The Luna Trials Chapter 41

Kai rubbed his cheek and looked at Gideon with understanding.

“I guess I deserve that,” he nodded and immediately received another blow on his chin Something in there cracked, and he had to give it to the Lycan King of the West. Not too many people in the world could break his bones. His warriors growled menacingly and tried to approach them, but the Northern King motioned for them to stop. There was no need to escalate things For Savannah, he was ready to take as many punches as he had to.

“You despicable, obnoxious excuse of a king!” Gideon’s eyes shone gold. “How dare you take out our problems on my sister?!”

“I’m not! I swear!” Kai tried to explain, only to receive another punch in his face.

“I didn’t know about the Luna Trials!”


“Originally, I just didn’t want to marry her!”


“it’s all changed now! Savvy and I are going to get married and ….”


“After the sh*t you pulled, you are going to marry my sister over my dead body! I’m taking her home this very moment, and you’re never seeing her ever again!”Gideon growled, panting. He was about to punch the Northern King again when Kai finally caught his fist and pushed it away.

He was ready to repent, but he would not give up the love of his life. This was a price he wasn’t ready to pay.

“We are in love!” He snarled menacingly, and his eyes flashed blue.

“The hell you are!” Gideon gritted his teeth and yanked his hand back. “What can you possibly know about love?! I knew I should have never let her come to the North in the first place! But do not worry – this is the last time she will set foot here!”

“Savvy is my Queen!” “In your dreams!” They were almost at each other’s throats when a feminine voice interrupted them, “That’s not for you to decide!”

Both of their heads snapped in the direction of a huge black car with an open door.

Riannon, the Queen of the Western Lycan Kingdom, walked out of it, a regal aura surrounding her. Her blonde hair was up, with a few loose curls framing her face. She was wearing cream high-waisted suit pants and a cashmere sweater with a tan coat thrown on her shoulders.

Kai wiped the blood dripping from his broken l!p off of his face. Luckily, it was already healing.

“My greetings, Queen Riannon.” He bowed respectfully, remembering Savannah’s words. If anyone was going to help him, it was this woman.

“Greetings to the King of the North,” she replied with a polite smile “Please, just call me Kai” his l!ps curled slightly, and she nodded in understanding.

“I am shocked you don’t ask us to call you the North Star,”Gideon snorted, and Kai had to count to ten in his mind. He forgot just how annoying his old rival could be.

“Gideon,” Riannon said reproachfully and closed the distance between them. She laced her fingers with her husband’s, calming him instantly as if it was nothing. Kai caught himself thinking that only Savannah could do that to him. She brought him peace whenever she was near.

“Just listen to him.” The woman suggested and brushed her palm over her mate’s cheek.

“Did you hear the nonsense he just spouted?” the Western King was still displeased. She carefully draped her hand around his and pulled him to the side. “You know what I saw,” she whispered, knowing far too well that the Northerner could hear her. “It can be interpreted in different ways.” Her husband was still being stubborn. “You…”

“I know that you’ve been blessed by the Moon Goddess,” Kai said, and they both turned to him with their l!ps parted. “I know your whole story.”

“Just more reasons to kill you!” Gideon growled, but Riannon held him back “Walt!” she rubbed his shoulder, scanning the Northern King’s face. “Who told you about this?” she asked.

“Savannah.” Kai decided not to hide anything. He had to look at the bigger picture. They all had to leave their secrets behind for this to work.

“She’d never….” Gideon started saying but stopped in the middle of the sentence, exchanging glances with his wife.

“If she told him, she trusts him,” Riannon whispered, and the Western King softened a bit.

“I want to see my sister and speak to her now. If you insist you love her, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Gideon still had his fists clenched. Every word was hard for him because this wasn’t his plan.

“About that…”Kai cleared his throat. It did look bad for him. “You must be f*cking kidding me!” The Westerner had trouble controlling his rage. “She is on one of the challenges of the Luna Trials,” Kai admitted, hating himself for the situation. “Listen…”

“You are so dead, Fionnlagh!” Gideon promised ominously.

“It was her choice, wasn’t it?” Riannon intervened once again, and Kai nodded, thankful for her presence. His nose and l!p were finally healed, and he got an envelope out of the inner pocket of his jacket.

“She asked me to give this to you.” The Northern King offered the letter Sawy wrote to the couple, and Gideon snatched it away, opening it at once. His eyes went through the line of the familiar handwriting, warming up his heart. He held the paper so that his wife could read it as well. When they both were done, they locked their eyes again, clearly mind linking each other.

“I can’t believe that out of all the men in the entire world, my sister chose you!” Gideon ran his hand over his face. His every word was laced with bitterness, disappointment and disbelief. But at least the desire to murder the Northerner was gone for now.

“That makes two of us.” Kai chuckled, remembering his Little Maid. He was indeed lucky to have her.

“Listen, I know I don’t deserve her. I know! But … I love her. I will kill for her, I will die for her. I will

take no other mate. She is the only one for me, and there will be no other.”

**You have no idea what you are talking about!” Gideon scoffed. “Mates are. You will not be able to resist the pull once you meet your true mate. And Savannah… Our family has already been through this.”

“No offence, but I am not your wife’s ex. And even he was tricked.” Kal pointed out, and just the

mention of that man-made Gideon snarl. “I am not the only man in the world who is ready for a commitment with a chosen mate. A few weeks ago you agreed for us to get married. What is stopping you nów? You will have the alliance we both need, and I will make your sister happy.”

“What stops me now is that I don’t trust you! You didn’t earn that!” The Western King was still agitated. “And Savannah… she’s been hurt too many times already.”

“I know more about this than you do,” Kal clenched his fists. “Zack Morgan is here. He is in the North. i didn’t know when he first arrived, but I arrested him later when I saw how he was using their mate bond to hurt her physically.”

“He was doing what?” The royal golden eyes flashed again, and Riannon placed her hand on her husband’s shoulder.

“He escaped.” Kal continued. They had to be done with it last, as it was already dragging for too long and precious time was being wasted. “Sawy and I were gone for a few days, and someone helped him to escape.”

“What kind of security do you have here?!” Gideon grunted.

“Don’t judge,” Riannon sighed next to the two of them. They both were hard to deal with. “You know who we are up against.”

“The united bears and foxes.” Kai nodded and got out his phone. “Their leader, Darius Bjorn, has approached Savannah several times already. We’re currently trying to get him Into a trap.”

“Am I understanding correctly that you are using my sister as bait?” Gideon gritted his teeth. The more he was finding out, the worse it was getting.

“It was her idea.” Kai replied and looked his old enemy in the eye “And I would have been there by her side if you hadn’t arrived with an army on my border, unannounced, and threatening the North with a new war.”

“So, now it’s my fault?” Gideon let out an exasperated sigh.

“Oh, would you two stop it already?!” Riannon lost her patience “Savannah is a big girl, and she can clearly make her own decisions. With her abilities, I don’t think that any challenge at the Luna Trials is a difficult task for her. She is the only one who decides her own late.”

“My warriors are by her side at all times,” Kai promised and switched on the streaming videos from the cameras installed in the Forgotten City to prove his words. He was searching for Savannah for a while as there were too many cameras recording everything that was happening. The footage would be processed later and cut for Claude and Chloe’s evening program, showing only the best moments Also known as the safest moment for the royal family.

But when he finally managed to find Savvy, his eyes went wide.

“What is it?!” Gideon grabbed the phone and saw a man with white hair standing next to some kind of hole in the ground. The angle was changing, and he realised that a drone was filming this at that very moment. However, the smaller picture of what the next camera was recording got to him.

“I need to go there!” Kai told them and turned away, walking rapidly to the men waiting behind him. He didn’t even bother to take his phone back as all he cared about was his future wife.

Gideon was watching his little sister stuck in some kind of pit and looking like she was in pain but keeping up a brave lace. He knew that expression of hers too well, and his heart clenched at the realisation that his beloved sibling was hurting. The man on the screen turned around and left, and Savvy fell to her knees, trembling.

“Who the hell is this?!” The Western King roared,

“It’s Darius Bjorn, the self-proclaimed white bear king,” Kai told him on the way to his car.” suspected this before, but now I am completely sure he is the one who has Morgan. I have no time for all of this now. Now you know what is going on, and you can wait…

“You must be delusional if you think I’m going to wait while someone torments my sister! As I have already told you, you don’t have my trust. You will have to earn it.”

“I respect that,” kai said. “Let it be my first step to our mutual trust. I’m ready for an alliance with you to fight the bears and the foxes together as you originally wanted. You and your warriors are now welcome on my land, and I hope you join me on my way to retrieve your sister.”

Riannon took the phone from her husband and said,

“No offence to both of you, but it looks like Savannah manages just fine on her own.” A proud smile touched her l!ps. “She doesn’t need saving. But that white bear needs to be captured as soon as possible. He is the one I saw In that nightmare of mine. We have to stop him.”

Zara was soaring in the sky, but it wasn’t for her enjoyment this time. She had one purpose and one

purpose only – to find the enemy and to help the lycans capture him. Too much depended on that.

It was relatively easy, thanks to Bjorn’s head full of silver hair, he was easy to spot. She saw groups of lycans in their wolf and human forms closing in on the white bear. They were so close!

However, at the very last second, Bjorn made a quick turn in the opposite direction from where he was initially heading and then disappeared into thin air between two walls.

She was circling over this spot until the first warriors arrived there. They tried to find the enemy using his scent, but it proved to be useless. The golden cream wolf arrived soon, and Lachlan shifted back to his human form. He gestured for her to join him, and it was too tempting to resist.

“Where did you see him last?” The Beta asked the girl, standing bare before her eyes.

“Right there.” She pointed to the two walls and walked over to them first. “He was here, and then he vanished.”

“Damn it!”Lachlan swore under his breath as he studied the carvings on the walls.

“What is it?” Zara furrowed her brows.

“I think he is using the catacombs,” the Northerner explained to her.

“And this is the first time we hear about it because?” The werebird was annoyed with the new information

“Because they were destroyed and sealed,” Lachlan confessed. “It’s one of the reasons it’s called the Forgotten City now. As you can probably tell, this place was built to be able to defend the citizens. Whoever entered would find themselves in a deadly trap. Many armies met their ends here. Until…”

“Until what?” Zara arched her brow.

“Until the Great Lycan war,” Lachlan whispered so that only she could hear it, making her gasp. “After the Moonrise Kingdom fell and separated into four different countries, this was the biggest war that touched these lands. The city was almost destroyed, and the citizens hidden in the catacombs barely survived. They say it was a bloodbath.”

Zara shivered at the thought of lycans fighting against lycans. That wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

“The catacombs were destroyed under the ruins, and the city never recovered after that.” The Beta went on.

“There is something seriously wrong with you people making your future queens run around these deadly traps. Who in their right mind does it?”

“Our rulers are supposed to be fearless,” Lachlan retorted, and she rolled her eyes, upset that it was another dead end, when the man next to her pressed something on the wall and a small passage opened up before them. “After you!” the guy smirked, and Zara rolled her eyes as she slid inside between his n*ked body and the old walls….

“Show off!” she snorted, only to hear him chuckle as he followed her inside into the darkness. “Would you relax?” he teased her.

“Relax underneath a city full of deadly traps on a hunt for the most dangerous enemy?” Zara let out a laugh. “Easy!”

“It’s going to be okay.” Lachlan promised, but just then, the door behind them shut forcefully, cutting the rest of the warriors off from them and leaving them alone against an unknown enemy…

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