The Perfect Luna Chapter 26

“What’s wrong?” Gideon could feel a shift stirring in her “Riannon?”

“My wolf!” She practically gasped for air. “It just spoke to me! Just for a second-but, she was there!

“What?” He was kneeling before her in seconds, trying to contain his own excitement, “Are you sure?”

This was all he wanted. This was all he needed. If Onyx was back, she would recognise him and it would solve his current problems. They would be able to be together!

“Yes,” she mumbled, “It is just a faint whisper, but it was her. Plus, it wasn’t the first time. She did the same the other day.”

“What did she say?” He took her hands in his and, for the first time, the driver had to make a sharp turn that wasn’t manipulated, almost causing him to fall at her feet. Not that he minded that.

Riannon stumbled. Wouldn’t it be giving away too much information? Especially considering everything he had just told her? She didn’t want to give him false hope or-

“It’s fine.” Responding as if he read her mind again, he continued, “l am sorry l asked. It’s none of my business.”

It was his business, of course, but he did not want to push her.

He let go of her hands and returned to his seat. A happy grin was plastered all over his face. It was impossible for him to contain it this time.

They arrived at their destination sooner than expected. By looking out of the window, Ria knew she had entered into a whole new world.

Their pack, The Silver River, was considered one of the richest. However, judging by what she saw, the Lycan’s realm was far beyond her expectations. The houses were much larger and more luxurious. There were fountains and elaborate sculptures everywhere and the beautifully manicured gardens seemed never-ending. What surrounded her now seemed affluent and screamed with evidence that lycans were the elite of the shifter’s world.

She saw warriors training, children playing, and couples strolling around and holding hands. It was a happy place. Not at al what she imagined it to be. Before she met Gideon, she thought of Lycans as super-strong and majestic creatures, both cold and arrogant. It was strange to see them do all the similar mundane activities that people in her pack would do.

“Ready?” He asked as he opened the door in hesitation. She couldn’t help but wonder if he was afraid to see her reaction.

He exited first and offered her his hand which she accepted. As soon as she was out, she looked around with a polite smile on her face. It did not escape her how everyone around them seemed to stop what they were doing to look at her. This was way more attention than she anticipated, but she knew she could handle it well.

“Your pack is beautiful,” she praised. Gideon’s smile grew even wider.

“l am happy that you like it,” he said, wishing to add that this would soon be her home. However, he had to, yet again, suppress the urge not to overwhelm her. He also noticed people watching them. Letting out a growl, he let them know they had better mind their own business. They all snapped out of it, getting back to what they were doing.

“You are finally here!” Reid walked out and stretched his arms as if to give Riannon a hug, but yet another growl from his king made him put those hands back.

“Beta Reid” Ria greeted, “Nice to see you again.”

“Likewise, Luna,” he affirmed, winking at his friend. He wasn’t supposed to address her as Luna because she wasn’t his Luna. Despite the questioning glance, Ria gave him, he did not add her last name. “I”ll take your luggage, Luna,” the Beta offered as he took her bag from the driver’s hands.

“Thank you.” She gave him a soft smile.

“No problem,” he chuckled, “Hmm. It smells nice too “

Gideon couldn’t control Mars any longer, another growl left his chest. It was probably another joke of Reid’s, but even the thought of him looking at Ria that way made his blood boil.

“Easy there, my king.” His Beta winked at him.

“l am just being polite.”

They walked just a few feet towards a mansion No, a mansion wasn’t the correct word here. It was a palace. A modern and extremely beautiful palace.

As usual, Gideon opened the door for her and gave her way. She entered, trying her best not to gasp at the white marble of the interior wall, which almost blinded her. The design was minimalistic, but you could feel wealth in it. Riannon instantly loved it.

“Is that her?” She heard a cheerful voice question as a young girl scurried down the stairs, closely followed by a male who looked to be just a few years older than her. The girl was a very cute brunette with wavy hair which reached her shoulders and resembled Gideon a lot.

The male, however, she recognised those red curls at once.

Their eyes met and she could tell he remembered who she was as well. It was the same boy she had saved seven years ago. But bigger.

Almost a grown man.

“Riannon!” The girl threw herself in her arms, breaking Ria’s train of thought. “At last we meet! I heard so much about you!”

“Manners, Savannah,” Gideon grunted, running his hand over his face in exasperation, shooting a death glare at Reid who had blabbered the truth about who Ria was to him. His sister couldn’t keep secrets if her life depended on it.

“Sorry,” the girl giggled innocently. There wasn’t an ounce of regret in her eyes whatsoever. “I got overwhelmed. It’s not every day that my brother finds his”

Reid suddenly coughed loudly, “Savvy!”

“His-allies.” Luckily she picked up on and followed his lead, stretching the words unnaturally as she came up with them, “-to our house! We owe you so much! I am Savannah, Gideon’s sister.”

“You don’t owe me anything,” Riannon smiled gracefully, “It’s incredibly nice to meet you, Princess.”

“Just call me Savvy.” The young woman pushed the guy next to her forward, hissing at him, “

Come on! Say, Hi, too! It’s her!”

He smiled awkwardly at the Luna, stretching out his hand.

“Do you remember me?” He reminded her a lot of Reid. The same good looks and red hair.

Although, he still had a look of innocence about him. This one did not turn out to be a player like his uncle.

“How can I forget?” Ria smiled. “You’ve grown up so much since the last time I saw you, Kyle.”

“Luna,” he greeted as he bowed and placed a small k!ss on her fingers. Just like a gentleman would.

“All right!” His uncle interjected, “She saved your life, but now you are walking a thin line, Nephew. Trust me. The Luna needs some rest anyway.”

“Please, call me Ria,” she found herself saying all of a sudden.”All of you.”

They smiled and nodded at her, clearly wanting to converse more. Sensing this, Gideon stood in their way, separating them from his guest.

However, his sister ignored his cue, and, to his dismay, he caught her taking Riannon’s hand and hastening her up the stairs.

“Come on,” she giggled, “I prepared the best room for you! You’ll see!”

“Thank you.” Ria looked at him as if she was seeking permission to follow the princess. Or perhaps she wanted his help because Savannah was practically dragging her at this point.

“I was bold and prepared a few dresses for you too,” she went on, without a care in the world.

“lt’s very kind of you, Savvy, but I brought my own clothes,” Riannon attempted to explain.

“Are any of them white?” she asked all of a sudden.

“N-no,” the Luna shook her head as she looked back again and was pleased to see Reid and Gideon following close behind them.

“Then it’s good that I took care of it!” the Princess snorted, “Otherwise, what would you wear to the White party?”

“The WHAT PARTY?” the Lycan King bellowed, shooting a furious gaze at his Beta.

“Yeah, about that,” the man cleared his throat,

“Apparently, it’s a done deal and impossible to cancel.”

“The hell the two of you are thinking about!”

Gideon growled via the mind-link.

“Oh, G.” Reid’s face suddenly got serious.

That’s not our biggest problem. Trust me.”

“What happened?” he asked, starting to walk slowly.

“I have a small matter to report to you.” The Beta stopped in the middle of the hallway, and they let the ladies continue ahead of them.

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