The Luna Trials Chapter 48

Lachlan had to be in bed for weeks, and this felt like a punishment. It wasn’t his choice, but he had to obey the King’s order. However, one factor made this all an even bigger torture.

“How is our patient doing today?” Zara waltzed in with a bright smile.

“Go away, Cruel Bird. I don’t trust you anymore!” He grunted and tried to turn away, but his eyes still grazed over her toned legs in high heels. She only wore those for occasions. He knew that from all the times he discreetly watched her during The Luna Trials.

“Feathered Gods! You sure are grumpy today!” She scoffed, slipping out of her favourite leather jacket and revealing that she was wearing one of her tightest little black dresses. This one was not too long either, and the thought of what was underneath made him growl internally.

“Go away, or I swear even Kai’s orders will not keep me away!” He warned her, knowing he couldn’t touch her even though it was all he was thinking about the whole time.

“Actually, I hoped you could be my plus one to the Engagement Announcement and the Marking Ceremony tonight,” she said nonchalantly.

After they played their usual staring contest, Zara leaned back against her jacket on the chair, demonstrating to him her curves at a better angle on purpose and started looking for something in the pockets.

“You are playing with fire, Birdie,” Lachlan gave her a withering glance, to which she chuckled. She was toying with him for weeks, visiting him daily, knowing he had to restrain from any kind of physical activity due to the poison in his blood that proved not that harmless.

They had been detoxifying him all this time. The treatment was painful and weakened him significantly. Yet every night, the cheeky bird slipped into his room, whispered dirty promises into his ear, touched him where she wasn’t supposed to and then disappeared into the darkness. Last night, as he was getting stronger, she flew straight out the window, leaving only her tiny underwear behind on purpose.

On purpose, because bird shifters’ transformation wasn’t physical like it was for wolves, cats and bears, they were using magic, and the clothes disappeared and appeared together with the human form.

The mighty Beta of The North would never admit to her that he kept the teensy piece of lace in the drawer right next to his bed. He’d rather die from that poison after all.

He should have thrown it away, burned it… But something stopped him each time, and each time he saw it, he thought of how sweet his revenge would be.

“But I am serious this time!” She giggled and produced a piece of paper, waving it in the air before his nose. He had a few identical ones somewhere here in the bedroom. The results of his blood tests. “The doctors say that the poison trace is insignificant now, and it will be gone completely in a week or so, but you can certainly return to all the physical activi-”

Lachlan did not let her finish as he yanked her onto the bed, towering over her instantly and getting the paper out of her hand. His eyes quickly read the very bottom line that confirmed Birdie’s words, and a satisfying growl emerged from the depths of his ch3st.

Zara svcked in a deep breath, trying to wriggle out from under the giant Beta, but he held her in place.

“The announcement,” she mumbled, but he stopped her by placing his index finger on her l!ps.

“This,” he whispered as the smirk spread on his handsome face. “I think we can miss that announcement and come straight to the Marking Ceremony.” He traced her l!ps, making them part and leaned down to her so that she could feel his hot breath on her skin. “But before that, you owe me so much, Birdie.”

“I don’t remember!” She rolled her eyes and tried to get away again, but he could tell she was just playing, so he pinned both her hands to the mattress and enjoyed her looking helpless under him.

“No worries,” he smirked at her. “I will remind you.”

“Will you?” She taunted, voice raspy and hitched.

“Of course,” he grew one claw and cut a strap of her dress, making her gasp. “You promised to let me peel off every piece of clothing from you.”

“Did I?” She blinked innocently,

“You did.” Lachlan cut the second strap off. “I hope you have another dress for tonight,” he chuckled and then hooked the golden zip at the front and pulled it all the way down, letting her breasts bounce out of it.

Another growl escaped him, and he traced his sharp claw over her skin to her already hard ni.pple. Her chest went up and down as he removed the rest of her dress to see that she was not actually wearing anything underneath.

“No undergarments?” He arched his brow, and she bit her l!p, not a shade of embarrassment in her eyes.

“I think I lost mine!” Zara tilted her head playfully. “Have you seen them anywhere here by any chance?”

“I don’t remember,” he lied, mimicking her tone from a few seconds ago, and finally took her in. Retracting his claw, he car*ssed her soft skin, feeling how this made her little heart beat faster.

They were not made for each other, but it felt so right for the two of them. Here and now.

Zara arched her back as his large palm travelled from her belly button to her neck, eliciting a rush of goosebumps on the way to cup her chin and make her look at him.

“First, my hands,” he reminded her, and his fingers brushed down to knead one of her bre*asts, thumb playing with its firm bud.

A little m0an left Zara’s l!ps, and that free hand went lower. Her core was already heated and moist when he reached her folds, parting them slightly with his fingers. The little bundle of nerves was throbbing when he touched it, and her whole body j*rked from the contact. She was so close, and he barely even started.

“Not so soon, Birdie,” he laughed as he slowly inserted a finger into her and curled it inside, making her tremble again. “You tortured me for weeks! I think I have to return my debt to you.

“You can try!” She narrowed her eyes at him, but another m0an left her as he added one more finger, pumping them in and out slowly, building her up.

“No worries, I will!” Lachlan promised menacingly, finally finding the ridged sensitive spot inside her walls. Each time he touched it, her inner muscles clenched around him tightly, making him thrilled in anticipation.

He bent down, still holding her arms captive and whispered as their eyes locked, “Then my tongue.”

Lachlan clashed his l!ps with hers, tasting her properly for the first time and enjoying every second of it. He never thought he would be able to feel this way again. Not after his mate had died. Not after he killed all those responsible for it. A part of his soul was dead that day. He could never even imagine he’d ever recover from this.

His service to his King and Alpha kept him going for so long. He ate, drank, ran in his wolf form, slept with random women, fought in battles, and protected his country, but… it did not feel like he was living until now.

Now life had colours . Now he wanted to see what was next. He was excited. He couldn’t wait any longer

The tiny bird m0aned into his l!ps, making him lose it. He wanted her. He wanted all of her. Every day. All the time.Preferably forever.

His hot tongue left a wet trail on her neck. Lachlan svcked in the delicate skin next to the collarbone, biting it slightly where he would mark her when she allowed it. She clenched around his fingers again, and he got them out, hearing a disappointed noise leave his woman’s mouth

Oh, come on ! Zara gr0aned in frustration.

I am so not done with you yet!” The Beta gave her a roguish grin down to twirl his tongue around the peak of her bre*ast. And then another. He made sure not to leave an inch of her body untouched as if he was staking his claim on her. Although, there were no ifs. She was his to claim. and he wasn’t going back already covered with crystals of sweat, he kneeled before her and parted her weakened legs.

“Lan!” She used his nickname for the first time, probably not even knowing she did it, and that made him lose the last bits of sanity. He couldn’t take it slow anymore and made sure to make firm, tactical slides of his tongue down her core to make her tremble in his arms. His fingers returned to work, pumping in and out faster than before as his tongue concentrated on the little quivering bud.

Zara screamed as the rel.ease shattered her mind into millions of tiny pieces, and the lycan let her ride it, not stopping even for a second. Her legs weakened, and he threw them onto his sholders, digging his palms into her flesh for support. The lycan knew he could give her much more than this, and he intended to.

She laced her fingers into his blonde hair and kept him there until another wave of pleasure surged through her body.

Lachlan watched her with flushed cheeks his bed, and a part of him wanted her to always stay here with him. Just like that.

He stood up and draped one of her legs around his shoulder, brushing his tip over her wet entrance and ready to make that woman his, when her foot pushed him away gently.

“So cruel!” he snarled softly, thinking it was another of her games as she was already standing next to him. But when Zara shoved him to sit on the edge of the bed and k!ssed him on the l!ps, he took the opportunity to explore more of her body with his hands.

“l can’t believe you forgot!” She giggled as she tore off him and took a cushion from the bed, throwing it on the stone floor between his feet. “It’s my turn now!” she said and kneeled, wrapping her little fingers around his manh00d.

“Zara…” He didn’t even finish the sentence when she traced his length from base to the tip with her warn tongue, her eyes at him the whole time.

“You are the most beautiful… taunting little thing alive!” his breathing rasped as she took as much of him in as she only could.

Lachlan threw his head back, finding her short silky hair and entwining his fingers into it. She bobbed her head while m0aning, stroking the rest of him with his hand, making him snarl and swear under his breath because of how good it felt.

“Mine!” he growled so loudly that the walls around them shook, and Zara stilled.

Did she mishear him? Surely he wasn’t saying that…

He lifted her in his arms before she knew it and made her straddle him.

“Eyes to eyes, Birdie!” The Beta said as he lined himself at her entrance once again.

“Lan, what do you-” She wanted to ask what he meant because her mind worked in a way that she had to know the answer here and now. Were they just playing with each other, or was this serious?

He slammed into her roughly, making her arch her back and gasp in delight. This was a part of his response.

“Look at me!” He ordered when he filled her, and she obeyed, her chest heaving. “You are mine, Birdie.”

“Are you going to ask me first if I agree?” She shot her brow up, Wrapping her arms around his  neck at the same time.

“Are you going to say no?” He smiled, and there was so much in his eyes that she couldn’t keep up with the games.

“No,” Zara breathed out.

“Then I guess I have my answer,” he drew back and slammed into her again, one hand sliding up her back to tug on her hair and bring her closer.

“Then you are mine too!” She stated, and he claimed her l!ps, entwining their tongues. He rocked his h!ps back and forth a few times, filling her up and leaving her empty, until he couldn’t bear it anymore and started simply pounding into her as hard as he could, driving his member to the hilt each time.

Zara dug her nails into him, biting his shoulder to keep herself present. That much pleasure threatened to destroy her, and when the new cli.max cascaded through her body, she didn’t even know if she was screaming or not.

He kept pounding into her, and soon she stopped counting her rele.ases, simply forgetting herself in his masterful hands.

Lachlan couldn’t have enough of her. His wolf was hungry for the little bird too. The long-forgotten sensations of having someone they cared about were so overwhelming that he spilled his seed into her without hesitation when the moment arrived. Then he held her in place to ensure no drop was wasted.

Finding her l!ps again, he claimed them gently this time while both falling back down to the bed.

They stayed lying in each other’s arms for some time until Zara sighed, sounding disappointed. “We need to go. The Marking Ceremony will start soon.”

“I may have been sick, but I  know the schedule.” The Beta chuckled and towered over her, spreading her thighs again and positioning himself between them. “There are drinks and speeches in the beginning. It can go on for a while. I am sure Kai and Savvy would forgive us if we are fashionably late “

“If you say so,” the girl giggled right before he crashed his l!ps into hers again and turned her around for the next round…

Riannon was nervous for some reason despite their perfect plan. In the next few days, Bjorn would  try to kidnap Savannah one way or another. After his bold claim and Kai’s speech today, there was no chance for the arrogant bear to let it slide. He was probably already packing his things for the trip.

They even set up a perfect opportunity for him to approach her. Savvy would be on The Luna of The North Tour around the capital, visiting the local packs. They predicted he would try to get her at the most secluded one, but truthfully, it could be anywhere. If it didn’t happen on tour, then the Coronation would be the next event.

“You are still worried,” Gideon wrapped his hands around his wife’s waist, casually brushing over her belly. No one could tell it yet from looking at her, but he could already feel that Ria’s tummy wasn’t as flat as it used to be. He would probably be k!ssing it now if they didn’t have so many witnesses around.

“The plan is good,” she smiled at him, but it did not reach her eyes. “l  just wish I had a new dream by now. But other than that ring, there is nothing lately!”

“The Crescent ring,” Gideon sighed and k!ssed her temple. For the past month, his wife kept seeing her dead mother’s ring in her dreams, which only saddened her. There was no context to all this, no explanation. She never saw who was wearing the ring. Her wolf Onyx tried to reach the Moon Goddess to ask about it, but the Goddess who once blessed them was now silent. Gods did not like to explain their plans.

It was so painful because Riannon’s parents were long dead. Not to mention that she would really prefer a clue about the right course of action now instead of the unnecessary walk down Memory Lane.

Their plan was good, yes, but there were weak points in it too.

“Yeah,” she leaned into her husband’s ch3st and closed her eyes. She kept looking for that ring everywhere, but no one in the Western Kingdom had it. Neither did anyone she had met in the North.

“l’ll will all make sense soon,” Gideon tried to touch the golden crescent mark on her neck, forgetting that she covered it today to ensure the whole attention was on Savvy. People usually stared at their marks because they were special.

One of a kind. And since Savannah and Kai were just chosen mates, their marks would just look like two scars. Not that it mattered much if two people were in love, but it was a polite thing to do to not draw any attention away from them.

Riannon noticed Brigit standing just a few feet away and looking out of the window, observing the castle’s main square. The people were gone now as the royals wouldn’t be making a second appearance tonight. The rest of the event was private. Only families of the Luna Trials contenders were invited, following tradition, so the guests were kept to a minimum. Luckily, Penelope’s father declined the invitation, and they didn’t have to worry about any problems from that end.

“Give me a second, okay?” Ria smiled at her mate, and he nodded understandingly.

“Go, spread your magic, my love,” Gideon lifted her hand to his l!ps to place a gentle k!ss before he let go of her. “And I will go and scare Kai a bit more to make sure he worships the ground my sister steps on.”

The Western Queen had a hard time trying to hold back her smile when she reached the only white bear shifter in the room. Of course, none of Brigit’s family was invited due to the current situation.

Riannon knew who the strong woman before her tried to find with her eyes.

“He is stationed at the East Gate,” she told her, and Brigit flinched, meeting her gaze.

“Doesn’t matter,” she swallowed.

“Does it really?” Ria was not going to give up.

“I remember you really wanted to find your mate.

And here he is, ready to do everything and madly in love with you. So, what’s the problem?”

“We aren’t going to end up together, Riannon.” Brigit turned away. “He will reject me sooner or later, so why don’t I save myself the pain?”

“Why do you think so? Accept him! Give him a chance to prove you wrong!” Ria placed her hand on the woman’s shoulder. “Let him surprise you!”

“Always optimistic, aren’t you?” Brigit gave her a sad smile. “lt’s the North, Riannon. I am a white bear, and he is a Lycan Gamma of the Kingdom.

This will never work. I will ruin his life-“

“You will be regretting this your whole life, you know?”

“I know..” Brigit’s voice barely had any life in it.

“Excuse me,” she whispered and left the room abruptly. Ria looked out of the window too, and noticed Aspen walking in the middle of the square.

She hoped that the two mates would throw away their fears and reunite today despite everything.

The Western Queen took a look around the room. The tables were sat here for the big celebration, with a small platform in the middle, where Kai would mark Savannah in less than an hour. She caught Princess Elene staring at her husband while she gave local omegas their last orders for tonight. This made Riannon gr0an quietly. She tried to be kind, but she wasn’t a saint.

That Northern woman needed a new object of adoration.

Kyle tried to be a gentleman a few good feet away from her, telling jokes to Petra and making her laugh, while Evelyn watched him with a little smile on her l!ps. Astrid’s family was on their way but running late. The Southerner only had her friend Emma by her side today. However, both seemed happy with everything. The ones not happy were Inga and her pack. Celia kept them company as her only living family was Aspen, and he was working tonight. It was clear that both girls still couldn’t get over Penelope’s death. This was to be expected.

The music started playing, and all guests slowly returned to their places. The future King: Queen were about to arrive.

Savannah felt excited. Yes, they had to rush and fit everything into one day, but it did not matter much to her. What was important was that once Kai’s mark was on her neck, her bond with Zack would weaken. Gradually, she would be able to get rid of him even if he kept escaping them.

Not to mention that it would increase the chances of him accepting her rejection the next time they saw each other. He would probably beg for it himself, as this should hurt him like hell. They were true mates; the bond between them was strong enough thanks to their mating.

Only a mark was missing. As soon as her neck was pierced with Kai’s canines, Zack would be in agony. She was surprised he wasn’t still having s.ex with multiple girls to try and prevent her from going through with her decision.

But the night was young…

Kai laced their fingers together, and she glanced at him, forgetting her worries. He looked so good in a traditional northern coat. Just like a prince from a fairy tale. Savvy had hated fairy tales ever since she was a little kid, but she wasn’t going to tell him that.

She was wearing a pale blue traditional bridal dress herself. The design was very simple yet elegant, with northern patterns embroidered on her corset. The long skirt reached the floor, and a small train of light fabric followed her as she walked.

Most of her hair was down in soft curls, but part was twisted in an intricate braid at the back of her head with the North Star and Crescent pins adorning it. She did not want to overdo it, but it was essential to show her respect to every Northerner present.

Savannah knew she wasn’t their perfect Luna choice, but she would do her best to make them change their minds.

“Did I say how much I love you?” Kai pulled her into his embrace, although it was almost time for them to join the guests.

“Only about half a million times today!” She grinned at him.

“Ah, this is why it feels like it’s not enough!” He leaned down and brushed his l!ps over hers. They had to stay away from each other because of the preparations for the past few days, and he knew he couldn’t do much to her now.

Not yet.

But as soon as the ceremony was done and they paid their respects to everyone, he would take her back to their bedroom even if he had to throw her over his shoulder again.

“I can’t wait for the formalities to be done!” Kai whispered, and she touched his cheek, her eyes gleaming with happiness.

“Let’s go then!” She giggled. “The sooner we start, the sooner we are done.”

An omega opened the doors before them, and they entered the throne room decorated for the event.

Savvy had been to this spacious hall so many times, yet she found it the most beautiful tonight.

Candles were everywhere. Big, small, tall, short. On the tables and on the lamps hanging at the ceiling.

And even in glass holders on the floor. It was the only light source now, and it seemed like they were walking among little fiery stars.

Claude and Chloe were among the guests right next to Elene. There was just one camera inside today, as they still would have to show the footage to the world later. They earned this right by trying to help them to contain the damage control.

She was happy to see so many happy familiar faces tonight. Naya winked at her as they passed them. Her mother, Alpha Ramina, was present too, although Savvy did not notice her Luna or Naya’s biological father.

A priestess of Fenrir was waiting for them at the stage, but they stopped before they could reach her. As always, it was time for a speech.

Some omega brought them their drinks, and quests also stood up with their glasses. Discreetly, Savannah checked if her wine had any scents that weren’t supposed to be there, but to her relief, she found nothing. Kai gave her a reassuring squeeze, and their eyes locked again. Moon Goddess, she couldn’t wait for his teeth to pierce her skin and leave their forever mark..

“Today, you are all witnesses to my happiness!” Kai spoke with the confidence of a true king. “To me, Savannah is already my Queen and my Luna, but the sacred rituals must be performed for the world to accept my choice. And, to be honest, I can’t wait to start!”

A wave of understanding chuckles erupted through the room.

Only now Savvy noticed that Lachlan and Zara were still missing.

“Each Northern Royal Marking Ceremony starts with a sip of the sacred wine made from fruit that grows on the mountain where Fenrir once walked and was blessed by the priestesses from his shrine. Please, share with us tonight this wine and our happiness!”

“By Fenrir’s will!” The Northerners growled in unison while the rest of the quests nodded respectfully to this.

Savannah couldn’t help her smile as her l!ps touched the liquid and her eyes locked with her beloved. The quests followed their example and took their first gulps. They emptied their glasses and placed them back on the tray. The young omega bowed and went to the corner of the room.

Holding their hands together, Kai and Savvy stepped on the platform, bowing to the priestess.

The woman in a white and blue robe with tattoos on her face, started to read an old prayer in the ancient northern language to Fenrir as Savannah looked at her chosen mate.

The sound of breaking glass distracted them, and they turned to see a very pale Naya in Alpha Ramina’s arms.

“Naya!” The werecat Alpha called her daughter. Another broken glass, and Celia, on the other side, fell with her face on the table.

“No!” Savvy whispered in disbelief and looked at Kai again, clenching his hands as hard as she could. As if it could help the situation somehow.

“Protect my Queen!” Kai growled to the guards who were supposed to be outside the doors. They just saw them a few seconds ago!

No one arrived.

Another broken glass and a loud roar sounded which Savannah couldn’t confuse with anything else in this world.

She lost the ability to speak the moment she saw Gideon trying to wake up Riannon, who seemed unconscious.

“Ria!” He sounded so scared for the first time in her life.

One by one, the guests were fainting. Savvy hoped they were fainting. It had to be just temporary! It couldn’t be happening for real! So tried to run, but they couldn’t make it to the door.

“Kai!” She turned to the Northern King and saw him struggling to breathe. “Kai!” Her piercing scream was something she couldn’t control. He fell on one knee, still holding her hands, and she dropped right next to him. Seeing him like that was more excruciating than anything she had ever experienced.

“Kai!” She looked him in the eye, and he tried to say something to her.

“Savvy-” He grasped her in a desperate attempt to do at least something. His l!ps were barely moving. “Run!” he said before he collapsed to her feet.

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