The Perfect Luna Chapter 25

Having her in his arms felt so good. Those beautiful clear blue eyes looking at him widened at the shock of being in this situation.

“l am-sorry,” she mumbled under her breath she kept holding her. Tight.

“Another turn! Now!” he mentally commanded his driver, and the car shook again. Gideon used this moment to place her properly in his lap. Even if for just a few moments, it was so worth it.

“Oh, Goddess!” She exclaimed, her cheeks delicately blushing pink, and he wanted nothing more than to brush his palm over one to feel how silky her skin was. Her sweet scent was all over him, making his head dizzy. Yet, he was still sober enough to control the situation.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered as he smiled, not intending to let her go at all, “lt’s a very bumpy road to the Lycan Kingdom.”

“Really?” She did not look like she bought into his little deception, and he was afraid to overdo it.

But Mars was purring inside of him at her closeness, and he wished to prolong it as long as he could. Even if it were just mere seconds.

“Something to work on,” he smirked, feeling her fingers digging into his flesh and realising that she was not pushing him away. Or trying to distance herself. Which reminded him of-

“How is your mark?” He gently removed her golden locks off her shoulder, exposing her neck.

The desire to touch her again was too overwhelming.

“It’s fine,” Ria muttered, and he could feel her heart beating faster. She was also feeling something. He knew it. Even if she couldn’t understand it, yet.

Feeling bold, he placed his fingers on the top button of her blouse, asking permission with his eyes to unbutton it.

“May I?” His voice sounded lower and huskier than usual, and he could see the hesitation in her eyes.

“We’d better not.” She quickly turned away, and he had to unclench his fingers, letting her come back to the seat opposite of him. At least, it was something. It didn’t matter that it didn’t last long.

They would have their whole life together once he figured out how to get her wolf to come out and play. Luckily, they now had a whole week to figure it out.

His eyes grazed over her beautiful face, and he sensed at once that something was off.

“What is wrong?” he asked bluntly. He did not want any secrets between them. He also wanted her to get used to the idea of sharing everything with him.

“Nothing,” she said as she stared out the window, her hands crossed on her knees, which were perfectly pressed together in the most royal pose ever. He could tell that it wasn’t nothing.

“Riannon,” he stated, clearing his throat, “Talk to me. Is there something you don’t like?”

She took a deep breath and bit her lip, a simple action which almost drove him crazy.

“l am beginning to think you have a very wrong impression of me.” Her eyes met his with a challenge.

“Why would you think that?” he had to handle himself carefully, although the blush on her cheeks tempted him to tease her. “Did I-do something wrong?”

She turned away, clueing him at once to the fact that he did. A little smirk crept on his lips. She wasn’t a teenager anymore, and judging by the Alpha Ball she knew well enough how to handle men and make them crazy for her. Yet he has managed to make her blush several times. It gave him the hope he needed. The very tips of her ears were red!

Riannon did not know how to proceed. On one hand, she was ready to do anything to get a divorce and the return of her pack. However, on the other hand, she knew that if the Lycan King was helping her so he could get her into his bed, she would be internally crushed.

For some reason, it was important to her that he saw her as more than just a bed toy that he wanted. Not to mention, if that was all he wanted, she may end up with nothing in the end. She was conflicted on so many levels. It was stupid to deny that she did like him to some extent. She definitely did. Despite that, this wasn’t the way she wanted to carve her path to freedom. Would that classify as freedom?

“I would like to keep our relationship professional,” she said firmly as she looked him in the eye, noticing a grin on his perfectly handsome face.

“May I ask why?” He relaxed into his seat with a content expression on his face.

Okay. She did not expect that for a reply.

“What do you mean why?” She knitted her brows together. “Because this is- appropriate.”

“Appropriate?” he chuckled, clearly having fun which made Riannon slightly furious, “That’s one way to put it.”

“There is nothing funny about this.” She shot him an annoyed glance. “When I asked for your help, this wasn’t what I was counting on. I don’t want you to think that I am the sort of woman who will be paying for your help with-“

“I don’t,” he interrupted her at once, getting serious, “Riannon, I don’t think that about you. I don’t want you to think that I am the kind of man who would expect something like that from a woman.”

Ria felt slightly puzzled. Did she misread his signals then?

“You licked my mark.” The words left her mouth before she realised it, and she wanted to bite her tongue.

“For healing purposes,” Gideon coughed out, trying to hold back laughter and enjoying her flustered face. He wanted to bring out more of that, but he also wanted her to know something. “Having said that, I do like you, Riannon. I intend to court you and make you mine.”

He tried not to stress out that last word, but it practicaly sounded like a growl in spite of all his efforts. The one word that he had been suppressing ever since he laid eyes on her the very first time.

Her lips parted as she met his intense gaze and realised he wasn’t joking. The Lycan King was serious about wanting her.

“But-l am married,” she stammered out the first words that came to mind.

“l am literally helping you obtain your divorce,” he snorted at her weak objection. He hoped she wouldn’t have any others, so he quickly added, “

Before you say anything else, my intentions are serious. I am not looking for a fing.”

“But-You are a lycan, and I am a werewolf!”

She hadn’t hesitated to continue with an excuse,

Lycans only-“

“Yes, it’s rare,” he admitted, “Although there are exceptions. You are going to be one of them.”

“Why?” She let out a laugh. He couldn’t be serious!

“I have my reasons.” For a second, he contemplated telling her she was his mate. Judging by how shocked she responded to his sudden confession, it was too early. She could simply think him unbelievable.

He wanted to play it safe. She had already been hurt by a man she once trusted. Their trust was just forming. He had to prove himself to her.

“So, is that why you are helping me?” Ria tilted her head slightly.

“That’s one of the many reasons. Before you assume anything, not all of them are personal. I would still pursue you even if I decided it was best not to help you get your pack back after the divorce.

“That would be incredibly hard!” She teased him, the corners of her mouth curled.

“l have a few cards up my sleeve.” He radiated confidence, and she had to admit he didn’t lack in that department.

Wasn’t it all too much, though? He was a powerful Lycan King, and she was-at the moment at least–a Luna in name only. She had nothing to offer him, and his desire for her to this extent didn’t make sense.

Also, the sad truth was that Brayden had broken her heart. She had no idea if she even wanted a man in her life. Nonetheless, just looking at Gideon-the idea was tempting.

There were other things to consider as well. If he wanted her, then what was stopping him from simply claiming her? Some Alphas were like that, and she hated the kind. For the first time, she grew worried about her decision to visit the Lycan Kingdom.

“Look,” he cleared his throat, sensing the sudden mood change. He immediately guessed where her mind wandered. “l will not force you into anything. You will have a choice at all times if that’s what you are worried about. However, how about we get to know each other better while you are here? I guess what I am asking from you is to give me a chance?”

She was afraid to respond. There were too many thoughts in her head right now. It was chaotic.

Then one voice rang true in her mind.

“Trust him,” Onyx stated firmly, making her gasp.

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