The Perfect Luna Chapter 21

Riannon couldn’t believe what he was doing. Didn’t he get that they weren’t in the right place right now? How did he see them having s3x now?

Surely, he had to be aware that he hurt her with his actions. He did not know that she already lived a whole other life and fell out of love with him. But he had to have some idea about human feelings. And he brought his future mistress home just one week ago.

“Ri… You look so beautiful today, babe,” He lowered himself to try and capture her lips, but she dodged it. She couldn’t risk it too much because she did not need him suspicious at this moment in time. However, sleeping with him was absolutely out of the question.

“I am not exactly in the mood, Brayden,” she averted his lustful gaze and heard him sigh excessively.

“I know,” he said with a bit of regret in his voice, “and I know that it’s all my fault. But I meant what I said, I will find a way to make it up to you. Just tell me what you want, even if it is a completely new packhouse. Or the biggest diamond in the world. Or…”

He was contemplating what things he could buy her while she wanted to laugh. Could he buy her some dignity that she lost because of him? Or some magical painkillers that could ease the pain in her heart which was caused but his actions.

But even if he could, it was too late for that now. She did not need any of those anymore. She was fine on her own.

His hands started travelling up her th!ghs, giving them a light squeeze as he tried to part them while digging his head in the crook of her neck, peppering it with k!sses.

She found it… repulsive. Back in the day, she would be melting in his arms, happy at their sudden closeness. When Roxy was still new in the pack, she believed that it was just temporary and they would be able to overcome this. So, when he was sleeping with her, just the way they both enjoyed, she was on cloud nine.

This was not the case anymore. All that she was thinking of now was how to get out of this situation.

“I miss you, Ri,” he whispered, trying to seduce her into giving in. And then he froze. Something was not right there. She pushed him away, realising quickly what was the problem.

Gideon was… healing her right there before. A werewolf couldn’t miss that. “You reek of that lycan!” Brayden said angrily. “And you reek of your mate,” she said the first thing that came to her mind and it came out wrong.

your business is all about?” he threw accusations at her one by one.

“Of course, not!” she tried to look appalled even though he was absolutely right. “Then why do you smell like him?!” the Alpha demanded.

“Because my mark was inflamed, and he checked it!” she decided to go with partial truth. After all, Gideon could confirm it for her, “Lycans have the strongest scents. And I bet their king is even worse than that. So, that’s why it stayed on me.”

Seconds seemed like years as she waited for her husband to respond, to make his decision.

“I am sorry, Ri,” he said after a while and moved closer to her again, “Let’s pick up where we left off.”

“Let’s not!” she quickly jumped off the table, “The mood is gone anyway, and I still have a lot of work to do. And I bet so do you.”

“The most important thing that I have to do is my wife,” he growled. He was not used to refusals. Riannon always wanted him. Their passion was never dying down and this was literally the first time when she felt fine yet said no. He did not like that one bit.

That was when a door knock disturned them and they both turned to see Roxanne standing in the doorway.

“Luna, Alpha, I am so sorry for disturbing you,” she mumbled.

“That’s fine, Roxy!” Ria was happy to see her nemesis for the first time in her life, “We are done here. What did you want?”

“…” she was playing with the hem of her new dress, “If I could talk to the Alpha…”

“I am busy!” Brayden snapped and tears glistened in Roxanne’s eyes.

Usually, Riannon would roll hers seeing that. But right now Roxy was her saviour and she decided to use her arrival to the fullest.

“Don’t be cruel, Bray! Look at the girl! She is crying!” she tried to speak as expressively as she only could, “The poor child had a hard enough life! Don’t make her cry!”

Now even Roxy was looking at the Luna with an opened mouth. That woman was surprising her time after time and she did not know what to expect from her. And Roxy liked her prey predictable. This ruined a few of her plans already.

“I wasn’t planning to…” the alpha tried to explain himself but he got interrupted again. “The two of you need to speak,” Ria stated dryly, “Go to your office. Or some other private

She met her husband’s puzzled gaze and just shrugged her shoulders, getting a few big folders from a bookshelf and demonstrating that she was busy.

“Fine, sorry,” Brayden said and stormed out of the room, motioning for Roxanne to follow him.

However, as soon as they were out, he told her to come and see him later.

He contemplated for the rest of the day on what to do with his wife. He loved Riannon but everything was complicated now. Sitting at a chair in his office, he was smoking a cigar and trying to relax at least a little bit. And failing.

Something was bothering him. Riannon changed so much since the day Roxy arrived. It was as if two different people were living inside of her.

“Alpha,” this time Roxanne walked in without any knocking. He wanted to send her away first but her innocent expression made him stop. It was already dark behind the window and he wondered how many hours he had spent thinking about Ria.

“You wanted something?” he asked the girl, noticing that she was wearing an unusually tight and short dress for her, which hugged her petite body in all the right places.

“I wanted to make sure that you are feeling fine,” she said in a sweet voice while her fingers brushed over his shoulder as if by accident, creating waves of tingles over his skin. She was afraid to do more and he liked how obedient she was. Riannon was a lot of things. But obedient was never one of them.

“What makes you think that I am not?” he looked at her with a dare, eyes on her impressive cleavage. He hadn’t slept with her. Yet. And now he was asking himself a question, what was holding him back.

Slowly, she knelt right before him, making him swallow as her delicate hands landed on his knees.

“I am not blind, Alpha,” she looked him straight in the eye, licking her lips, “I can see when you are not happy. I am your mate, so I feel what you feel. And I want to make you feel better.

If you let me, of course.”

Her hand travelled all the way to the zip of his pants and paused as she waited for his approval. Brayden nodded without even thinking twice. They were mates and it was inevitable. He gave her time to adjust to his pack but it was time for him to take what was rightfully his.

She crawled in between his thighs, fitting there just nicely and dipped her head all the his eyes.

Brayden relaxed more into his chair and laced his fingers into her hair, helping her find the rhythm that was the best for him as she bobbed her head diligently, moaning softly on his hardness.

It felt good. She felt good. And he wanted more since he wasn’t an i***t and knew that Riannon wouldn’t let him touch her for at least a few days now. He knew his wife too well.

He understood. She was punishing him and it was the only thing that she could do in her situation. But sooner or later, she would get used to it too. And everything would be back to normal. Just better.

“Alpha,” Roxy moaned desperately as if she felt that his attention shifted elsewhere. Her eyes were teary again from all the effort and he made his decision very quickly.

“Dress off,” he commanded her with anticipation in his voice, “On the carpet on your fours and as.s in the air.”

She let his flesh out of her mouth with a pop and stood up obediently, letting her dress slide down to the ground. And then her tiny panties followed after which she turned her back to him, giving him a good view of everything and at the same time doing exactly what he told her.

Brayden already knew that she was a virgin. She made it clear to him several times, so he decided to be gentle with her. They had an awkward relationship since he did not wait for her and marked another. But the attraction between them was undeniable.

And he loved how she depended on him as if he was her air. Although it was important for him to have a strong Luna by his side, he could definitely see the appeal of a damsel in distress.

Riannon was always strong and collected and it was what the pack needed and what he admired about her.

But Roxy was so simple to deal with. She craved his attention and was happy to receive even a few crumbs of it.

He pushed two fingers inside of her, trying to work her out and grunting satisfactory at the fact that she was already wet for him.

“Please,” the girl whined, “I can’t do this anymore, Alpha. I want you so badly!”

He brushed his hands all over her body, cupping her breasts and grasping her bottom delicately, all while placing his tip at her entrance. He started to push in slowly but firmly, letting her adjust to him and happy that he decided to take her after all. Being with her felt amazing.

mate and I was made for you. I can take whatever you want to do to me, Alpha. Trust me.”

This was all the permission that he needed to start moving inside of her. Roughly and possessively, staking his claim over her body so that everybody would know who she belonged to.

He was pumping into her vigorously, stilling in just a few minutes and filling her with his seed as she moaned under him from all the pleasure that she was getting.

“Good girl,” he praised her, slapping one of her ass cheeks gently and realising that he probably should have hold back and not c*m inside of her. Riannon was supposed to give birth to his first alpha heir. And then a spare.

Now that he was thinking about it, he did not need potential omega children at all. So, he had to start using condoms next time.

“Dress up and follow me,” he said dryly, zipping his p*nts.

“Where, Alpha?” Roxy flapped her long lashes, covered only with her luscious red hair.

“You don’t seriously think that we are done, do you?” he chuckled, brushing his hand over her cheek, “I am just starting with you.”

Riannon was in her room when she felt her mark stinging again. She came to the mirror to check it and saw how red it got again, remembering the lycan king and how he helped her the last time. A smile touched the corners of her lips when she heard loud and distinct m0ans. And then more of them followed, mixing with growls and grunts.

Brayden’s bedroom that he used from time to time when they did not sleep together was separated from this room by a thin wall and there was no denying what was happening there this very moment.

It was annoying, He was disrespecting her right there and then.

But other than that, surprisingly, it did not bother her.

Before, she used to sob in her bed each time she heard the two of them having fun. But today was different. Today she did not care anymore.

Maybe it was because Onyx was not there still. She called her many times after what happened today but to no avail.

So, after her nighttime routine, she went to bed, ignoring the loud banging behind the wall.

Closing her eyes, she thought of king Gideon for some reason. The sooner she went to thoughts, she drifted off to sleep peacefully.

In the morning, she watched the omegas gather her things for the travel, after which she went downstairs to have some breakfast. She woke up early today, feeling refreshed and did not want to waste any time.

But when she was close to the kitchen, she heard two voices she was sure she would never hear together…

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