The Perfect Luna Chapter 24

He wanted to keep his cool and give her space.

He really did. Only, he couldn’t wait any longer. He needed to see her. He needed to breathe in her exquisite scent.

So, he took a large pile of folders into the car with him to- He didn’t actually know why he took them. To pretend that he was busy and not crazy about her at all? Because it’s perfectly normal to work in your car at seven in the morning on the way to another pack.

Even his driver gave him an odd look. Not to mention the look that Reid gave him.

“Documents?” he scoffed, “Are you trying to impress her or bore her to death?”

“Shut up” Gideon pushed past him, throwing the papers on the back seat. “Like you have a better idea.”

“I do!” his friend chuckled, “Much better! Take cond0ms and tell her that you are her mate! Or wait, then you wouldn’t need cond0ms.”

“Ha-ha, you are so funny and smart. I am beginning to question my decision to make you my Beta,” the Lycan king snapped, annoyed beyond belief.

“I know you don’t mean that” Reid teased as he jabbed him with his elbow. “Anyway, go and bring our future queen here quickly. Your sister can’t wait to meet her.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve already blabbed everything to her!” Gideon growled.

“How could I not? Savannah gets information out of everyone!” his Beta justified, trying to defend himself.

“Puppy eyes are not an attack of the Supreme Lord, you know that, right?” the King rolled his eyes, “Man up!”

“You know I can’t refuse her anything ever since your parents passed,” his friend reminded him, and Gideon knew very well what he meant.

After the previous king and queen were killed during a massive rogue attack, he had the hard task of leading the Lycans when he was just nineteen. It took all his time to keep the kingdom in one piece.

It came with a price.

His sister, Savannah, was only thirteen, and Reid was responsible for her protection. They spent a lot of time together, and the princess grew on him. She called him brother as well, and every time she did-he melted. Thus, she could do, say, or ask whatever the hell she wanted, knowing he would be there to make her every wish come true.

“Nevermind” Gideon grunted, “Just make sure she doesn’t spill the beans when Ria arrives. If anyone has to tell her we are mates, I want it to be.

“Understood” Reid nodded in agreement, “So, shall l go and cancel the party she is about to throw?”

“A party? What freaking party?” the King growled in question from inside the car.

“Got it!” his Beta chuckled, “Cancel the party.

Have a safe trip!”

Gideon relaxed into the leather seat, taking a deep breath. He hoped that no one would screw it up for him.

The ride was short this time as he made the driver speed most of the time. They ended up arriving at the pack way too early. However, he was still too impatient to wait any longer. If he didn’t see her now, he would die.

The atmosphere in the pack seemed strange as he walked, without asking for permission, through the main entrance of the huge mansion.

“Of course, our Luna did not do that!”

Someone at his right said, and he darted his gaze to where two omegas were cleaning the room. They both closed their mouths shut and stopped their work when they saw him, bowing their heads in respect. They could feel the power that his whole body was emitting on a physical level. It was too much for most omegas as they were much weaker.

“What happened to your Luna?” he asked, and they trembled, unable to respond.

“You are here!” Maya walked out of the adjacent room. “Come quick. I will tell you everything!”

She filled him in briefly on what happened before his arrival, and now he was ready to kill someone. Preferably Brayden Thorn.

” As of right now, they are talking in his office,”

she said with a worried face, “Riannon really did not do it.”

She looked at him with eyes begging him to believe her story, and Gideon realised this woman really cared about his mate.

“Of course, she didn’t,” he affirmed, curving the corners of his lips a bit, “I believe you. Now, lead me to that office “

They were already at the door, and he hadn’t heard a thing, realising that the room was soundproof. He did not hesitate to turn the handle and simply walked in as if the whole place belonged to him.

“Fine!” the Alpha was fuming as he looked at his wife, “I will make it! I will tell him that there is no way in hell I am letting my beloved wife go to his kingdom alone for a whole week!”

Riannon did not seem impressed by the threat. Yet everything inside of him was filled with fury and the desire to kill Brayden Thorn, here and now.

“And why the hell not?” Gideon growled, making both of them flinch and look at him. Ria had her soft pink lips parted in disbelief as she saw him standing in the doorway. For a second there, he thought that she would run up to him, hug him, and call him her mate. That was the look she had on her face. Sadly, no such thing happened, and he tried desperately to calm himself down.

“King Gideon?” the Alpha sounded, seeming shocked, “What are you doing here? I thought you were going to send a car for Riannon?”

“That is not an answer to my question.” He changed the subject bluntly. “Why the hell don’t you want to send your wife to my territory? Are you perhaps implying that lycans would harm her in any way?”

He walked inside, strolling past the many shelves and looking at the expensive and ridiculous things stored on them. His gaze stopped at a photo frame which he promptly took without asking permission, letting Brayden know that whether he was an Alpha or not, the Lycan King could do as he pleased. He had never used his power and title like that, but there was always a first time for everything. He needed that prick of an Alpha to know his place. Especially after today. He had his beautiful mate as his wife, yet treated her badly. If the laws weren’t tying his hands, Gideon would already be tearing his head off and taking Ria away.

Unfortunately, with a werewolf uprising on his doorstep, and Riannon’s own aspirations, he couldn’t afford that. He had to suppress his urges and do everything quietly. Legally. With her own approval.

“Of course not.” Brayden cleared his throat. “It has nothing to do with lycans. It’s-personal. My wife and I are going through something right now and.”

“oh, yeah,” he couldn’t help himself, continuing, “You found your mate and did not reject her. I remember.”

He regretted saying it the moment the words left his mouth as he noticed Riannon balling her fists tight. She did not like being reminded of that, and he hated that she cared. It was a vicious circle.

“Yet I don’t see how this personal drama of yours is more important than the work the Luna and I are doing together,” Gideon stated, looking at the photo in his hands. Brayden had his hands wrapped around Riannon, and they both seemed very happy as the wind blew her beautiful blonde hair. They also seemed a bit younger than they were now.

He hated this photo and made sure to put it face down when he was placing it back.

“It’s just-not the best time,” the Alpha tried to explain himself, still not realising that this battle was already lost.

“There is never a great time,” the Lycan chuckled, “This project is important, and unless you have a real reason to decline, I have to insist. As for you, you can use that time to think about everything, get to know your mate and so on. In the meantime, your Luna will be working on an important project to earn credit for your pack.”

The silence in the room was heavy. This time it was Riannon who broke it.

“It’s just one week” she snorted, “And a very good cause. I am sorry, Brayden, but whether you want it or not, I am”

“You can go,” her husband said quietly.

Riannon never doubted that it would end like this. He was at the stage where he wanted his time with Roxy. Back in her past life, once he claimed his mate, he became addicted to spending time with her. She was surprised that he was making such a big deal about her leaving now. That seemed very out of his character.

“Great,” Gideon grinned and offered her his hand, “Shall we?”

She decided not to waste any time and followed him. They were already in the car when she heard her friend’s voice.

“Wait!” Maya shouted as she ran up behind them with a rose gold luggage bag, “Your things!”

“Oh, right!” Ria couldn’t believe she was just about to leave her pack without any personal belongings. How on Earth did she forget? This was so unlike her.

She stretched her hand to take it, but Gideon grabbed the handle before she could and placed it into the car while her eyes met Maya’s, and her friend winked at her.

“Have fun!” she practically sang out, and Riannon pulled her into a tight hug.

“Watch Dean, and watch out for Roxy,” the Luna mind-linked her future Beta, feeling how tense she became at her words.

“Do you want me to make her disappear?”

Maya offered with her brow shot up.

“No way,” Ria smirked, “Keep her safe and sound. We need her to get out of here.”

They offered their quick goodbyes, and Riannon joined the king. The car drove off quickly as if someone was rushing the driver to leave the Siiver River Pack.

“Gosh!” she looked around, startled, “You have so many folders in here!”

Once again, he realized how stupid his idea had been, but he had to go with it.

“Yeah, I don’t like to lose time, so I work wherever I can,” he said, instantly regretting his words.

“I see.” She smiled politely. “Well, don’t mind me. I will be as quiet as a mouse.”

She looked at him expectantly, sitting with one of her legs on top of the other and her hands resting above her. He had no choice but to grab one of the folders and start reading.

“So stupid!” Mars growled.

Riannon tried to think of practically anything except what happened the last time they were alone. The driver was behind a soundproof wall, and it caused her to think about things she shouldn’t have.

She noticed how handsome the King of Lycans was with his straight facial features and dark hair falling carelessly down his face. His shirt was unbuttoned at the top, and she imagined that underneath it he probably had the most perfect body too.

She blushed and turned away, pretending to look outside the window. What was she thinking?

And why?

In the meantime, Gideon couldn’t pretend any longer. Her sweet scent of lavender and honey filled the space around them, and it felt intoxicating. He needed to touch her somehow.

“Make a sharp turn!” he heard himself commanding the driver, who was already shocked by the orders he received today.

“But-my king,” the unlucky man mumbled.

“Make a super sharp turn. Now.” He repeated darkly, “Don’t make me say that again.”

The next moment the car shook, and all the folders flew into the air. At the same time, Riannon found herself thrown straight into the hands of the Lycan king.

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