The Perfect Luna Chapter 27

“So, what is it?” Gideon looked at his Beta with his brows furrowed. He knew that Reid would never distract him at a moment like this. Not when he just brought his mate to his house to spend time with her.

“It’s our East border again,” his friend responded with a sigh, “I had to send two squads there this morning after you left. I had received news about local packs training in alliance with foxes and werebears right next to our territory.

“Foxes and werebears, you say?” Gideon rubbed his chin, which he had shaved clean just this morning before meeting Riannon.

Now his usual stubble wasn’t there, and it felt weird.

Foxes, werebears and werewolves hated each other. They were all subjected to Lycan’s and it was usually challenging to keep them civil toward each other.

Yet, here they were, training happily together. However, both Reid and the King knew that there was nothing to be happy about there.

Other were creatures were not one hundred percent satisfied with the lycans’ rule. All of them thought they could do better.

None of them realised that it was the lycans who kept them from killing each other and going to war. There was a big difference between lycans and other kinds of shifters. It wasn’t just the fact that they were physically stronger and more powerful. It was the fact that in spite of their power, they could control their feral beasts inside of them better than anyone else and were capable of making reasonable decisions at all times.

They could have submitted everyone using raw force. Much like their ancestors did back in the day, but lycans preferred to avoid war when it was necessary. Although, sometimes, Gideon questioned that decision.

Ever since lycans moved toward a peaceful path, everybody has wanted a piece of them.

Unfortunately, they were not ready for the new ways.

Now the rumours were spreading all over the kingdom that an uprising was in the works. It was hard to tell which packs were involved in it and when they would initiate an attack. Or maybe they had already started.

“The warriors will deal with it, you know that:” Reid placed his hands in his pockets, leaning over the wall. “But”

“It’s just the tip of the iceberg. We still don’t know who is causing all this” Gideon voiced out loud what they had both been thinking before looking at his Beta. “You still think it’s a good time for a White Party?”

“Actually, I do” Reid smirked. Gideon remembered he made him his second in command for a reason.

“Do tell.” The Lycan king folded his arms on his chest.

“There is not much to tell” the Beta responded with a shrug of his shoulders, “It’s simple, really. Let them believe we have no idea what they’re up to. l am sure sooner or later, they will reveal themselves. All we need to do is watch them carefully. Luckily, our spies are already in position as we speak.”

It was not a bad idea. Gideon knew that.

After all, was said and done, it was definitely better to deflect them so they wouldn’t have a clue they had been found out. If they stayed visibly alerted, then their enemies would lay low. That wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to act. Fast. He wanted to be done with this uprising and concentrate on more important matters, like his mate.

“Fine,” the King grunted, “White party it is then. Why the hell is it white, by the way?

“You are asking the wrong person, Reid chuckled, “All that is on Savannah.”

“Got it” the Lycan King prepared to leave but stopped to give a quick glance at his friend, Reid, I have another small task for you Savannah opened the doors to a spacious lighted room with a loud bang and stormed in, pulling Riannon after her.

“This is where you will be staying!” the girl giggled cheerfully, “It’s the Luna’s bedroom!”

Ria almost choked as she ventured to say her next few words, “What? Is it even okay for me to stay here?

“of course!” The Lycan Princess waved her off in dismissal. “I wouldn’t have prepared it for you if it wasn’t! My mum used to live here.

“Your mum?” Ria suddenly felt the room was too hot. “As in the former queen?”

“Yeah.” Savvy shrugged her shoulders. “

Do you like it? Should I change anything? We can change everything! Oh, I feel that it’s going to be so fun!”

“Erm, no!” Riannon tried to calm the girl down. “It’s amazing! I love it! There is no need to make any changes on my behalf. I am– humbled by the honour of being able to live in this room”

“Aww, the Princess cooed, a cute smile curved on her lips, “You are so sweet! Reid told me you are sweet! And Kyle told me that you are sweet. But you are even sweeter!”

“Th-thanks” Riannon didn’t quite know how to deal with all the excitement around her. It was a bit too much.

“What about those dresses?” Savannah changed the subject abruptly, “l told you l have prepared a few for you! Didn’t I?”

“You did.” Ria obliged when the young woman grabbed her shoulder and pulled her into what looked like a walk-in wardrobe.

While most of the shelves were empty, one compartment showcased white dresses of every shape, fabric, and size.

“Look at this,” Savvy enticed, grabbing the first dress she laid eyes on before placing the hanger against Ria’s chest, “It’s as if it was made for you!”

The Luna suryeved herself in the mirror at a complete loss as to the appropriate way to proceed in this circumstance. The dress in her hands was from one of the most popular bridal designers to date.

“Uhm.” she mumbled, “1 don’t know, Savvy. Isn’t it a bit too much-of a bridal dress?

“Of course not!” the young woman snorted, “Why would you even assume that?”

She batted her long lashes innocently, leaving Ria to wonder if she was overthinking it all.

“Well, it’s Lera Lang” she pointed out, showing Savvy the label.

“Tsk” Savannah responded with a dismissive roll of her eyes, “Lera Lang does evening wear too!”

Riannon forced a smile. Yes, Lera did have evening gowns in her collections. It was just… this dress definitely wasn’t from one of those.

“Busy?” Gideon knocked on the doorway of the room, his eyes lingering and over Riannon as she held the white dress against her before widening slightly at the same sight.

As for Ria, never had she been so happy to see the King. Maybe he could save her from having to dorn all those bridal gowns.

Seeing the desperation in her eyes, he knew far too well that his sister should have been exposed to Ria in small doses. It was silly of him to leave the two of them alone on the first day.

Riannon” he addressed her as he approached her with a little smirk on his face,

“How about I give you a little tour of my pack?

It may be useful for you in the future.”

“What a great idea!” Savvy chimed in, “1 will go too!”

“Don’t you have a party to plan?” Gideon quickly asked, shooting an eyebrow up at his sister, demonstrating that this conversation was over, and she was better to find something else to do. Luckily, Savannah knew when to take a hint, choosing at this time to do what her brother wanted.

“Oh, right!” she exclaimed, pretending to suddenly recall all the responsibilities that awaited her as she rubbed her eyes, “I completely forgot. And yes, you are right.

There is so much to be done still. So, I’ll be seeing you two later, I guess. It was a pleasure to meet you, Ria.”

“Likewise” Riannon smiled, realising the kind of game they were playing and meeting the lycan king’s gaze.

“Shall we?” he offered, stretching his hand to her as she accepted it without a second thought.

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