You are my first after everything and….”

“And I intend to be your last, Savvy.” Kai cupped her cheek and made her look at him again. “I will do everything for this, so you don’t have to worry about anything. I will wait for you, fight for you, and find a way to make you happy.”

“I am happy,” Savannah stretched her hand and ran her fingers through his hair. “Kai, don’t think that I am not. I’ve made my decision, and I know what I feel. I just want to take one step at a time, if that’s okay.”

“Then this is what we are doing,” he brushed his l!ps over her cheek, scooped her into his arms, and stood up. “And the next step is taking a bath together!”

Savannah woke up the next day wrapped in white satin sheets. To her surprise, she was alone in bed, and that brought some unpleasant memories back to her. Kai’s delicious scent was now embedded into her skin, and she wouldn’t have it any other way, but he wasn’t there.

It was already the middle of the day as they spent the whole night making love, missing the morning completely after they fell asleep.

Savvy shivered as she dropped the sheets and stood up from the bed to find some clothes. It was hard for her to breathe, but she tried to push the dark thoughts away.

Familiar. This was too familiar …

This reminded her so much of the one and only night with her mate. She woke up just like that, alone… because he had to talk to his accomplice and assure him that he was still betraying and using her.

The Princess swallowed a lump in her throat. This couldn’t be happening again. Kai wasn’t like that. He wasn’t.

She opened the wardrobe in front of the enormous wooden bed they slept in and found a good choice of sweaters, shirts and other garments. Not thinking twice, she took the first chunky white cotton jumper she saw and pulled it on, not bothering with anything else.

She walked into a hall that led to other bedrooms and quickly realised they were empty. Savvy looked over the living room as she went downstairs, sadly noting that no one was there as well. The curtains were closed, and the space seemed so dark.

Her heart was racing in her chest, and she felt fear gathering in the pit of her stomach. She had to hold onto the railing to keep from falling down onto her trembling feet as she slowly descended the stairs.

And this was when she smelled… food. Bacon, eggs, avocados… everything she liked was there.

She tried to speed up a bit because she couldn’t take it anymore. She needed to see this.

Savannah pushed the kitchen doors open and stormed in, the bright light from all the windows and glass ceiling blinding her temporarily.

“Morning!” Kai was wearing just a pair of grey sweatpants and an apron as he flipped a pancake in a pan with a happy grin. However, his smile dropped when he saw her panting. Savvy’s brows were still knitted as she processed what she was seeing.

Breakfast… He was cooking them breakfast.

He wasn’t running away. He wasn’t plotting her brother’s murder. He didn’t discuss using her …

He was still here, and he cared. History did not repeat itself.

I…” Savannah mumbled, feeling silly. What was it with her? Since when did she become so insecure?

“Come here!” He switched off the gas stove and dropped everything, locking the girl in his arms. Realising only now what she was thinking about when she woke up alone. “Sorry, Savvy,” he k!ssed the top of her head. “I just wanted to surprise you. I thought you would be starving when you woke up and hoped to come back to you first.”

“Don’t apologise for being a good guy,” she chuckled, wiping away a tear that threatened to escape her eye. “This is… How on Earth do you know how to cook?”

“Didn’t I tell you?” the Northern Lycan King winked at her. “I am not only a gardener. I am a chef too.”

“Well, that’s more like it!” Savannah smiled, returning to her usual self, and tried to get out of his hands to steal something from the table. “Definitely more useful than those ugly roses!”

He caught her and pulled her all the way back. “Not so fast, Little Maid!” Kai sat comfortably in a chair and placed her on his lap. “Since I am the chef, I tell people where their place is in the kitchen. And yours is right here.” He delicately brushed his hand over her exposed thighs and all the way to the edge of the jumper that was barely covering her while sitting

“If the chef orders,” she arched a brow at him, “I am afraid I just have to obey.” Savannah wrapped her arms around his neck as he took a fork, gave her the first bite, and growled approvingly when her l!ps closed around it. Their eyes met, and it suddenly became much hotter in the kitchen.

“You should eat something too,” Savannah pointed out after a while because chewing in silence was awkward.

“I am planning to,” Kai smirked, and his palm slid between her thighs. “But it’s not food I am craving for.”

She felt blood rushing to her cheeks while he took a strawberry and pressed it against her l!ps. Slowly, Savvy bit (into) it without breaking their eye contact, and Kai finished what was left, throwing the calyx away. Then in one swift move, he had her in his hands again, carrying her all the way to the living room.

He carefully placed her on the sofa and then pressed a lever at the back, making it recline. Savannah crawled back on the soft fur covers, but he yanked her closer to the edge, spreading her legs for him and kneeling before her.

“Should we revise the alphabet, maybe? I am not sure you memorised it the first time.” The devilish glint in his eyes was back and the Princess couldn’t stop watching him lowering his face right between her thighs. His hot breath was burning her sensitive flesh, and when his tongue made the first contact, she shuddered from the pleasure. It felt too good. He felt too good.

As always, he loved to tease her and made one long torturous slide from the base of her entrance to the already throbbing bud at the top. Kai caressed it in quick circular motions until he managed to get a loud moan out of her.

Savannah curved her back, giving him all the access he could have needed and felt his large palm sliding up her belly all the way to her bre*ast under the thick jumper. This time he

grasped her possessively, roughly even, but that only brought her more satisfaction.

He pinched her n*pple between his fingers, and Savvy grasped his hair. She could already feel she was almost over the edge.

“I am not even in the middle of the alphabet yet. How will you ever learn?” the lycan chuckled into her, creating overwhelming vibrations.

“I guess you will have to repeat and repeat until I can grasp it,” she murmured.

“What do I do with you?” he teased her petals, making her body shudder.

“Do as you please!” the words left her tongue before she could process them, and she saw Kai’s eyes glowing blue at her words.

“That’s a dangerous thing to say to a hungry beast,” he told her, and she noticed his canines protruding slightly.

“You are not the only beast here.” Now she was the one with a smirk on her l!ps, and that made him tower over her instantly. Savannah bent her leg and brushed it down his waist, hinting that he should lose his sweatpants already. And Kai was happy to oblige his future queen.

He thrust into her as if he already belonged there, drawing a sharp gasp out of her. Then pumped a few times before his fingers slid to her sensitive bundle of nerves that was already on the verge of exploding. One little pinch, and Savvy threw her head back, getting a mind-shuttering release. The effect his simple touch had on her was indescribable.

He let her ride out the org*sm and then withdrew to her surprise. She didn’t even manage to ask what he was doing when he grasped her waist and flipped her, placing her on all fours and lining himself at her entrance again. She could feel him, but he wasn’t entering. Instead, he was slowly brushing his hands over her thighs and back, sliding the jumper higher and enjoying the view. He took a fistful of her bottom, kneading it, letting her know that her flesh belonged to him now.

Savannah did not mind that one bit.

“Mine,” he snarled, and she couldn’t even form words to respond to him. It felt so good. Too good.

“Say it!” the King insisted and nudged his tip between her already glistening folds.

“Yours,” she breathed out, and he entered her slowly. He knew what he was doing because she was desperate for more. Yet again, he pulled out.

“Again,” Kai’s voice was firm, and it only made Savannah want him more. This authoritative Kai was new, and she loved that he was keeping it for bed only.

“Yours!” she repeated, and he slammed into her hard, filling her to the brim. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her body as he pounded into her again and again, building her up with each thrust. Savvy was soaring in his grasp as her nerves exploded from pleasure, the cl*max cascading through her body,

Kai stilled, holding her in place until he was done. And even after, he wasn’t ready to let go at once. It was his instinct, and she welcomed it, letting him have his way with her.

He rolled her on her back and removed her jumper completely, throwing it away. Her cheeks were still flushed, and she eyed him questioningly.

“Let’s not pretend that you’ll be needing it any time soon,” he chuckled menacingly and pulled her under his huge arm again. Her warm cheek was on his chest, and this was perfection.

“Open curtains!” he commanded, and the heavy fabric rolled to the opposite sides. Right in front of them was a tall glass wall with the best northern views of the

mountains and the forest. A sparkling white carpet was already covering everything outside, and heavy, intricate snowflakes were still falling, creating a serene atmosphere.

For a while, they just lay there, coated in each other’s scents and enjoying this newfound peace.

“Kai,” Savannah decided to ask him after some time, and he looked at her with the corner of his l!ps curled slightly.

“Yes?” his fingers were lazily playing with her long hair. “I always wanted to know something. Can you be honest with me?” “Sure.” He didn’t even hesitate to reply. “Why exactly do you and my brother hate each other so much?”

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