The Perfect Luna Chapter 34

She looked at him, and he did not take his eyes off her.

Gideon inwardly cursed. She was clearly hurt, yet all he could think about was how much he wanted her. The realisation that someone had tried to kill his mate just a few short minutes ago angered him and brought him immense pain. He couldn’t lose her. Not like that. Not in any way. He couldn’t lose her at all.

“Are you going to use that magical lycan healing of yours?” She taunted, one of her brows raised up, and a slight smile tugged on her l!ps. The l!ps that he wanted so desperately to is that it was all he could think of now.

“lf you will allow it.” He leaned toward her and touched her shoulder that was already showing signs of healing. It pained him that this happened on his watch.

The wounds on her stomach seemed worse, but her blood had ceased to drip.

Gideon took the piece of fabric that was holding the dress in place and slowly moved it off her shoulder. His eyes were seeking her permission to continue.

“Well, it hurts.” She lifted her chin to meet his gaze and held it.

“We need to clean you up,” he said with his hands still on her shoulders, his thumb tracing tiny circles on her skin.

“You are the expert in healing.” She tilted her head slightly, affirming, “I will trust you with this one.”

The Lycan King picked his beloved up in his arms once again and took her to the huge marble shower room. She tossed her shoes aside before he placed her on the cold floor. He treated her as if she would break like fragile porcelain if he made a wrong move. The water turned on, the automatic tropical shower immediately sprayed them both before he managed to warn her. Now they stood there, sopping w*et. Still, it didn’t seem to bother them.

Standing behind her and feeling the heat that her slender body radiated, Gideon was afraid to make a wrong move. His large palms slid up her bare back, hooking the two pieces of fabric that held her whole ensemble together and slidingʻthem all the way down to her wa!st. He could see the blood-tainted water pooling at their feet and knew that the more he touched her, the sooner she would heal.

He couldn’t deny he wanted badly to touch her.

Riannon was conflicted. What the hell was she doing? She did not need this. She knew very well that no magical healing existed. So, why didn’t she tell him to leave? Why was she standing topless with her back to his, wanting him to do something about it?

She couldn’t do it. Brayden could sense her.

Everything she was working for would be ruined.

And yet she did not stop him. She didn’t want to.

First, she felt his gentle touch on her shoulder, then his fingers carefully traced her wounds. Those were healing way too fast. It was supposed to heal at a slower pace. Not that she would complain about it.

There were other sensations too. New. Pleasant.


His palm slid lower, cupping her [email protected] gently.

Riannon leaned her head back, resting it on the mighty of the Lycan King. His other hand removed the pins out of her hair, making her blonde locks fall down her back. At the same time, his l!ps placed a gentle peck on her shoulder.

Her heaved up and down as he held fast to her bre*ast in one hand, tugging the n!pple between his fingers and bringing them to firm peaks.

“Riannon” he muttered in her neck as he traced the line of it with his tongue. She tasted so sweet. The woman he desired more than anything in this world. She didn’t struggle against him, she didn’t try to stop him. He knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

His hands moved down her back. He unsuccessfully sought to find the zip of her dress.

Deciding to give up on that unfruitful task, he tore the w*et fabric off her slender body to relieve her of the clothes.

The woman in his hands breathed heavily, driving him crazy. He knew that if he made one wrong move, this magical moment between the two of them would be gone.

He tore off the piece of clothing that he had wrapped around himself. It couldn’t hide his hardness anyway. Not after he had been so close to her. Not after she allowed him to touch her that way.

He took her delicate neck in his large palm and turned her around to look at him, tracing her lower l!p with his thumb.

“Are you sure you want this?” He couldn’t believe he was now asking this question, risking her coming to her senses with a firm negative.

“Yes,” was all Riannon said. The next moment she felt his other hand brushing lightly all the way down her abdomen and in between her thighs, parting them slightly. He caught the hem of her lace p*nties and moved it aside to give himself access to her core. Gideon teased her folds gently, probing and studying what was meant for him from the very beginning.

He watched her gaze as he eased her creases apart and thrust one finger inside of her, moving it back and forth slowly.

A m0an escaped Ria’s l!ps, and Gideon captured them in the very same moment, not wasting his chance to take her pleasure with his k!ss.

Mars was howling inside his mind. Never before were the two of them able to be this close to their mate.

Riannon closed her eyes because it felt so good. It wasn’t like he did something she had never experienced before, but it was the way he did it. As if she was the most precious thing to him. As if he was afraid to scare her off.

She loved it. She loved how he made her feel about herself. She loved how every contact of their skin brought her tiny bvrsts of pleasure.

He added another finger to her core, deepening their k!ss at the same time. Ria m0aned into his mouth as drops of water cascaded over their bodies.

A soft growl left the Lycan King’s che,st, which simultaneously triggered stirring deep inside her soul.

“More,” she whispered, and he picked up the tempo in teasing her. Warmth and pleasure were building up inside of her steadily and slowly, a sweet feeling of being on the edge. She felt Gideon shower her shoulders with k!sses, paying special attention to her neck.

“I want you to be mine, Riannon,” he muttered into her ear, tightening his grasp on her, “Only mine. No one else’s.”

His branding words pulsed through her mind at the same time as her cli.max rippled through her body. She clenched again and again on his fingers. Ria threw her head back and relaxed onto his as he held her tight, preventing her from faling down since her legs were now weakened.

She felt his hot breath right on her neck, where her mark resided. Even in spite of the water pouring over their heads, as his canines grazed over her skin, pressing into it softly, she felt it and froze.

So did he. He was afraid to move because he had lost himself for just a second, and she noticed. Did he scare her? Or was she perhaps excited? He had no idea, but he didn’t want to risk it, so he turned her around to face him and then knelt at her feet. He slipped her th!gh over his shoulder before she managed to say anything.

He was the mighty and fierce Lycan King, and he never knelt in front of anyone in his life. Until today. His mate was the only one who would ever receive the honour of looking down at him. He nudged her toward the wall so that she leaned her back against the marble wall, for only then when he made sure she was secure in that position, did he dip his head up between her legs.

She squealed as his tongues stroked her. She had barely come down from her previous 0rgasmic high, and he strummed, already building up another. He took his time pleasing her. Riannon laced her fingers into his hair, tugging on it to ensure he wouldn’t stop.

Gideon had no desire to stop. He loved listening to her m0ans and whimpers. He loved that he was the one to stir her to produce those sounds. He loved every moment of what they were doing.

Ria screamed as she climaxed again. This time she was sure to collapse and hit herself on the cold hard floor. But Gideon tightened his hold on her and caught her before she slumped through his arms, pulling her closer to his body. He walked out of the shower stall straight to the bed, throwing hér on top of it.

“Mark. Her,” Mars growled possessively, “MARK.


The fight for control was too much. Especially when she lay in front of him completely n*ked. He looked at her innocent face and swallowed. She had absolutely no idea the kind of fight he battled with his wolf in his head.

Gideon noticed her phone was ringing. Something she also chose to ignore. They both knew who it was. He never hated anyone as much as he hated her husband.

The man who had what was rightfully his and hadn’t appreciated it.

He saw Brayden’s faint mark on her neck. That weakling couldn’t even do that properly!

All he wanted now was to put his own lycan mark on her slender neck. To make the whole world see that this woman was his.

“Do it!” Mars growled possessively. Gideon knew that if he stayed there for one more moment, he would obey his wolf and mark her without permission.

“l am sorry,” he grunted and walked out into his own adjacent room, leaving Riannon alone.

She was disappointed. He left her with so many questions. For starters, what was that just now? Did he seriously leave her at a moment like this? When she was practically offering herself to him on a platter?

This was far from over!

Ria jumped off the bed and found a silk robe hanging over a huge mirror that she used to wrap around herself.

However, as she approached the mirror and caught sight of her reflection, she was truly shocked by what she ‘saw. Al the wounds she received earlier during the attack were gone.

But it was impossible! It was too soon. She knew quite well that a wound like that would take hours to heal. It had barely been one hour since she got hurt. So, what happened there?

Her eyes darted in the direction of where the Lycan King had disappeared just moments ago.

“Go to him,” she heard Onyx’s voice inside her mind. This time she had no doubts about what to do next.

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