The Perfect Luna Chapter 15

Here she went again.

It was extremely hard for Riannon not to roll her eyes. That girl was beyond annoying. And absolutely shameless.

It was pretty clear what she was trying to do here with all those omegas. She did it in the past too. Since she didn’t have a chance with higher-ranking wolves before, so she tried to get all the lower ranking ones on her side. This was one of Riannon’s first serious defeats. Back in her past life she used to be respected by everyone and believed that their loyalties would stay with her until the end. Their pack was always good to omegas, after all. And she personally saw to it.

There was one thing that bothered her a lot. As far as Rhiannon remembered, last time or Roxanne started acting much later. Those parties with omegas took place months after she appeared at the pack. And now she was already at it. It was another change and Rhiannon didn’t like it. However, luckily, in the past, she was thinking a lot about her mistakes. This one always seemed like the hardest one to fix, but she had to at least try.

“Luna,” Roxy was almost crying, “I’m so sorry that I invited all the omegas over. But I felt so bad for them since it never happened chance to enjoy things like that. And especially at the f*ckhouse. Please, don’t be angry at us. I assure you, we all know our places in the hierarchy.”

This was going to be funny. Ria looked around, scanning the room. Roxy was serving them biscuits and sandwiches. So, she gave her guests a wide smile and entered the room, taking the central seat.

“Roxy,” she said with a grin, “you are still very new here. As I always tell you during your panic attacks, this pack is very different from the one you came from. Omegas can enter this house anytime they like as any other member of this pack. Everyone is welcome here, although it would be better if you let us know beforehand about big gatherings like this. Our omegas don’t lack biscuits or sandwiches. If you really wanted to treat them, we could have prepared something a bit better. Like what we do at our seasonal parties. You enjoy those girls, right?”

“Of course, Luna,” a few of them squeaked, feeling slightly awkward.

“Oh,” Roxy took another seat, “I didn’t know…”

“Don’t worry, dear, no one expects you to learn everything so fast,” Riannon chuckled as someone handed her a cup of tea, “That’s why we are going to take care of your education from now on. Did you decide what you would like to do already? Remember, we already talked about it? You have absolutely no limits on what you can do.”

liked to exploit her background and get all the pity from the people around her by playing the poor and abused omega. The Luna wanted to take that from her. She wanted the other omegas to know very well that they weren’t the same. Roxanne stopped being a plain omega the moment she entered the pack as the Alpha’s mate. That wouldn’t work with everyone, of course, but at least as far as they didn’t have that unity…

“I am not sure,” Roxy mumbled, “It’s all so sudden… I don’t know if I would ever get used to something like that.”

“Of course you will!” Ria tried to sound really sincere, “You looked like a natural at the Alpha Ball yesterday! I would have never thought that it was your first. The designer dress and diamonds fit you well.”

The silence in the room became awkward and Riannon got worried that she overdid it. “Th-thank you,” Roxy tried to force a smile, “It’s all thanks to your kindness, Luna.”

“Don’t thank me,” Riannon put the teacup down, “It’s not like I have much of a choice here. Not every day your husband brings home his mate and makes us live together.”

Now the silence was deadly.

“And how are you, Luna?” One of the girls asked, playing with the hem of her dress and dar ng her eyes to the floor, “I mean… considering…”

“Considering everything,” Ria leaned to the back of her chair and sighed, “I am trying to cope. It’s not easy when it happens to your family. You have married a chosen mate too, right


The girl looked at her, shocked that the Luna of the pack knew her name and even such details about her family.

“Yes, Luna,” she nodded, “Mark and I are chosen mates.”

“Then you can probably imagine how I feel right now,” Ria smiled sadly and brushed away a non-existent tear off her lashes, “It doesn’t help that Roxy here is such a sweet and caring child. I couldn’t hate her even if I wanted to.”

“You are very kind,” someone else said and others started agreeing with this.

Soon Roxy’s party turned into the support event for Riannon and she made sure that she let them all know that she was aware of their names, position, problems and so on. When they were leaving, they were thanking her for everything and Ria was now able to smile genuinely. She noticed that a few people were still hanging around Roxy. But this was inevitable. Those no chance to attach themselves to Riannon, so the alpha’s new mate was their best bet.

But at least now Ria knew what to expect.

“Thank you so much!” One of the omegas gave the Luna an awkward hug, hearing that she just approved the increase in the school budget to make sure that omegas could be trained physically along with everyone else. This was something that Brayden opposed for a while and thanks to that, omegas rarely could compete for a warrior place. Although some of them weren’t born to fight, some were just as strong as deltas and it was a shame that they never had a chance to prove themselves.

However, Riannon was one of those who wanted to change that.

“Don’t worry,” she smiled, “The plan is to give everyone an equal chance. I am sure that sooner or later everyone will get on board.”

They were walking out of the mansion, saying their goodbyes and Roxy kept quiet. A few c her newfound friends kept close to her, realising that today’s battle was mostly lost.

“I am sure you will be able to do all that and more,” Roxy said, grinning widely, “Our Luna is now friends with the Lycan king, after all. There is hardly any problem that she can’t solve now!”

That was the definition of false advertising. And it was dangerous. “We talked once, Roxy,” Riannon almost gritted through her teeth, “That hardly makes us BFFs.”

“But the lycan king…” The redhead wanted to say something else but they all heard a burst of resounding laughter.

“And who the hell are you to speak for me?!” Gideon Stormhold, the Lycan King himself, took off his sunglasses as they all turned to the sound of his voice and saw him leaning over a huge black car at a distance.

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