The Perfect Luna Chapter 32

When Gideon awoke, he found himself holding Riannon in his hands. Although it was the best feeling in the world, having his mate so close, so tight against him. There were parts of him that were in pain. Literally.

He wanted her. Badly. There was no denying that. His hardness was poking at her back, and all he wanted was to roll her over and relieve her of her flimsy nightgown, which left little to his imagination.

But, he knew that this was not the way. Not in their situation.

His wolf, Mars, was going crazy inside of him, begging to claim their mate.

“She is ours,” he challenged, “What are you waiting for?”

“She doesn’t know it yet,” Gideon countered, having to brush him off, “We can’t just take her. It doesn’t work like that with humans. If her wolf was around, it would be easier.

“Her wolf is there” Mars snarled, “She doesn’t respond to me, but I can feel her.”

“Well, that’s it then. Until she does respond, there is nothing we can do.” The King wanted to close the subject, but he could feel his beast trying to push him away to gain control. He knew very well how lycans could be. His primal instincts would take over, and he would do something stupid.

Something that he would never be able to take back.

No, Gideon couldn’t afford that. He was ready to do anything to protect Riannon.

So, he placéd one soft k!ss on her shoulder, savouring the moment, and then tore himself off her. Leaving the bedroom as soon as he could, he locked the door between the adjacent rooms.

Continuing to bear witness to his wolf’s bickering, he calmed down a bit after a very cold shower.

Still, when she came to see him in the morning, he had a hard time concentrating on anything. He knew if he allowed himself to look at her, he would simply throw her on his desk and do all the things he had wanted to do since the moment he saw her in that lake. Mars was howling inside, begging him to submit to their desires. The wolf couldn’t understand that Ria was simply not ready for all that. Without her wolf, it would be looked at as aggression and not love. He tried to reason with him. However, one couldn’t really reason with a beast.

He knew they had to talk, and he knew he couldn’t hide the fact that she was his mate from her for much longer. Thanks to his proactive sister, today wasn’t the day. Too many people were around compliments of the White party. As their king, he had an obligation to talk to them.

He quickly came to the conclusion that the best course of action was to avoid Riannon at all times until they could be together properly.

However, that proved harder than he thought.

Once he saw her walking out of the mansion in that dress, his whole mind exploded.

The beauty of his mate was captivating, and everyone around them saw that. Men turned their heads in her direction, and so did women. The dress she had on hugged every curve of her perfectly, but when she turned her back to him, which was when he went absolutely nuts, the two pieces of fabric that flowed elegantly down to the ground left far too much of her skin exposed. He wanted to touch her. Badly. He knew that if he did, he wouldn’t be able to stop, and the party would be over.

She moved as gracefully as if she was born to be a queen. Which she probably was. Tracking her, his eyes trailed wherever she moved.

The conversations he had with people did not seem to be working. He couldn’t concentrate on them and had to stay silent most of the time to play it cool. Luckily, no one dared to call him out on that.

No one wanted to anger their King.

Albeit, it was when she started hanging out with his finest warriors that he couldn’t tolerate it anymore. They were his most loyal men and clearly knew who she was thanks to Savvy constantly being the object of their common affection.

Now they were gathered around Riannon, and that playboy Jayden was flashing his biceps at her.

This was too much.

He growled so loudly and menacingly that people around them scurried to get as far away as possible, pretending not to see how he grabbed the Luna, who wasn’t his yet and dragged her all the way to the oak tree.

He slammed his lips into hers because he couldn’t do this anymore. He couldn’t pretend that he did not want her. He did not want her to misunderstand him.

She was his everything. He wanted her, needed her, desired her. Gideon craved her. She was all he thought about despite the chaos and impending war approaching his doorstep. She tasted so good.

He tore off her to take a breath, wishing nothing more than to go back to what they were doing and then some.

Ria pressed her hands into his chest to stop him. She furrowed her brows.

“What is going on?” she demanded, “Why are you hot one minute and cold another?”

He wanted to explain himself to her. He couldn’t stay silent anymore, and he did not care about the consequences of his actions now that her warm little body was in his arms, pressed against the huge tree.

But, as soon as he opened his mouth, he heard a loud Scream.

They both snapped their heads in the direction of the sounds and saw people running in every direction. Mostly women and children.

“What the fvck!” Gideon growled when he saw a few brown wolves jumping out of the thick bushes surrounding his garden.

Rogues. Those were clearly werewolf rogues. What were they doing here?

“Riannon, get back into the mansion, please,” he pleaded, squeezing her hand in his as he glanced at her. He should have been there, protecting his pack and kingdom from intruders.

However, right now, her safety was his priority.

“But-” She began, wanting to say something, but he had to cut her off.

“Riannon, please,” he interjected, trying to sound calm, “We have enough warriors here to deal with this. I don’t want any of my guests to take any risks. Let alone with you. I- don’t want anything to happen to you. So, please, get back there and find Savvy. She may need help there.”

Ria never backed away from a fight. Ever Realising she couldn’t shift into Onyx, Ria had to swallow her pride.

How pathetic. She did not want Gideon to see her as one of those females who always needed help and protection. That wasn’t in her nature. She was an Alpha.

However, he was still here, looking at her with pleading eyes. He needed to be there, leading his warriors. She couldn’t stall him any longer. So, she simply nodded and gathered up her dress.

He released her hand and watched her walk swiftly in the direction of the house. While everyone else was running. She saw a woman struggling to get her children inside. Ria rushed to her and picked up one of the two toddlers. Now that she had a purpose, she started to move quickly, which prompted Gideon to turn away and shift in the air, letting a loud growl leave his beast’s lungs.

Whoever ruined his day with Riannon and dared to enter his palace was going to pay for it.

His warriors were busy tackling the situation when he sprang into action.

Those werewolf rogues were daring to attempt this attack.

“Leave one of them alive,” he commanded via mind-link as he snapped an intruder’s neck. It would take way more of them to appease his anger.

Although that wasn’t a problem. Dozens and dozens of rogues were appearing out of the woods.

This wasn’t the way rogue’s normally behaved. Not at all.

Rogues wanted to get what they came for and be gone. They were usually fighting for their life and survival. But not these ones. They had a goal. At the moment, it was hard to figure out what that was. He needed to clear his domain of them as soon as possible. And get back to her.

“Reid,” he said all of a sudden, “Get back and…

“Protect the Luna?” the Beta questioned with a chuckle, ” I thought you’d never ask. l’d be honoured. Although trust me, she’s known how to defend herself and others from when she was a teen.”

He ran away toward the direction of the house. Though Reid had never left a fight early before now.

Gideon tore off someone’s throat, thinking of how Ria didn’t have her wolf at her disposal. He did not like that thought at all.

Meanwhile, Riannon reached the main hall with the woman and children she was helping. The toddler in her arms seemed unsettled, and she started rocking him gently before his mother found a seat and gestured for Ria to give the child back.

She had twins and a girl around five years of age with her.

“Thank you, Luna Thorn,” she smiled at Ria, “

You are very kind. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

“It wasn’t an inconvenience.” Riannon smiled at them and patted the child on his head. “It was a pleasure and the best company I could ask for.”

“There you are!” She heard Savannah’s voice and turned to see the Lycan Princess. All playfulness was long gone from her face. The carefree girl looked more like a general in a pretty dress. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

“Sorry.” Ria shrugged her shoulders, replying, “

I was with Gideon when that happened, and then was helping someone get to safety.”

A faint smile of approval appeared on Savvy’s lips, but she suppressed anything more.

“Listen,” she said, guiding her to the middle of the room, “I may need your help here. Believe it or not, not every lycan is a great warrior. We need to-“

She did not get to finish as a huge grey wolf jumped into the hall through the window, shattering the glass into hundreds of pieces, splintered shards flying in every direction.

“Take care of the people!” Savannah commanded and shifted into a beautiful white wolf with black ears. She growled menacingly and charged at the intruder, grabbing his throat by her sharp canines and throwing him back where he came from. Then she jumped out after him, probably to finish him off.

“Onyx!” Riannon called for her wolf in her mind, “Now would be the great time to come back!”


Another window broke, and a huge chocolate brown wolf snarled at everyone gathered inside.

This one was too close to the woman that Riannon had helped earlier. She clenched her little kids close to her chest and pushed her little girl protectively behind her as the beast growled, baring his yellow teeth.

“Onyx!” Ria called for her wolf again. If she could shift, she would be able to deal with this easily. However, this wasn’t the case. While she felt a stirring inside her, she didn’t receive a response.

She couldn’t waste any time either. Pushing some fear-stricken girl off her chair, she grabbed it and charged at the rogue, hitting it over its head.

The chair splintered into several pieces as the enemy whimpered from pain. His yellow eyes darted at her. There was no doubt she was his new goal.

Without backing away, Riannon slowly lowered herself to the floor and wrapped her fingers around one of the legs of the destroyed chair. It wouldn’t help her, of course. It was nothing against the beast.

Then again, she still had her strength and speed. When the wolf charged at her, she did the same, startling him as she thrust the sharp piece of wood into his eye.

The rogue growled in agony but managed to remove the broken wood rather quickly. He looked at Riannon and jumped her, making her fall all the way to the ground and pinned her to the floor. His sharp claws dug into her belly and arm, making her cry out from the pain.

She hated this weak position. She hated how the wolf was looking at her. As if he had already won.

His canines were too close to her, and she grabbed his face with her free hand, trying to push him away.

This was the moment when something snapped in her. She could feel power circling through her bloodstream as she slowly managed to move the wolf’s head away.

It was a miracle and couldn’t be called anything else. The rogue on top of her did not look so sure anymore. She wanted to break his skull for attempting to kill her and the children before that.

Her fingers dug deeper and deeper into his flesh, and she could feel her eyes glowing. The exact same way she felt when she had Onyx with her in the past. She could sense her wolf was very close.

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