The Luna Trials Chapter 67

Kai grabbed a huge fluffy towel on the way from the bathroom to the bedroom and wrapped it around Savannah, not bothering with all the water drops falling from his own perfectly sculpted body to the wooden floor. He carefully placed his mate on the bed as if she was made of the finest porcelain that could break at any moment and then gently dried her body, gr0aning from the desire to devour her hastily. However, he knew very well that she deserved more than that. She was made to be loved and worshipped. Kai wanted her to scream his name first, and only then would he think about his own pleasure.

“Tell me that you are ready and you want this,” he said, still kneeling in front of her. “If you are not, it’s absolutely fine, and I would-“

“I’ve wanted this for a while, and if you don’t take me now, Kai Fionnlagh, we are going to have a problem!”

Savannah threw the towel at him and leaned backwards on her elbows, n*ked and beautiful, daring him to join her.

“Oh?” A wicked grin blossomed on the king’s face as he quickly patted himself dry and threw the towel away.

A growl escaped him as he saw her crawling further away from him on the bed. It was too late now to try distancing herself from him. Not after she practically challenged him to take her, knowing where this would lead them tonight.

“We should test how this mate bond of ours works, don’t you think?” a smirk spread over his l!ps, and he noticed Savannah’s breathing getting heavier, her perky bre*asts rising and falling in sharp rhythm. Something told him that she was restraining herself too, and he liked that idea very much. They were starved for each other.

Her luscious l!ps parted when she saw him walking in the opposite direction from her.

“Someone is playing a dangerous game!” she teased as she watched him opening one of the drawers of the nearby dresser in search for something inside.

“What I love about this bond of ours is that you seem to read my mind” Kai chuckled darkly, and she saw a black silk tie in his hands. “l am desperate to play with you too, Savvy.”

He strode slowly towards her, enjoying how her cheeks flushed from the thought alone. She was so beautiful this mate of his. He touched her with the soft silk fabric first, gliding it torturously from her calf to her upper th!gh and then her belly, all the way to her neck, making her breath and body shiver in delight.

“Would you let me?” Kai asked, knowing that she already understood what he wanted to do. “I ‘ll be gentle,” he coaxed her with the corners of his mouth rising upwards slightly.

“Don’t be,” Savannah brushed her fingers over his sculpted abdomen, tracing each line that looked like it was carved out of stone. She enjoyed watching goosebumps form on her mighty Alpha’s skin, knowing that she was the reason for it.

Kai towered over her. then crushed his l!ps over hers in a k!ss that wasn’t nearly enough for her as she whimpered when he broke it. But before she could protest, he tied the fabric over her eyes, making sure she couldn’t see anything, and then he pushed her gently back onto the pillows.

Savannah expected him to be all over her, but for some time, he wasn’t doing a thing, which frustrated her, but also. made her bite her l!p anxiously. Anticipation was building her up quicker than she could have thought possible. Kai noticed how her fingers were grasping the sheets around her, knowing that she couldn’t handle much more. A dark chuckle escaped him, because she had no idea how hard it was for him to restrain himself and what he had in mind for her.

Savannah expected to feel his warm l!ps or hands on one of her sensitive spots, but instead, her whole body jolted when a small piece of ice came into contact with the skin between her bre*asts. She gasped at the unexpected sensation and felt him drawing the ice lower and making her clench her th!ghs together.

“My beautiful little mate,” he whispered. “So responsive…”

Then it was gone, and for a few good seconds, it seemed that Kai was gone too. Only his strong scent let her know that he was near, watching over her and not leaving her alone.

The ice was back, this time on her n****e, forcing a gasp out of her, being able to control her reactions.

However, the moment the ice was gone, the hot tongue of her mate swirled around her pink bud. This time she couldn’t help but arch her back and m0an loudly. She definitely liked that. Kai repeated the same with the other bre*ast, fondling the first one gently in his palm.

“Do you like it?” He whispered into her l!ps, and she was sure that he was about to ki!s her, but at the last moment he pulled away and his warm breath disappeared while the ice was back, shockingly cold on the inner side of her th*gh.

“| hate it!'” she lied, throwing her head back but once again, the cold was replaced by the heat as Kai began to leave a wet trail of k!sses that led to her core.

“Oh Goddess!” Savvy covered her mouth, biting on her own flesh to keep herself from screaming. Warm fingers brushed over her folds, already glistening with desire, making her whole body quiver.

“Kai!” Her voice was laced with reproach as he pulled away, but then she felt his hands wrapping around her ankles. Her mate yanked her to the edge of the bed, positioning her the way he liked and sliding his hands all over her body, car*ssing her th!ghs, bre*asts, neck, face. His thumb brushed over her l!ps, making them part, and a growl escaped him when Savannah svcked it in, teasing the digit with her tongue. She let out a gasp as his other hand cupped her core, sliding a finger inside, probing her slick tightness.

With hèr eyes covered, all the sensations were intensified exponentially. So, when Kai knelt in front of her, parting her legs and drawing a finger over her already pulsating bundle of nerves, eliciting wave after wave of tingles to surge through her, Savannah lost it and let out a loud m0an.

Kai chuckled, observing all this and took another maddening pause. He knew that she was about to lose her patience because he could see how close she was to the edge already.

“You are the most beautiful little thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on,” he told her. “I could watch you like this all day long… every day…”

Her cheeks became a brighter shade of pink, and her breathing became faster.

“Kai Fionn-” she was about to scold him when he plunged his tongue inside of he, making a long luxurious slide down her core. Her th!ghs trembled, and he placed them on his broad shoulders to keep them in place, all while not breaking contact with her sensitive flesh.

She m0aned his name again and again, rocking her h!ps to meet his pace as he teased her, tortured her by bringing her so close to cli.max and then stopping at the last second.

“More!” she screamed, arching her back and entwining her fingers in Kai’s hair to pull him close.

“My greedy gorgeous Queen!” he snarled into her, but obeyed, picking up the pace. “l am happy to oblige!”

He used his l!ps to svck and nibble at her most sensitive bud, and slid his tongue into her wetness and soon he felt the waves of her rel.ease rushing through her, letting her ride it properly. Pleasure rippled through her, but her mate did not plan to stop.

After her first rele.ase, she was quivering with each new movement of his tongue, and when he slid a finger back into her, curling it to reach a little ridged spot inside, she lost it again, pressing her th!ghs tightly around his head as she bucked her hips in ecstasy.

He loved feeling her react to him in this way. He slid his palm up her belly and then higher, knowing that everywhere he touched her, tingles from the new mate bond erupted. Kai grasped one of her bre*asts and rolled the n*pple between his fingers, which tipped her over the edge again as he kept stimulating her in all the right places.

Savannah tried to catch her breath when he took the blindfold off, giving her time to adjust to the light. Their eyes locked, faces illuminated by the flickering flames of the fireplace and she knew what he was about to do.

“Kai”‘ she wanted to say something, but the words still weren’t forming properly. “love you so much,” he said exactly what was on his mind as he climbed on top of her and claimed her l!ps. “I thought I lost you and- Savvy, I couldn’t leave you even when I was dead.”

The mention of death brought her out of the daze, and a single tear rolled down her cheek. Just the memory made her shudder.

“Savvy, I have to tel|-“

She placed her fingers on his l!ps to silence him.

“Mark me,” she said, and another growl escaped him because every part of him had wanted to do this since day one. “Mark me, Kai. Whatever you want to tell me can wait. Nothing will change my mind because I was yours even before I became your mate.”

It was true, and he knew it. He had no doubts and neither did she.

“Mark me before the war starts, mark me before someone interrupts us again, mark me before one of us does something stupid,” she pleaded, lacing her fingers into his dark hair.

“You will not have to ask me twice,” Kai said, as he scooped her up, sitting comfortably on the bed. “

Originally, I wanted to give you a ceremony to remember.

“You succeeded with that one,” Savannah’s l!ps curled into a smile, “We said our vows, and none of us will ever forget that day. Now, give me your mark. I want it, Kai. I need it. I-“

He k!ssed her again because words couldn’t express what he felt. But their bodies entangled together could.

Without breaking the k!ss, Kai gently lifted her by her h!ps and slid her slowly onto his hardness, filling her up and stretching her out. He could feel Savannah’s nails digging into his flesh as they were finally joined and he wrapped his large arms around her, drawing her closer.

Kai couldn’t help but be worried about hurting her.

After all, his body, although it looked the same, was completely new, and he didn’t know the full extent of Amarok’s strength and power yet. What he knew was that he wanted this woman so much he could barely control himself. It was a thirst of a new kind, and only she could quench it. Savannah was precious to him, and if she got hurt because of him again, he wouldn’t be able to bear it.

However, she couldn’t wait anymore and started moving on top of him, m0aning as she slid up and down his length. Her bre*asts were brushing over his ch3st, driving him crazy and just the look of her was unleashing Amarok himself.

“Mine,” his intense growl shook the walls around them and it only made Savannah m0an louder. She did not plan to stop and neither could he anymore. He buried his face in her neck, showering it with possessive k!sses as he staked his claim on her. He grasped her bottom, holding her in place, and started pounding into her, making them both forget about everything.

“Kai!” she screamed as a new org.asm r!pped through her tiny body, but he kept going. This was only the beginning. She cli.maxed on top of him again and again, until he knew that the time had come, and his teeth grazed over her marking spot, drawing a gasp of anticipation from her.

“Are you ready?” his voice rasped through his ch3st.

“I’ve been ready for a long time,” she panted and locked her legs around his waist as he sunk his canines into her delicate flesh. He tried to be gentle, but it felt so good to claim this woman to the fullest finally that a snarl was forced out of him. A snarl so powerful that it caused an avalanche in the nearby mountains. His hands were holding her tightly now as he forced his canines to withdraw, still tasting her blood on his l!ps.

“Are you.. all right?” he asked, the worry evident in his voice as he observed his mate with her eyes  closed.

“Better than ever!” Savannah looked like she was coming down from her high. His heart was racing. Her eyes snapped open, “My turn!” she announced and a wave of relief went through him.

He chuckled, happy to see a smile curling her l!ps.

He started thrusting into her again, l!cking the spot where his mark was already forming, cleaning her up.

Savvy tried not to lose herself in the sensations.

Everything was so intense now, but she knew she still had to do the most important thing. She grasped his hair and made him tilt his head to give her access to his strong neck. She bit him exactly where she’d always wanted to bite him, reveling in the new connection that was entangling their souls now.

Receiving her mark undid him. Kai unleashed himself on her, dropping her back onto the bed and bracing both her arms above her head with one of his.

Hooking one of her th!ghs with his free hand, he rammed into her like there was no tomorrow until a joint exploded through both of them, making them lose breath as their bond became unbreakable at last.

Their gazes locked and they both smiled at each other, happy, breathless, fulfilled.

“Mine at last,” Kai whispered and lowered his head to k!ss her once again.

“Always and forever” Savannah replied, and they were about to go at it again when something started to change. Their marks started glowing, and Kai paused on top of his beloved, watching how the traces from his canines were forming some kind of a pattern.

“lt can’t be!” Savvy gasped when her fingers traced her mate’s mark as tears formed in her eyes. “Kai…”

The Northern King didn’t reply as he was busy pushing her wet hair out of the way so that he could see how the spikes of the North star started shimmering on his queen’s neck one by one. It was so beautiful that he couldn’t take his eyes off his mark.

“I have never seen anything so beautiful,” he muttered, pressing his l!ps against it and feeling divine power surge through the star. “It’s so fitting… for my beautiful Queen.”

“Don’t stop,” she murmured, and he knew that they wouldn’t be able to control their passion for a while After hours of lovemaking, Savannah lay her head on Kai’s ch3st, feeling the rise and fall of his ch3st and inhaling his wonderful scent of earthy forest and pine.

The best scent in the world. Not a hint of mint or wintergreen. Just the way she liked it.

She noticed that he hadn’t said a word, and it was beginning to bother her.

“You are unusually quiet,” she lifted her head up and noticed the tense expression on his face.

He did not look at her, and she immediately knew that something was wrong.

“Kai, what is it?” she cupped his cheek and gently made him look at her.

“I  shouldn’t have-” his voice broke, and now she was worried.

“Kai?” Savannah sat up in the bed, and he exhaled heavily as his gaze grazed over her beautiful n*ked frame.

“I was so happy… I absolutely forgot.. I shouldn’t have filled you with my seed tonight,” he avoided her eyes.

“And why is that?” she was startled by his sudden revelation. This was completely unexpected.

“Getting you pregnant tonight… it’s not the right time,” he still wasn’t looking at her, and she knew that he was hiding something. However, she had a bigger surprise for him than that.”

Well,” Savvy giggled, “l am afraid it’s a bit too late for that!”

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