The Perfect Luna Chapter 19

Her first instinct was to push him away. But his tongue on her flesh felt so good that she couldn’t bring herself to actually do it.

And it did feel better. So… it could only be wise to consider it as a treatment. Like when you go to a doctor. Yes, this was the best way to look at it.

Gideon was her doctor. A tall, insanely handsome, ridiculously hot doctor who was now svcking on her most sens!tive spot, while the fingers of one of his hands dug into her waist and the ones on the other were tugging her hair to give him better access.

She tried to push him away. But not really. Riannon’s mind was elsewhere because of all the sens@tions that the Lycan king was bringing her with his… treatment.

It was hard to breathe, and she bit her l!p almost to the point of bleeding when a m0an escaped her. This, in turn, made Gideon lose the tiny bit of control he had left. Touching her like that was all he wanted just a minute ago. But now that he was intoxicated with her scent and closeness, it was suddenly not enough. He wanted more. To take her, to claim her, to take her away and bring her where she really belonged.

Not here. His house.

Mars was howling and growling in his head. The damn wolf was even crazier than he initially thought.

And when her hand went up to his chest and touched the bare skin on his own neck, he almost lost it, not even realising anymore what he was doing to her.

Riannon could swear that between all the svcking and l!cking she felt his sharp canines grazing over her skin. A wave of shock went through her body yet she still did not push him away, not even knowing why. However, in just a few seconds his tongue returned to work, and she forgot about all that.

Healing came first.

Just then the door swung open, and Maya froze at the entrance with several huge present boxes in her hands, making Riannon finally return to her senses and push Gideon away to his displeasure. The lycan king grunted and for a second there his eyes shone golden light indicating that his wolf was almost in control. But he furrowed his eyebrows and closed his eyes, rubbing the bridge of his nose, and Ria just knew that she had nothing to worry about.

Except for her best friend grinning at her and her brother poking out from behind her back.

“My, my!” the Beta girl snickered as she barged in, jabbing her sibling; “Close the door,

The guy followed his sister’s orders and Riannon sighed. He was one of those who were hard to see in her new life. Back in the past, after Maya was killed, he changed a lot. The nice 20-year-old boy with freckles was gone. Replaced by a person she wasn’t sure she even knew before.

The worst of all, he was one of those whom Riannon lost too. No, he was not killed. He turned away from her, blaming her for Maya’s death. In the end, he couldn’t even spare her a word…

But now he was here, blushing as he always used to in their childhood. He was younger than both Ria and Maya, but he was dear to both of them. When Riannon’s siblings died, Maya and Dean became her family. Along with Brayden.

“Is it normal for just anyone to barge in like this in the Luna’s office?” Gideon raised his brow, looking at the two intruders.

“Ah,” Maya shrugged, “He is just the way you described him!”

Riannon covered her face with her hands as she jumped off the desk. The lycan looked at her questioningly and she gave him an apologetic smile. No, she was not going to tell him that she described him as the biggest prick who ever lived…

“Gideon, this is Maya,” she decided to just introduce them to change the subject, “She is my best friend and my future Beta.”

“Really?” now he looked at the girl with interest. He wanted to get to know everyone who was important to his mate. He knew that Betas were not chosen on a whim, there had to be a connection. And that made this Maya girl extremely important to him at once too.

“And before you say anything,” the she-wolf placed the boxes on top of the table and narrowed her eyes, “I will earn my place. I am already earning it.”

“I was not going to say anything,” Gideon chuckled, “And I have no doubt.”

The girl looked at him in amazement but hid it very quickly under a crooked smile.

“Well, well, well,” she snorted, “I guess it’s true that lycans do not see a trouble in high-ranking women.”

“Why would we?” the king replied politely, “If the person is capable, then it shouldn’t matter what their gender is.”

“I cannot agree more,” Maya darting a mischievous glance at her friend, “And now he is so not the way you described him!”

I am just dying to know, how DID you describe me to your future Beta?”

“I told her that you are a mighty and respectable king!” Ria cleared her throat, shooting Maya a death stare, “How else?”

“Anyway,” her friend grabbed her brother’s arm and pulled him back to the exit, “We’ll be going, and you can continue to make out! But I suggest locking the doors next time. You are so lucky that it was us. You do realise that it could have been anyone else, right? At least, Dean and I can keep a secret. But that cannot be said for anyone else in the house.”

“We weren’t making out!” Riannon tried to explain.

“Yeah, yeah,” Maya waved her goodbye, clearly not buying it. The doors closed and they stayed alone again. “Your mark,” Gideon turned to her with a clear impression to continue where they left off.

“Is fine now!” Riannon touched it automatically and it indeed felt normal, so he distance herself from the man, walking all the way behind her desk, “Those lycan healing abilities are indeed amazing!”

The king tried to hide his disappointment, trying not to think of the many things that they could be doing on top of that desk if she felt he was her mate.

However, today could be considered progress anyway, since she clearly was reacting to him. It couldn’t be confused with anything else. He just needed more time. And more effort.

“Lycans will surprise you many times in the future,” he chuckled as she handed him some folder with papers, while her cheeks were deliciously pink.

“I have no doubts in that,” she smiled politely and he frowned, realising that she was in her business mode now. He did not like it. But he couldn’t do anything about it now. She was clearly putting up her.guard now after what happened.

It hurt him a great deal to know that the wolf was gone because she was heartbroken for another man. He would take any other reason, but this one was torture to think about.

Nevertheless, at least she wasn’t dead. He and Mars would do anything to bring her back and make Riannon theirs.

“So, as you can see,” she pointed out with her delicate finger as she stood right next to him again, coating him in her scent, “I have made the proposals for the law changes. And here you can find the suggested statements we can use.”

“Where?” he furrowed his brows, knowing really well where everything was. But he closeness.

This was not nearly enough for him, but he knew that this was all that he was getting. He didn’t even try anything, just enjoyed those crumbs…

“Here and here,” she was patient with him. And he liked that about her because he was often hot-headed. He always thought that he needed his Luna to be on the rational side of things. And it made him smile that the Moon Goddess heard his silent prayers.

“So,” she bit her l!p impatiently. She did that a lot. “What do you think?” she asked, worry on her face.

“I think it’s a way bigger problem than I initially thought,” Gideon closed the folder, “We will need to brainstorm it for a few days at least. And we need to run it by the lycan laws as well.”

“Of course,” she agreed, “We can arrange a call any time that is convenient for you.”

“No,” he tried his best not to smirk when he said it, “I think we need to meet. You will have to come to the lycan territory for a day. Or two. Or three… Clear a whole week.”

“But,” she gasped. This was not what she expected at all.

At this moment in time, they heard a knock on the door, knowing at once that it was Brayden. Alphas had the strongest scents.

“hope I am not interrupting,” he walked in without permission and quickly scanned the situation in the room. His whole body relaxed when he saw the folder in the king’s hands.

“Of course, not,” Riannon answered dryly. She did not want him to get suspicious before the time came but she wasn’t in the mood to be nice to him after everything either.

“What is it that you discuss here?” he asked expectantly, and she almost rolled her eyes.

“There are a few laws that require adjustments,” Ria said, “Mainly to give women’more

rights. You know how it is. Some are good warriors but can never be considered for the position unless they have a high-ranking blood type. There are many other little things too.”

“I know,” he pretended that he was aware the whole time and she wanted to laugh.

However, it was what happened next that she did not anticipate at all. Brayden came all the way to her and wrapped his hands around her waist possessively, brushing his cheek over hers. “I am so proud of my beautiful Luna. You truly are the best, Ri,” he murmured almost intimately, “That’s why I love you so much.”

Gideon’s friendly expression dropped at once and his fists clenched…

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