The Perfect Luna Chapter 23

She kept sitting in her place. This was the only thing that she could do now. They all were looking at her, expecting some kind of reaction.

She gave them none, keeping composure at all times and thinking hectically in her mind of what to do next.

“Alpha, she is bleeding so badly!” Dean knelt right next to the couple, “She needs to be taken to hospital! She is an omega and can’t heal quickly.”

“I will be… fine,” Roxy sighed so heavily as if breathing was actually hard for her.

Brayden tried to drill a hole in his wife’s skull with his eyes.

“How could you do this?!” he gritted his teeth, his eyes shining red meaning that his wolf was trying to get through. Did his wolf want to hurt her? Or were they fighting for control because Bray was unreasonable now? Ria thought that she always had a good relationship with his wolf. But she wasn’t so sure about it anymore now that mates were in the game.

“What makes you assume that I did anything?” she raised her brow calmly, holding her cup with fingers that were almost trembling. Almost. She still could keep her cool even in a situation like that. She had to. Especially now that she was about to be accused of snapping and harming her husband’s mistress.

“My mate covered in her own blood says that it’s you!” he hissed.

“And?” Ria shot her brow up, “Since when is she more credible than your wife and Luna of six years. Besides, she did not say that I harmed her. She said that I did not want to. And you know what, I did not want to harm her and I didn’t. I was sitting here, drinking my morning coffee as I always do and minding my own business when your sweet little mate started harming herself.”

“You are not serious right now!” Brayden looked at her in shock.

“Oh, but I am,” Riannon took a sip even though there was practically nothing left in her cup. But she needed this little break to gather her strength. “You know her for what, a few days? Weeks if you had been lying to me. That’s not that long to get to know someone properly. She may be your mate but that doesn’t make her a good person. Or a sare one. To be honest, I am as shocked as you are that she did something like that. There was absolutely no reason for that. We were just having a more or less friendly conversation. Dean was here just a few minutes before. He can confirm.”

“B-but the cook,” the omega pointed her trembling finger at the woman who was also already here, “She heard how you treated me and I was apologising for being infatuated by Roxy.

“She is not a cook,” Riannon rolled her eyes, “She is a chef. And what exactly did you hear, Maggie?”

“I…”, the older lady was bothered with the situation, “Roxanne was apologising and calling herself worthless trash…”

Brayden growled. “Did you hear me telling her anything?” Ria asked. “No, Luna,” Maggie replied honestly. “And that’s only because I didn’t say anything of the sort,” she shrugged her shoulders.

“I am telling you. She was fine one minute and then went absolutely nuts the other. I believe there are a few mental conditions that could cause that.”

Everyone was silent and she was not sure if it was working or not.

“For Goddesses’ sake!” Maya appeared from the back door followed by worried Ash,” You know our Luna for many years! It’s ridiculous that anyone even thinks of accusing her! She is the most rational person ever! She is even calm during rogue attacks!”

“It’s true,” someone muttered at the back, “Our Luna is better than this.” “Agreed, even though she is in her right to beat the crap out of this omega, she wouldn’t stoop this low!”

It suddenly became slightly easier for her to breathe, and she relaxed into the back of her chair.

“And while we are at it,” she continued, “I am an Alpha by blood. If I threw her through these windows, she would fly way further than she did. Not to mention there is no way there is my scent on her. And I have none of hers on me. Do I even need to continue?”

“Exactly!” Maya placed her hands on her hips and stood behind her friend, “And look how her wounds healing way too fast. Is she even an omega herself? We know way too little about this woman! An omega would be healing for days after something like that!”

It was an incredibly good point and now Riannon found herself standing up and walking to her husband and Roxanne. Feeling cornered, the girl started to cry again.

“They are right,” she mumbled, “I hit my face myself over the table. And then broke the swear.”

Riannon clenched her fists. She was at it again. Implying that it was her after all even though all the evidence was against her. The audacity of this redhead devil had no boundaries!

She kept on crying in Brayden’s arms but he motioned for Dean to take her and the guy readily obliged. Ria knew that her husband still did not believe her. But at least he doubted Roxy. She could tell by the perplexed look on his face.

“Alpha,” Ash stepped in, “I think we can solve this matter easily. There is a secret camera installed here. I did it a month ago. I believe everything will be on tape.”

Riannon tensed, turning to look at the Beta. If there were cameras here, she would have known and used this first-hand. But there were none.

What was he doing? Did he try to help her or bury her? Given their history in the past life, she just couldn’t tell.

“Fine, let’s check the footage in my office,” Brayden said, his voice changed instantly,”

Ash, place some guards at Roxy’s door in the hospital. I don’t want anyone to get in… or out.”

This was interesting and Riannon did not know how to read this. Was he protecting his mate or was this the first sign of his distrust?

“Riannon, dear,” he stretched his hand to his wife, “Follow me. I am sure all this is just a big misunderstanding.”

People behind their backs were puzzled. But at least, she won that battle to some extent. Ria decided against accepting her husband’s hand and turned away, walking out of the kitchen first. The last thing that she noticed was how worried Maya looked, seeing her brother holding Roxy gently in his arms while she clung to him, sobbing. They would definitely have to speak of this later. .

The two of them were silent all the way to the Alpha’s office. And only when Brayden closed the doors behind him, a loud growl escaped him.

“What the hell was that Riannon?” he looked at her as if he was accusing her again and she knitted her brows.

“Clarify that one, please,” she sat in one of the chairs, “I am starting to have a headache here.”

“Why didn’t you take my hand in front of everyone when I chose to protect you?” he asked spitefully, “I didn’t know how to do it before but luckily Ash gave me a good idea with…

“But logic does exist, Brayden,” she threw her head back and closed her eyes. It was morning and she was already tired, “If you wanted to protect me, you could start with not accusing me in the first place. I did not touch your mate. She is crazy. It is what it is.”

He exhaled through his nostrils.

“I am sorry, it just did not look credible at first!” he confessed, “But I would have never punished you even if I… I mean… I understand where your aggression could come from.”

“Only that there is no aggression,” she looked him straight in the eyes, “You and your little mental miss can do whatever you want. I am not going to dirty my hands by touching you.

That’s your prerogative. But do me a favour, handle her properly so that she doesn’t pull stunts like this anymore! I demand at least this little respect!”

“Ri,” he knelt on one knee before her, “I am sorry about yesterday. My wolf…”

“Oh, my Goddess,” she snorted, “Please, not this again! I just can’t listen to this anymore. Sleep with her as much as you want. Whatever. Just don’t feed me those wolf stories.”

Brayden clenched his lips and stood up.

“You changed so much, Ri,” he said, distancing himself from her and not looking at her anymore.

“That makes two of us,” she scoffed.

“You know, given recent events, I think you and I will need to spend some time alone. We need to work on our marriage.” He went to the window with his hands clasped behind his back. “We can even go for a vacation if you like.”

“There is no need,” she said, “You and I have too much work to take vacations.”

She hated the idea of staying alone with him now. And there was no marriage there anymore to work on. Only that she couldn’t afford to say it out loud for now.

“That’s the problem,” he chuckled, “Too much work. I believe I need to unload you. Maybe Maya could help you with the papers more.”

“She will,” Riannon decided to agree with him at least on something. Alphas needed that.

“And speaking about work, I don’t think that you going away for a week to the Lycan kingdom is such a good idea now.”

Now, this was bad for her. She needed to go there. She needed to see Gideon! For work… purposes. Not because she couldn’t stop thinking of it.

“And how do you imagine refusing the Lycan king considering that we already agreed on that phone call!”

“Fine!” Bray snapped, “I will make it! I will tell him that there is no way in hell I am letting my beloved wife go to his kingdom alone for a whole week!”

“And why the hell not?” a metallic voice sounded right behind her back, creating goosebumps. She couldn’t believe that he was here! He only said that he would send a car for her.

But when she turned, her eyes met with the Lycan King’s.

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