The Perfect Luna Chapter 37

Brayden couldn’t remain still ever since he felt sharp pain piercing through his body. He felt it way too many times in the past twenty-four hours for it be nothing. The soul-shattering pain that started in his mark and rippled through his whole body.

Unfortunately, he knew exactly what he was experiencing, and he hated the thought of his wife being taken by someone else.

“Alpha,” Roxanne crooned, wrapping her arms around his neck as she led him from the back of his chair. She brushed her fingers gently over a part of his chest that was exposed through his unbuttoned shirt. “You don’t look too well. If anything, you look like you are in pain. Maybe I can help you to get rid of it? A mate’s touch is healing for another mate.

Let me help you. Let me ease your pain.”

He never thought he would say it out loud, but he had had enough of her bl0w jobs, and her gestion wasn’t as appealing as she probably hoped. It was amazing to have a mate, and he loved every minute of it. Someone ready for him at any time, someone happy to receive just a speck of his attention, someone who was ready to drop to her knees at him simply implying it, and someone who was ready to do everything to please him. Roxy was HIS. He did not have to conquer her; he did not have to keep up with her. With his mate, everything was easy. She intuitively felt his mood swings and knew when to back off. She worked around him, eager to please and ready for anything. Just the way it should be.

Nonetheless, his mind kept coming back to his wife ever since his mark began causing him excruciating pain.

Riannon was with someone else, there was no denying it. Moreover, he was pretty sure it was that as*sh0le, the Lycan King. The way he fought for her to come to his kingdom was way t0o obvious. The worst thing about that whole situation was there was nothing he could do about it. It wasn’t like he could march into the lycans’ lair and demand his wife back. They were more powerful than he could ever hope to be.

Brayden couldn’t start a war with them. His pack would be quickly wiped out, and no other alpha would support him in such an affair. They would probably be happy to witness his fall and then claim his territories afterwards.

No, attacking Gideon wasn’t the way.

“Damn, Ri! What are you doing?” he gr0aned as he texted her for the thousandth time, not particularly expecting to receive a reply.

It did not help that he knew she was angry with him for not rejecting Roxy. Was she with the Lycan King willingly? Was it her little revenge on him?

If it was, he knew he deserved her wrath. He handled his mate situation all wrong, hoping Ria would submit and do what was best for the pack.

And for him. The way she always had in the past.

Riannon was born to be Luna. She was trained to be one, and a Luna was all she was. She knew how to make the necessary sacrifices for the betterment of the pack, and he really hoped she would take one for the team this time as well.

The joke was on him as he underestimated her. He should have taken and kept his mate in a remote cottage in the forest with guards, visiting her when the need arose. But Brayden got greedy, he wanted it all.

Knowing his wife was loyal to their pack and knowing how much they loved each, other, he was sure she would get used to the idea of Roxy. After all, Roxy never threatened Ria’s position as she was only an omega. No one would want Roxy as their Luna. Brayden never saw that as an option for himself, either. He just wanted her close by to enjoy their mate bond and all the extra sensations and benefits that came with it.

Sometimes he would get bold and imagine the three of them living together. This was most probably where it all went wrong. For Riannon was an alpha too, and alphas did not like to share what was theirs.

An Alpha female. He loved that about her and hated that about her at the same time. She was always a challenge, always on top of things.

Whenever he had an idea, she had a better one.

Whenever they had a problem, she was the one coming up with the best solution.

He was a better warrior, and there was that, but sometimes he wished his wife was more submissive to him.

This was where Roxy fitted in perfectly. For she gave him what Riannon couldn’t. With her, he. was superior in everything. He loved that.

However, whatever he had with Roxy wasn’t enough. She lacked in many areas. Starting from her low rank to her lack of education. Could someone like her ever be compared to


So, now he faced a really big problem. What was he to do with all this mess?

He wanted Riannon back. She was his. This was undeniable. If he had to choose between his mate and his wife, he would pick the wife. She was a treasure and an asset that everyone wanted, and Brayden wasn’t ready to lose her to them.

Besides that, he loved her. Yes, they were not mates, but she was his chosen mate. They spent years together and he had never ever doubted his choice. She was beautiful and smart. The full package. She also knew him better than anyone else. Their union proved to be successful in many ways. The only thing they were lacking was an heir, something they agreed to try for next year.

Considering all the changes, he thought perhaps he had better push the date closer. It would probably be a good idea and perfect timing to do that now. An heir would give Riannon security and peace of mind in her position. The child would probably make her happier too.

Yes, it was a good decision.

There was only one problem, how was he to get her back into The Silver River Pack? What if the King decided to keep her there with him as a permanent arrangement?

“My love” Roxanne, who had been massaging his shoulders, called to him, “I can see you are worried.”

“Don’t concern your pretty head with things like this,” Brayden told her, sighing heavily and closing his eyes.

“How can I ignore this when you are not happy?” she purred into his ear, almost annoying him, “tcan see you have been texting her for the past few hours. Is this about your wife again?”

He forcefully grabbed her hand and yanked her to her knees before him.

“Don’t speak about my wife and your Luna!” he growled, but when he saw tears forming in her eyes, his wolf snarled at him in his mind for making their mate sad. “She is off-limits for you. Got it?I’ m sorry” she said, sulking slightly, “1 understand the vast difference between the two of us. I just want to help.”

“How can an omega help an Alpha?” a cruel laugh escaped him.

“I may be just an omega,” she placed her palms back on his knees, “But I am still a woman who understands some things from a female’s perspective.”

Her words piqued his interest, and he tilted his head, watching her and giving her a reassuring nod to elaborate.

“Your wife is hurt because of me, and it has probably motivated her to partake in p0or choices,” the young female said, averting his gaze, “It’s very sad that she has betrayed you when you now have face difficulties. But, never mind. You want her back here, right? Yet, she wouldn’t come on her own if I assume everything correctly.”

“And?” he prompted, growing impatient.

“You need to make her want to come.” She glanced up at him. There was something sinister and dangerous in her glance. However, it was gone as quickly as it came, replaced by her usual eagerness to please.

“l am afraid this time a diamond necklace isn’t going to cut it” he scoffed.

“Nothing nice will,”‘ Roxy offered, nodding her head, ” I would go anywhere if something was to happen to you.”

“Again,” he rebutted, rolling his eyes, “We are not in the right place for that right now.”

“I understand,” she agreed with him again, “I bet there is someone else in this pack who she cares about”

He watched her for a few seconds before his mind registered what she meant by that. It wasn’t what he would have liked to do, however, desperate times and all that.

“There is that best friend of hers,” Roxanne continued, “They are practically like sisters to each other-“

Their eyes met, and she held his gaze, a sneer curling at her l!ps..

“If I touch Maya-” He began when she interrupted him.

“You don’t have to do anything.” she urged, smirkinq for the first time, “l can take care of that.

Just support me when the time comes.”

“All right.” Brayden sneered. He watched as his mate jumped back up to her feet and left the room.

Maybe, just maybe, that omega mate of his was worth more than he thought

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