The Perfect Luna Chapter 16

“I am asking you again, omega,” the Lycan king growled, “Who do you think you are to say such things?!”

All other omegas bowed their heads and only Roxy stood there, trembling.

Riannon’s lips parted in shock as she took him in. Today he was wearing ripped jeans and a grey T-shirt that was slightly too tight around his muscular body. He had sunglasses on which he took off right before their eyes met.

He was a fine specimen of a Lycan. Tall and broad-shouldered as if he spent most of his time training and fighting. Yet his green eyes gave away his sharp mind and experience. Someone like him wouldn’t buy the pathetic lies of the scheming omega in front of him. And for some reason, it made Riannon very happy inside.

“I am so sorry, Alpha,” Roxy started stuttering and Ria thought to herself that for the first i e ever this might have been genuine. The aura around the Lycan King was deadly and even she could feel it.

“I am afraid a simple sorry is not going to cut it, little girl. You are not that little thought to not know any rules. Or now that you found out that you are the Alpha’s mate you decided that you are above everyone and anyone?” Gideon chuckled darkly, “I hate to break it to you, but even Alphas are not above our laws. And you are still a no one as of now. I don’t see a mark on your neck, do I?”

No one dared to speak and Roxanne’s head was getting lower and lower.

“Not to mention that even if you did have a mark,” the Lycan king stepped closer, “I could still demand your life as a tribute to me for your insolence. And, trust me, your Alpha would kill your himself in an instant just to appease me. If he is not a complete i***t, of course. Which I am starting to doubt…”

“What is going on here?” Brayden showed up from the side leading to the training field with Ash and his best warriors, all sweaty after yet another exercise round. He looked worried when he saw the scene unfolding before him and Ria decided to take a step back simply watching what would happen.

“What happened, Alpha…”, Gideon paused, not even trying to hide that he did not remember Brayden’s name.

“Thorn,” the wolf tried to suppress a growl but it did not work very well.

“Alpha Thorn,” Gideon practically spat the words and Riannon enjoyed that way more than she should have, “Your mate here disrespected me. And your Luna too. She is too brazen…

“My apologies, King Stormhold,” Bray was forcing the words out of his throat. He was a strong Alpha and submitting came hard to him, “It is my fault. I have to teach her better. She didn’t have the opportunity to learn since in her previous pack…”

“I don’t want excuses,” the lycan did not even try to hold back his growl, “There are things that even mice in the house know. And if she is that not ready to meet people, maybe you should look into that and stop parading her at parties for the time being. After all, you don’t want the whole pack to pay the price for the stupid words that leave her mouth, right?”

“Of course, not,” Brayden got pale. No one wanted to mess with the lycans. This was a war lost before it even started and everyone knew that. There were less lycans than werewolves in the world but they were bigger and stronger, and way more powerful. And there was a reason why everyone obeyed them. There had been wars where werewolves tried to end lycan’s dominance and they all ended badly for the wolves. So, no one tried that before. It did help that lycans, however cruel if crossed, seemed to be reasonable rulers. They implemented ľ s that more or less took care of everyone under their wing. However, there was one thing that they did not tolerate and it was disrespect.

“I am so sorry!” Roxy rushed to fall into Brayden’s arms with eyes full of tears again. The girl was shaking uncontrollably as her mate wrapped his hands around her protectively.

Gideon turned to look at Riannon and she sighed, rolling her eyes, which only made him smirk and clench his fists. He looked like he was ready to tear the omega apart any moment now. That got Ria worried. For the first time, she realised that now she really needed Roxanne alive for her plan to come true.

A small part of her still cared for Brayden and it made her mark ache to see him so protective of his mate. But in the end, more than anything now she wanted her freedom. And her pack. If Gideon killed Roxy now, Bray would be devastated, yes. But he would survive. And never ever give her a divorce. And she wouldn’t have grounds for that and for taking her pack back as well.

No, this was not good for her.

“How about we forgive her just this once,” the Luna stepped in between the lycan king and her husband who held his clinging mate in his arms, “We will all teach Roxanne and next time we will be sure she is not even around when you visit if that’s what you like.”

“As you wish, Riannon,” Gideon raised his chin but his facial expression warmed up as he looked at her. Everyone around them was stunned at how easily he listened to her and how he….

Anyway, I came here to discuss a few things and to have a look at your pack. How about you show me around?”

“It would be my pleasure,” she gave him a soft smile and this time he worked really hard to suppress an internal and possessive growl.

“I will go with you,” Brayden said all of a sudden as Roxy still had her fingers dug in his skin.

“I think you have your hands full, Thorn,” Gideon chuckled not even bothering to add the

title Alpha, which probably meant that he wasn’t considering his opponent one.

For the first time ever Bray looked at his mate as a nuisance as his wife came closer to the king. But he couldn’t do anything about it in front of so many people.

“Then at least my Beta..” he wanted to suggest Ash go with the two of them.

“There is no need,” Ria smiled innocently, “This is an informal visit, Bray. And I am not in any danger from King Gideon. Go deal with your important matters and let Ash do his work.

While I’ll do mine.”

With that, she turned on her heels and gestured for Gideon to follow her which he did after giving her husband a look of disdain. Making others feel inferior to him was a gift sent to him by the Moon Goddess.

They walked in silence for a while and Ria contemplated how to start a conversation with him. She was telling him this and that about the pack but he did not seem interested at all. And from time to time she caught him watching her with a gaze that made her lose her breath and feel the heat inside.

She tried to control her emotions just the way she was taught but couldn’t do anything about the blush that appeared on her cheeks. Just why was she reacting to him like that?

“And here we plan to build a few new rows of living houses. Our population increases rapidly in the past few years and we want to create more separate houses for new families,” she went on and on, even though she knew that he was not interested. But he kept listening to her and watching her every move without interrupting her.

Until they came to the main gardens of the pack and walked up to a little lake with ducks swimming in it.

She did not know what else to say and was about to ask him bluntly what the real reason for his visit was when he turned to face her with a very serious face.

“Riannon, I need to tell me something and be honest about it,” he said. she swallowed. Just what was it that he wanted to know?

“Of course,” she mumbled, feeling worried.

“What happened to your wolf?” the words cut through her mind.

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