The Perfect Luna Chapter 31

Ria inspected herself in the mirror, wondering if she had gone slightly overboard.

She chose a white satin dress with a deep V-cut neckline with a plunging free-fall back. The garment also had a draped and knotted train, which was fastened in the middle and split off into two. It was very elegant and reminded her of ancient Greece. However, she usually preferred more modest designs. Today though, she craved something more.

She couldn’t forget the cold shoulder Gideon threw her way in the morning after they practically spent the night together. What was up with that?

Okay, they didn’t actually spend the night together, but they k!ssed. A mind-blowing k!ss. Even Onyx reacted to that.

Speaking of which, she tried calling her wolf again and again. Onyx was not responding to her. It was as if she wasn’t there. Only now, Ria was sure that she was.

“Listen,” she sighed, “I really need you. I don’t know why you are hiding and not talking to me. We were always a team. Nothing has changed for me. I know that Brayden hurt us and that dying wasn’t easy. I understand that you might need more time.

Just know-Onyx, know that I am still waiting for you, and l’ll wait as long as it takes. Just come back. She sat as the minutes passed by, but nothing changed.

Yet again, her thoughts drifted to Gideon. She clenched her lips, lifting her hair up and fixing it with a few pins, letting a few curly strands fall on her shoulders.

Standing up from her seat, she was ready to leave for the event, but at the last moment returned to the dressing table and retrieved her red lipstick, quickly applying it to her lips before she changed her mind.

He did not want to see her? He would see her now!

But then she noticed something else. Her diamond ring was still shining in her finger. The one Brayden gave her at their engagement. She kept on wearing it for safety reasons, but today, it seemed too heavy for her. Taking it off, she enjoyed the freedom this moment brought.

The house was already full of quests. All of whom were also wearing white.

Riannon hoped to stay invisible for as long as she could. Her main aim was to find Gideon and to ask him bluntly what happened. She sure as hell had no idea.

If there was a reason for his rude affront toward her, she wanted to know about it.

However, her brilliant plan of laying low was not working. Wherever she went, all eyes were on her at all times. Most of them were friendly. She recognised some of the warriors who were looking for protein shakes in the kitchen the other day.

Some guests, however, were less than friendly.

“Could you believe the audacity of this werewolf?” some girl snorted behind her back, “Not only does she dare to attend our party under a false pretence, but I heard she is also after both Beta Reid AND King Gideon!”

“Like she has a chance!” another joined her,”

How many of those werewolf sl.uts throw themselves at our men? They are never good enough!”

“Who knows,” the third one chuckled, “Maybe they will give her a ride or two. Although I doubt it will ever be anything serious!”

Riannon knew the she-wolves were aware she was listening to them. Moreover, everyone was listening. Now, they all expected a reaction from her.

In the years spent as a Luna of her pack, Ria learnt one thing. You could only make a first impression once. She had no idea why it was so important for her to show these people her true worth, except that it was.

Turning gracefully on her heels, she walked towards the three lycan girls who still had smirks on their faces.

“Ladies,” she addressed, giving them one of her most dazzling smiles, “It may come as a shock to you, but some women have more value than simply trying to land a male. l understand it’s hard to comprehend for some, but I am your king’s personal guest, and I came here to work on women’s rights. Something we can all benefit from.

Of course, that is if you have any kind of aspirations in life.”

The three women froze in place, unsure of how to proceed. This wasn’t what they expected at all.

“You say that, and yet you are dressed like this.” It appeared one of them finally regained her voice.

“Like what?” Riannon questioned, deciding to set a little trap.

“Yes, like what?” Princess Savannah queried, appearing next to them in a beautiful gown with a glass of champagne in her hand. ” should probably mention before you say anything else that I personally hand-picked Ria’s dress for tonight. So, please, enlighten me, what does she look like in it?”

The gossip girls paled.

“It’s a very beautiful dress.” One of them stuttered while the other two nodded vigorously.


“Such great taste!”

Riannon rolled her eyes, slightly disappointed with the Princess for arriving too early. She would have preferred to destroy them herself. The Princess waved dismissively at the three women, and they escaped within seconds.

“My, my!” Savvy giggled as she put her glass down and took Ria’s hand, “You are quite bloodthirsty, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about” Ria uttered, a little smile curling on her lips, ” may prefer to tackle problems at once and finish them off while I can.”

“Don’t worry.” the Princess affirmed, offering her a warm and genuine smile, “Those three bark, but they don’t bite. I am happy with your dress choice, by the way. It was one of my favourites too.

When my brother sees you in this”

The Princess bit her lip and ceased speaking.

She looked guilty as if she had disclosed too much.

Someone called her name, and she turned nervously to look at the person.

“Riannon, I have to leave you for now,” she mumbled apologetically, ” I will catch up with you later. Go on this way, okay?”

She motioned towards the stone staircase that led down to the main garden, where there were white tents and more guests scattered around the grounds. Beautiful music was playing, and overallI, the reception looked very elegant. Just to Ria’s taste.

She stood at the top of the staircase, looking around. She noticed Beta Reid talking to two girls, both of whom were sending him very clear signals of their desire for him by touching his chest and biceps. He didn’t seem to mind that at all. She continued surveying the grounds when her eyes finally locked with Gideon’s. He stood with a group of men, who were discussing business rather loudly, and glanced in her direction. There was so much in his gaze, hunger filled with so much desire, that she was sure he would come up to her that very minute.

Instead, the Lycan King turned on his feet and walked in the opposite direction.

The familiar hurt pierced her heart.

How stupid was she to think that his words to her were serious? He obviously changed his mind since their last meeting, and she had to deal with that reality. Their relationship was strictly professional from here on out. She wouldn’t let anyone think anything other than that. Not even herself.

Riannon straightened her back and picked up her dress, descending the stairs with grace. She couldn’t go back to her room and admit defeat. She couldn’t stalk the King in hope of talking to him and bringing clarity to her jumbled mind. She had to maintain her dignity at all times. Right now, there was only one thing left to do-mingle.

Luckily, after the scene with the princess just a few minutes ago, a lot of people were willing to talk to her. While some conversations were brief, others lasted longer. Regardless of who she spoke to or where she walked, she felt Gideon’s warm gaze on her. What was his problem? Why couldn’t he simply come up and talk to her?

Soon, Riannon found herself in the company of the pack warriors. A.K.A. the protein shake guys.

She found them to be the warmest crowd and the funniest. They were all standing under one of the tents that was placed around a huge oak tree. The sheer white fabric was flowing peacefully around them, blowing about by the playful wind.

She mentioned the protein drinks, and they all started talking about the beverage as if their lives depended on them.

“Look, Luna,” jabbered one of the males as he rolled up the sleeve of his shirt and flexed his muscles, “Do you see the kind of effect it has on us? Feel it!”

He offered for her to touch the huge bulging mass of muscles on his arm, and she had no idea how to get out of this.

“Jay, stop this!”The gamma of the pack, Cyrus, commanded, running his hand over his face while his mate Liam tried to hold back his laughter.

“What?” Jay questioned, rolling his eyes, “The Luna doesn’t mind, right Luna?”

Now, she was cornered.

“Of course, I don’t.” She smiled politely and stretched her hand to feel his muscles. Before her fingers were able to reach his skin, a loud growl interrupted them all.

They turned toward the sound and sighted their King storming their way, his eyes darkened in fury.

However, while other guests began walking away as quickly as possible, the warriors did not flinch. Riannon understood prior to this that this group of young warriors was tight with their leader.

“Hey, Gideon, we were explaining Luna Thorn here-“

“Everyone out!” The Lycan Royal growled, his men bowed respectfully, leaving the two of them absolutely alone in the tent.

“May I ask,” Ria asserted, walking past him to the huge oak trunk, “why did you just do that?”

“To ensure you don’t make any silly mistakes,” he replied gruffly, clearly trying to get his emotions under control.

“What mistake would that be?” She looked at him with interest, watching his chest heave up and down. He was wearing pants and a shirt with a few buttons unbuttoned at the top.

“You know quite well,” he challenged, stepping intimidatingly closer, although she did not budge.

“No, I really don’t.” She shook her head in emphasis. “What type of a mistake would that be to check out that man’s biceps? Besides, why do you even care? You’ve been ignoring me since this morning.”

“Ria, I-Iwasn’t ignoring you-” Gideon didn’t know what words to choose to explain what was going on with him. Last night back in her room, when she was sleeping peacefully, he realised that if he stayed in her presence, his wolf would go crazy and take control over their situation sooner than later. He couldn’t afford that. So, he decided to take the easy way out and try to see less of her. At least until the evening, since his sister invited all these people to their house.

“It’s all right,” Riannon said with a heavy sigh,

“You don’t owe me an explanation. We owe each other nothing. I understand that last night probably meant nothing to you.”

“Nothing?” he growled and grasped her arm, pulling her behind him all the way to the oak tree, where he shoved her against the trunk.

“What are you-” Riannon began when his hot lips crumpled hers in one beautiful and absolutely magical k!ss. This time he did not even try to be gentle with her, and she loved it. This k!ss was mad, raging, all-consuming. It seemed like the two of them had gone crazy as he pressed her against the tree, panting.

“What is going on?” she demanded, knowing he owed her an explanation, “Why are you hot one minute and cold the next?”

He opened his mouth to disclose everything.

Gideon wanted to let her know how precious she was to him. He did not think he could hold this secret to himself any longer.

Right as the words were ready to slip off his tongue, they both heard loud screams and snapped their heads in that direction.

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