The Luna Trials Chapter 71

They were walking along a path lit by candles in thick glass lanterns that looked like stars strewn about their feet. The night was cold, but this was considered a good sign in the North because the dark sky was clear of clouds and thanks to that, they all could see one of the most significant miracles of the North Lycan Kingdom. The Aurora.

Savannah’s l!ps parted slightly as the icy air k!ssed her skin, but that did not bother her in the slightest. She had seen magic wielded before her quite a few times in the past, but she had never seen something so powerful and enchanting. The glimmering waves above her head went from deep purple to magenta and then to soft pink, continuing to morph into lime green and then a slightly richer olive colour. It was magical, and Gideon stumbled, gazing up at the phenomenon, but Savannah did not pause. She didn’t care what kind of magic was surrounding her, she wouldn’t care if the whole world was falling apart right now because, in the distance, she saw something far more beautiful, something far more important and precious to her – the royal blue glow of her mate’s eyes.

Kai was waiting at the top of a high peak with Elene by his side as it was decided that she would be the one to perform their mating ceremony and the crowning. However, a priestess of Fenrir was present as well as it was required for the most important part. Claude and Chloe were working tonight with a small camera already filming the event. Their closest friends and family were the only ones invited this time as they learned from the mistakes of their past. Lachlan, Zara, Riannon, and Aspen in his new wheelchair waited on one side, while Kyle, Evelynn, Petra, Ash, Reid and Naya stood on the other side of the groom, awaiting the Royal Western siblings.

Kai drew a deep breath when he saw her. His bride was the image of perfection in her pale blue dress, dazzling sequins dancing down the gown.

She emanated that subtle glow that made him forget that in the morning, they all would be going to war. To him, she was shining brighter than the Aurora, even brighter than the North Star itself. And the best part was that this woman was now his. Her luscious golden brown hair was covering her neck, and he couldn’t see his mark, but he knew it was there, he could feel it, and this made his l!ps curl into a smile.

She was breathtaking, and it seemed like her brother was taking forever to bring her to him.

Their eyes locked, and she smiled shyly. As if she didn’t belong to him already with her body and soul. Fenrir, this woman was driving him crazy! She would always have this effect on him. Of that, he was sure.

Savannah passed her friends and beamed at Kyle, who winked at her, wrapping his arms around Evelynn, who pushed him away almost instantly with an eye roll. She gave a sad smile to Aspen, whose legs in human form would never heal properly because they were broken on purpose and let heal in an incorrect position way too many times to be able to fix it now. He, however, nodded at her with a grin. As if his heart wasn’t broken into a myriad of pieces, just like his body.

Riannon smiled brightly at her sister-in-law, hands on her already-growing belly. She was the only one wearing a fur coat here because Gideon wouldn’t have it any other way.

Finally, Savannah was within his reach and Kai wanted to touch her desperately, but Gideon stopped and did not make the few final steps. The Northern King suppressed a growl, wondering if this was some form of sabotage from his old rival, but when he heard the Western King speak, he let it go.

“Savvy.” Gideon placed his hands on his sister’s shoulders and turned her to look at him. “

It’s hard for me to admit this and, especially to say it out loud, but you are a strong and independent woman now. Today you gain a new family, but I want you to know that you will never lose your old one. You are the pride of the Western Lycan Kingdom and you will always be welcomed there. If you ever need help, there is a whole kingdom that will come to your aid. This is my vow to you, dear Sister.”

“Gideon,” Savannah lowered her head, blinking away the tears. “Thank you.”

“Now go and be happy!” The brother gave her a fatherly k!ss on the forehead and stepped back, leaving her alone on the starlit path. However, everyone heard him mutter as he joined his wife.”

But nothing could stop Savvy now as she practically ran to join hands with Kai, their fingers lacing together instantly, each move filled with love and passion.

“Finally!” he whispered and she let out a giggle, knowing exactly how he felt. She couldn’t wait for all of this to be done, for the camera to be turned off and for them to be alone together again. She didn’t have enough of him after the reunion. She did not think she’d ever have enough of him.

“Tonight, under the North Star and the Aurora,” Elene started her speech with a serene smile on her l!ps, “we are gathered here to celebrate the union of King Kai Fionnlagh and Princess Savannah Stormhold. Two halves of the same whole, they have already proven to be mates and accepted each other’s true marks. They are already united in the eyes of Fenrir and the Moon Goddess, and tonight, they will be united in the eyes of their people as well. Please, say your vows to each other.”

Kai glanced at his bride once again, marveling at how beautiful she looked tonight. He had a speech prepared on a piece of paper, but he decided that he didn’t need it. The right words were already on his tongue.

“Savvy” he chose not to use her full name.

What he was going to say was coming from his heart, and he did not want to bury it in formalities. “I didn’t get to say this to you last time, but I need you to know this. From the day I met you, I knew you belonged to me. I knew you were the missing part of me that I have been searching for my whole life. You had another mate, but this never felt right to me because deep inside, I knew you were my North Star. You brightened my life and showed me the way to being a better king and a better man.

Even in the darkest hours, even in the worst of blizzards, you are the one who makes me see light.

I will spend my whole life proving to you that l’m worthy of the honour Fenrir personally bestowed on me when he made me your mate. For that, I will be forever grateful. I swear to protect you with my life, fight for you with the entirety of my being, love you until the day I die, and respect you the way you deserve. You’re my Luna and my Queen, and nothing will ever change that.

 I will be trying every day to prove to you, to the gods, and to the whole world that I’m worthy of standing by your side.” His mouth went dry by the time he was done, and he noticed tears glistening in Savannah’s eyes. He wanted to k!ss them away, but unfortunately, it wasn’t that part of the ceremony yet, so he only squeezed her fingers tighter to let her know that he meant every word.

“Kai,” she smiled softly, her voice betraying her emotions as she spoke. “You have nothing to prove.

I can feel every word you said with my heart, and you should know that I reciprocate every single one of them. I lost you once, and my life lost its colours.

They call you my second chance mate, but to me, you were, are, and always will be my one and only.

The only one I ever wanted to spend my life with. I swear to be the best Luna l can be and rule by your side in accordance with the Northern traditions and laws, I swear to give you my unconditional support and love and stay on your side forever. You healed my broken soul, and I will do my best to ensure that yours is never broken. I will love you for as long as these mountains stand and the North Star shines upon our heads. And even when they are all gone, my love for you will still linger in this world because nothing can erase it.”

She stopped talking because her voice broke, and Kai pulled her closer, wishing for nothing else but to bury his face in the crook of her neck.

Somewhere among the guests, Petra teared up listening to all this. It was so beautiful to watch true mates confessing their feelings. She knew both Kai and Savannah as fierce warriors and smart politicians. It was a new facet she got to see tonight, and her hand brushed softly over her mate’s. Ash flinched, and she held her breath for a moment, scared that he would push her away.

The problem was that he did not claim her, he did not announce to anyone who she was to him.

Not the way she always imagined it would be. And now Petra was questioning everything. She was told she was beautiful but was she really? And if she was, then why didn’t he act and stake his claim on her? This was what an Alpha was supposed to do. This was something she’d waited for her whole life. However, here they were, together and with no obstacles between them, but he’d barely spoken a word to her during the last twenty-four hours.

Of course, he was busy preparing for the war. It must have been that, and the rest was just in her head, But at the same time, there was this uncomfortable gnawing feeling inside of her ch3st that told her that there was more to it.

She wasn’t what he wanted. Or, at the very least, he wasn’t sure that she was what he wanted.

Ash did not push her away, and she carefully entwined their fingers together, giving him a light tug. His eyes were on the happy couple but at the same time, she felt him gripping her hand slightly. A smile formed on Petra’s face. This may not have been much to some, but it was a beginning for her.

In the meantime, the priestess joined Elene with a beautiful ancient crown in her hands. The blue and white diamonds formed the north star in the centre, surrounded by smaller stars. It was a thing of beauty, and only northern Queens had the honour of wearing it.

“Fenrir tells us to choose our partners wisely,” Elene said the sacred words. “Kai Fionnlagh, King of the Northern Lycan Kingdom, make a wise choice.”

Kai accepted the heavy crown and turned to his mate with a regal expression on his face. “I’d already made my choice a while ago. There is only one Queen for me. Savannah Stormhold, will you accept the Northern Crown and agree to share the burden of responsibility with me, to rule not as Queen Consort but as my rightful partner? Do you agree to be my Queen, my Luna, my wife and the future mother of my heirs?”

Savannah lowered her head gracefully and answered with a smile, “It would be my honour.

He placed the crown onto her head and was amazed by how well it fit. As if it was made for her.

His beloved mate bowed as Savannah Stormhold, but she lifted her head as Savannah Fionnlagh, the Northern Lycan Queen.

Everyone present bowed their heads to the new royal couple, showing their respect. Only Gideon and Riannon stayed standing as their equals, but they placed their hands over their hearts in a sign of support.

Finally, Kai could turn his wife to face him and gently covered her l!ps with his in a chaste k!ss.

Just a little bit longer, and his k!sses would be different. Just a little bit more…

He pulled the string of her cape and it flew away in the wind, baring her neck and shoulders so that everyone could see that glowing North Star mark of his on her neck. He followed that by undoing the top buttons of his traditional Northern shirt, making his own mark visible.

“You’ve got Fenrir’s blessing!” the priestess announced loudly with a gasp while Claude and Chloe were filming every single moment. For that was the most important part of their plan. Bjorn claimed that Kai sold his soul to a demon to come back from the dead. However, it was common knowledge that a divine mark would never appear on a tainted soul. That was why today’s breaking news, the main event before their forces would meet on the battlefield, would be about Bjorn being a liar or a delusional man gripped by insanity, while at the same time painting Kai and Savannah as the new guiding lights and the hope of both kingdoms.

So far, it was working out perfectly.

They did not celebrate. There was no time for that and there were more important things to do.

They had to return to the castle and continue strategizing. Lachlan, Reid and Gideon left to check on their troops, while Kyle monitored Claude and Chloe who worked hard to spread the news. This was the morale boost everyone needed after their last defeat. They did not forget to share as many fragments about Amarok as they could, drawing conclusions about his transformation and Fenrir’s blessing that was now evident, thanks to the North Star marks.

When there were just a few hours of the night left, they decided that it was time to get some rest.

The next day could be the longest they’d all had in a while as Aspen’s spies were already bringing them information about secret movements made by the bear and fox forces. The brown bear packs were now joining their white bear relatives, while foxes were gathering at the opposite side.

It was decided that Riannon would stay in the castle with Claude and Chloe, working in the  command centre and observing the battlefield from the sky with the help of drones. The Western Queen was the obvious choice because she was the only one who could deliver the information they got in this way to both Kai and Gideon via the mind link, not to mention that she could cover a longer distance than anyone else. However, it was clear to everyone that Gideon simply wanted his pregnant mate to stay safe.

“Hey, Savvy, maybe Ria could use some help in the control room,” Kai cleared his throat nonchalantly and looked elsewhere. He also wanted his expecting Queen not to throw herself into the middle of the battlefield.

“Nice try!” she chuckled and then gave him a death stare. “I evoke my wish as the winning Luna Trials contender! My wish is for you to never offer me to sit a battle out again. I am a Royal Lycan who can now use my third form without restrictions. I am too valuable to stay behind. No offence, Riannon.”

“None taken,” Ria nodded at he, offering her full support. “I am pro-choice.”

Back in their room that hadn’t been touched by the fire, Kai took his wife as many times as he could in the few hours they had. It never seemed enough because they both knew that it could be their last night together. They were confident in their strength and knew that their plan was good, but it would be silly to think that everything would go smoothly.

Especially after how many surprises life had already thrown at them both. They wisely expected more.

“l am so sorry I couldn’t give you the bridal night of your dreams,” Kai whispered to her, voice hoarse from all the growling he had been doing.”

You deserve more romance and” “Kai,” Savannah lifted her head to meet his gaze. “Since you came back to Iife, every night we get to have is the night of my dreams. Simply because we get to have it. I just hope… that we get to have many more.”

“We will” he pulled her closer and claimed her l!ps in a gentle k!ss that was his promise to her.

And in the morning, they went to war…

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